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  1. Its fine to be disappointed in Williams rookie year, he didn't play up to his draft status. But let's not lie about him, he was a dominant DLineman on an elite Alabama team in the best conference in college football. He wasn't a JAG, Alabama was on TV every week and Williams dominated every week. His talent now has to come out in the pros
  2. At minimum I need to see: 16 Games 50+ Tackles 7+ Sacks 15+ TFL For the #3 pick out of Alabama that's not too much to ask
  3. Everything Enunwa said is for the sake of collecting the rest of his guaranteed $$$. Stenosis will never be cleared by a reputable doctor to play football. Enunwa needs to focus on his post-football career and prepare for that. If he wants to stay in the game he should "make nice" with Douglas and see if he can start as a scout possibly
  4. Bingo!!! Formulate the offense around Darnold's strengths and get the rush offense up to at least 120 yards a game
  5. No fans in the stands will minimize the difficulty of all road games. But I do agree the people who run the stadiums will pipe in crowd noise & music
  6. Douglas "love" of giving out one year contracts during free agency really agrees with Breer's first point. With the possibility of the cap being pulled back in 2021 it wasn't smart to lock into contracts going beyond one year. Teams with a ton of contract responsibilities in 2021 may have to cut loose quite a few players to get under a smaller cap
  7. Understanding issues is not what this society does but Breer brings up legit reasons for delays in contract extensions. If players truly believe that contract negotiations are just "business" then they have to consider the business environment: https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/05/25/veteran-contracts-jalen-hurts-russell-wilson • I would expect teams to be cautious in doing long-term deals with star players in the coming months, especially in situations where those teams have the flexibility to wait. The reason? If there’s a revenue shortfall this year, and the cap equation spits out a number lower than the $198.2 million figure in place from 2021, it’s pretty unlikely that the league and union will leave that as is. The potential bloodletting of pricey vets and tightened purse strings otherwise would create a one-year free-for-all. More likely would be negotiating a deal where the league would borrow cap dollars from future years, which could lead to multiple years of a flat cap (probably at least until the new TV money kicks in). For now, no one’s sure if it’ll come to that. But teams at least have to be prepared for the idea it could happen, which will lead at some teams to be conservative with their spending. And that’s without even considering that the threat of a revenue shortfall might make teams more conscious of their cap spending too. • Who will that affect? Probably not Patrick Mahomes. But young non-quarterbacks could find the financial going a little tougher over the next couple months, and it could make things rather interesting with young stars like Chargers DE Joey Bosa, Jets S Jamal Adams, and 49ers TE George Kittle, all of whom will likely seek to set new standards at their positions.
  8. Because the media knows New York is a huge market and Jet fans (for the most part) are beyond gullible. Pick on the team and you get huge traffic to your site ready to argue (giving them exactly what they want). Stop falling for the foolishness
  9. Nothing not to like about the move. Flacco has a ton of experience, won a SB and played in a lot of playoff games. He'll be a good mentor to Darnold and a QB who can actually win a game if called on. Douglas has done a good job on "paper" of spreading his resources around the whole team to make it better
  10. What do people think of the proposal? I'm willing to see it implemented for 2020 to see how it works. Onside kicks rarely worked, the 4th & 15 would be much more "makeable". If a HC was really aggressive he could keep the ball away from the opponent by going for it after every score: https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-updates-language-on-4th-and-15-proposal-taking-out-trailing-requirement The NFL already tweaked the proposed onside kick alternative rule to be voted on by owners next week. NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Friday that the updated language on the proposed rule change, which would allow teams to retain possession after a score by converting a fourth-and-15 play from its own 25-yard-line, takes out the requirement the team must be trailing to employ the maneuver. If the proposal passes, a team leading could attempt to play keep-away from an opponent by utilizing the fourth-and-15 option. It doesn't come without risk of giving the opponent the ball in scoring range. Wiping out the prerequisite that a team must be trailing to try to keep possession is the right move. Coaches should be allowed the freedom to take calculated risks. Onside kicks don't restrict usage to trailing teams. Neither should its substitute. The rule would still allow teams to continue to attempt onside kicks if they so choose. NFL owners are set to discuss and vote on potential rule changes for the 2020 season during a virtual meeting on May 28.
  11. Isn't June 1 when the bulk of cap savings from Trumaine Johnson's crappy contract comes off the books? Could that be the hold up? By the way, Myers never broke a story with the Daily News so why would he break one now?
  12. Prescott's opinion of himself is WAY TOO HIGH. He's good but he's "not all that": https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/2577417/dak-prescott Add in the fact that he has only one playoff win in 4 years. He needs to calm down on his demands
  13. Good comparison. He definitely wouldn't have been in a QB "battle" with Geno Smith in 2013
  14. The performance issue was stark particularly in the NO/SF game I saw this week on NFL Network. Any play in space Warford had a hard time locating/blocking LB, tons of "whiffs" where his man made the tackle

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