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  1. KRL

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    The negatives for Maccagnan are: - He's missed on too many early draft picks (Smith, Mauldin, Hackenberg, Stewart, Hansen) which has cost us depth - He's been shaky with giving out big $$$ contracts (Revis, Wilkerson, Fitzpatrick, maybe Johnson) - He still hasn't found an OLB pass rusher - He hasn't invested premium resources into the OLine The positives are: - He's kept the cap clean with the way he's structured contracts - He's been good in finding undervalued talent (Carpenter, Shell, R. Anderson, H. Anderson, Williamson, Copeland, Claiborne, Roberts) - But the thing that's going to keep him in place is the way he attacked the QB position and got Darnold. After going 50 years without a franchise QB that's going to supercede all his mistakes Another thing that's going to keep Maccagnan off the hook is the fact that Bowles put the focus on himself by losing to two horrid QB's
  2. People seem to forget how bad Goff was under Fisher. And then one HC change and boom he's an MVP candidate. It also seems to be going that way in CHI. They fired Fox and replaced him with Nagy and now they're leading the NFC Central
  3. Matt Campbell is very intriguing, he led Iowa State over Okla when Mayfield was killing it and they seemed unbeatable: http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400934523 Iowa State runs a modern offense but they also are probably the only school that plays defense in that conference.
  4. Matt Campbell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Campbell_(American_football_coach)
  5. The good thing about this HC search is for once the Jets are attractive because Darnold is here. And with four more years left on his rookie deal any HC candidate knows that management will be extremely aggressive in filling in the missing pieces. So they will have an opportunity to be successful quickly
  6. I would want John Harbaugh as HC with the brothers as OC and QB coach
  7. Hopefully a judge throws the book at that idiot. To risk peoples lives because your football team lost is beyond stupid. And to think he's supposed to be an adult at 57 years old
  8. If the rumors are true that Harbaugh will be leaving BAL: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ravens-john-harbaugh-headed-to-a-mutual-parting-of-ways-in-season-firing-not-discussed/ He would be the perfect solution for replacing both Maccagnan & Bowles. After 11 years as HC you would think he would want to run the whole show like Reid does in KC. Harbaugh would come in as HC and bring in the GM he wants to run the personnel side. My biggest concern with Harbaugh would be who he would bring in as OC and QB coach
  9. KRL

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Ryan needs to shut up, everything that's going on now he did when he was the HC
  10. Absolutely not!!! Don't people remember what he did to IND last year???
  11. I mentioned him in a previous post, he's not a "young, sexy" name but he should be considered as a HC candidate. Fitchner has been on PIT staff for over 10 years as a WR coach, QB coach and an OC. PIT has elite offensive talent but you have to be impressed with his play design and deployment of personnel. In addition when you lose a RB like Bell and your running game doesn't miss a beat is extremely impressive. He needs to be interviewed: https://www.steelers.com/team/coaches-roster/randy-fichtner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Fichtner
  12. Anderson is a restricted free agent so he'll get a 1st or 2nd round tender. Enunwa missed 2017 and a few games this year that will keep his cost down. Maybe he gets 3 yrs / $18 million with $9 million guaranteed
  13. You don't like to see Darnold hurt BUT people its a sprained foot. He didn't blow out his knee or damaged his rotator cuff. I know people are disgusted with Bowles but don't let that make the injury more than it is
  14. So Bowles "coaching malpractice" gets worse: - He allows Long to play and after seeing he still is affected by his hand he leaves him in until the last drive of the game. Giving MIA an advantage on every offensive snap of the game because each one screwed up the timing and Darnold - Now I wouldn't be shocked if Darnold's foot sprain came from chasing down one of those wild snaps. Thankfully it's not serious but Bowles needs to go
  15. People still picking at Adams' game need to watch instead of complain. Because he's elevated his play in all phases this year. The team's record stinks but Adams is playing at a Pro Bowl level

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