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  1. Unfortunately most people don't / won't think for themselves so they have their opinions formed by the media. What we are seeing with the whole "Marrone mania" is fascinating: - He opts out of his contract and his agent "leaks" the Jet rumor to Schefter to stir interest - From that point on there has been a split in the NY media on whether they like or hate him. On the "like" side is the Post, Cimini/ESPN, Schein and on the "hate" side is the Daily News, WFAN It's just shameful how the media makes themselves the story
  2. The Jet teams Marrone coached on had some ornery personalities (Mawae, Kendall). So it's good to hear that he was able to gain their respect and also teach the young players (Moore) that were low on the totem pole. He's not my first choice but he's definitely worth consideration
  3. With the restrictions the NFL has put in place on when you can talk to HC candidates, the Jets HAVE to interview both at the same time. If you only spoke to GM candidates right now it's possible you wouldn't be able to talk to someone like Quinn until late January
  4. KRL

    Brandon Scherff

    The pre-draft process will tell the tale on where Scherff will play but from what I saw I believe he can play LT. If we picked him I would use him like DAL used Zack Martin and let him play guard for a year. Then flip him to LT to replace Brick
  5. Talking about taking an OT at #6 in the first round is not "sexy", but Brandon Scherff out of Iowa is very impressive. While at the gym I watched him play against Tenn: - He's as big as a barn - He has excellent feet - Good quickness to get to the 2nd & 3rd level - Good flexibility to bend and block speedy edge rushers - And maybe his most impressive trait was the nastiness he was playing with as his team was getting blown out. You couldn't tell what the score was with how hard he was playing If we took him I could see him playing guard until Brick's play declines. So far from what I've seen if our first two picks were Brandon Scherff and Bryce Petty I would be happy
  6. And explanations on when playoff coaches can be interviewed: http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-7/2015-NFL-Important-Dates/bdff51be-d1a8-44f7-b533-857a6e11e53b
  7. Simple answer is, no. If our new coach wants to go 4-3 next year we are more than ready with Wilkerson, Richardson, Harrison & Coples. And it would be the height of stupidity to use all of our cap flexibility on our DLine and not address the rest of our needs. What are we going to do give big $$$ to Wilkerson, Suh & Pierre-Paul??? Give me a break
  8. Unless I'm mistaken a GM candidate should be able to leave his team once the Jets have decided to hire him. Unlike a HC candidate they are not linked to how long their team is in the playoffs. So if we like Kirchner we should be able to put him in place next week. I would then assume we would wait until SEA is done in the playoffs then we would bring in Quinn. Personally I hope both Kirchner & Quinn hit home runs in their interviews this weekend
  9. Great job recruiting by Ohio St.!!! Can you imagine losing your first two QB's and having your 3rd string QB playing this well??? Crazy
  10. Pure speculation on my part but here's why I think "Marrone mania" was going crazy in NY: - With the change in ownership and Orton retiring, Marrone was scared about his job security and the team's record next year - So he and his agent (Sexton) asked for an extension - They get turned down so they take advantage of their opt out clause which puts next year's salary in his pocket - Once he's a free agent Sexton contacts Adam Schefter and the "Syracuse Mafia" in the local media. Leaking that the Jets are the front runners to get Marrone - Sexton does this to generate buzz for Marrone and to get the other teams needing a coach to schedule interviews
  11. Where's the Fire Idzik crew??? Why don't they take up this cause??? This would really be a service to humanity
  12. Yes they are. That's why what Petty is doing is so impressive. If he was shredding Tex A&M or W. Va you could doubt his numbers because both of those teams stink defensively
  13. No we will INTERVIEW that coach. The media and probably his agent (Sexton) are the ones pushing the lie that he's going to be hired
  14. Bryce Petty has made Trae Waynes look like Kyle Wilson today. Enough said
  15. Thankfully "our team" is in SEA this weekend interviewing Kirchner and Quinn. So no matter how many stories about Marrone crop up he is just another candidate we will interview
  16. I'm officially intrigued by Bryce Petty. Granted in the offense Baylor is running you don't know if he can: - Take snaps from under center - How his footwork is on 3, 5, 7 step drops - Can he read a defense and progress through his WR's But he's an intriguing talent that reminds me of Jimmy Garrapolo that NE drafted last year: - Extremely quick release - Strong enough arm - Accurate And he's carving up a Mich St. defense that is very good with quite a few pro prospects
  17. There is real turmoil in the BUF front office which is what led to Marrone looking to get out: http://bills.buffalonews.com/2014/12/28/bills-front-office-shakeup-in-rumor-stage-for-now/ Again he's not my top candidate but he deserves an interview
  18. Marrone is not my top candidate but he deserves an interview. Mehta just reinforces the fact that he's a jackass with particular agendas with this rant. It's so obvious that he's trying to get with a major media outlet. He probably wants to sell himself as "controversial" but he's just a jackass
  19. If we hire the combination of Kirchner / Quinn you could expect to see us go after: Byron Maxwell - http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/14133/byron-maxwell Walter Thurmond - http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/13473/walter-thurmond-iii Maxwell would elevate into one of our starting CB's and Thurmond would replace Kyle Wilson as our nickel CB. Maxwell would probably get in the 5-7 million range but Thurmond wouldn't command that much since he's coming back from an ACL. Also a name to remember is: Buster Skrine - http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/14139/buster-skrine He played his butt off in CLE this year
  20. Agreed, Andy Dalton is not the goal at QB. But if we could get that type of production in the regular season we would be a playoff team on a consistent basis
  21. We know all about the big games and how many prospects will be on display in the Fla St. / Oregon and Ohio St. / Alabama games. But if you've recovered from partying check out the Baylor / Mich St. game at 12:30. Baylor QB Bryce Petty is a senior who puts up huge numbers in their spread offense. But Mich St. is a tough pro style defense that produces a lot of players. Watch to see if Petty can handle/diagnose and beat what Mich St. is going to throw at him http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/1664902/bryce-petty He could be an Andy Dalton type that we could pick up in the 2nd/3rd round
  22. Thank you!!! Some people are like a bad rash that won't go away. Wouldn't it be a shock if they actually brought a real football point to a football forum
  23. Be warned, there's a TON of Syracuse grads in the local media who may want Marrone to get the job. So be careful of what you read there may be a lot of campaigning going on
  24. My first reaction was blech!!! But after doing research on Marrone's career this could be interesting: - He's from NYC - He's been an offensive coach (TE, OL, OC) for those who care - He's been a Jet coach - He's been an OC for Sean Payton - He has HC experience - He did a solid job with a second level college program (Syracuse) - He improved a BUF team from year 1 to year 2 - He showed guts to bench his QB when he was playing poorly Since he's only been in the league two years I don't have a feel for his style but his teams seem to be tough. He also showed excellent ability to rally his team during that snowstorm as he kicked our butts all over Detroit. I would love for him to bring his defensive staff but I want no part of his offensive staff. Paul Hackett's son was his OC (Nate) and I didn't like how all his pass plays were in a 10-15 yard box. Finally if Maccagnan is as tight with him as I was reading they would seem to make a good GM/HC team
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