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  1. If they don't add another bye week they're frauds when they talk about "player safety"
  2. All these writers are thirsty because there's no Combine this year and that's where they get tons of rumors. Until free agency starts (March 17) they're going to repeat these tired stories
  3. CJ Mosley Neville Hewitt Pat Elflein
  4. If there's no Samuel or JuJu in free agency, will the team turn to a broader approach and go for Corey Davis AND Kendrick Bourne? Spread the $$$ around at WR and improve the depth
  5. Wilson's pro day will be very interesting from a body/frame perspective. If his "team" is smart they've been re-shaping his body during this period. An increase of 5-10 pounds of muscle on his frame will be important to see
  6. If NE is willing to pay a "double QB premium" of two #1's (2021 & 2022) I would be willing to listen
  7. Outrageous post with incredible detail @football guy. I'll focus on a different area the LB's, a couple of questions: - How confident is the team in Mosley coming back and can he be effective in a 4-3? - Hewitt being let go is surprising, do they doubt his speed/range in a 4-3? - Are Matt Milano and Kenny Young favorites of Saleh and the new defensive staff? Based on their frames they seem like ideal OLB fits
  8. Yes please!!! I mentioned these two in a previous thread, in addition to youth they would beef up the DE and LB positions
  9. Not thrilled with this, Smith-Schuster has turned into too much of a social media clown recently
  10. Wentz trade doesn't definitely mean Darnold's going. If anything now there are at least three teams in the top 10 who will be looking for QB's: #4 ATL #6 PHI #8 CAR That would make for a very interesting bidding war
  11. That has to be their objective, they can't be totally sold on Hurts who was a late #2 pick
  12. I'll play along, if HOU makes that trade they'll be sitting at #8 with no assurance of getting a QB in the draft. They would have to trade up, with us probably, to ensure that they get the QB they want
  13. Darnold for the #19 is the better value. It would give the Jets three #1's and seven picks in the first 107 of the draft. That's how you turnover a roster and get better quickly
  14. Is on the NFL Network at 6 pm, you can review Saleh's defense before it was destroyed by injuries this year
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