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  1. Some of the plays I wrote about: Wilson to Moore 80 yard TD https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/training-camp-highlight-zach-wilson-goes-deep-to-find-elijah-moore-for-a-touchdo Pinnock INT https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/training-camp-highlight-jason-pinnock-snags-interception-on-his-back Morgan 20 yard seam to Kroft https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/training-camp-highlight-james-morgan-finds-tyler-kroft-in-the-seam-for-a-big-gai
  2. Disagree with that view it makes Becton sound like he's a turnstile, he's not. For the first time since John Abraham we have a legit edge rusher and in my opinion people don't know how to react to it. So they want to dump on Becton and not just give Lawson credit for the skills that he has. They challenge each other on every rep
  3. Good to be back, let's get started with initial impressions. We'll see if these hold true with the two other practices I'll be attending: General Notes - Props to the staff for the smooth movement of 1000+ fans to the practice facility - Practice ran 2 hours and 40 minutes - Shockingly players were in jerseys & shorts (not even shells). Usually by day four pads are worn - With no pads there were no 1 on 1 periods to really break down players movement skills - For the most part it was a 50/50 practice with each side of the ball "flashing" during
  4. Watson is toxic, anyone trading for him deserves all the legal nonsense that comes
  5. Jeff Howe@jeffphowe 4h Context on the delay in Zach Wilson's signing, which was finalized today: The Jets only opened negotiations last week and wanted Wilson to defer $6M of his signing bonus to 2022, per source. When the Jets agreed to pay the whole SB last night, Wilson flew out to join the team. Glad this nonsense is over but if the above is true what was the team thinking??? You don't start talking contract a week ago. Whatever, at least I'll see three days of a whole team. I would've been ticked if Wilson wasn't there
  6. Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter 2h Just this month, 13 NFL staffers and four players, including one of each this weekend, have tested positive for COVID despite being vaccinated, per sources. NFL and NFLPA have been in discussions to increase testing cadence for vaccinated staff and players as an extra precaution. Huh, how did that happen?
  7. On 7/31, 8/2 and 8/4 to file reports. Hopefully the weather cooperates
  8. So what is the league going to do about IND with this story? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/colts-coach-frank-reich-will-miss-start-of-training-camp-after-testing-positive-for-covid-19/ Kind of hurts the narrative doesn't it
  9. Deal with the fact that Saleh/Ulbrich are going young at CB. We'll see who steps up, remember Trumaine Johnson was a "big name" how did that work out?
  10. Good to see he's left the "scrawny" body type behind
  11. No surprise, if Maye was looking for any deal over 3 years Douglas wasn't going to bite. At 28 it makes too much sense to tag Maye twice for around $22 million and then let him go. Tough business
  12. Another plus to the new coaching staff, with one less game they've scheduled four joint practices (2 - GB & 2 - PHI). Smart way to get additional reps/looks for Wilson in a scrimmage type of atmosphere
  13. To all, I'm available to do my norm. Its up to the team and @Maxman to arrange access
  14. Also for those who will do this poll, Justin Hardee will definitely make this team as a CB. His special teams ability is elite and there's no way he's getting cut
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