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  1. Sanchez hands down, he did win playoff games. Neither Smith or Darnold ever got close to that
  2. Every young QB benefits from a productive running game, so I'm not buying the play action criticism. If anything, Wilson's play action numbers probably stink because we've run the ball so poorly therefore the defense doesn't have to respect that part of our offense. Easy "pitch & catch" play action windows are now closed because the LB's don't bite on our fakes
  3. Let's not forget the rest of the SB Halftime show lineup: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/super-bowl-2022-halftime-show-snoop-dogg-dr-dre-eminem-mary-j-blige-kendrick-lamar-will-headline/ Totally respectful artists WHO HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING inappropriate
  4. There is only one side of the ball responsible for the 1-4 record we find ourselves with as we enter the bye week. Let's all say it together THE OFFENSE!!! If they could've been competent in the first halves of games we could be 3-2 (CAR & ATL). Here's the hideous pattern we've seen over the first five games: - The offense does less than nothing in the first half. - The defense is on the field way too much and the team goes down two or more scores. - The staff makes proper adjustments at halftime. - The offense finally wakes up and makes a mad dash to get back into the
  5. He has a good chance if he keeps the production going. Also he's only in his second year so he may not see anything until 2022
  6. This contract wipes out "the Jets don't pay their own" narrative. If you're young and play a premium position you'll get paid
  7. Brilliant move by Douglas, the contract may seem "pricey" right now but Franklin-Myers play is pointing to a 10+ Sack / 10+ TFL season. And that kind of production would be worth 15+ million a year on the open market. Franklin-Myers is unique because he has DT size and strength (6-4 290) but has the ability to bend off the edge like a smaller man
  8. Agreed, but Wilson won't have to make those repeated "splash" plays if we finally get a reliable running game. That is key going forward
  9. Agreed, Belichick knows his team isn't going anywhere. So he cut bait
  10. Gilmore is not for us. For him to even consider the Jets Douglas would have to be talking about a "Revis type" contract. And at our stage of development I don't want to invest 4 years, 70 million and 35 guaranteed in an over 30 year old CB. On top of that I want to see the continued development of Hall, Carter, Echols & Guidry. There would be nothing better for the construction of the roster than having 4 CB's on cheap rookie contracts
  11. It looks like I'll be wrong again. I thought Meyer would last 2 years before he would implode, but from what's going on he won't make it to November
  12. The lack of awareness of athletes and their reps is astounding. Maye has always come off as a "solid citizen", but how delusional is he and his reps not to think that this wouldn't get out??? Did they really think by hiding this incident it would help Maye's reputation and his contract negotiations???
  13. The absolute dreck of the start of this season has made it extremely hard to pass out compliments to any phase of this team. But after a win I want to recognize the defensive standouts after 4 games: - Quinnen Williams: he "no showed" in the first game but in the last three he's generated 13 Tackles, 3.5 Sacks and 3 TFLs - John Franklin-Myers: It would be wise for Joe Douglas to contact his agent now and start talking about an extension. Because if he continues his production (15 Tackles, 3 Sacks and 4 TFLs) over a full season he's going to be very expensive - And
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