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  1. The clown who wrote the mock should at least try to give the impression that he follows the league. A #5 in 2019 and a #1 in 2020 is all he thinks we would get for a QB??? Moron!!!
  2. Your last sentence is what some fans miss, if QB teams do jump us that will push someone like Bosa into our laps. And no one would cry about that
  3. It happens every draft, teams that need QB's will ALWAYS "fall in love" with someone. That's why clowns like EJ Manuel and Christian Ponder were first round picks
  4. WSH would have to pay a "premium" to move up that far for a QB. The 2019 picks are fine but they would have to give up their #1 and #2 in 2020 for me to consider it
  5. Would assume that means more opportunities for Shepherd and Fautakasi at the spot opposite Williams. Also does that mean we keep Anderson?
  6. Here are the real details on Enunwa's deal: https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/01/quincy-enunwas-jets-contract-complete-breakdown-including-actual-guaranteed-money-yearly-salary-cap-figures.html
  7. Normally I would pass on a RB in free agency, particularly one who's going to demand a huge contract. But with the amount of cap space we're going to have and the impact Bell can have on Darnold and the offense I'm warming to the idea: Pros - One of the best RB's in the game with absurd production http://www.nfl.com/player/le'veonbell/2540175/profile - Bell would only be 27 going into the 2019 season, giving us three years before the "magic" age of 30. A front loaded contract with the majority of $$$ paid out in the first 3 years would protect the cap - He sat out this year which means he's saved a year of wear & tear on his legs - An average over 4 every time he runs the ball and an average over 8 every time he catches the ball - He catches the ball out of the backfield like a WR - Bell would make Darnold's job easier because the defense would focus on him. They would bring an extra man into the box and leave WR's in single coverage. The screen game would become devastating and the play action pass would be so much more effective Cons - Bell's had drug issues in the past and has been suspended - I respect him for taking a stand on his contract and passing on 800K a week. But that stand (selfishness?) has caused a lot of turmoil in PIT, would he pull that here? Could we see Revis type of whining about his contract in the future?
  8. KRL

    Mahomes Breakdown

    Breakdown of Pat Mahomes by Bucky Brooks, what I found interesting was the mindset of play callers when dealing with a mobile QB (paragraph bolded): http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000786316/article/move-the-sticks-notes-best-nfl-draft-strategy-for-browns-titans QB prospect worthy of the hype? Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes has generated plenty of buzz in league circles, but he remains one of the most challenging evaluations in the 2017 draft class. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound gunslinger is unquestionably one of the most talented passers in the draft after passing for more than 11,000 yards and 93 touchdowns with only 29 interceptions in three seasons. Although the Red Raiders' Air Raid system certainly makes statistical stars out of every field general that steps behind the center, Mahomes' impressive combination of arm talent and athleticism gives him a legitimate shot of becoming a franchise quarterback at the next level. "He definitely has the tools to be a No. 1," said an NFC scout. "He's big and athletic with big-time arm talent. I know his numbers are inflated but he can make all of the throws. I think the kid can play. ... I like him a lot!" Despite the effusive praise being lavished on Mahomes, I believe evaluators face quite a dilemma when assessing his talent and potential. While there's no disputing his physical skills, there are certainly valid concerns regarding his ability to master a pro scheme after thriving in a system that allowed him to throw 40-plus times each week. Sure, the reps help the quarterback master the art of throwing the ball, but the simple reads and pick-and-stick throws associated with the scheme don't necessarily translate to the pro game. Thus, a team willing to take on Mahomes should consider him a developmental prospect and map out a long-term plan to help him grow into the position. Considering those factors alone, I was a little surprised to hear my colleague Ian Rapoport tell the Setting The Edge podcast that several people have pegged Mahomes as their "favorite quarterback" in the draft. Now, I definitely understand how evaluators fall in love with prospects based on their natural talents and athleticism, but quarterbacks are evaluated differently due to the rigorous demands of the position, particularly from a mental standpoint. In the NFL, the quarterback is the de facto CEO of the team and he must possess the leadership skills, aptitude, and diagnostic skills to direct an offense between the lines. Considering how the quarterback is viewed as the joystick for the offensive coordinator in the video-game-like Air Raid system, there are valid concerns regarding Mahomes' ability to assimilate into a pro-style scheme. Remember, there haven't been many NFL success stories in the Air Raid tree (Washington State, Texas Tech and Cal) despite the gaudy resumes of the field generals that have starred in the system. Sure, Jared Goff was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, but the football world is still waiting to see if he eventually cuts the mustard as a franchise quarterback. That's why there is some hesitation in anointing Mahomes as one of the top prospects due to the repeated failures of his predecessors from the system. NFL Scouting Combine Dates: Feb. 28-March 6TV: NFL Network Participants Combine coverage: Notable prospects not invited Schools with most players attending combine Photos: NFL players not invited to combine Combine through the years After studying the tape of Mahomes' game, I believe his shoddy footwork and mechanics might trump the concerns about his ability to master concepts of an NFL scheme. Mahomes rarely takes a traditional drop in the pocket and his penchant for throwing balls while fading away or from a flat-foot platform leads to wayward throws down the field. In a league where accuracy is coveted at a premium, Mahomes' inconsistent mechanics could lead to a number of turnovers on tips and overthrows. While watching a "sandlot" playmaker deliver a few splash plays on tape is tantalizing, it's hard for a play caller to work with an improvisational specialist at the position when attempting to build winning game plans. Offensive coordinators prefer to take a systematic approach akin to a chess match when picking apart defenses from the press box (or sidelines) and it's challenging to stick to the script when the QB1 is at his best throwing alley oops at the end of scrambles. Now, that statement isn't meant to discredit Mahomes' talent as a big, athletic gunslinger, but his style of play doesn't necessarily fit structured systems that expect the quarterback to hit his designated receivers on time after going through his progressions. With that in mind, I'm still having a tough time envisioning Mahomes as a top-tier quarterback prospect despite his natural talents and potential. -- Bucky Brooks
  9. Ever since the team "leaked" the contract offer I was expecting this and here it is: Bowles on the Fitzpatrick negotiations: "There is a ticking clock. You have time until you don't have time." Fitzpatrick better realize he's urinating away a huge opportunity

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