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  1. Let's look at the ramifications of Wilson's injury on the organization,
    depending on how long he'll be out

    Long Term

    - The evaluation of Wilson will be severely impacted.  There will be no clear
    indication of whether he can be a franchise QB or not

    - Two years of his cheap rookie deal will be gone

    - The way he got injured makes me question his decision making.  In the FIRST
    PRE-SEASON GAME of the year you do not make a "dead leg juke" on a scramble and
    cut back into the field of play.  Particularly with a DLineman behind you and a
    safety in front of you, you slide or go out of bounds.  It was a moronic, idiotic
    and stupid move, if he can't make that simple decision how can he make the tough ones???

    - Finally, two years in with two knee injuries and you have to ask is he injury prone?

    Short Term

    - Flacco will improve our chances of winning.  He won a SB, played well in big
    games and still has a cannon for an arm.  With a vet OLine and weapons at the skill
    positions you know he'll run the offense efficiently.  And with his experience
    he won't be fooled by what a defense throws at him

    - With Flacco not being as nimble in the pocket, LaFleur will probably call less 
    roll outs and mis-directions 

    - If Wilson does come back this year Saleh could have a tough decision.  Does he stay
    with Flacco or automatically go back to Wilson

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  2. Worthless to bring up PFF stats with Brown last year:

    - First of all Wilson missed a ton of games and was replaced by Smith (that will affect sack numbers)

    - Second, did SEA run the same blocking scheme that we do.  How did that affect his sack numbers

  3. TB takes a big hit before they put on pads:


    Ian Rapoport@RapSheet 1h

    #Bucs C Pro Bowl C Ryan Jensen, who was carted off during practice, is feared to have suffered a serious knee injury, per me and

    @MikeGarafolo. Tom Brady’s enforcer is still working through the tests and the hope is to know definitively in the next few days.

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  4. Passive aggressive much???  Obviously ARZ didn't want to give Murray this type of
    contract.  So they "air his dirty laundry" in public with the study clause and
    also give themselves a way out of the deal.  So now when he struggles the fans/media
    will jump on the "he's not studying enough" narrative.  As thin skinned as Murray is
    this season could be a disaster if he doesn't elevate his game to the value of the

  5. I expect at minimum wildcard contention in December.  Everything revolves
    around Wilson making good decisions because he has no excuses:

    - Potential Top 10 OLine 
    - At least three deep at every skill position
    - An OC who showed creativity as his experience increased

    And on defense the DLine has multiple pass rushers and the secondary has
    potential shutdown playmakers.  Fans need to stop "punting" years away
    and finally have expectations to win

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  6. The biggest things from that breakdown is the dumbness of JAX playing
    Walker at LB and Stingley not being healthy after sitting out all year.
    Walker was a DE in college who had minimal production, scouts were projecting
    him in the pros based on his traits/athletic ability.  Now you force
    him to change positions???  HOU wanted a CB and chose Stingley who hasn't 
    excelled in 2 years and who didn't play last year.  Makes sense

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  7. My prediction is before the end of September Hill will have one of the
    following "blow ups" with Tua:

    - He'll say something in the media
    - He'll have a verbal altercation on the sideline
    - He'll throw his helmet
    - Or after running a deep route he'll throw up his hands in disgust

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  8. What Hill said illustrates how little anyone should put into June OTA reports.  Because

    the only thing Tua has over Mahomes is a longer last name,  that's it.  There's NOTHING

    Tua can do on a football field better than Mahomes, Hill should be ashamed of himself

    for even uttering those words

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  9. 2 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    Cleveland really came off looking scummy here. Clearly it's all about winning for them at any and all costs. Optics be damned. Isn't Watson only making like $1 million dollars in year 1 because they are planning for a possible year long suspension and they were basically trying to out maneuver the NFL?

    If the NFL had any guts they would split any suspension Watson gets over two years to spank both the player and team.

    So if they're thinking about a full season suspension they should do 8 games in 2022 and 9 games in 2023

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