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  1. This is going to be an expensive lesson for Richardson. Why? Because when he comes looking for his next contract Maccagnan will have every right to throw this event in his face and ask if Richardson is going to be around for 16 games?
  2. Grow up Richardson!!! You screwed yourself more than the team. Because by having this on your record and losing 4 games of production the team isn't going to rush into a new contract on your behalf. Good for Williams he'll get the opportunity to get more reps
  3. Excellent article on The Jets Blog about current offensive trends in football and how Gailey might incorporate them into our offense. Check it out (too long to post): http://thejetsblog.com/nyjets/guessing-gaileys-offense-from-the-ducks-to-the-bucks-to/#more-96773
  4. This sounds like a good plan. They're still close to their facilities at Florham Park but I'm sure FDU is set up to accommodate a couple of thousand people to watch practice
  5. I fully understand Bowles and Maccagnan wanting to run camp at home (access to all facilities, easier to bring in tryout players if necessary). But it's up to Woody and the operations people to revamp Florham Park to the standards of Cortland or at worst Hofstra. That means high school bleachers for the thousands of fans that may show up for a given practice. Hopefully they've used their time up in Cortland wisely and will implement a similar setup down here
  6. Hope they throw the book at that jackass!!! It's football EVERYONE gets "screamed on", you man up take it and move on. Combs doesn't know it but he probably destroyed any chance his son gets respect from anyone in that program. Is he so coddled/soft that the coaching staff can't get on him and his daddy has to run to his rescue???
  7. Any speed issues at the LB position will be addressed by replacing them with safeties. That's what Bowles did at ARZ and what he'll do here. So players like Pryor, Allen, Miles and Jarrett will be on the field if the offense wants to spread us out
  8. Granted we didn't have top level secondary talent last year, but with the "exposure" of Wilson and the below comment it makes you wonder: http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/51985/calvin-pace-with-revamped-secondary-no-excuses-for-jets-defense By the end of the season, he was starting Darrin Walls and Marcus Williams at cornerback -- a career backup and an undrafted rookie, respectively. (As an aside, it's worth noting that coach Todd Bowles singled out Walls and Williams last week as spring standouts. He praised their "very consistent" approach and "very good" instincts. It's interesting that he lauded two players deemed spare parts by Ryan & Co.).
  9. Ryan had Wilson for FIVE years and NEVER demoted him from being the nickel CB. It took his brother all of three months
  10. So true. Hopefully the team will put Sudfeld on IR once he passes through waivers. But let's be real he was going to be in a fight just to make the team. With Amaro, Davis, Cumberland and Saxton he wasn't assured of anything
  11. Agreed, it stinks for Sudfeld and Pryor was dumb for getting too physical in practice. BUT Pryor is WAY more important to this team than Sudfeld was. It's foolish to bash him, we need him to grow up and show his talents in real games
  12. So true!!! This is also why I don't want the team to rush out and get Mathis just because he's a "name". It's better to develop your "assets" while they're on their rookie deals. That way you can keep your cap clean and re-sign your established stars (Wilkerson)
  13. Is Mathis good anymore??? I don't want to sign a 33/34 year old guard just because PFF rates him highly
  14. 2014 was a total throwaway year for Allen due to Ryan jerking him around between CB and S. With the amount of secondary players Bowles uses to cover spread formations, Allen can write his own ticket if he absorbs the playbook
  15. We have a winner!!! This sums up the mentality of too many Jet fans
  16. Dumbness is flowing through this thread!!! Let me contribute: "We should cut all these talented DLinemen, we can't pay them all. We need to bring back Gholston so we can keep our cap clean" Some of you should have your "football card" revoked
  17. Because based on "stats" Wilkerson's deal should be a little more: http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/13989/corey-liuget http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/13985/muhammad-Wilkerson http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000495013/article/bolts-corey-liuget-working-on-5year-50m-extension While franchise quarterback Philip Rivers and Pro Bowl safety Eric Weddle have dominated offseason headlines in San Diego, it's defensive end Corey Liuget who might be the first of the trio to land a new contract with the Chargers. The Bolts are working on a five-year extension for Liuget worth more than $50 million with $30 million guaranteed, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday, per a source involved in the situation. The organization views the 2011 first-round draft pick as a key piece of their future, Rapoport noted last week. Liuget, 25, has started 61 of a possible 64 games over the past four years, leading the defensive line in snaps. Although he struggles at times against the run, he's the rare Chargers defensive star capable of pushing the pocket to harass opposing quarterbacks. It would be understandable if the Chargers were gun-shy about committing to a young nucleus player on defense after inside linebacker Donald Butler's disappointing first season under a new seven-year, $51.8 million deal. Fortunately for Liuget, that's obviously not the case.
  18. The Jets Blog site had Gailey's former QB coach from BUF (Cortes) on and broke down his offense and his tendencies: http://thejetsblog.com/ Very informative
  19. My only "complaint" would be the 15 million guaranteed we gave to Harris. I wanted to keep that number in the 10-12 million range. Very minor beef
  20. I know the rankings are worthless, but in what world would Whaley (BUF) be rated #2??? If Marrone stayed in BUF he was going to be fired, what has he done that's so incredible???
  21. Gives a scout / OC breakdown on Geno Smith and how Gailey will go about crafting an offense to maximize his abilities. Go to the link, it has "All 22" diagrams to show what he's talking about: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000495103/article/can-geno-smith-quarterback-new-york-jets-into-2015-playoffs
  22. What a horrible off-season for SF. They've lost a ton of excellent players to retirement and Tomsula seems to be a horrible choice for HC. He could barely put two sentences together they are going to regret not keep Harbaugh
  23. The grade on that draft right now is incomplete. What Bowles and his staff do with the remaining eight players this year will give us a better indication. Because there are seven players that could make a significant impact this year: Pryor Amaro McDougle Evans Dozier Enemkpali Enunwa
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