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  1. When MIA cuts loose Wallace they will be looking for a WR in round 1. And with "Trader Mike" down there hopefully he'll offer up his #1, #2 and #5 to move up
  2. On the surface Worilds would be a good fit at OLB. But you have to give credit to PIT for letting players go "who are on the way down". If we do pursue him that thought will be in the back of my mind
  3. I always thought having Mariota around at #6 would be our opportunity to trade down. But now with all of these WR's being released and Cooper possibly being available at #6 we may have another avenue to trade down
  4. Based on the below tweet: Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 14 hours ago Considering how much competition #Redskins had for @Freakyjean99, it bodes well for Suh, Fairley & Pot Roast. Few DTs, so many teams need em And the fact that Damon Harrison is a restricted free agent. I wonder if we put a second round tender on him will another team offer him a deal? If so would you deal "Snacks" for a 2nd rounder and sign Dan Williams who was the NT in ARZ while Bowles was there: http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/13235/dan-williams I think I would make that deal because as much as I love Harrison's story I wonder if he'll ever take that next step and become a Kris Jenkins type of NT
  5. I shouldn't post this because it will cause our OAK troll to chime in but Branch could be someone to look at for S. He's been hurt the past two years but before that he was productive: http://www.nfl.com/player/tyvonbranch/1681/profile http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000474424/article/oakland-raiders-to-release-tyvon-branch The defensive mind of Jack Del Rio doesn't envision Tyvon Branch in Oakland's future. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday evening the Raiders will release the safety, per a source informed of the situation. A fourth-round selection of the Raiders in 2008, Branch struggled with injuries in the last two seasons, appearing in just five games and tallying 27 tackles over that span. Despite playing sparingly, Branch will have a market. The safety recorded at least 74 tackles and one interception in each season from 2010 through 2012. When healthy, the 28-year-old offers a potential that will pique the interest of others.
  6. So sad!!! It's all about press conferences, tattoos, trucks and signing washed up guards with Ryan. It's also amazing that in a month he's become "Mr. Buffalo". Keep it up Rex, concentrate on EVERYTHING but your roster. That's the way to success
  7. This is one player that we could actually use. A veteran blocking TE that Bowles has experience with (MIA): http://www.nfl.com/player/anthonyfasano/2495835/profile http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000474285/article/kansas-city-chiefs-release-te-anthony-fasano The cuts just keep on coming. The Kansas City Chiefs announced that they have release tight end Anthony Fasano on Thursday. Chalk it up as a salary cap move after Fasano was on tap to make $2.8 million next season. He finishes his two-year run in Kansas City with 48 catches for 426 yards and seven touchdowns over 26 appearances. The Chiefs will save $1.96 million with the move, per OverTheCap.com. NFL Media's Jeff Darlington was told that Fasano, 30, hopes to continue his career. He's bound to land elsewhere after logging 109 starts over nine seasons with the Cowboys, Dolphins and Chiefs. Fasano was a reliable option last season, but we never agreed with the veteran logging more snaps (638) than Travis Kelce (634), who emerged as a freaky play-making, pass-catching threat in Andy Reid's offense. The Chiefs will now build their tight end group around Kelce, with Demetrius Harris and Richard Gordon getting looks alongside whatever talent is added through the draft and free agency.
  8. Small school CB that's coming in for a visit: Tony Pauline @TonyPauline New York Jets bringing in sleeper cornerback Travis Lee of Miles College for an official visit. Here's a breakdown on him: http://www.newerascouting.com/2014/12/17/2015-nfl-draft-miles-college-cornerback-travis-lee/ Travis Lee is a 24-year-old small-school cornerback from Miles College in Fairfield Alabama. The fact that he is a small school player shouldn’t be an issue as the NFL is riddled with cornerbacks coming from smaller schools. He is entering the 2015 NFL draft process and is one of the players who fit the current NFL cornerback mold, meaning he has a great blend of size, length and speed for the position. There are always questions for the small-school players to answer and it is best when those answers come on the field through the play of the individual. In Lee’s case, it is fairly easy to see where he stands out and that is through his speed and physicality. His speed gives him the range to cover a lot of area and his physicality allows him to press wide receivers and play one-on-one, and it helps him to step up and support against the run. I interviewed Lee after his senior season at Miles College while he was preparing for all-star games like the Medal of Honor Bowl and the Gridiron Classic. Lee finished the 2014 season with six interceptions, seven pass breakups and 30 total tackles. He is a confident young man with a swagger about him, and he clearly loves the game. I asked him how big he was and he said he was six feet tall and 184 pounds. I wanted to know about his style of play so I asked what he liked to do as a cornerback. “I like to use the bait word. I like to bait the quarterback. I like to play possum with them. I like to make them think that I’m playing a different coverage, to disguise my coverage. They know that I’m more of a physical corner. I’d rather be physical. I’d rather get my hands on a receiver and disrupt his timing with his quarterback. I’ll walk down sometimes in cover three making it seem like I’m in man or I’m up in press and I’ll bail just trying to mess with the quarterback. I like to think of it like Tom and Jerry. You can never catch the mouse, but you always know where the mouse is. I like to use my knowledge to bait the quarterback.” I asked if he liked to play in press coverage and he said that he “loved to play in press coverage.” He also said “I can play off but I prefer to play man off” and he followed that up by saying that he could play in all coverages but his preference was to play in press and “even in cover two I love to make it look like man, I love to press.” When I asked about a defining moment in his career or his favorite moment from college he told me about a game he had to play in which he didn’t expect to play but he needed to because another player got sick, and that pushed him into the lineup. “The North Alabama playoff game last year. That’s when I knew I had it. I went out there without practicing for two weeks and played a full game just on natural ability and what I know about the game. I made some big plays in that game and it started people trying to know who I am. I guess that’d be one of my best games, I just thought that game on the big stage against one of the top division 2 schools was one of my best performances.” He described that this game served as a means to motivate him as he learned there was more to the game and it made him work to be better as a teammate and as an individual. He learned that whatever he did for the team was best for not only the team, but for him as well. We talked about workouts and he said he hoped to run somewhere in the 4.3’s in the 40-yard dash but that he would be okay if he ran a 4.40. I asked him what he hoped to show scouts and teams when he had the opportunity at all-star games or at private workouts, aside from his speed. “I want to show everyone that I’m just a humble kid, a humble guy who stayed focused through the obstacles that I had throughout my college career while earning a degree at the same time, that I took education serious. I want them to know that I made mistakes in college but that doesn’t show what my character is. I’m a hard-working, dedicated young man who is ready to do whatever it takes to pursue my dream in the NFL. I want them to know that I don’t have any conduct issues or anything negative that stands in my way. I’m just a fun guy who loves the game and has passion for the game and when you watch my film I just want you to know you getting a guy who takes film serious, who knows the game. Not someone who is just playing the game, but someone who knows route combinations and everything that it takes to be a great player in the NFL.” ­Lee said he played all special teams and he felt they were very important to him because they were critical areas that helped teams to win games. Click the following link for Lee’s highlight tape. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1258159/highlights/124541377 I asked him for a message to the fans of the team that drafts him. “First I want to tell them thank you for giving me the opportunity and I want to let them know that you’re getting a real charismatic young man who is willing to put it all out for his brothers and the organization. You’re getting someone who’s not going to be a cancer to the team, someone who on the field is going to bring leadership because I’m an older guy. I just want them to know that I’m coming in with a great head on my shoulders and a kind of chip, a chip on my shoulder where I want to show guys that I can hang and play with the big guys even though I’m a kid from a small school.”­­ When I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to talk about, he got real serious and talked about getting his degree. He stressed that he never gave up on getting his degree, and he worked through a lot of adversity to get it, and he’s extremely proud of it. “I was a kid who grew up with basically nothing. I went to college without any support. No family support, so and I want kids to know that I’m a kid who came from basically nothing and just fought and never gave up and got his degree and you to know that, let people know it’s all right to get a degree. I got my degree and now I’m chasing my dream.” It’s a real honor to talk to a person like Travis Lee. It’s very inspiring to hear him talk about earning that degree and his story serves as a reminder to never give up on a dream. I look forward to watching his story play out as he works to live that dream as an NFL player.
  9. NNNOOOOOO!!!! What are we going to do without Wilson??? I'm going to miss the "Wilson coverage dance" where his back is to the QB as he runs after a WR flailing his arms and never locating the ball
  10. He's beyond garbage. All he has is a "known name"
  11. Love the bolded comment from Bowles, right out of the Parcells playbook. Using the media to put out a challenge to a player and letting him know if he can't be on the field we'll move on without him. No more "gassing players heads up" in Florham Park: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2015/02/new_york_jets_arent_sure_when.html The New York Jets finished 14th among the NFL's 32 teams in passing defense during the 2014 season. But a closer look at the Jets' passing-defense stats gives a better idea of why New York finished 4-12 and new coach Todd Bowles said the team wants "to get better at the corner issues." The Jets finished tied for last in the NFL with six interceptions. They gave up 31 touchdown passes; only two teams yielded more. They gave up 14 passes that gained at least 40 yards; only two teams yielded more. They allowed opposing quarterbacks to pile up a passer rating of 101.5; only two teams were worse. The New York secondary played without starting cornerback Dee Milliner for most of the season. The former Stanhope Elmore and Alabama standout had his second NFL season wrecked by injuries. He played in only three games after suffering an ankle injury in training camp, then tearing an Achilles tendon on Oct. 12. Milliner was rushing the kicker on a Denver Broncos' field-goal attempt when he fell to the turf without contact with an opposing player. The ankle and Achilles tendon injuries join a list of physical setbacks that Milliner has suffered since the Jets selected him with the ninth pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Milliner missed part of the post-draft practices because of shoulder surgery and sat out some of his rookie training camp with an Achilles injury. He missed three games with a hamstring injury during the 2013 season. Milliner missed time at the Jets' OTAs in June with another hamstring issue. "I don't think it's a matter of relying or not relying on him," Bowles answered when asked during a press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine about Milliner's injury history. "It's just a matter of getting the best players in the building. If he's healthy and ready to go, we'll see if he's one of the best players. If not, we'll have to do it elsewhere." Bowles said he didn't know when Milliner would be healthy enough to practice. "It's still early on in the process," Bowles said. "You get weekly medical updates about how he's doing and how he's coming along, but we'll evaluate that more as we go. It's a little too early to see whether he'll be ready for the spring or not." The Jets also have a new general manager, Mike Maccagnan. During another press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, he said the Jets couldn't pinpoint when Milliner would return. "He's still in the rehabilitation process," Maccagnan said. "Right now, we're projecting him to be back in the spring, early summer." The Jets haven't announced their offseason schedule, but the voluntary offseason workout program usually starts in April, with OTAs in May and June followed by minicamp.
  12. Old school techniques of using your eyes and viewing film is the ONLY way to judge players. Reducing everything to a stat is stupid and lazy
  13. With his contract becoming an issue once again this is a good time to really ask, how good of a WR is Harvin from a technical standpoint? We know he's extremely fast and can be used in multiple roles KR, RB and WR. But from the little I've seen of him I don't think he's a very good route runner. People love nitpicking Decker but he is an exquisite route runner who can get open with his feet and not just his speed. Should we pay 10.5 million for a "jack of all trades" offensive player who gets nicked up repeatedly and isn't a good route runner???
  14. The Jets still control the leverage: - If they keep Harvin on his present contract if any of his "issues" crop up we cut him with no negative salary ramifications - If we cut him we keep our 4th rounder and have another 10.5 million of cap space to use in free agency. We could apply that to a free agent WR or if there are none left we could use it to sign a OLB like Worilds. Then use our first rounder on one of the big WR's like Cooper, White or Parker
  15. Looking back at the 2008 draft we were #6 and there were five players that were "chalk": Jake Long Matt Ryan Chris Long Darren Mcfadden Glenn Dorsey If I remember correctly the majority of fans wanted Chris Long or Darren Mcfadden to fall to us. Gholston had gaudy stats but there was always a question about his motor. This draft appears to have a ton more options for us at #6 this time around
  16. In my book was that at least six legitimate first round picks elevated themselves into the discussion for us at #6: White WR Parker WR Scherff LT/G Fowler OLB Beasley OLB Waynes CB Add in the other players like Winston, Mariota, Williams and Cooper and we shouldn't be caught in limbo like we were in 2008 when we took Gholston
  17. Unlike the 2008 draft where we were in limbo and had to take Gholston, I'm more than comfortable being at #6 this year. Here are the players I would be happy with: Scherff G/LT White WR Cooper WR Parker WR Fowler OLB Beasley OLB Dupree OLB
  18. Good structure: - You have a former GM running the administration/cap side - Also Graves has been here the past two years so he can be used as a resource by Maccagnan in terms of what Idzik's plan was
  19. KRL

    Jake Fisher

    Fisher definitely "popped" off the screen today and would be very intriguing to take in the 3rd round. Give him a year to sit and develop his body and he could be Brick's replacement
  20. Good OLine breakdown of current Jets and potential draft picks: http://turnonthejets.com/2015/02/toj-one-on-one-podcast-mike-nolan-offensive-line-guru/#more-25860 Thoughts on Iupati may surprise you
  21. Give me a break!!! What exactly did Smith say that people should be "outraged"??? Stop piling on
  22. Some people are already "jumping off the cliff" with some of the offensive players being associated with us (McCown, Spiller). Picking them apart and doubting what they could bring to the team. To them I say, relax!!! You need to keep your expectations for our offense in 2015 to a realistic level. My hopes for the offense are as follows: - Be in the top 5 rushing. We were #3 last year and #6 in 2013 - Be in the 16-21 range of total offense - Get average QB play from whoever is the starter. To me that would be: * Completion % in the 58-60 range * Passing yards a game in the 195-205 range * TD's in the 15-17 range * INT's in the 9-11 range We have to stop thinking that we are going to elevate to a GB/Rodgers level of offensive efficiency. That's not going to happen in one off-season, we need to shoot for realistic goals
  23. NEWSFLASH!!! Rodgers, Luck and Brees are not available in free agency so you investigate every available QB and hope something sticks
  24. The RB position has been totally devalued so Spiller isn't going to get/command big $$$. We could probably get him for what we paid Chris Johnson. And if we do sign him there is no reason we still couldn't draft a RB in the middle rounds. I believe Ivory has one year left on his deal and Spiller would only have two years so a young RB would fit in our plans
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