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  1. Everyone has the right to be skeptical of Smith until he starts to show consistency in the regular season. But one thing to keep in mind about his camp performances, last year he was throwing against: Dee Milliner Dimitri Patterson Kyle Wilson Dexter McDougle Darrin Walls This year he's throwing against: Revis Cro Skrine Milliner McDougle
  2. The RG position is totally up for grabs between Colon, Winters & Qvale. Based on the body structures of those three it would seem the staff wants a physical mauler and not someone like Aboushi. I would say I've been pleasantly surprised by James Carpenter. Very mobile and a nice ability to pull, it also seemed like he and Brick had good chemistry
  3. At this point he is calling the defensive plays. He's mild mannered but if a mistake is made he becomes a "yeller"
  4. General Notes - Players in full pads - Practice runs 2 hours and 20 minutes - It was Alumni Day so there were a ton of former Jets around signing autographs. Westhoff was there also doing work for SNY - Kevin Vickerson, Stevan Ridley, Charles Brown and Devier Posey were out. Posey has not been noticeable, with Chris Owusu stepping up he needs to get back on the field - A new WR was signed he was wearing #1. Come to find out his name was Jarrod West. From his first practice he won't be around long, too many drops - Bobby April (ST coach) went over blocking kicks in the special teams period. Using an elaborate set of cones he had them simulating blocks from different angles. April had them running 4 at a time to increase reps - No pushups today so I guess there was no winner in the competition period - With a day off tomorrow Bowles increased the reps of the younger players - This isn't "sexy" but I've noticed that the communication of calls amoung the defense is very clean. When the offense changes a look everyone on defense is being vocal making sure everyone knows the new call - Defense really clamped down on the passing game particularly in the red zone drills Player Notes - 1 on 1 drills today (WR vs. CB) and (TE & RB vs. LB & S) the higlights were: * Brandon Marshall against Darrelle Revis was a regular season battle. Very physical, Revis got the better of the reps but Marshall was able to get a TD and draw a flag * Marcus Williams with a nice INT * Shaq Evans continues to be solid with a TD * Good coverage from Buster Skrine * Chris Owusu continues his solid play * Bad drops by Jeff Cumberland and Wes Saxton * Marshall schooled Dexter McDougle by abusing him when he tried to press and getting an easy TD - Leonard Williams had his best day today with 2 "sacks" and a tackle for loss during 11 on 11 drills - Not a good day for the TE's trying to fill out the roster. Cumberland and Saxton had bad drops and Kellen Davis continues to show why he never got balls thrown to him. Very shaky hands - IK Enemkpali continues to impress in his reps. He had a "sack" of Ryan Fitzpatrick and a tackle for loss of Daryl Richardson. Bowles/Rodgers has him flipping between DE & OLB - Calvin Pryor finally appeared today as the defense brought pressure from the secondary. He had one "sack" and flushed Fitzpatrick out of the pocket for an incompletion - Taiwan Jones continued to show good instincts in the run game by creating two tackles for loss - Marcus Williams in addition to his INT in 1 on 1 drills had excellent coverage on Jeremy Kerley during 11 on 11 QB Notes - Geno Smith had another solid day. Continuing to make good decisions on when to throw and when NOT to throw it. His best plays where a 15 yard out to Marshall through tight Revis coverage. And a 30+ yard seam pass to Eric Decker over tight Marcus Gilchrist coverage - Fitzpatrick was better than yesterday (that's not saying much) as he cleaned up his multiple ball handling mistakes. His arm strength outside the numbers is shaky - Good development day for Bryce Petty. He got extended reps at the end of practice and had nice passes to Quincy Enunwa (25+ yards) and Walter Powell (35+ yard TD) Standouts - Leonard Williams - IK Enemkpali - Taiwan Jones - Marcus Williams
  5. Concerning the OLine play take a listen at 30 seconds in and 6 minutes in from Bowles: http://www.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Press-Conference-Coach-Bowles/83b36068-95e8-4b0b-9143-8308f07db2f0
  6. The biggest offensive change I've seen so far is how Gailey deploys our "big WR's" (Decker and Marshall) into slot WR positions. Usually you expect to see small shifty players inside (Welker, Edelman) but Gailey likes to "flip the script"
  7. At this point it's a three way battle at RG between Qvale, Winters & Colon. I haven't seen any protection breakdowns up the middle yet
  8. I write what I see. If a player does well in camp/pre-season (like Smith did last year) and then stinks in the regular season, I don't control that
  9. General Notes - First day in full pads - Practice ran for 2.5 hours - Willie Colon was full go and took reps with the #1 OLine at RG. Kevin Vickerson and Stevan Ridley are still out - Jace Amaro "tweaked" his knee in drills against "air". It looked serious because he spiked the ball in anger but he shook it off and participated in the rest of practice - Maccagnan made an appearance with his ever present Starbucks cup - Bowles concentrated on the offense particularly when Gailey was going over blitz pickup - Offensive emphasis was on the running game today - Offense won the competition period today because the defense did pushups at the end of practice Player Notes - With the pads on 1 on 1 blocking drills made an appearance. Standouts were: * Demario Davis, blowing up anyone during his reps * Quincy Enunwa * Jace Amaro, improved blocker who controls the defender well once he gets his hands on them * Jeff Cumberland, not as hideous as years past * IK Enemkpali, violent bull rusher * Darrelle Revis, delivered blows so hard you thought a LB delivered them * Wes Saxton, much better than his scouting report, functional * Taiwan Jones, delivered blows like an ILB should - Good jobs by a couple of UDFA's today Wes Saxton, Taiwan Jones and Julian Howsare. Saxton's blocking was good and he's caught everything. Jones was excellent in run defense today. And Howsare got a "sack" of Ryan Fitzpatrick during 11 on 11's - This isn't sexy but there should be a legitimate battle at punter. Jacob Schum showed good leg strength and if he can be more consistent than Ryan (Sir-Shanksalot) Quigley I would keep him - Dee Milliner was full go today and looked good during his reps. His best play was a breakup of a 30+ yard pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Walter Powell - We started to see the Bowles multiple safety looks from ARZ today. On some dime looks we had 3 CB's and 3 S's (Marcus Gilchrist, Calvin Pryor & Antonio Allen) - Solid day for Gilchrist supported the run well and decent in coverage - Rontez Miles had a couple of big hits during 9 on 7 running drills - More interesting formations from Gailey, today he deployed Eric Decker & Brandon Marshall in double slots in a 4 WR set - With Devin Smith out Chris Owusu & TJ Graham are getting more reps. Owusu had a nice 35+ yard catch from Geno Smith over Cro. And Graham had a tough juggling catch over Revis during red zone drills - During 11 on 11 drills Bryce Petty hooked up with Quincy Enunwa on a 40+ yard TD over Dexter McDougle - Leonard Williams showed his ability to anchor against the run today. Was able to hold his ground even when double teamed QB Notes - Geno Smith continued his good play. He had multiple TD's during 7 on 7 and red zone drills. His best play was getting the defense to show their blitz, checking out of the play and hitting Owusu for a 35+ yard catch over Cro that I mentioned before. His chemistry/communication with Marshall is excellent. In one instance when the defense took away an inside route Smith threw a back shoulder throw and Marshall seemed to "expect it" - Fitzpatrick had his solid moments but for a vet whose been in this offense he was too sloppy. Twice he fumble snaps from center and once he turned the wrong way on a handoff and the RB wasn't there Standouts - Geno Smith - Chris Owusu - Brandon Marshall - Marcus Gilchrist - Taiwan Jones - Leonard Williams
  10. Last year Smith was throwing against Dimtri Patterson, Milliner & McDougle in practice. This year he's throwing against Revis, Cro & Skrine. Obviously the coverage and windows are tighter this year, if he continues to look sharp there's reason to be encouraged
  11. Unfortunate but he can continue to get mental reps and keep his legs in shape. It also allows someone else to step up
  12. Came down hard after making circus catch
  13. It was crowded today so I would get there early
  14. The "mirror" passing drills are different other than that it was similar to other practices. But it was only my first day
  15. It was a great play by Devin Smith, he went over Marcus Williams to pull in the ball. The media likes to spin things based on their "agenda"
  16. Facility Notes - FANTASTIC job by the organization in reshaping the facility for fan viewing!!! They learned from their time at Hofstra & Cortland and really applied it. The bleachers are top notch with individual seats that have backs - "Jets Fest" has games and activities for kids and of course the souvenir tent is there. They also have free water areas and cooling stations if you get too hot General Notes - Players in shells & shorts - Practice ran for 2 hours and 35 minutes - Willie Colon, Kevin Vickerson & Stevan Ridley are still out - It's noticeable that Sheldon Richardson has been demoted and is seeing fewer reps - Massive tryout for our punt returner. Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, Walter Powell, Chris Owusu & Devier Posey all took reps - No 1 on 1 drills today, where you can really see players strengths and weaknesses. But Bowles/Gailey do run "mirror" passing drills with 2 QB's throwing the same patterns in tandem. Allows more reps for more players in less time - There's a ton of mixing and matching going on so don't get caught up with who is #1, #2 or #3 right now. The only unit staying together is the OLine (Brick, Carpenter, Mangold, Breno) with Brian Winters & Brent Qvale splitting time at RG - During team drills Gailey showed the tendency to speed up the offensive tempo if the defense is slow to react. Also based on the way they interact Kevin Patullo (QB coach) is the OC in training. Patullo does a ton of the detail work while Gailey oversees the operation. Sometimes Gailey would totally focus on the routes the WR's were running and ignore everything else. Gailey did take a spill when the defense blitzed and he got knocked to the ground - Very even practice, no one ran or did pushups so I'm assuming no one won the competition period. The defense was excellent in stopping the run while the offense was effective throwing the ball Player Notes - Leonard Williams flashed showing good penetration while splitting time at DE, NT and DT - IK Enemkpali had a "sack" of Ryan Fitzpatrick during 11 on 11 - Quinton Coples had a couple of "tackles for loss" on running plays - Dexter McDougle had a nice day. He should've had a pick of Fitzpatrick but he dropped it and he had a "sack" - Jace Amaro had a nice day stretching the middle of the field and not dropping anything - There was a Shaq Evans sighting he had a solid day - Watching Brandon Marshall is a pleasure. He had one of the highlights of the day making a one handed catch in the corner of the end zone but the ref said he stepped out. Everything comes so easy to him, easily the best WR we've had since Keyshawn Johnson - Gailey was putting Marshall and Eric Decker into some very interesting "stacked slot" formations. Which made it very hard for CB's to cover them as they ran rub routes QB Notes - Bryce Petty is a PROJECT don't call for him to play this year. He needs a ton of work, his arm is strong but erratic. I think the reason why is because at Baylor WR's were running free but in the pros windows are tight. So sometimes he'll sail a pass or come up short - Fitzpatrick had a solid day with a couple of TD's to Eric Decker and Saalim Hakim during red zone drills. And a nice 30+ yard pass to TJ Graham, but his arm strength outside the numbers is shaky. Combine that with a gunslinger mentality and I can see why he can turn the ball over - Geno Smith was sharp today not because of how many passes he completed but where he went with the ball. I made it a point to watch the defensive backfield and the coverage when he threw the ball. And he was spot on, throwing into tight windows and anticipating when a WR was coming open. He did have one bad throw (almost INT?) when the defense threw a blitz at him during red zone drills. His throw to Devin Smith was a highlight of the day, 30+ yards down the sideline over Marcus Williams Standouts - Geno Smith - Brandon Marshall - Jace Amaro - Dexter McDougle - Quinton Coples
  17. The question that comes to mind is, did Richardson not tell his agent/lawyer about the incident and thought he could keep it quiet??? What other reason could there be for his representatives not to tell the team? Of course this helps Wilkerson with his contract but I bet it helps Harrison also. Give me the two guys who are reliable over the "problem"
  18. Talent without character is worthless. Bad character will destroy whatever your talent builds. And Richardson is on that path unless he wakes up. The reason Watt gets a $100 million contract is he's a beast on the field and silent off it (other than commercials)
  19. I'll be there the next three days. Unfortunate on how things went today
  20. I'll let Maxman (Phil) make any formal announcement. But I'm looking forward to it!!!
  21. It gives off the wrong impression. Because Mariota is "supposedly" your franchise QB, if that's the case rubber stamp his contract and move on. This dispute leads me to believe not everyone in their organization is sold on him. This sure didn't happen when IND selected Luck
  22. Dude are you serious??? We told you your organization was being stupid offering him that type of contract. But you swore up and down he was the "bestest OT in the game", enjoy!!!
  23. It seems Jason Pierre-Paul had a serious accident with fireworks yesterday. Based on the story he may have missing flesh/fingers: http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2015/07/giants_jason_pierre-paul_injures_hand_in_fireworks.html Unbelievable!!!
  24. Really!!! This is what you bring to the table??? Grow up
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