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  1. All true points, in addition Smith is a better physical talent than Fitzpatrick ever was. The difference in this situation is if Smith "wets the bed" Bowles will not hesitate to move on to Fitzpatrick as QB. He will not waste the kind of defense we will have this year
  2. Chris Lopresti @CLoprestiWFAN · 18 minutes ago Well this is new. I guess defense was determined winner of practice or 2-minute drill so offense is running wind sprints. #NYJ
  3. Kraft knows his organization is guilty (AGAIN!!!) and he tried to save face. Nothing changes the fact that they ALWAYS cheat and they got spanked. Losing a #1 and a #4 is HUGE
  4. People "penciling" Colon into a guard spot are being very lazy in their reporting. He was on the street as a free agent and we re-signed him for depth purposes. Carpenter was brought in to start at one spot and Aboushi was significantly better than Colon or Winters last year. I wouldn't be shocked if Colon ends up being cut towards the end of camp
  5. Time will tell but everything I've seen and heard about Bowles is exactly what this team needed: - Quiet - More concerned about work than generating quotes - Detail oriented - Vision for the entire team - Accountability
  6. He's already shown his "Parcellian" influence can't wait to see more: http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2015/05/kacy_rodgers_jets_defensive_coordinator_todd_bowle.html NORTH CALDWELL — Kacy Rodgers met Todd Bowles in Dallas, when both men worked as assistant coaches from 2005-06 under Bill Parcells, the legendary former Jets and Giants coach. In those days, Rodgers was the Cowboys' defensive line coach, while Bowles worked with the secondary. All told, they worked together from 2005-07 in Dallas, and then 2008-11 in Miami. Those seven seasons formed the basis of a relationship that now continues with Rodgers as the Jets' defensive coordinator and Bowles as their head coach. Both men are rookies in their jobs, so they aren't heaping any undue public expectations on themselves just yet. But Rodgers made a flattering comparison Thursday, when he said he sees "a lot of" Parcells' influence in Bowles' coaching personality. "Bill was very detailed oriented, knows what he wants, knows how to evaluate, really knew what he wanted in a player, knew how he wanted the players coached," Rodgers said in an interview with NJ Advance Media. "Todd is very similar in a lot of ways. Bill was definitely on point. Todd is on point. They both know what they're looking for, both know what a player should look like, both know how they want the program run. I see a lot of similarities." Rodgers and Bowles, who both participated in Jets middle linebacker David Harris' charity golf event Thursday, clearly revere Parcells, and appreciate everything he taught them. "He was the greatest," Rodgers said. "Looking back at people that affect your coaching career, no question, I wouldn't be sitting here today, really, if it wasn't for him." Shortly after the Jets hired Bowles, Parcells said he has "a high regard" for him. Bowles came to the Jets after excelling as the Cardinals' defensive coordinator, while Rodgers was most recently Miami's defensive line coach. Bowles has said he isn't sure how he'll operate game-day play-calling, though he thinks there's a chance it could be a "collaborative" effort between himself and Rodgers. That's fine with Rodgers. "One, with us, there are really no egos," Rodgers said. "At the end of the day, we're just trying to win games. From my standpoint, from his standpoint, we're going through the spring, [organized team activities], and however we decide what's best for the program, we'll go with it. So it's not a problem with us. Not at all. One thing we learned from Parcells — check your ego at the door. That's not a problem with us. No way. We just want to win." Rodgers said he has long seen head coaching potential in Bowles, for several reasons. "One, his relationship with the players," Rodgers said. "Two, his approach to the game. He's extremely knowledgeable and communicates very well. It's crystal clear. There's not a whole lot of gray. He knows what he wants, and he knows how he wants to do it. That eliminates a lot of gray." Even after they went their separate ways in coaching after the 2011 season with the Dolphins, Bowles and Rodgers kept in touch. Now, the old friends are together again, trying to replicate the success their mentor, Parcells, enjoyed with the Jets and Giants. "We had just always talked over the years," Rodgers said of himself and Bowles. "We've always been close. We've always talked and we've shared very, very similar approaches to the game. It really kind of floored me when he called me [to be the Jets' defensive coordinator] when things started heating up. It was just truly an honor."
  7. Good to see the "decision makers" that ran our organization into the ground in 2012 are contaminating BUF & MIA. It's just a matter of time before they are in a bidding war to get Tebow on their teams
  8. Wouldn't be shocked at any of the following: - Putting a mechanical system in the goalposts which enables them to narrow the uprights when the opposition kicks towards them. And widens the uprights when Gostkowski kicks towards them - Having different sets of first down sticks. One slightly shorter than 10 yards when they have the ball on offense. And one slightly longer than 10 yards when the opponent has the ball
  9. I respect that team and fan base but they need to stop!!! They should make sure Caroll & Bevell stop drinking "stupid juice" before they call the deciding play in a SB. NE was beaten and they said "Nah, we already won last year here you take it"
  10. Add in the fact that NE has been guilty of multiple cheating infractions and they STILL don't stop. The more crimes you commit the harsher each subsequent punishment is
  11. Boom goes the dynamite!!! Brady has acted like an arrogant, entitled jerk basically laughing the whole thing off and daring the NFL to do something to him. Well if this is true he gets what he deserves
  12. Listening to Maccagnan is like being in your favorite teacher's class back in school
  13. Seems like it's DAL: JennaLaineBucs @JennaLaineBucs · 3 minutes ago Per @NFLCharean, the Cowboys have signed La'el Collins.
  14. Seems like it's DAL: JennaLaineBucs @JennaLaineBucs · 3 minutes ago Per @NFLCharean, the Cowboys have signed La'el Collins.
  15. Ours starts tomorrow (Friday). From the website it seems like Bowles will be giving a press conference at 3 pm
  16. This was the game that really raised Petty's stock in my eyes. Mich St. has a reputation as an excellent defensive team and they had quite a few pro prospects playing for them: Waynes Jones Calhoun Petty "destroyed" them particularly Waynes. He's definitely worth investing a year of coaching into and seeing if he can become an NFL QB
  17. Continuous history of getting caught cheating should be factored into NE penalty. Brady should get suspended for a couple of games in addition to a huge fine and losing their 2016 #1 pick
  18. So after racking up millions of dollars of lawyer fees we find out NE cheated??? Who didn't know that, it joins these other facts: - Water is wet - Snow is white - Grass is green - Sky is blue Hopefully they fine them a million $$$ and take their #1 pick in 2016
  19. Let's be real here Collins signing with a team is going to come down to opportunity and most importantly $$$. He lost out on at least 8-10 million guaranteed by not being picked in the top 15 of the first round. So MIA sending LSU alumni to recruit him means nothing. It will be interesting to see if Maccagnan is "laying in the weeds" and being quiet like he was during free agency before he strikes
  20. Let's get this thread back on track with some real Collins news. Seems like Ryan could've over stepped his bounds: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/05/05/teams-cant-meet-with-lael-collins-yet/ As the pursuit of LSU tackle La’El Collins commences, there’s a problem. The pursuit of him can’t commence yet, and least not in certain ways. “Clubs are prohibited from visiting a player who was eligible for the 2015 Draft at his campus or residence if the player has withdrawn from school and final exams have yet to conclude at the school,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “This includes drafted players, any undrafted players that have signed as free agents, and any undrafted players that have yet to sign.” Collins has withdrawn from LSU, and final exams have not concluded there yet. (Finals are happening this week.) So teams can’t visit a player at his campus or residence. There’s possibly a loophole in the rule, if for example Bills coach Rex Ryan met with Collins not on campus or at his residence but at a local Applebee’s. But that seems to be too easy of a fix to be permitted. Regardless, LSU finals are scheduled to last until May 9. Until then, restrictions apply to the direct efforts to recruit Collins. Which would explain his agent’s recent statement that Collins won’t be meeting with any teams at this time.
  21. On a pure talent basis I want the Jets to sign Collins. But I'm keeping the possibility open that Maccagnan may have removed him from consideration because of character concerns
  22. Our two biggest strengths on defense are at DLine and the secondary. In one of my "schemes" I'll have a five man line of Wilkerson, Richardson, Harrison, Coples and Williams isolated on the opponents OLine in 1 on 1 matchups. I'll then flood the rest of the defense with DB's where safeties replace the LB's. All slow LB's are removed from the field
  23. That's the plan. With camp being local this year I should be out there much more than when it was in Cortland
  24. This will be fascinating to watch IF he's cleared of any involvement in this murder. He was a legitimate top 15 pick, what a coup if we could get him
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