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  1. I don't know what happened in SF this year but Roman took a HUGE step back. Think about the offensive weapons he had: Kaepernick Gore Hyde Davis Crabtree Boldin Johnson And they were awful. At one point I wanted him to be a Jet HC candidate but something went terribly wrong
  2. McDermott bio: http://www.panthers.com/team/coaches/sean-mcdermott/4fdf89fd-ccb4-4ce0-a5d6-b29026712d99
  3. I'm not going to be surprised if we see "HC interviews" this week (wink, wink) and these candidates are actually guys who Quinn wants on his staff
  4. Allows you to see his personality and his ease in controlling a press conference. Also you get a glimpse into his philosophy: http://www.seahawks.com/videos-photos/videos/Seahawks-Town-Hall-Dan-Quinn/11f70824-e7a4-4c76-baf0-12924ff971ae
  5. Stop analyzing HOU drafts to determine what Maccagnan is going to do. HOU drafts are a reflection of who their GM decided to pick. You have no idea on who Maccagnan liked or who he may have suggested. His real ability will revealed as our GM
  6. If you're a BUF fan how do you buy Ryan as your next coach??? When the season ended: - You won 9 games (most in a decade) - Had an excellent defense - A game manager for a QB - A HC who improved you over his first two years - And hope that with a couple of offensive additions you can make the playoffs in 2015 Now in the space of two weeks: - The QB retires - The HC opts out of his contract and leaves - You find out the front office is in chaos and was on the verge of being replaced until the HC left. But is now retained - That chaotic front office now hires a HC coming off a 4-12 record. Whose team you've destroyed three straight times by over 20 points. A HC who has shown he has no idea on what to do on the offensive side of the ball. And who is on the verge of hiring his FOURTH OC in FIVE years As a Jet fan it would be equivalent to us hiring a former OAK HC as our new coach. It just doesn't make sense
  7. If Quinn is the choice I definitely want Byron Maxwell as my "high priced" CB. After that Kareem Jackson would be a nice "mid priced" CB to put in the mix
  8. What does that have to do with ANYTHING I wrote about???
  9. Congrats to Rex and thanks for the memories. But his situation reminds me of when we fired Mangini. Both had obvious flaws that needed to be corrected if they wanted to become better HC. Mangini dealing with people and Ryan dealing with the other side of the ball. Both got jobs immediately after we fired them and neither had any time to deal with their issues
  10. Fantastic game plan, play design and play calling by Kubiak yesterday. But one game doesn't erase his time in HOU where he underachieved. Remember he had big time talent and consistently came up short for years
  11. Are we now going to have a 10+ page thread "bashing" Woody over some rumor??? Really??? Could it be possible that Marrone DID interview poorly and didn't have a proper plan for the team and that "spooked" Woody??? If that's the case thank goodness Woody was "spooked"
  12. This really shows that the "Rex Tree" has absolutely no contacts on the offensive side of the ball. Cavanaugh???? That's the best Pettine can do for an OC candidate???
  13. The resemblance is uncanny. Hopefully Quinn gets the job, I know this song has been ringing in my head ever since the rumors broke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TwLOOFvzS4
  14. From my observations of SEA defense it's a hybrid like we are used to except it's a 4-3 base. We need to get faster in our LB corps because SEA LB's cover sideline to sideline. In free agency you can expect us to go after: Byron Maxwell CB (SEA) Malcolm Smith LB (SEA) Walter Thurmond CB (NYG) I would expect to see Coples playing more DE and another speedy LB added in the draft. And we would let Harris walk in free agency
  15. Quinn was in SEA from 2009-2010. Then he left to be the DC of FLA for 2011-2012
  16. Unfortunately people are already putting Quinn in a "Rex box" which is simplistic. On top of that people are overlooking the construction of the SEA defensive roster. Yes, they are talented BUT that talent was "coached up" because they don't have very many #1 picks on the defensive side of the ball. Most of their "name" players were mid to late round picks
  17. So let me get this straight, I'm supposed to believe that "agenda boy" is so locked into the NFL that he can offer a true evaluation of Maccagnan who NOBODY knew about until a week ago??? Really???
  18. So true!!! Maccagnan was the Director of College Scouting who reported to HOU GM. Why in the world would he be an outgoing face of their organization??? He's part of the support staff responsible for informing the GM. Not setting policy
  19. This is how these media agendas start. Maccagnan is Director of College Scouting for HOU, do people truly expect him to be loud and outgoing? He reports to their GM he's not responsible for being the face of that organization
  20. Sounds good to me. If it happens hopefully Maccagnan can have some "background" conversations with Quinn about who he wants on his staff and contact them
  21. In the past as we all know the normal management structure of a front office was vertical: Owner GM HC But now with what has happened in MIA, WAS and ATL it seems like owners want a new horizontal structure: Owner GM HC Where the GM and HC are on the same level and both report directly to the owner. The GM has responsibility over the roster and the HC has responsibility over the team on the field. I wonder why this is happening and will it catch on?
  22. I'm not going to take these "reports" seriously there are too many moving parts. But if it did happen I wouldn't have a problem with that pairing. I just didn't want Shanahan as HC
  23. Wilkerson missing the last few games hurt his "stats" which may shave some $$$ of his deal. He's getting around 7 million next year, I could see the new GM tacking on 4 more years at 40 million. So in total his deal could be 5 years 47 million with around 20 million guaranteed
  24. I heard this also, it's good to see that what Woody showed at the press conference is being taken into these interviews
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