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  1. Darnold's performance against BAL (18/32, 218 yds, 2 TD, INT) was much better than people realize. Check out what BAL defense has done against other QB's on better teams with better rosters and better running games: Josh Allen (17/39, 146 yds, 1 TD) - https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401127868 Jimmy Garoppolo (15/21, 165 yds, 1 TD) - https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401128027 Jared Goff (26/37, 212 yds, 2 INT) - https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401128012 Deshaun Watson (18/29, 169 yds, INT) - https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401128047 Russell Wilson (20/41, 241 yds, 1 TD, INT) - https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401127985 But don't let facts get in the way of your "hot takes"
  2. More name than game, pass. No more old expensive CB's
  3. It was the same drive. Darnold was annoyed after the miss, the replay showed it clearly
  4. Look, I want Darnold to complete 100% of his passes and throw 50 TD's with 0 INT's. But when evaluating him I'm not going to avoid/overlook his mistakes, that's not being fair. He's grown this year no matter what some "experts" or fans want to say. Now Douglas/Gase have to revamp the OLine and running scheme to make it easier on Darnold. Also, he needs to stay away from infectious diseases which disrupted the season from the beginning
  5. If you're looking for the usual "the sky is falling", "fire everybody" hot takes after a Jet loss you're looking in the wrong place. BAL is the superior team and on their way to being the #1 seed in the AFC. The Jets are not that!!! To me yesterday's game was an opportunity to see if progress had been made since their last national tv game (NE) which was a disaster. The final score (42-21) won't show it but the Jets "punched above their weight" for 40 minutes before their roster issues (talent level), injuries and mistakes doomed them: Special Teams - For the first time since Mike Westhoff was in his prime the return game was fantastic. Ty Montgomery (4 ret / 23 yd avg) and Vyncint Smith (3 ret / 28 yd avg) gouged BAL on every KO return. And Braxton Berrios (3 ret / 16 yd avg) was excellent on punts as he didn't pull a "Jeremy Kerley" and made the first tackler miss repeatedly - Great job by Tarell Basham on the punt block that led to a scoop & score by BJ Bello - Hopefully Sam Ficken enjoyed his time as "hero" after the MIA game because he was back to being inconsistent. Granted his miss on the 49 yarder was tipped but he missed another XP, which can't happen Defense - No love for the defense today. BAL gouged them on their first three drives of the game for 21 points. Give them credit for stabilizing and stopping BAL on three drives that stretched from the end of the first half to the 3rd quarter which kept the game close Offense - This game turned from the 9:40 mark in the second quarter until the 5:20 mark in the third quarter. The score was 21-7 for that entire period but the offense had too many missed opportunities: * A turnover on downs in the red zone, to me Peters held Robby Anderson but they didn't call it * On the final drive of the half Jeff Smith beat the CB on a wheel route but slowed down as Sam Darnold rolled out, causing the throw to be 1-2 yards too long for a TD * On the same drive Darnold then throws an INT which takes points off the board * Finally, Darnold fumbles in the pocket setting BAL up to score again putting the game out of reach 28-7 - Excellent job by the OLine as they held up against BAL blitzes and were able to open holes in the run game. Nice wrinkle by Adam Gase to go with a "jumbo OLine" as he deployed Connor McDermott as an extra TE/OT. It helped in keeping Darnold clean but it did take one eligible receiver out of the play - A solid effort by LeVeon Bell (21 car / 87 yds) as the rushing offense was able to chew up clock and keep BAL defense honest - Good games by the WR's as they went up against a strong BAL secondary: * Jamison Crowder: 6 rec / 90 yds / 2 TD * Robby Anderson: 4 rec / 66 yds * Vyncint Smith: 3 rec / 40 yds. His size, speed, balance and run after catch is growing on me - Sam Darnold's two turnovers cost the team 10-14 points. His INT took at least a FG off the board and his fumble set BAL up for a TD. Was the INT because of a miscommunication with Daniel Brown (instead of Ryan Griffin)? And I was surprised by his fumble, he's really cleaned that up since his USC days. Now that we've dealt with his mistakes let's give him credit for his improvement since the NE "ghost" game. Darnold (18/32, 218 yds, 2 TD) was much more "settled" in the pocket as BAL brought pressure. For the most part he was able to progress through his receivers, step into his throws and be fairly accurate The Jets are now 4-2 in the second half of the season with PIT and BUF remaining. Neither team is as good as BAL, let's get some injured players back, continue to improve and finish the season strong
  6. Good article by Cimini: https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/81950/inside-the-high-tech-room-where-jets-star-in-their-own-video-game FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- At 1:10 p.m. every Friday, the New York Jets' defense holds a players-only meeting in a big, colorless room on the first floor of their facility, where they prepare for the upcoming game in a high-tech world that incorporates a hint of old school. Jets players watch cut-ups of their opponents' plays, but this is more than your typical football film session. This is like a trip to your neighborhood movie theater, except there's no concession counter and the experience is interactive. The screen is massive -- 37 feet by 9 feet -- stretching the length of the entire back wall and nearly connecting floor to ceiling. There are three overhead projectors hanging from the 11-foot ceiling, resembling a trio of condors flying in the same direction. There are 25 straight-back chairs along the perimeter of the room, pressed against white boards that are filled with X's-and-O's diagrams, scouting reports and coaching points -- i.e. "Pass Rush Rules." Sorry, no cushy reclining chairs with cup-holders. A few feet in front of the giant screen are five gray plastic garbage cans, flipped upside down. They represent the offensive linemen. (There's your old-school touch.) The defensive linemen take their positions in front of the garbage cans, with the linebackers behind them and the defensive backs on the third level -- 11 players standing in the middle of the room, their mini field. A video staffer on the computer in the back of the room controls the camera angle. He can punch up a wide view from the defensive end zone, making it appear as if the offense is coming right at them. When the offense gets to the line of scrimmage, the Jets' players do their thing, shifting, barking signals and making pre-snap adjustments in the room, which gets loud. When the ball is snapped, the players -- at walk-through speed -- carry out their assignments. Each week, the Jets defensive players play the game 48 hours before the actual game -- call it a 21st-century dress rehearsal. Players and coaches absolutely believe it's one of the reasons why their defense, riddled with injuries, has overachieved. Plus, it's fun. Linebacker Brandon Copeland and the rest of the Jets defense rank seventh in total yards allowed. Emilee Chinn/Getty Images "It's like we're playing in our own video game," Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland said with a smile. They call it the virtual reality room even though, technically, it's not true virtual reality. No one wears a VR headset in the room, which, in previous years, hosted the offensive meetings. When coach Adam Gase visited the room on his first tour of the facility in January, he immediately envisioned a different purpose. He had heard about other NFL teams and big-time colleges upgrading their video technology, and he wanted the same for the Jets. Quarterback Sam Darnold used the room a lot in the offseason as he learned Gase's offense. It's available to any player or any unit, but it's home for the defense, which spent the past few days preparing for its biggest challenge of the season: Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens (11-2), whom they face at 8:20 p.m. ET on Thursday (Fox/NFL Network) at M&T Bank Stadium. The defense had to alter its schedule because of the short week, but the process was the same as usual. "Pretty cool," defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said of the room, joking he should have patented the idea a long time ago. "We can take 1,000 reps and never have anybody take a bump, bruise or anything. "I've got a call structure and game film, and they're going to be playing a game in there -- in the virtual-reality room -- just like they're doing all the steps, all the reads, all the eyes, and it looks like they're playing the game." Williams learned the basic concept from former NFL and college coach Bobby Ross, back when Ross coached at West Point (2004-06). The video technology took it to a new level. ESPN was granted access to the room during an off hour last week. For competitive reasons, no pictures or video were allowed. On the big screen was a life-sized image of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick facing the Philadelphia Eagles. Embedded in the video was the Miami playcall, translated into Jets terminology. It had the feel of a Madden game on steroids, sans a game controller. Funny thing is, the room isn't located in a tucked-away place in the facility. The room is in a high-traffic area, but it's hard to spot because there is no signage on the door. It's one of several rooms on a 100-yard hallway that connects the front lobby to the locker room. The wall is adorned with life-sized photos of past Jets greats, which camouflage the door openings. You can walk past the door and not even realize what you're missing. For the record, there is a VR room and it is located behind a picture of Aaron Glenn, a star cornerback and first-round pick by the Jets in 1994. The Friday meeting has several benefits. No coaches are in the room, so the players -- on their own -- must communicate among each other and iron out any issues. Actually, the process starts on Tuesday, when the linemen and linebackers meet on their day off to review how they will set their fronts against certain formations. On Friday, they receive a play script from Williams, and they work off that. Typically, the middle linebacker runs the session, with C.J. Mosley (injured reserve), Neville Hewitt and James Burgess Jr., alternating duties. "If somebody isn't on the same page, we can sit there and talk it out," defensive end Henry Anderson said. That might explain why the Jets haven't suffered as many blown assignments as they did in recent years. They've surrendered six pass plays of 40 yards or more, down from 11 in 2018. They have allowed four rushes of 20 yards or more, down from 24. Their stout run defense will be tested by Jackson & Co., the No. 1 rushing offense. Instead of running plays against the scout team on the practice field, the defense gets extra reps by lining up against life-sized images of the actual players they will face, so to speak. Linebacker Jordan Jenkins likes it because he can study the offensive linemen he will face on game day, looking for tells in their body language. The pass-rushers like it because they walk through their line stunts, using the garbage cans as props. "We go through footwork and steps," said Jenkins, who leads the Jets with seven sacks. "It's almost like a practice, like a walk-through, while we're watching film." Free safety Marcus Maye, who often goes to the room on his own to watch extra video, likes the technology because a reverse angle can be employed -- the view from the quarterback's eyes. This allows him to see pass coverage from the offensive perspective. "There are a lot of different tools with that room that we use," Maye said. "It's actually been helpful. We used it a lot in the offseason, too, working on gap fits and seeing the eyes of the quarterback." The coaches love the high-tech study hall because it fosters team chemistry and it captures the players' attention better than a typical classroom lecture. Today's players enjoy video games, and this is a chance for them to star in their own game. Call of Duty: Jet Ops. (Or something like that.) Because of injuries, the Jets have started 23 different players on defense -- six linemen, eight linebackers and nine defensive backs, including seven at corner. This much instability can wreck a team, but they have managed to stay competitive and cohesive, climbing to seventh in total yards allowed (4,171). Except for injured safety Jamal Adams, it's a no-name group comprised largely of castoffs and journeymen. Last week was a great example of the unit's personality. The defense held Miami without a touchdown on six red zone possessions, becoming the fourth team since 1991 to do that. The Ravens (11-2) will be a much tougher challenge, especially on a short week. "He's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but it's always based on fundamentally sound defense, guys running to the ball -- very aggressive," Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said of Williams. "I think he tries to make a statement, as he should, with his guys." Williams' players already have played the game in their high-tech room. Now they have to make sure they don't end up as extras in a Lamar Jackson video.
  7. Its all about time and consistency in sports. Because Shanahan wasn't looking like a "genius" when he got cute with his playcalling and blew the SB against NE. All he had to do was run the ball, make NE use their timeouts and put a FG on the board. And he didn't do it
  8. They definitely are in a good position but it didn't happen overnight. Shanahan & Lynch had two bad years (6-10 & 4-12) before their breakthrough: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/index.htm
  9. Interesting article and as far as the Jets are concerned its too little too late. I was hoping McCarthy was doing this "re-evaluation" of his offense last year after he got fired. If he did he would've been a layup hire. The article also proves that the rumors of McCarthy's "offensive staleness" was true
  10. Agreed!!! Setting up for a 44 yarder is not a chip shot
  11. Hysterical article on multiple fronts. First, Williams acting like he's going to be a free agent in high demand. Second, that the NYG are over a barrel and will probably have to give him anything he wants or they'll look even dumber for the trade they made
  12. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't anything to brag about but the Jets won for the fourth time in five games as they squeezed by MIA 22-21. I had multiple questions about this team coming into the game: - What would the defense look like without Jamal Adams? - Would the OLine and receivers bounce back from a hideous game in CIN? - What would the run game look like without LeVeon Bell? Shockingly all the questions were answered positively, let's take a look: Special Teams - There were only four punts in the entire game. So Braxton Berrios (1 ret / 12 yd avg) and Lachlan Edwards (3 punts / 42 yd avg) had no impact. Surprisingly Edwards dropped the snap on an XP which caused a Sam Ficken miss - Ty Montgomery was solid in his 4 returns with a 22 yard avg - Sam Ficken had his best game as he generated 10 points (3 FG, XP) and won it at the buzzer from 44 yards Defense - Their performance was a textbook example of "bend don't break", as they allowed seven FG's but got tough when it counted. A secondary that was ravaged by injuries played a ton of zone and didn't get beat over the top. Let's get to the Jamal Adams "factor", yes he was missed but that's because this team hasn't been constructed properly. Adams blitz pressure was missing but if the roster had 1-2 pass rushers in the front seven things would've been different. So the debate of whether to keep Adams or look to trade him for picks can continue for another week - The rush defense gave up more yards than usual as Fitzpatrick scrambled multiple times when he had nowhere to go with the ball - Quinnen Williams showed up today but it was definitely a mixed bag. He had a huge TFL on a 3rd down to get MIA off the field BUT he grabbed the facemask for a penalty. He had a QB hit on Fitzpatrick to cause a rushed incompletion. And he whiffed on a sack in the redzone before he left with a neck injury according to Adam Gase. Nice to finally see multiple "splash" plays now let's clean up the mistakes - James Burgess was everywhere as he had 13 tackles, a TFL and a PD - Jordan Jenkins stuffed the stat sheet as he had 4 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 TFL and 3 QB hits - Credit to Steve McLendon, Nathan Shepherd and Foley Fatukasi as they compressed the pocket consistently - The last time we saw Nate Hairston he was getting benched against NYG. As he returned to the field he was better as he had 2 PD and a QB hit on a blitz. He also had an impressive INT of Fitzpatrick as he undercut the route and pulled the ball away from the WR. But he has work to do on his tackling as he whiffed a couple of times allowing YAC - Besides an awkward pass interference penalty Bless Austin continues to impress. Solid in his zone responsibilities and when he was in man he stayed step for step with the WR Offense - Was Adam Gase trying to make a point today? For the first time all year he committed to the run and rushed the ball 32 times for 112 yards. But why did it happen in the game that LeVeon Bell didn't play in? Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery definitely hit the holes quicker than Bell. Was Gase sending a message to Bell about that or to Joe Douglas about not needing a high priced RB? - Offense "blacked out" in the second half for too long of a period (from one minute left in the 3rd quarter until seven minutes left in the game). I won't complain about going for it on 4th down and bypassing the FG - Big bounce back from the OLine as they opened holes in the run game and kept Sam Darnold clean. Shockingly they didn't commit a penalty which has got to be a first - Huge game for Robby Anderson on the offensive (7 recs / 116 yards / 1 TD) and defensive side of the ball. Yes, defense because on the drive where they went ahead 19-18 he prevented an INT. Sam Darnold underthrew Anderson in the endzone and he knocked the ball away from a DB stopping the turnover - Vyncint Smith had two HUGE plays that basically won the game. On the first play of the final drive he caught a screen and created 35+ yards of YAC. Then with the game looking like it was slipping away he drew a pass interference penalty which the booth properly reviewed. And Flores needed to stop all the yelling because it was obvious - Sam Darnold was solid (20/36, 270 yards, 2 TD, INT) as he led a game winning drive. And he was particularly sharp commanding the offense in the first half as he made multiple pre-snap adjustments to beat the defense. But there's still things to work on: * Has to be more aware to use his legs. On the drive where they got stopped on 4th down he had an easy opportunity to scramble and get the first down on 3rd down and didn't * Can't take a sack on the final drive of the game. The Smith pass interference call bailed him out * He wasn't his accurate self today missing on throws that he makes in his sleep In my opinion Gase needs to add a "gray head" offensive coach to his staff who can shake him out of the playcalling funks he gets in. Someone like Mike Martz (who he worked for in the past) who can hold him accountable. Right now I don't think there's anyone on the offensive side of the ball that can do that
  13. I'll be interested in watching his route running in the pre-draft workouts. But his strength, balance and run after catch is excellent
  14. There's no way Williamson is coming back next year. Hewitt & Cashman were impressive and way cheaper
  15. I would have no problem if the Jets do what GB did last year and spend big $$$ on two pass rushers and leave the OLine for the draft (which is deep)

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