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  1. With what Tarell Basham showed last year I won't be shocked if Douglas gives him Jenkins job and uses his $$$ elsewhere
  2. I would do that in a minute. A legit pass rusher and a #1 for a safety??? Sign me up
  3. Based on Jeffery's contract he has two years remaining but very minimal guarantees left. I would offer PHI the worst of the two 6th round picks we have for Jeffery and their 7th rounder. Similar to what Maccagnan did when trading for Osemele last year. You would then have Crowder and Jeffery as your starters going into the draft and then you can pick a WR in round 2 https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/alshon-jeffery-9855/
  4. There will be no wiggle room for Williams this year. He needs to show his "Alabama skills" from game 1 otherwise the bust label will be thrown around quickly
  5. Why would that be the case??? For the first time in forever a Jet GM actually hired multiple personnel people for his staff (Hogan, Alexander & Savage). Those guys cost more $$$ than scouts do
  6. Reasonable concern but there's another way to look at it. What if Douglas and the rest of the staff he brought in knows the scouts and respects their opinions? What if after reviewing the scouting reports on prospects Douglas realized that the problem was the person doing the selecting? Because I assumed he would totally revamp the scouting staff after coming on board but he didn't. And when Douglas got hired (May) it was the perfect time to blow up the staff but he didn't
  7. Owners will never expand the active rosters, they won't want to pay more $$$ in salaries
  8. Excellent observation!!! Good move by the front office if that was the case
  9. Here's a story idea for the media, everything from January through April is going to be the responsibility of Joe Douglas. How about doing some research on Ozzie Newsome and what he did in BAL. Why??? Because maybe you can get an indication on the types of moves Douglas may do since he "grew up" under Newsome. That would be far more interesting than this boring crap
  10. The article misses the point of what kind of society/culture we live in. Social media has led people to "thirst for attention" and the Combine provides that. When the NFL Network started covering it you could hear a pin drop during drills, now its a prime time event over 4 days. Its now "content", the NFL Olympics
  11. We're one week away from the Combine and less than a month away from free agency yet people are still rehashing these old narratives. Pathetic, move on and develop "new stories". Earn your salary
  12. Both sides are hypocrites about "player safety" if the new CBA doesn't address two issues. First, there should be an extra bye week included for each team. Second, all 53 players should be active for each game stop the nonsense of deactivating 7 players. Increase the active roster size and "decrease" the physical demands on the players
  13. If they REALLY care about player safety that have to add another bye week
  14. His nonsense, particularly being back in NYC would be never ending. Diva WR's even with good numbers can blow up a team, remember Antonio Brown. I'll pass, protect Darnold and let him make the WR's "stars" because of his talent
  15. Woody's right if Darnold becomes what we hope, his ability will lift everyone on the offensive side of the ball. He'll make WR's and TE's big time players like Rodgers, Brady, Brees etc... do in their offenses
  16. Great hair, not!!! This makes it more likely that 4 QB's are going in the top 10
  17. Hard pass!!! No more old expensive CB's, he's already 29 and is going to be looking for a big contract https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/15863/darius-slay I could easily see him falling off a cliff once he signs. No way
  18. Watkins is a prime example of why you shouldn't go nuts over a WR prospect. Because there was nobody rated higher than Watkins the year he came out and he's been nothing but average. The best WR in the game (Michael Thomas) was a middle of the second round pick
  19. If true, its amazing that CHI is "through with" Mack after only two years. The more teams that want to jump into the top 10 and pick QB's the better
  20. Will be interesting to see what happens with Anderson. Because in good organizations (BAL particularly) they will allow good players to leave if they get too expensive. They believe in their scouting and development and expect the player that was behind the one who left to step up and fill the position. Will Douglas have the same mindset? Because 13-15 is expensive and the draft is deep
  21. Hopefully its true, the more QB's taken in the top 10 means someone drops to us at 11
  22. He's young with a good frame for a CB. And based on his stats he's durable, a good tackler and has had 10+ PBU every year: https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/2572841/james-bradberry
  23. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001101880/article/bucky-brooks-top-5-2020-nfl-draft-prospects-by-position-10
  24. At minimum his suspension should've been 8 games. He should sit for the first 2 games next year. Weak

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