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  1. Obviously some people don't understand the concept of "coach speak". Nuanced thinking has gone the way of the unicorn
  2. Josh Allen played at Wyoming, how strong was his schedule?
  3. Ulbrich has mixed in a little more blitzing since the bye week. Against MIN he should break his pattern of having CBs stay on specific sides of the field. Gardner should follow Jefferson around the formation a certain percentage of the game. Also Gardner gave up ONE catch against CHI on Sunday, let's not act like he got burned
  4. I don't expect anything professional from the media, but this needs to stop. Wilson isn't the QB and won't be unless White fails, no need to "club him like a baby seal"
  5. You have to love what he did yesterday but his draft status (5th round), the fact he was cut (DAL) and that he's been a backup all make people skeptical. All of that is fair, he needs to take advantge of this opportunity and be consistent against tougher competition to be taken seriously. Cousins did it in WSH when RG3 was the "chosen one", can White do the same?
  6. KRL

    Max Mitchell

    Will be interesting to see how Douglas/Saleh constructs the OLine going forward. With Vera-Tucker, Herbig and Mitchell all young and cheap. Do they move AVT to LT and keep Tomlinson at LG and look for a young long term replacement for McGovern at C in the draft? That would keep the cap hit on the OLine low for a few years
  7. KRL

    Max Mitchell

    Mitchell jumped back in and didn't miss a beat. Hopefully they can stay healthy and our OLine remains: Brown, Tomlinson, McGovern, Herbig and Mitchell
  8. I'm not going to lie after CHI scored on their first two drives and was up 10-7, I was nervous. Was Trevor Siemian and an inferior/injured team going to derail the Jets playoff hopes? Thankfully the defense stabilized and Mike White ran the offense to perfection as the Jets ran away from CHI 31-10. Let's take a look: Special Teams - Greg Zuerlein was 4/4 on XP and only 1/2 on FGs (missing a 53 yarder). But he made a game changing 57 yarder at the end of the first half to put the team up 17-10. In a rainy downpour I expected a shank but Zuerlein came through. And with the weather getting worse it didn't feel like CHI would be able to score a TD in the second half. - Compared to last week Braden Mann barely saw the field as he only had to punt twice all game (59 yd avg). He wasn't wearing gloves on Zuerlein's first FG attempt and couldn't handle a low FG snap. But he made the "fashion" adjustment and was solid the rest of the game. - Solid punt return game by Braxton Berrios (19 yd avg) as his 22 yarder put the team at midfield. Which ultimatley led to Elijah Moore's TD that put the team up 24-10. Defense - As stated earlier I was nervous as CHI scored on their first two drives. It seemed like the defense was a step slow (too much turkey?) as they tried to decipher what Siemian was doing. But good adjustments and execution allowed them to pitch a shut out over the final 44 minutes of the game. It was nowhere as dominant as last week's effort but even so they gave up only 10 points. - Ahmad Gardner (3 Tkls) and DJ Reed (6 Tkls) had their "worst" game of the year. Usually they've given up nothing and taken the ball away but today they had plays that led to scores. As Gardner was called for a pass interference penalty (his first?) which led to a CHI FG. And Reed gave up a TD as the CHI receiver (Pringle) pulled the pass out of his hands. After those "blips" they recovered and shut down CHI receivers over the last three quarters. - CJ Mosley had the best defensive "stat" day with 10 Tkls, Pass Defensed, QB Hit and an INT. But he was exploited early in the game on a couple of RB crossing routes. - Bryce Huff in his limited reps as a "designated pass rusher" showed up again with a Sack, TFL and a QB Hit. Offense - I'll credit this observation to Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network. He's said in the past "that the Shanahan offense has completions baked into it". And today we saw those completions flow easily as Mike White ran the offense to perfection (Mike LaFleur sure got smart in a week). Granted, CHI was a poorly rated defense but how enjoyable was it to see a "two handed" offense move up and down the field? - Excellent game by the OLine as health finally smiles its face on them with Max Mitchell returning to RT. They kept Mike White clean in the pocket (one sack) and opened up holes in the running game (32 rushes / 158 yards). - And for the first time in quite a while there were multiple skill players that stood out: * Garrett Wilson with 5 catches for 95 yards and 2 TDs. * Elijah Moore finally showed up with 2 catches for 64 yards and a TD. * Tyler Conklin with 3 catches for 50 yards. * With Michael Carter going out with an injury, Zonovan Knight and Ty Johnson shined. Knight had 14 rushes for 69 yards and 3 catches for 34 yards. Very impressed with his combination of speed and power (which we haven't seen yet from James Robinson). While Johnson took advantage of his increased reps as he had 5 rushes for 62 yards and a TD. QB - There's nothing to say except Mike White, Mike White, Mike White. He ran the offense to perfection as he was 22/28 for 315 yards and 3 TDs. He was quick with his decisions, scanned the field for receivers and was willing to hit his "checkdown" when nothing was available. Extremely impressive was the fact that his 22 completions went to 10 receivers never allowing the defense to focus on a specifc player. White also showed two traits I didn't know he had as he played in a rainy downpour. First was his hand size, with a slick ball he was able to grip and spin it with no wobble on his passes. Second is his arm strength, on balls into the middle of the field he was able to get it into tight windows. Particularly impressive was the second TD to Wilson, as White got it through the hands of a LB into Wilson's hands. You couldn't have asked for a better debut, but the challenges will get tougher can he continue to have a high completion % and not turn the ball over. Let's hope so. I'm just now reviewing the tape if I see anything else I'll post it
  9. This!!! We just destroyed Jones on Sunday and people already forgot. MIN defense was trash
  10. Depending on how this season ends up offensively, I could see him being brought in next year in the role Greg Knapp was supposed to have. He was the OC in PHI (when they won the SB) so he has a connection with Douglas. If we don't see improvement on the offensive side of the ball I could see a "gray head" like Reich coming in to be a resource
  11. Give me a break with all of this Jones love, MIN pass defense is AWFUL and he took advantage of it. Harrison Smith & Patrick Peterson looked washed and the other DB's were trash. There were gaping holes in the secondary all night, a decent QB should've had a good night
  12. Let's remember Wilson's prep for the season, about two weeks into camp in the first pre-season game (8/12) he injures his knee. He then loses four weeks (season started 9/11) of camp reps and technique work as he gets operated on and rehabs. Wilson then gets back on the practice field and starts his first game on 10/2, I believe he focused so much on rehabbing and playing that he let his footwork go into the toilet. Even though Saleh said he wants to get him back onto the field before the season ends, I wonder if there's enough practice time to correct his flaws
  13. This, Fields said he had a seperated shoulder with torn ligaments. If Eberflus plays him he should be fired immediately
  14. White has been set up perfectly this week, he needs to take advantage of the following: - Fant, Herbig & Davis returning to practice - A motivated team that wants to show that Wilson was the issue - A bad CHI defense Add in the support of the home crowd and you have a perfect recipe for success. White has a shot to do what Cousins did to Griffin in WSH, take the spot and run with it
  15. He's not owed anything. I believe he'll start this week against CHI but will be on a short leash. We need at minimum a "game manager" to run the offense to give us a shot at the playoffs. If Wilson can't do that he needs to sit
  16. How being 6-4, with a SB caliber defense and a playoff berth within reach is unenjoyable is beyond me
  17. Stop the nonsense, watch the All 22, LaFleur isn't the problem
  18. He knows he has a SB caliber defense and there's no reason to waste a playoff shot for a QB who is wetting the bed
  19. I totally understand his answer after the game and there's no need to give the media any stories. But he owes it to the team/organization to prep White as a replacement because if Wilson starts off cold against CHI the stadium will be in an uproar
  20. I don't think there is anything Wilson can do in the final 7 games that's going to make me confident that he's the answer. Saleh/Douglas need to table that decision until the off-season and focus on winning games. They've created a SB caliber defense that would scare anyone they face in the playoffs. It makes no sense to waste their efforts for the sake of Wilson who has come up small. If Wilson can't at least be a game manager pull him and go to White
  21. People need to stop thinking the OC/QB relationship is like being the game player in Madden. The OC takes into account down/distance, defensive personnel and tendencies. But its up to the player to pull the trigger, the All 22 tape proves LaFleur exploited NE multiple times and broke Mims open for a TD. Wilson was too scared/incompetent to do his job
  22. This!!! The talent & depth of the roster proves Douglas worth. The turnaround of the record, defense, second half adjustments and OLine continuity with TONS of injuries proves the worth of Saleh and the staff. The All 22 tape is showing Wilson missing easy throws, that's on him
  23. Good for him, I wonder if he'll give the NFL another shot. Those stats are impressive and should get someone's attention. Cam Wake was a CFL star before coming back to MIA
  24. The final drive of the BUF game should be fresh in everyone's mind: - Score tied at 17 with 8 minutes left - The Jets are backed up at their own 5 yard line If BUF gets a three and out the Jets probably lose the game. What did they do? Run the ball EIGHT straight times, chew up 6+ minutes of clock and kick the game winning FG. BUF defense is superior to NE, the OLine "snatched their soul" when it counted. No need to change strategy now, ride the OLine and RBs. If NE sells out to stop it that should open up easy "pitch & catch" passing lanes via play action and RPO
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