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  1. The NFL is setting themselves up for a HUGE lawsuit if Hill repeats his behavior against his child or girlfriend
  2. Can we correct this issue before camp??? Let's not have a repeat of last year, get it done Douglas
  3. Agreed, what I like most is Sheldon was an actual coach. So he should be able to combine the "numbers" with football. Numbers by themselves are useless
  4. Unfortunate from a team standpoint but hopefully Herndon learns his lesson because he could've caused multiple deaths with his foolishness last year
  5. With the football dead period it may be slow on the board BUT for once its terrific that there is absolute silence about the Jets as we approach camp: - No off the field incidents (knock on wood) - A respected front office in place - A HC in place who appears to have a flexible system where he'll adjust it to the talent on the roster - An aggressive DC who will actually attack an offense - And most importantly a 22 year old potential franchise QB It should be a fun summer
  6. Field Yates‏ @FieldYates 2 hours ago Bengals recent first round picks: Jonah Williams, 2019: Likely out for the season. Billy Price, 2018: Six games missed (foot). John Ross, 2017: 17 total snaps played, zero catches. William Jackson, 2016: Zero games played (pec). Cedric Ogbuehi, 2015: 11 games missed (knee).
  7. Construction around the facility has killed parking, that's why they have so few dates open to the public
  8. Excellent list of potential adds: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/10-eagles-who-might-appeal-new-jets-gm-joe-douglas
  9. No need to wait until 2020 when looking for talent. I would expect Douglas (PHI), Hogan (IND) and Alexander (BAL) to try to raid the back end of the rosters of the teams they're coming from
  10. With all these front office moves the Jets are making think about how bad HOU looks. In the space of 10 days we've added Douglas, Alexander, Hogan and Savage. While HOU fired their GM, couldn't even get an interview with their first choice and now will go without a GM
  11. Hogan left in 2017, him coming back means he had issues with Maccagnan/Heimerdinger. And as soon as they were gone he comes back, that can't be a coincidence
  12. Much better hire than McShay. Savage ran the Senior Bowl so he has excellent contacts throughout all the colleges
  13. Good color revamp, the black really "pops"
  14. Here's the interview: https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/wr-coach-shawn-jefferson-jamison-crowder-is-a-chain-mover
  15. Normal response after spending years with QB's like Tannehill, Moore, Cutler and Osweiler

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