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  1. That would be tough with as many injuries we've had but there are some teams (Rams) who are crazy desperate for OLine help. Stafford has been getting killed
  2. Fant and Mitchell are not getting their jobs back, they will be backups. There's no way LaFleur is going to disrupt the OLine's chemistry. Fant also is not going to get the long term extension he was looking for
  3. If Wilson is out it won't matter, this will be a tough game because of the altitude and DEN defense
  4. DEN defense is good, but their offense is fundamentally broken. Hackett is over his head as a HC and Wilson has totally regressed from his days in SEA. There were some OLine protection changes Wilson missed at the end of the game that led to sacks and his accuracy is in the toilet. You could see DEN skill position players looking pretty disgusted in the 4th quarter and OT. This will be a low scoring game in high altitude but one that we could/should win
  5. I doubt the team will fix something that's not broken. The present 5 (Brown, Tomlinson, McGovern, Herbig & Vera-Tucker) are just now developing chemistry. The returning OLinemen (Fant & Mitchell) will be depth pieces in my opinion. In fact with the development of Mitchell & Herbig and the flexibility of AVT I don't think Douglas is going to re-sign Fant to an extension
  6. It's weird to say but Rodgers wishes he has the weapons the Jets have. GB needs a massive upgrade at WR
  7. And since the CIN debacle the defense has only given up 47 points over three games (15.6 avg)
  8. Filthy play design by LaFleur on the Hall TD run:
  9. Some have posted concerns about the performance of the offense in the first half. I have another thought, I think BOTH teams struggled offensively because of the "LaFleur connection". Since both teams run a "LaFleur offense" it felt like both defenses knew what was coming and dominated early. The Jet advantage was Breece Hall and their ability to run the ball, our DLine never allowed GB running game to get going. Leading to the second half "stomp out"
  10. Amazing!!! For the first time since 2019 the Jets have won three games in a row as they physically manhandled GB 27-10. In back to back weeks the Jets have stomped out an opponent and made the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter irrelevant: Special Teams - Even though he missed a 54 yarder Greg Zuerlein continued his solid season as he went 2/3 on FG's and 3/3 on XP's. His leg strength on KO's has surprised me. - Excellent game by Braden Mann (45 yd avg) particularly in the first half when he "flipped" field position multiple times when the offense was struggling. - Braxton Berrios was productive as usual with a 29 yd avg on KO's and an 11 yd avg on punts. - The punt protection had one mishap as Jamien Sherwood didn't seal off the middle of the line and allowed a punt block. But other than that Brant Boyer's units were off the charts as Quinnen Williams blocked a FG and Michael Clemons blocked a punt that led to a "scoop & score" by Will Parks. Defense - I can't remember a defensive effort as good as we saw today, it must be back in the 2009 and 2010 seasons when Rex Ryan was HC. Much improved secondary play and relentless DLine pressure abused Aaron Rodgers all day. As he was sacked 4 times, knocked down 9 times and had 5 passes defensed. - Let's highlight the "beasts" from today's game: * Quinnen Williams is elevating his game into Aaron Donald territory. He blocked a FG, had 5 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 TFL's and 3 QB Hits (yawn). * Quincy Williams made a dramatic return from injury with 14 Tackles (many of them HUGE) and coverage all over the field. * CJ Mosley was an excellent "tag team partner" to Williams as he had 11 Tackles (many of them HUGE) and one pass defensed. * Ahmad Gardner's coverage skills are so advanced for a rookie it's ridiculous. He has serious make up speed, change of direction, ability to close on routes and the ability to knock balls out of receivers hands. If Gardner keeps on this path we will be bringing up Revis comparisons fairly soon. * DJ Reed may be short but his coverage skills and physicality make up for it. In addition Michael Carter shouldn't be forgotten because he's raised his game in his second year. * The safety play of Jordan Whitehead and Lamarcus Joyner has elevated since the CIN debacle. Now when double coverage is being called they're consistently in position. Also, they are providing a physical presence when they are coming into "the box". Offense - The performance of the offense can be summed up in one word "sledgehammer". The OLine and running game led the way with 33 rushes for 179 yards (5.4 avg). Duane Brown needs special recognition as the 37 year old wasn't only physical but fast. As multiple times he got into space and blocked LB's and DB's 10+ yards downfield to break long runs. - Breece Hall was the star with 115 yards on 20 rushes and a TD. We may have entered with a committee approach in the RB rotation but Hall is going to change that. His production will make him RB1 shortly with Michael Carter as the "change of pace" RB. - Tremendous play call by Mike LaFleur on Hall's TD run. Wonderful use of motion and misdirection led to a gaping hole in GB defense. - Huge two play sequence by Corey Davis in the third quarter that got the offense going. A 10 yard slant that got a first down then a 40 yard bomb that led to a TD by Berrios on a Jet sweep. QB - Zach Wilson was a game manager again as he generated very little in the passing game going 10/18 for 110 yards. He had one "sexy" sequence when he connected with Davis on the 40 yarder mentioned earlier. But let's not overlook Wilson's most important stat, he's 3-0 since he's come back from injury. And the offense is averaging 30 points a game, hard to complain about that.
  11. KRL

    Sauce Island

    Excellent start and I would say he's been more impactful than Revis was in his rookie year (2007). But Gardner has a long way to go before the nicknames flow and he has tons of work to do on his tackling
  12. This!!! Hill, Waddle and their passing game was the focus, when Bridgewater went down MIA had to run the ball more because they didn't trust Thompson. A "light box" made their running game more effective but they scored 17 points and only 3 in the second half, hard to complain
  13. Neither were noticeable and for an OLineman that is the best compliment. Brown is recovering from a serious shoulder issue because he's wearing a massive harness. And Vera-Tucker is just a freak to move from RG to LT to RT in a matter of three weeks is not normal. Damien Woody has said going from one side to the other is like trying to write with your opposite hand
  14. None of them were good calls, it was just normal "chicken fighting" between the CB and WR. It was the totality of MIA passing strategy, flip it down field and hope they got a flag. Because Thompson stunk
  15. What Vera-Tucker is doing is remarkable. To be going from an inside position on the left and right to an outside position with no help DURING THE SEASON is crazy
  16. Garrett Wilson's one yard catch on 3rd & 10 where he juked 4-5 defenders and came up just short showed how special he can be and how worthless Davis has been. Next year with another 5-10 lbs. Wilson gets the first down
  17. He got "punked" on so many plays it was shocking. Also, the love affair with Corey Davis has to end. The man hasn't made one semi-difficult catch since he's been here. His drop on a 3rd & 9 in the first quarter was disgusting, it was slightly behind him but for $12 million a year he's got to make that catch. Elevate Moore & Wilson to starters and activate Mims
  18. Add in Pineiro to CAR and that means 12 of our original 90 players were picked up by others. That's 13% of the players we started with, that's impressive
  19. A third rate "media personality" wants to create buzz around their name. Therefore I'll attack a NY team/athlete (good or bad) because they always have a passionate fanbase which will get my name circulated on social media. My name is Brady Quinn
  20. For those who never saw Klecko his modern comparisons would be when the Jets played in a 4-3 he was Aaron Donald and when they played 3-4 he was JJ Watt
  21. Took way too long!!! Klecko was way ahead of his time and dominated in both 4-3 & 3-4 as a DLineman
  22. Let's look at the ramifications of Wilson's injury on the organization, depending on how long he'll be out Long Term - The evaluation of Wilson will be severely impacted. There will be no clear indication of whether he can be a franchise QB or not - Two years of his cheap rookie deal will be gone - The way he got injured makes me question his decision making. In the FIRST PRE-SEASON GAME of the year you do not make a "dead leg juke" on a scramble and cut back into the field of play. Particularly with a DLineman behind you and a safety in front of you, you slide or go out of bounds. It was a moronic, idiotic and stupid move, if he can't make that simple decision how can he make the tough ones??? - Finally, two years in with two knee injuries and you have to ask is he injury prone? Short Term - Flacco will improve our chances of winning. He won a SB, played well in big games and still has a cannon for an arm. With a vet OLine and weapons at the skill positions you know he'll run the offense efficiently. And with his experience he won't be fooled by what a defense throws at him - With Flacco not being as nimble in the pocket, LaFleur will probably call less roll outs and mis-directions - If Wilson does come back this year Saleh could have a tough decision. Does he stay with Flacco or automatically go back to Wilson
  23. Worthless to bring up PFF stats with Brown last year: - First of all Wilson missed a ton of games and was replaced by Smith (that will affect sack numbers) - Second, did SEA run the same blocking scheme that we do. How did that affect his sack numbers
  24. Hopefully he has way more in the tank than Ryan Kalil
  25. Saleh is mouthing the PC line that permeates the culture. Never say anything that may bring you "social media heat". There are no Rex Ryan's in sports who will shoot from the hip and boast about his team, get used to it
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