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  1. Pure nonsense, when you have the opportunity to leave you do. Why? Because for a "generational QB" (we'll see) you want to start the clock on your career as soon as possible so you can get to your HUGE second contract
  2. Painful to watch, those are obvious layup TD throws and he doesn't even process them. And the final cutup was the play where he got hurt, so he didn't pull the trigger on an easy throw then held it until he got sacked
  3. Fields definitely should be looked at if we don't get #1. My biggest problem with him is when he runs the ball he acts like a RB and not a QB. He takes on too much contact and that could get him hurt. Fields needs to slide and look for the sidelines
  4. Its not surprising that Becton doesn't pick up holding penalties. All he has to do is push someone with one hand and they are out of the play
  5. I was shortsighted just a week ago, I was still thinking about keeping Darnold and trading the rights to Lawrence for a massive haul. But the key for a GM building a team is to have a big time QB on a cheap rookie deal and financial freedom to fill the rest of the roster. Its now imperative we get Lawrence and restart the clock with his rookie deal, this doesn't give Douglas any excuses though. A good HC with a properly constructed roster should have us ready to challenge for a playoff spot in 2021
  6. One name I totally forgot is Jabari Zuniga, WE HAVE TO SEE HIM!!!
  7. The season is beyond over and for the first time in my life I'm rooting for the team to go 0-16. There is absolutely no benefit to winning any games, the Joe Douglas plan is now clear: - Secure the #1 pick - Fire Adam Gase and find the right HC - Ensure that Trevor Lawrence is coming out - Deal Sam Darnold - With tons of cap space and picks surround Lawrence with a properly constructed roster when he steps on the practice field for the first time In terms of roster construction let's take a look at some young pieces to see if they can be part of the future: Offense - Mekhi Becton is an absolute beast with unlimited upside. Incredible power, movement skills and decent technique for someone so young - Cameron Clark needs to be worked into one of the guard spots as the season continues. Because I haven't been impressed with Greg Van Roten, way too much softness at his spot - Chuma Edoga should be pushing George Fant but too many injuries and inconsistency makes me wonder about him long term - Chris Herndon's game has gone into the toilet. I would keep him and see if the next staff can salvage his career but a new #1 TE has to be found. Hard to believe he's the same player who was making acrobatic catches and stretching the seam in 2018 - Decent debut for Denzel Mims, now he has to stay on the field and adjust to the pro level. Because in the first half he was making a nice impact but then BUF put White on him and he disappeared. Stay in Hines Ward office and learn all the "tricks" to deal with top notch CB's - LaMical Perine shows good explosion to the hole and plays faster than his 40 time. But he has a ton of work to do in pass protection. Way too many times Perine is late finding his responsibility and gets pushed back into the QB's lap - Its too bad and way too soon but Sam Darnold needs another team. We all know the countless issues where the Jets didn't support his growth (OLine, skill positions, coaching). But the first half INT he threw was mindless and makes you wonder if he'll ever be a franchise QB. You just can't throw into triple coverage when you're almost in FG position. It makes you question his ability to see coverages and situational awareness. There are multiple teams that could be looking for a QB (PIT, IND, NE, JAX, DEN, WSH, MIN?) maybe we can get a #2. But with the questions about Darnold's game and his rookie deal running out the best we may get is a #3. Amazing that his "era" could close so soon Defense - Quinnen Williams has grown and has flashed his Alabama talents. He's on pace for 63 Tackles, 7 Sacks and 17 TFL's which is the range of production I wanted. Now its on Douglas to get multiple edge rushers in the off-season where the new DC can have outside pressure from them with Williams applying the inside pressure. If proper moves are made we may actually see an NFL caliber pass rush - I like the potential of John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff. Both have shown athleticism and the ability to penetrate in their limited reps. I want to see more of them down the stretch to determine if they could be starters or JAGs going forward - I want to see more Blake Cashman at ILB. Avery Williamson isn't going to be here going forward and could be traded. We need to see if Cashman can stay on the field and produce as the "speed/coverage" ILB - Bradley McDougald has checked out and needs to go. Marcus Maye needs to be re-signed as the veteran/stabilizer in the secondary. Bless Austin, Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis all need to be elevated to starters. Let them take their lumps this year but they could be a young, talented and cheap group next year
  8. From a scouting point of view I hate the amount of horizontal screens Clemson has Lawrence throw. I would like to see more slants and seam routes to see how he processes a crowded defense in the middle of the field
  9. Absolutely moronic that we are in the position of possibly giving up on Darnold in his third year: - Poor roster construction - Poor OLine - Revolving door at the skill positions - Poor coaching Were outside his control, but Darnold's inability to stay on the field for an entire season doesn't help his cause. Its a shame because Darnold has the perfect "dead face" personality to be the Jet QB with all the noise that surrounds this team. Darnold and Lawrence in my view look similar in their college careers: - Both ran spread offenses out of the pistol - Tons of RPO's which freezes LB's - Tons of quick outside WR screens - Tons of quick slants with plenty of YAC - Strong, accurate arms - Occasional designed QB runs The three differences that are in Lawrence's favor at this point are: - He has a more textbook delivery than Darnold did coming out - He doesn't have the ball security issues that Darnold did in the pocket - He has better deep ball accuracy Douglas is going to have HUGE decisions coming up: - Who is the next HC? - Do you keep Darnold and trade the rights to Lawrence for a ton? Probably a 2021 #1, #2, #4 and a 2022 #1, which would allow you to build around Darnold and revamp the roster - Do you trade Darnold (probably for a 2021 #2) draft Lawrence and ensure he walks into a properly constructed team in his rookie year?
  10. I'm glad for McLendon, he's too much of a positive influence and leader to go out on a losing team. He deserves the shot at winning, God bless him. Sports needs more people with his character and insight
  11. Or else this team is beyond doomed. Because with the continued drama and misses in the free agent market its doubtful if anyone will come here in the future. Douglas has to show the "Newsome ability" he was exposed to in BAL: - Develop a talented college & pro personnel scouting staff - Find talent throughout the draft no matter the round or draft position - Create a deep "staggered" roster where starters are backed up by developing players. So if a starter leaves there's a back up ready to step in - Find a head coach who was "unknown" (Harbaugh) but became better in the top spot. And that HC implements a clear identity into the team so that everyone knows what playing the Jets mean Right now the jury is still out on Douglas: - The Kalil signing was understandable but poor - Not re-signing Anderson and replacing him with Perriman was awful - And even though Becton has looked great, Douglas entire first draft class has been way too injured
  12. There is no doubt that Darnold has proven nothing but when I watch Lawrence in Clemson's offense he reminds me of Darnold in USC: - Taking snaps out of the "pistol position" - A ton of RPO's - Out of the RPO's, quick horizontal throws and slants - Occasional QB runs - Accuracy - Strong arm The one difference I see is Lawrence deep ball accuracy seems better. I believe the problem with Darnold is coaching, he was better in 2018 with Bates than he's ever been with Gase. I can understand if Douglas moves on from Darnold but is he really the problem?
  13. I'm sorry I didn't post earlier but the Jets committed another personal foul against me, "roughing the writer" and I had to recover. Who can be shocked that they lost (37-28) to a QB MAKING HIS FIRST START ON A SHORT WEEK. A totally undisciplined mess of a game that continues to indict not just Adam Gase but the entire staff. Eleven penalties for 118 yards and at least 6 personal fouls??? Mind boggling but to make it worse they actually won the turnover battle 3-0 and still lost: Special Teams - The return game was non-existent, shocker - Braden Mann had a good average (48.7) and actually made a TD saving tackle - Sam Ficken should be applauded for the consistency he's shown this year. A perfect night in FG's (5/5) and XP's Defense - Another horrible mess of a performance by the entire defense. Other than a tiny period where they produced two INT's in two drives they were shredded - I've never seen such a bad 2 INT, "pick 6" performance than what I saw out of Pierre Desir. Stumbling in coverage, getting "out physicaled" by a rookie and not being able to knock down another TD pass. I hoped he could regain his 2018 level, its not going to happen. Tim Patrick and Jerry Jeudy abused him all night - Within the 6 personal fouls there was at least 2 that actually gave DEN the ball back. The worst had to be on the Quinnen Williams "sack" that could've actually put the Jets in position to win as they were leading 28-27. But of course on an uncontested sack Williams just had to yank the facemask - For the second straight game zero sacks - Bryce Huff showed flashes of edge pressure as an OLB. And did well in space in his coverage responsibilities - Lamar Jackson showed flashes in coverage even though he got lost on a couple of occasions Offense - Excellent performances by Jamison Crowder (7 recs / 104 yds) and Jeff Smith (7 recs / 81 yds). They should've been featured in the passing game to the exclusion of everyone else. But of course they weren't - Fantastic improvised run by Sam Darnold (46 yards) that produced the only TD by the offense all night Now that the positive is out of the way: - Chris Herndon has been a tremendous disappointment (1 rec / 11 yds). Another drop and not displaying any of the mismatch ability I was hoping for - The running game as usual was boring and predictable. And for some reason it was focused on Frank Gore. Look, you have to respect him and what he's accomplished but he's 37 years old. Wouldn't it be more explosive to focus the run game on LaMical Perine who supposedly was excellent in camp? - I have never seen so many 2-3 yard routes outside the numbers to receivers. Giving them almost no opportunity to get YAC. How about some crossing/slant routes into the middle of the field? Giving receivers the opportunity to "run away" from defenders and get vertical. No, let's throw to Chris Hogan for 3 yards. And by the way that 2 point play was pathetic. Immediately spinning Darnold to the right and eliminating 2/3 of the field and crowding defenders together isn't smart - Of course more injuries as Lawrence Cager, Chuma Edoga and Mekhi Becton all go out. Wonderful - Sam Darnold again was the worst QB on the field, and that is a disturbing thought. The six sacks that DEN generated were primarily on him as he was indecisive on when to vacate the pocket. And the injury he experienced was a prime example of that. When your offense generates five FG's that means you're not getting the job done in the red zone. Darnold also showed a lack of awareness on who to feed the ball to. Crowder & Smith were his "chunk play" guys he should've forced them to ball, enough of this spreading the ball around nonsense It's Friday why is Adam Gase still employed???
  14. Of course David Shaw would be at the top of my list then as I noted in another thread either of the SF coordinators: Mike LaFleur (Passing Coordinator) Mike McDaniel (Run Coordinator) In addition Eric Bienemy and Brian Daboll (fantastic job masking Allen's inaccuracy & turnovers) should be considered
  15. Fields can not be ignored. His performance with Ohio St last year was too impressive

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