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  1. Bad job by JetNation for giving those jackasses more media attention. To waste money on garbage when it could have been donated to a food bank shows how stupid those morons are. It also reflects badly on the intelligent fans because now we all get painted with the same brush by the morons in the media
  2. He should be, to me he's better than any of the other free agent QB's out there. Bring Moore in and let him fight it out with Smith. Then draft a QB and let him watch and learn for a year http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/11128/matt-moore
  3. People really need to lay off Decker. With horrible QB play and a balky hamstring he's going to end up with 70+ catches and 800 yards. When he plays with an elite QB he'll get 80+ catches with 1000+ yards and 10+ TD's. He's already proven that, if he was our biggest problem on offense we would be in terrific shape
  4. With all of the QB issues going on in the NFL: - Us, forever - CHI with Cutler regressing - WAS with Griffin regressing - SF with Kaepernick regressing - TB, TEN, BUF, HOU ... The question is why is it so hard to find/develop a QB??? With all of the rules in favor of the offense and teams on every level (high school, college & pros) running these wide open offenses why isn't there a bigger pool of competent QB's to choose from? I could understand if this was years ago when there was "bump & run" coverage why it would be hard to be a successful QB. I'm interested in people's thoughts
  5. Drafting Gordon or any RB at #6 would be moronic. The only positions we should be looking at would be: - QB - OT - DLine / LB pass rusher - WR RB's are a dime a dozen
  6. Smith isn't going anywhere. He's on his rookie contract with two more cheap years left. He's proven he has NFL talent, at worst he'll be a backup next year
  7. So true!!! Except we aren't stupid enough to mention Brian Kelly (oh, please) as a candidate
  8. So Derek Carr is now some kind of established commodity??? When did this happen??? Give me a break
  9. Blah, blah, blah such nonsense. Every HC job in the NFL is attractive even the Jets for a number of reasons: - Once you put pen to contract you have secured your family's financial future for a generation - There are only 32 of these jobs in the world - After wandering from job to job for years you finally have the power to shape a team in your image As for the Jets specifically here are some benefits: - Excellent young DLine - Good run blocking OLine and good running game - Promising offensive pieces (Decker, Harvin, Kerley, Amaro, Ivory) - High draft picks - Excellent cap situation
  10. If you like the agenda driven nonsense that comes out of the local media concerning the Jets. Because Joe Caporoso and the boys at "Turn On The Jets" deal in intelligent analysis of the issues facing the team: http://turnonthejets.com/ https://twitter.com/turnonthejets It's refreshing to read people that deal in facts concerning the team and are not trying to incite a reaction
  11. A thread like this proves the point that no one in a management position of an NFL team should listen to the media / public. The media / public just throws things out there with no basis in facts and runs with it. BLOSSOMING??? Sanchez is still the same inconsistent, inaccurate, turnover prone QB the Jets had for 4+ years. Stop it
  12. I'm amazed whether it's the print media, television or fans nobody wants to blame Ryan for anything associated with this team. My question is how come??? I appreciate the job he did early on and love how he changed the culture around the team. But hasn't he been here for six years and been responsible for the following: - The team being totally flat for the first half of the championship game against PIT - The team collapsing at the end of the 2011 season and missing the playoffs. In addition the locker room problems exposed themselves on the field against MIA - Hiring Sparano as OC - Hyping up the Tebow acquisition and never knowing what to do with him. Which also screwed up Sanchez - Never having a plan on how to develop a young QB - Never having a vision for the offensive side of the ball other than wanting to run the "wildcat" - Playing favorites with older players and hurting the development of younger ones - Defensive personnel screw-ups which cost us too many men on the field penalties. And then not having enough men on the field on other occasions - Always having communication breakdowns in our secondary - Poor situational awareness by our defense where they don't play the down and distance properly Need I go on??? No matter the excuses that are coming from the media this is not a "poor old Rex" situation. He's been given ample time to correct the negative trends that have plagued this team and hasn't done it
  13. He's got a drinking problem. Does he have it under control yet??? I could imagine what the reaction from the "peanut gallery" would be if we hired him and he fell off the wagon
  14. With 11 wins in the bank they should get in. But there's no way they are going to hold off SEA for the NFC West title with a #3 QB. Their best bet in the playoffs would be to play the NFC South winner in the Wildcard round and hopefully their defense can carry them. Todd Bowles will become a hotter candidate no matter what because there is no other way ARZ can win unless their defense carries them
  15. About some of the other candidates mentioned: - I would only consider Helfrich (ORE HC) and Frost (ORE OC) as OC candidates. I think they are a little light in experience to take over an entire NFL team - I also would only consider Sumlin (Tex A&M HC) as an OC candidate. Because he's never put a good defense on the field and I hate the way they play
  16. I understand your concern. Lazor would be a candidate in my book first because of the job he's done developing Tannehill. An added benefit would be his experience in the Chip Kelly offense ONLY if our scouting staff has determined that Mariota is "the guy"
  17. Before "Black Monday" gets here and Woody reveals his plan here are my acceptable candidates for the GM & HC spots: GM All of these candidates are from teams that consistently draft well and when they lose free agents they continue to maintain their talent base - Eric DeCosta (BAL Asst. GM) - Vince Newsome (BAL Dir. Pro Personnel) - Joe Horitz (BAL Dir. College Scouting) - Eliot Wolf (GB Dir. Pro Personnel) - Brian Gutekunst (GB Dir. College Scouting) - Mike Williams (SF Dir. Pro Personnel) - Matt Malaspina (SF Dir. College Scouting) HC - Jim Harbaugh (SF HC): Involved in developing Luck at Stanford. Turned around Smith when he got to SF and helped develop Kaepernick - David Shaw (Stanford HC): Involved in developing Luck at Stanford. Continued the excellent success at Stanford after Harbaugh & Luck left. With Stanford's academic requirements he doesn't get SEC type recruits - Dan Quinn (SEA DC): Has done an excellent job with the SEA defense. He's been a Jet coach in the past and he's a NJ guy - Vic Fangio (SF DC): Has done an excellent job with the SF defense even while dealing with injuries to All-Pro players (Willis, Bowman, Smith) - Todd Bowles (ARZ DC): Has done an excellent job with the ARZ defense even while dealing with a ton of injuries - Bill Lazor (MIA OC): Has done a good job developing Tannehill and he has experience in the Chip Kelly offense if we draft Mariota - Pep Hamilton (IND OC): Involved in the development of Luck at Stanford and IND. Also has been a Jet coach in the past - Tom Clements (GB OC): Was Rodgers QB coach when he first got drafted, so he knows what it takes to develop a young QB
  18. This isn't big news, it doesn't take a genius to determine that Mariota & Winston are not sure things like Luck and Manning. Both have issues that have to be addressed by an intelligent coach who has a clear plan in developing a QB: - Mariota is not and in my opinion never will be a "pocket passer". The key with him is whether a coach/organization is ready to implement the Chip Kelly/ORE offense. It's now been proven to work on the NFL level, so to make the transition easier for Mariota a team needs to commit to it - Winston is more of a traditional pocket QB who has run an NFL type of offense. But does he have the mentality/maturity to be a leader of a team and to stay out of trouble If we determine that either of them is worth investing a top 5 pick in I don't have a problem. But our new coach has got to have a clear plan for developing a QB and not give into the pressure of playing him too early
  19. Hopefully Woody is not listening to the fans/public opinion. That's the absolute worse way to make decisions. Because one day they'll be throwing compliments at you and the next they'll be cursing you out. Ryan should go because he's been given ample time in his position and the negative patterns that plague this team continue. Idzik should only be fired if he's been found incompetent not because the fans/media don't like him
  20. Here comes the "word police"!!! The whole article can be wrapped up in the following: - Woody identifies with the fans by stating he's feeling the same pain they are with 2-11 - He's not satisfied with the results - He's examining all options - Any changes will be made at the end of the season Now EVERYONE will come out of the woodwork to bash the man for saying exactly what he should. People need to grow up!!! Let the process play out and see what Woody does first before you take him apart. To me the biggest problem he has is he's too loyal, on too many occasions he hangs onto people too long because of his personal relationship with them. Let's see if he has learned his lesson
  21. Rooting for good performances from players who project to be on the team next year. But I won't be heartbroken if we lose. It would be nice not to depend on who is drafting in front of us for once
  22. If Woody wants to get an immediate message out to his fan base he should issue a "statement" to the media conveying his disgust with this season's results. He should not have any kind of press conference until he makes a decision on how big the changes will be inside the organization. Because all the media would do is act like the "word police" and pick apart every word and make fun of him
  23. Typical media crap!!! Come up with an easy premise/idea, generate an article and "satisfy" the sports editor for the day. If what Costello wrote is true then all Woody should do is hire Mike Shanahan. I mean he's won back to back SB's and he's a "big name" therefore the fan base will be happy. Give me a break
  24. With the failure of Vick to impress at all, our "best" options for stop gap QB next year may be Geno Smith or Matt Moore. The hope for Smith is a new coach coming in with a clear plan for his development and he finally "gets it" like Alex Smith did with Jim Harbaugh in 2011. As for Moore he really hasn't played since 2011 but when he did he showed some promise: http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/11128/matt-moore After scanning the free agent QB's available none of them are doing anything to change my perception of them (Sanchez, Hoyer, Locker etc). In my view our best bet is: - Hire new HC with a vision for our offense and a clear plan to develop QB's - Keep Smith, he has two years left on his contract and he's cheap - Sign Moore - Draft the QB we believe in (Mariota, Winston, Hundley?) and let them develop - Let Smith and Moore battle it out during the off-season - Let the rookie do nothing but learn the playbook and hold a clipboard for a year I would love to see what this offense could do with an HC with a plan and some stable play out of the QB position
  25. Sheldon Richardson's game yesterday is why I don't take these "football sabermetrics" seriously. The man had: 7 Tackles 3 Sacks 3 Tackles For Loss 4 QB Hits 1 Safety And on the last play of the game he had the fire to run 50+ yards down the field to try to tackle Wright in a meaningless game!!! Give me tape and my eyes to judge a player, stick these "numbers"
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