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  1. With the #1 offense getting more reps I'll be interested in seeing if Gailey rolls out some of his "big slot" formations. Which if executed properly can give us a mismatch in the following: - Decker/Marshall will have a huge size advantage over the typical nickel CB in the passing game - Decker/Marshall will have a huge size advantage over the nickel CB if we decide to run the ball - If the defense tries to take away the size advantage by going with a LB/S then Decker/Marshall can outrun them
  2. Results will dictate how the Bowles era is viewed. But it's refreshing to see how he's handled and squashed the "incidents" that have come up. Especially with how the NY media loves to hang onto and repeat the story. He answers it once and not again, forcing the media to move on
  3. He supposedly got pulled over on January 10 with pot in his car. Why does it take seven months to announce the suspension???
  4. Will this have any effect on the team??? Because I'm not sure he even makes the final roster
  5. No for some reason he copied it from Gary Myers trash this morning
  6. Does this clueless drone know that practice is CLOSED??? Of course not, what a fool!!!
  7. The article that started this thread falls under the category of: "OMG, my editor wants me to "parachute in" and write a Jet article!!! I know nothing about the team so I'll dig up the tired "circus" narrative and get this off my desk quick"
  8. Because the staff may not have liked what he was doing in practice and wanted to light a fire under his butt. Why is that such a foreign concept?
  9. About Smith's recovery: David J. Chao, MD ‏@ProFootballDoc · 8 hours ago Do not anticipate problems with cadence, snap count or changing plays at line of scrimmage for GENO SMITH @nyjets by week 1 He seems to think he'll be available much sooner than anticipated. To me what would be interesting to see are the interactions between Smith and the rest of the locker room when he shows up in the next couple of days. How do you get back the respect of the veterans after you acted like an ass?
  10. - #1 OLine was good - Ivory's chemistry with the OLine was good - Cumberland still knows how to kill a drive - Fitzpatrick was good with the few reps he had - Petty is in "QB school" and shouldn't see the field this year. I liked that the staff knows this and didn't put him into "harms way" by calling a ton of pass plays - Defensive tackling was awful
  11. - The #1 OLine was good - Ivory's chemistry with the OLine was good - Cumberland still knows how to kill a drive - Tackling on defense was awful
  12. I said this from my first camp report, Petty is in "QB school" and he has no business seeing the field this year. What I did like was the coaching staff knows this and refused to put him into "harms way" by calling a ton of pass plays. Petty's best friend this year will be our QB coach (Patullo) and the film room
  13. More details: http://nypost.com/2015/08/13/geno-smith-said-to-need-wake-up-call-after-instigating-jaw-punch/
  14. Now that the nonsense of "PunchGate" is dying down I'll be looking at the following tonight: - Even though there's no game planning I want to see efficient performances from the #1 offense & defense in their reps - Even though there's 90 players on the roster I want to see a "clean" game operation. Few or no penalties, clean substitutions - How is the development of Bryce Petty going? He'll play the majority of the game can he show what he's learning in a live environment? (footwork, going through progressions, throwing into NFL windows) - Which RB is pushing to make the roster Daryl Richardson or Zac Stacy? - How is Wes Saxton (TE) developing, can he make the 53 man roster? - Which of the WR's can take their camp performances into a game TJ Graham, Walter Powell, Shaq Evans, Quincy Enunwa - Who of the backup OLinemen show up in their reps? (Brent Qvale, Oday Aboushi, Dakota Dozier, Brian Winters, Jarvis Harrison) - Leonard Williams as he preps to replace Sheldon Richardson during his suspension - Which of the young NT's show potential to be a backup to Snacks? (TJ Barnes, Deon Simon) - Can Lorenzo Mauldin bring the pressure he was flashing in camp? - Taiwan Jones (ILB) and whether he can secure a backup spot behind David Harris? - Can Trevor Reilly take advantage of Enemkpali getting cut and make a push for an OLB spot? - Can Marcus Williams and Dexter McDougle take advantage of Milliner being out and move up the depth chart? - Can Rontez Miles and Durrell Eskridge take advantage of Allen being out and make the roster?
  15. Look at Thigpen's numbers when Gailey was his OC in 2008: http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/10660/tyler-thigpen That's why he's being brought in
  16. I've been accused of being a "Geno lover" but there's no excuse for his behavior. By being the #1 QB you automatically inherit a leadership role and you have to act like one
  17. As the details come out there's no excuse for what Enemkpali did and he got what he deserved. But in reality this situation is all Smith's fault and it really makes me question if he can win back the job and the locker room: - As the starting QB you're supposed to be a leader. Therefore own up to your debt and pay it, don't let it fester where it develops into what happened - It seems the rest of the team knew about this, how can you look the rest of them in the eye and say follow me??? If you can't be faithful in a small thing ($600) how can you be faithful in a large thing (leading a franchise) I do love the way Bowles expressed his anger with Smith and wouldn't promise that he would get his job back
  18. This is so not true. As Mike Mayock says "he has hands like feet"
  19. Interesting that Bowles took the pads off and went to shells today
  20. Booing at a practice is MORONIC!!! Anyone trying to excuse that behavior by saying it helps emulate the season is clueless. Practice is just that, practicing to see what plays/formations work and don't work. If they can't do it in a practice without getting booed, when can they??? Grow up, in addition it allows the media to paint the fan base as idiotic
  21. For those who have heard just one Bowles press conference you know he's very matter of fact in his comments. He's businesslike and if he gives a compliment he follows it up with what the player needs to work on. This is what he said today: Kimberley A. Martin ‏@KMart_LI 28 minutes ago Bowles: Geno Smith looks "night and day from the spring."
  22. Don't be shocked, anything having to do with Idzik (The One Who Won't Be Named) will get you flack. But your points are valid, people are always too fast to rush to judgment on drafts. It's good to see our young players "flashing" early on, it couldn't be the coaching could it???
  23. Don't put too much stock in "strings" they've been doing a lot of mixing & matching
  24. I would think Dozier would fit there but for now he's still playing center
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