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  1. I'll be shocked if they didn't. With them bringing in Ogunjobi & Alexander for visits I would expect one or both to be signed before camp. Then with the quality depth we have at DLine & CB I would expect Douglas to pull a trade for a draft pick or two at the end of camp
  2. Nice to hear from RG3, I hope he's right but I'm more in the Woody camp. We have to be in wildcard contention in December
  3. I know with the wretched football we've seen over the past 10+ years we've been reduced to focusing on the schedule and hoping some "easy" games can get us some wins. But with the improved roster I think its time we leave that mindset behind and expect this team to compete/win against any opponent. At worst I expect this team to be challenging for a wildcard spot in December, so let's go out and beat BAL and get the tiebreaker over them
  4. With the amount of pass rushers we brought in its fair to expect at least 3 sacks a game. So that would be a minimum of 51
  5. What a joke, even on the clip you can see Hill had to stop and wait for the pass
  6. Are we as Jet fans really going to complain about "too many pass rushers"??? Really???
  7. At least playing for a wildcard spot deep into December
  8. Ogunjobi would not be a depth piece, if he's healthy he would be an interior pass rusher who would cause offenses problems: https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/3050122/larry-ogunjobi Douglas/Saleh aren't fooling around if they bring him in
  9. Why networks are paying announcers the same as players is beyond me. Don't they realize those overpayments are going to come back and bite them in butt???
  10. Here's my thoughts: FS - It has to be Joyner, with such a young secondary we need a vet on the back end to help with alignments/communication. Joyner needs to be an "on-field co-DC" along with Mosley Nickel - Carter was impressive there last year and I don't think anyone will beat him out 3rd LB - It should be a battle between Sherwood, Nasirildeen, Marcell Harris (SF free agent we picked up) and DQ Thomas (UDFA). Harris knows the system and Thomas stats and amount of $$$ given (130K) means the team really likes him
  11. https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/gallery-best-photos-from-day-1-of-jets-rookie-minicamp
  12. The staff/front office now have 5-6 weeks to analyze the run defense. If it appears shaky I'm sure Douglas will pick up a DT before camp starts. The easiest player to find is a "run stuffing" DT. I'm just glad that we don't have to find a pass rusher anymore, for the first time ever it seems like we have plenty
  13. Based on this interview if Gardner was gone it seems we may have taken Stingley
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