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  1. I'm looking to pick up two CB's in free agency. They would be players our new front office is familiar with: Cro Kareem Jackson Both we should be able to get for reasonable $$$. I'm hoping Milliner & McDougle can come back and stay on the field but I refuse to depend on it. Then in the draft I would keep my eyes open for a mid-round CB like: Steven Nelson Quentin Rollins Kevin White Nick Marshall Then in camp let them battle it out for playing time: Cro Jackson Milliner McDougle Marcus Williams Darrin Walls Draft Pick
  2. Game is on today 4 pm NFL Network
  3. Game is on 4 pm today NFL Network
  4. A Parcells flavored staff won't be "gassing someone's head up" if they have a good game and allowing them to think they've "arrived"
  5. I'm liking the "Parcellian" flavor to the staff, you have guys who have either played for him, coached on his staff or were on MIA staff when he was GM: Bowles Rodgers Johnson Dorrell Danna
  6. Yes we did. He was actually Bobby April Jr. we got his father so the title of the thread is off
  7. Much appreciation to Harris he's been a rock for eight years and has barely missed a game. But it's time to move on, if he can get one more big contract from Ryan up in BUF good for him. We need to bring in at least two LB's (ILB & OLB) in free agency or the draft to increase our speed
  8. A couple of things I've noticed and heard him say about building his staff: - First off I like the fact that he's going to have at least two former HC's on his staff (Chan Gailey & Karl Dorrell). Being able to access their experiences should help him with any questions that he'll have in his first year - As he was talking to Fatcessa it was interesting to hear how he wanted coaches with different styles on his staff. He said he was looking for some who could teach, some who would yell and some who were calm
  9. The NE trolls can deflect and minimize this all they want but they better be prepared for a HEAVY penalty. This is not a court case that will appear before a judge so forget about trying to apply legal logic. This organization has a long history of being caught cheating and their prior acts will come into play when the NFL rules. The simple fact is this, why is NE ALWAYS involved when some shady/illegal activity is found out in the league??? Joke all you want trolls but you're going to get hammered
  10. Good article with pictures: http://turnonthejets.com/2015/01/toj-film-room-chan-gaileys-offense-part-1/#more-25612
  11. I know I'm greedy but it would be nice if the NFL Network could show more of the QB drills during Senior Bowl practice. Because I've gotten no feel for how Petty is doing
  12. Both the North and South teams practices were shown today. Not enough drills are being shown of the QB's so it's hard to form an opinion. In the little I saw yesterday Bryce Petty was not natural taking the snap from under center and Sean Mannion looks like Mike Glennon but needs to speed up his release: South - Phillip Dorsett (WR - Miami) another "Brandin Cooks" type of WR short, electric hands catcher - Nick Marshall (CB - AUB) that's right Marshall was the QB at AUB but has decided to convert to CB. He was a CB before going to AUB so he has the basic skills but is incredibly raw. Shows flashes, if someone wants to invest the time they could create themselves a "long CB" (6-1 210) - Sammie Coates (WR - AUB) based on his body structure and speed he should be the #1 WR in the draft. But he's incredibly inconsistent with his hands and there's questions on if he can run a full route tree. He looked good today but is he a Stephen Hill? - Kevin White (CB - TCU) small CB (5-9 175) that reminds me of Jason Verrett from last year's draft. Good coverage skills and shows the anticipation to turn his head and play the ball when his back is turned to the QB - Tyler Lockett (WR - Kan St) another "Brandin Cooks" type of WR short, electric hands catcher - Ladarius Gunter (CB - Miami) physical "long CB" (6-2 200) with good coverage skills - Imoan Claiborne (CB - NW St. La) plays bigger and more physical than his size (5-11 195) - Markus Golden (DE - Missouri) productive college DE but he gets "stuck" on OT's when coming off the line. Will have to move to 3-4 OLB to make it - Clive Walford (TE - Miami) was the standout of the day. An athletic TE (6-4 265) with excellent speed and surprising "wiggle". Moves like a WR to lose defenders - Lael Collins (OT - LSU) huge OT (6-5 315) who stones defenders when he gets his hands on them. Will be interested to see how he handles speed rushers and whether he can get to the second level - Shaq Mason (G - Ga Tech) "fireplug" type of guard who can run block coming out of Ga Tech's triple option. But showed surprising ability to pass block in 1 on 1 drills North - Ty Montgomery (WR - Stanford) finally caught some balls and had a much better day - Devin Smith (WR - Ohio St) terrific speed but what I appreciated was he tried to show he's not a "one trick pony" by running different routes in his drills - Ameer Abdullah (RB - NEB) I wonder where he fits, he's a short RB (5-9 190) but it doesn't seem like he has the power of a Jones-Drew. And it doesn't seem like he has the burst of a Sproles. He also had issues holding up in the blocking drills - Carl Davis (DT - Iowa) a dual threat at the "3 technique" position. Can penetrate but also showed a good ability to stop the run - Laken Tomlinson (G - Duke) another good day, battled Danny Shelton to a standstill in his reps - Nick Boyle (TE - Delaware) another big day, he blocked like a smaller OT. And showed the ability to adjust to balls in the air. Would really be nice to pair him with Amaro - ZaDarius Smith (DE - Kentucky) finally put on his "big boy pants" and showed that he could compete at this level. He flashed the talent that I saw in the Shrine game over the weekend (speedy, edge pass rusher) - Danny Shelton (NT - Wash) another big day only Laken Tomlinson stood up to him - Nate Orchard (DE - Utah) I wonder where he fits, he had a big day in the pass rush drills but he did it with power moves. The problem is he's not big (6-4 255) I wonder if he has the speed to be an edge rusher. Also does he have the athletic ability to move to OLB
  13. Sorry for the source but he's the only one I found that had the info: Manish Mehta @MMehtaNYDN 3 hours ago Former Vikings TE coach Jimmie Johnson (2006-2013) is expected to join Todd Bowles staff as the new Jets TE coach, I'm told. #nyj Manish Mehta @MMehtaNYDN 8 hours ago Vanderbilt OC Karl Dorrell expected to join the Jets staff, I'm told. Dorrell worked with Todd Bowles on Dolphins staff #nyj
  14. Nothing Lee said is controversial. Smith did kill us with his inconsistent play. What will be interesting to see is if Smith looks any better if Gailey incorporates the "spread" into our offense. If Smith does improve it will be a mark against Lee/Mornhinweg because they forced him into being a "West Coast" QB
  15. Some the players that "popped" out to me last year at the Senior Bowl were: - Aaron Donald - Zach Martin - Jordan Matthews - Dee Ford - Derek Carr - Jalen Saunders - Pierre Desir
  16. Today they'll be showing both the North and the South, so I'm interested in seeing Grayson as well
  17. The NFL Network showed the practice for the North team, my initial impressions: - Bryce Petty (QB - Baylor) hopefully he was still "swimming" from the offense being installed because he was just "ok". Alot of missed throws - Jamison Crowder (WR - Duke) absolutely electric in everything he does. Reminds me of Brandin Cooks from last year's draft. Natural hands catcher - Ty Montgomery (WR - Stanford) awful day, dropped everything. Looks the part (6-1 215) but didn't play like it. Hopefully he also was still "swimming" - Quinten Rollins (CB - Miami OH) a "long CB" that the NFL is looking for, has only played major college ball for a year. Was a basketball player so he is raw, but incredible upside - T.J. Clemmings (OT - Pitt) another player that has played limited football, but looks like the prototypical OT. His body reminds you of Tyron Smith in DAL, his technique needs refining (reaches alot). Would love to get him in the 2nd round and stash him for a year but I doubt he lasts that long - Laken Tomlinson (G - Duke) not your typical "roly poly, short armed" guard. Athletic with a body structure like an OT but has the strength to maul interior DLinemen - Trenton Brown (OT - FLA) huge RT prospect (6-8 350) who you would expect to struggle moving but was surprisingly mobile. Will be interesting to see how he continues the rest of the week - Justin Hardy (WR - E. Car) super smooth, he seems to understand the WR position because he uses veteran moves to get open. He uses head fakes, footwork and changes of pace to get free not just speed - Antwan Goodley (WR - Baylor) has a smaller Anquan Boldin type of body (5-10 225) but with better speed - Nick Boyle (TE - Delaware) has the kind of frame (6-5 270) we could use as a blocking TE in tandem with Amaro. Also showed nice hands - Henry Anderson (DE - Stanford) a 3-4 DE with excellent size (6-5 295) and better athletic ability than I thought - Danny Shelton (NT - Wash) could totally upset the projected top 10 picks in the draft. He's not just a typical NT (6-1 340) who stops the run, he is the rare player that can generate pressure right over the center. Incredibly fast with violent hands and good range
  18. Hopefully the "Rex lovefest" will be minimized tonight. Because listening to endless compliments thrown his way while TOTALLY ignoring his faults is annoying. You have to show some balance when discussing his tenure as Jet coach otherwise you lose credibility. This team has degraded since 2011 and HE WAS RESPONSIBLE along with the other "whipping boys" (Tannenbaum, Idzik, etc...) the fans and media loved to pick on
  19. So far only Bradway & Bauer were let go. The rest of the scouting staff is still intact and at the Senior Bowl
  20. I would assume most of these players are mid to late round draft picks - Had to be the worst QB play I've ever seen in an all-star game. Only one QB was average (Anthony Boone - Duke) everyone else was absolutely awful. They had trouble just keeping the ball in the field of play they were so bad. What made it worst was everyone knew the defense they were playing against and there was no blitzing - Josh Shaw (CB - USC) had an INT and appears to be one of the new "long CB" that the league is looking for. With the bad QB play though it's hard to tell how good he was - Damian Parms (S - Fla. Atlantic) had two INT's and appeared to have good range in the middle of the field. But again was it him or the bad QB play - John Miller (G - Louisville) was an absolute mauler with good flexibility to adjust to stunts and speed to get to the second level - ZaDarius Smith (DE - Kentucky) edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield all day. Also strong enough to hold the edge in the run game - Anthony Chickillo (DE - Miami) edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield all day. Very fast first step - Xavier Williams (DT - No. Iowa) penetrating "3 technique" DT - Jermauria Rasco (DE - LSU) another edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield all day The below players stood out with their movement skills but because of the horrid QB play they didn't have a chance to make plays: - Tre McBride (WR - William & Mary) - Tye Smith (CB - Towson) - Justin Coleman (CB - Tenn) - Bobby McCain (CB - Memphis)
  21. Ryan just hired Aaron Kromer to his offensive staff it just proves how clueless he is about offense. Kromer is the boob who caused the firestorm in CHI: http://www.csnchicago.com/bears/report-ex-bears-oc-aaron-kromer-joining-rex-ryans-bills-staff
  22. With Gailey being up there in age and DeFilippo so young I wonder if Bowles has this in mind if he comes on board? Gailey could be the OC for a year and install the spread and then DeFilippo could take over. He has an impressive resume and reputation: Resume http://www.raiders.com/team/coaches/john-defilippo/ecdec84f-989e-4b76-a7bf-0fbbdabbde75 Reputation http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/01/browns_oc_candidate_john_defil.html
  23. My initial reaction to Gailey was, blech. But after doing research (articles have been posted earlier in the thread) he was Chip Kelly before anybody ever heard of Chip Kelly. The concepts Kelly is using now Gailey was using 15 years ago. Another thing I like about the Gailey hire is it already shows me Bowles has a definite vision on what he wants his offense to look like because they have never worked together. So that means Bowles has watched Gailey's schemes over the years and appreciates the effectiveness of them
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