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  1. Nice to see Mangold hanging around: https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/best-images-from-the-second-day-of-otas#d83d079b-f552-48d3-9182-dccbf53b5605
  2. People need to stop equating the Johnsons to the Wilpons. You do realize they are paying Bowles & Maccagnan the final 2 years of their extensions. The team needs to follow protocol (Rooney Rule) so they don't hear any nonsense from the league. A couple of extra days means nothing at this point. But leave it to Jet fans to turn an upgrade at the GM position into a negative
  3. You have to wonder if this scout was the "source" that leaked the info to Pauline
  4. KRL

    OTA Thread

    Enjoy pictures: https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/top-photos-from-the-first-day-of-otas#ba993659-616d-4c51-b49a-ce4c0ef5ea69
  5. INJURY PRONE!!! You sit out the whole year and pull a hamstring with no pads???
  6. KRL

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    The irrational responses by the media and too many fans over the past week
  7. KRL

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    This can't be true, I was told the season was over once a 24-40 GM was shown the door
  8. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/20/colts-2019-offseason-chris-ballard-chris-long-retirement-patrick-peterson-suspension-mmqb 2. We detailed much of the acrimony within the Jets organization in Thursday’s Game Plan. So where do the Jets go from here? The process of finding a new GM will start in earnest this week. It’ll be led by owner Christopher Johnson. Coach/interim GM Adam Gase will be a part of it. And I’m told the team will not retain a search firm. The Jets can afford to be patient, of course, since there’s no competition for candidates. It’s worth mentioning that Johnson emphasized skills for communication and leadership—non-scouting attributes that go into unifying a building in a way the Jets have struggled to do over the better part of this decade. Gase did address his coaches this week and told them that the process wouldn’t drag out. But I don’t get the sense that there’s a rush to get someone into the building. 3. That said, if Eagles VP Joe Douglas is willing to come, and I’m the Jets, I offer him the job tomorrow. And not only because he’s really good, but also because he’s so connected, and could, in time, build the kind of robust staff that Chris Ballard has in Indianapolis (well-regarded Philly scouting directors Ian Cunningham and Andy Weidl followed Douglas there from Baltimore). If it’s not Douglas? Four names that should be brought up in any GM search (in alphabetical order): Tennessee’s Ryan Cowden, Indy’s Ed Dodds, Dallas’s Will McClay and Minnesota’s George Paton. Three of the four have been in the mix for a bunch of jobs the last couple years and the fourth, Dodds (who used to be Seattle GM John Schneider’s secret weapon), might be the fastest rising star in the scouting world.
  9. How dare you find something that's well thought out and reasonable!!!
  10. Only a fool would let the nonsense of this week damage their outlook of the season. The Jets didn't lessen their talent base or trade Darnold for Tannehill. A GM who was 24-40 and didn't listen to the new HC about the players he wanted has been let go
  11. KRL

    Manish Speaks

    Agreed, in fact everyone of the beat writers are doing the same because they all got scooped by Pauline. I wish I could believe the article because it shows Maccagnan had no business being the GM
  12. KRL

    Manish Speaks

    This is cute BUT he never had the initial story to begin with. In fact he said it was 200% false so why should I believe this now? Hopefully we get Douglas as GM and all this is never remembered
  13. Unfortunately irrational people refuse to acknowledge this point. Johnson has only been a "football owner" for two years, a good manager should take his time reviewing an organization before making sweeping changes
  14. If you want to remain irrational about the firing of a 24-40 GM, don't listen to what Esaison said on WFAN this morning: https://wfan.radio.com/articles/boomer-gio-mike-maccagnan-gets-canned-adam-gase-gets-his-way

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