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  1. I heard this also, it's good to see that what Woody showed at the press conference is being taken into these interviews
  2. Congrats to Schotty. I wonder if he made this move because of the rumors about STL going to LA
  3. Too much dis-information going around. I'll believe when I see it
  4. Mehta sounded just like Idzik during his press conference. Nothing but giggling and avoidance of issues, what a clown
  5. Interesting combination, they have a past history from MIA. Also, I think Casserly drafted Bowles in WAS
  6. I'm not going to get into a debate about substance recovery. If you read the ESPN article about McCloughan you would understand my concerns. He's very flippant about his alcohol consumption
  7. Congrats to Tanny. But didn't MIA just hire a GM last year??? What exactly is their management structure???
  8. Mistake by WAS, there's no way you can give him the GM spot yet. He hasn't proven he has his drinking problem under control. McCloughan probably used the other teams interested in him as leverage
  9. If this is true it really gives a good indication that Quinn is probably the choice for HC. And maybe Kirchner would be the GM choice. With all three knowing each other from SEA they should have a good relationship/philosophy in building a team
  10. Understood, I'm hoping the new SF HC fires him when he takes over and we can get a shot at him
  11. No problem with this but he shouldn't be the GM. He has to prove he has his drinking problem behind him: http://thejetsblog.com/nyjets/jets-reach-out-to-scot-mccloughan/ A good spot for him would be to replace Bradway
  12. It depends on the relationships the new HC has created during his career. Not just on the pro level but the college level too. I mentioned Marc Trestman (CHI) as an OC possibility and Vic Fangio (SF) as an DC possibility. Once we hire the GM and let's say Quinn is the HC choice, the GM could contact his staff "behind the scenes" while we wait from him to be done with SEA
  13. I was just going to ask this. Who needs him if he's always going to be suspended
  14. I'm giving Woody the benefit of the doubt because of the "out of character" actions he's taken over this past month: - He was decisive in cleaning out the organization and not letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment - He's using two proven GM's to counsel him not an executive search firm - He was in charge and knowledgeable about his team during his press conference To me those are tangible signs that he's learned from his mistakes and intends to get this process right
  15. Be prepared we are now in the: "Why is it taking so long to find a GM/HC? No one wants the jobs" phase of the media coverage of our searches. I mean it's been all of a WEEK, obviously Woody has screwed up the process. Don't be shocked it's the "logical step" the media will follow to continue the bashing of the team. Let's step through the other phases: "Fire Idzik, Poor Rex" phase - Where Idzik is hammered on a daily basis and Rex's faults are excused because he gives the media easy copy "Rumors Before The Firings" phase - Where a totally unfounded rumor is spread as fact. Remember the "Woody is going to fire Idzik and let the new GM deal with Rex" garbage??? "Pick On Woody" phase - Where after the firings occur the media was eagerly waiting to destroy Woody at the press conference. But he shocked them by showing he was in charge and had a plan going forward "Everyone Will Want Rex As a HC" phase - Where the media campaigns for Rex to get one of the open jobs "Question The Dual Interview Process" phase - Where the parallel process of interviewing GM/HC candidates is questioned. Of course they totally ignore the restrictions the NFL puts on talking to coaches involved in the playoffs "Pick On Casserly" phase - Where Casserly is viewed as the "evil mastermind" moving the searches in the direction of his candidates "Personal Attack" phase - Where Marrone (the anti-Rex) is attacked daily on a personal level because some don't like him This leads to today where you'll start to see every story slanted with a tone that no one wants the jobs. You're already seeing it with some GM candidates even though three (Paton, DeCosta, Pace) of them aren't interviewing ANYWHERE and the fourth (Ballard) seems to already have the CHI job
  16. BAL winning was the worst possible scenario for NE. Because they have the formula to beat them: - Physical team - No fear of the NE/Belichick/Brady mystique - Big front 7 that can move Brady off his spot. Once that happens he's erratic - Experience in actually beating them in the playoffs
  17. The only way McCloughan should be brought in is if he's on the new GM's scouting staff. There's not enough evidence that he's kicked his drinking problem to give him the whole franchise. We sure don't need stories about him being found on the side of the NJ Turnpike bombed out of his mind
  18. From what you read McCloughan seems to have the respect of everyone in the scouting community. But to put him in charge of your team without fully knowing if he's got his drinking problem under control is dangerous. When we hire a GM I wouldn't mind if he hires McCloughan to be on his personnel staff and allow him to work his way back up
  19. KRL

    Various Thoughts

    Reich is interesting, initially I thought he was a little light in experience (only one year as an OC). But Tomlin was also only a DC for one year when PIT hired him to replace Cowher. It would be interesting to hear what his plan would be for Smith and our offense
  20. - Good job by Woody over the past month. He's been decisive in making up his mind about firing Idzik/Ryan. He's sought out good counsel to assist him in picking the right GM/HC. He had a good press conference which showed he had a decent handle on the problems plaguing the team. And by sticking to the plan Casserly/Wolf have laid out he's been able to expose the media for the frauds they are. Because the two big "rumors" the media wanted to stamp the team with (Woody firing Idzik and letting the new GM deal with Ryan & "Marrone Mania") have been proven to be garbage - I have no idea who'll be the HC but one guy I would be interested in as an OC candidate would be Marc Trestman. Bad job as a HC in CHI but he did a great job with Josh McCown when Cutler went down. Also hoping Vic Fangio could be our DC if he shakes loose in SF - Impressive performance by Teryl Austin (DET DC) yesterday I wonder if he'll get added to our HC list - With all the candidate names floating around I'm shocked there hasn't been a peep about David Shaw (Stanford HC). I wonder if he made it known that he's not interested in moving to the pros right now - Love how the NY media split when "Marrone Mania" broke. Half were "haters" the other half were "fan boys" it exposed that all they're concerned with is pushing their opinions/personal agendas. Not reporting news
  21. Teryl Austin the DC of DET is calling a whale of a game. He's got his players really locked in on disguising their blitzes. I haven't seen Romo under this type of pressure all year
  22. There is no reason for a team with any offensive issues to consider Ryan. He brings nothing to the table and has shown he has trouble hiring an effective offensive staff to help him. Therefore BUF, OAK, SF, CHI shouldn't consider him
  23. With Marrone leaving after his interview hopefully we can put all of the media driven hysteria to rest. He's a candidate, he got an interview and now we move on to the next one. If he has the best vision for the team AFTER we considered all of the other candidates fine, hire him. Otherwise everything that was speculated for the past 2-3 days was crap
  24. Glad to see Woody and the "team" moving quickly through interviews but also keeping the search open. It's only been a week since Ryan/Idzik have been let go there's no reason to lock in on anyone yet. When Cowher stepped down in PIT it was assumed that someone on his staff would get the job (Whisenhunt, Grimm). But they opened up the search and they found Tomlin who blew them away. The rest is history, we should be that lucky
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