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  1. That was awesome and always loved to watch Spielman play. This was a great idea by the Lions PR department, but I can’t help imagine how much better it would have been with JB Smoove announcing it.
  2. Darnold had some insane throws as well. They were just to the other team.
  3. The Jets don’t even have to win at this point for me. All I want is more than 3 and out on offense for the last decade+
  4. Only thing dumber than Twitter are people who care about Twitter handles
  5. They have not one, but two bad offensive coordinators. I’m not impressed with Flores and for those of you who don’t think Joe Douglas is good at drafting (I’m not one of those people), then what Grier has wasted with his draft picks would have given you diarrhea. Watson’s a huge upgrade from Tua, but if he can’t win with DeAndre Hopkins and a decent Oline, then he will not be as big a threat as some make it out to be with the Fins minus a bunch of high draft picks.
  6. Obviously the first salvo by his agent to Joe Douglas for his next contract
  7. I’d suggest Staten Island then, but I grew up there andJets fans suffer enough and shouldn’t have to be subjected to Staten Island ever.
  8. This is true, but we didn’t have to build an 82,500 seat stadium just to sell more PSLs. The original plan was 60,000 I believe. The Raiders capacity at their new stadium is 65,500. Rams/Chargers 70,000. With 60,000 vs 82,500 you could have the stands closer to the field and an intimidating, crazy loud and fun environment. They would have made more money this way vs 15k empty upper deck seats. Anyway could they build where the Nets arena is? No. Could they have explored other parts of Brooklyn or Queens for a 60k capacity stadium? Yes.
  9. As long as Zach doesn’t have douchebag brother like Patrick Mahomes I’m good NewsWorldAmericas Patrick Mahomes’s brother apologises for dancing on dead NFL star’s memorial Patrick Mahomes' brother shown dumping water on Ravens fans in video; Mahomes responds
  10. Bill O'Brien should get a honorary Super Bowl ring if they win it for giving them DeAndre Hopkins
  11. Not trying to be a jerk...legit question...do you happen to know his run blocking and overall grades?
  12. If you hadn't ordered a fruity drink with an umbrella in Vegas I might have some respect for your posts
  13. Sorry bro...didnt see you posted that and wrote same thing around same time. Great minds think alike lol.
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