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  1. What's really pathetic in this thread are the NE trolls and the self-hating Jet fans who don't understand the principle going on here: NE filing charges against another team is equivalent to Jack the Ripper going to the police to file assault charges against someone
  2. IN WHAT WORLD do we live where an organization can film other team's practices (even before a SB) and the evidence never comes out??? IN WHAT WORLD do we live where an organization can infringe on the integrity of the game by changing the specs of equipment??? IN WHAT WORLD do we live where an organization puts millions of dollars into a serial killer's hand and bodies drop all over Mass??? Stop all the drama NANCY you and your "sterling" organization aren't getting ANYTHING
  3. Moron, you are so far up Kraft's backside you don't even see it's the same exact thing. You'll get NOTHING and like it
  4. There's nothing like "Parcellian sarcasm". Very few coaches have been able to duplicate that since he retired
  5. It also seems like Bowles likes DLinemen that are "long & large" (6-3+ and 300+). Even the players that didn't sign with us were big (Canty, Langford, Guy)
  6. It's amazing to realize that if Marrone didn't bail out of BUF Whaley was going to be fired and the Polians (Bill and son) were going to take over. Now he's spending $$$ like a drunken sailor under Ryan's direction
  7. Well that's what happens when you pay Clay like he's Antonio Gates / Tony Gonzalez in their primes. What a dumb contract
  8. It seems like we'll be signing Stephen Bowen for more DLine depth: Xceleration Sports @XcelerationST · 32 minutes ago Congrats to our client @stevebo72 signing with the NY Jets today! It seems Bowles and Rodgers have experience with him back in DAL: http://www.nfl.com/player/stephenbowen/2506738/profile
  9. If you're willing to deal with a Stephen Hill type height / weight / speed prospect with suspect hands and a limited route tree Coates is your man. There's no in between with him he's either going to develop and be a stud or totally bust
  10. The Midgets defense has been putrid so this doesn't excite me but Bowles & Macc know better than me: http://www.nfl.com/player/spencerpaysinger/2530855/profile Brian Costello @BrianCoz · 54 minutes ago Source confirms ex-Giants LB Spencer Paysinger is scheduled to visit with the Jets tomorrow. #nyj Doesn't look like we want Bellore back at all
  11. With the way Bowles uses 5-8 DB's to counter spread offenses there will be plenty of opportunities for the younger players to get on the field. It will be up to them (Milliner, McDougle, Williams, Allen & Jarrett) to be available and to know their assignments
  12. But, but, but, but, how is this possible??? I was told by cap "experts" on the board how bad a contract Cro got
  13. It seems to me the new staff is moving on from Douzable. It also seems like the new staff likes "big" DLinemen (290+)
  14. Veteran depth DLine signing: http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/8630/kevin-vickerson http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/50070/new-york-jets-bolster-d-line-depth-sign-kevin-vickerson Addressing their lack of depth on the defensive line, the New York Jets agreed to terms Friday with former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Kevin Vickerson. He will sign a one-year contract. Vickerson, 32, was signed by the Chiefs last season after Mike DeVito -- a former Jet -- suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in the opener. He played in 15 games, participating in 162 snaps on defense. He was primarily a first-down and second-down player, playing mostly left end in the Chiefs' 3-4 front. He finished with 12 total tackles and no sacks. Basically, Vickerson (6-foot-5, 328 pounds) will be an older version of Kenrick Ellis, who left as a free agent to sign with the New York Giants. The Jets needed some experienced depth behind Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison. This will be Vickerson's fifth team. He also has played with the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins. His best season was 2012, when he started 14 games for the Broncos and recorded 40 tackles and two sacks.
  15. Stop using "numbers and metrics" for judging football players. You do realize PFF also rated Dawan Landry highly as a safety last year. What does that tell you??? Wilson can't shine Skrine's shoes as a CB
  16. Blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Whatever, he's still a tool. He's probably trying to butter up the new people in the organization so he can get "new sources"
  17. If the media wants to get into this kind of stuff, fine. But I don't want to hear this kind of stuff coming out of the team. I'm beyond tired of hearing these kind of boasts coming out of players mouths and not seeing the production on the field. We need to be about the work not the talk going forward
  18. Because "Trader Mike" didn't structure the contracts properly. He gave out bonuses and spread them out over the length of the contracts. So if he cut Sanchez or Holmes too early a ton of "dead money" would've accelerated onto our cap. That's why we kept those guys on the roster for such a long time
  19. Typical media nonsense. It's not like Rodgers, Luck or Manning were just sitting around in free agency and the Jets passed on them. When you don't have an established QB you do the best you can in improving your whole roster and hope you find one
  20. For those who missed it: http://thejetsblog.com/nyjets/what-we-learned-from-mike-maccagnans-conference-call/
  21. Sounds promising, nice pickup if it happens
  22. He was an LT coming out of Furman so he's used to the position. Plus we have so many interior OLinemen right now: Carpenter Aboushi Winters Colon Brewer Wesley Johnson In addition what the old staff saw in Dozier (he should play guard) doesn't mean the new staff feels the same
  23. Brian Costello @BrianCoz · 11m 11 minutes ago The Jets and former Giants OL James Brewer have agreed to a one-year deal, per source. #nyj With all of the guards we are bringing in I believe we may be converting Dakota Dozier back to LT as the future replacement for Brick
  24. It's amazing how so many "big time football fans" still don't understand that football contracts are 90% fluff. I firmly believe the agents want the total value of the contract publicized so it makes them look good to prospective clients they're trying to recruit. It's all about the guaranteed $$$ nothing else
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