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  1. Totally amazing how in this social climate men are still allowing themsleves to be caught/accused of sexual harrassment. Benigno is probably going to lose his career because companies don't want to be perceived as being insensitive to the issue. In his own words, "Oh the pain"
  2. KRL

    By The Way ...

    This may not be an issue at all, they may simply be waiting for Darnold to arrive in the area to sign. But when you've gone all in on a QB by trading three #2's, arguing over offset language or voidable years should never enter the negotiations. Maccagnan/Bowles have hitched their careers to Darnold so no issue should stand in the way of his development
  3. Can we get our future QB signed to his contract already??? I don't care that very few #1 picks have signed, we know what the value of his deal should be based on his slot. Get it done, don't argue over stupid issues get Darnold in camp so he doesn't miss one meeting. After lucking out that he was available at #3 don't look like morons by having a holdout
  4. It looks bad for Maccagnan that in a matter of 3 months he's gotten rid of two #2 picks. The good thing about it is he's no longer holding onto players just because of their draft status. It puts people on notice that if you don't produce you'll be let go
  5. Asking that boob's opinion about QB's is like asking the captain of the Titanic how to steer a ship. Who cares what he says? Mcadoo ranking Allen as the best QB in the draft tells you all you need to know about his "expertise"
  6. @Maxman has set it up again for me to cover camp, so I'll be there the first week covering everything. Thanks Phil!!!
  7. KRL

    Episode 3

    Biggest "cheese eating grin" was Bates as the pick was announced
  8. KRL

    Vikings lock up Hunter 5 yr/72M

    Barr would be the guy to target, forget WR
  9. A lot of good stuff about how college's are influencing pro offenses: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/06/25/lincoln-riley-oklahoma-dallas-cowboys-rams-rookies-2019-draft-grades 5. I think if I had to bet on a rookie quarterback starting Week 1 right now, and a lot can happen between now and then, I’d put my money on it being Sam Darnold. The third overall pick has been a quick study through the spring, showing he can absorb and apply the information thrown at him. And the fact that he showed great ability to take hits and compartmentalize mistakes last year at USC mitigates the risk the Jets would take throwing him out there. I’d say there’s a better than 50-50 chance he wins the job outright in camp.
  10. Orlovsky's opinion is typical "internet group speak". Don't do research then spout something that's not backed up by facts. Enunwa could've easily added that his WR's caught those passes from QB's like Fitzpatrick & McCown but he's too classy to add that fact