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  1. Marino, Mahomes, Manning....there seems to be a clear correlation between great QBs whose last names start with Ma... should see if Sam is open to switching to Marnold
  2. Not for nothing, but this looks like how most CBs in the league make an open field one on one tackle.
  3. At least there’s 3 or 4 good QBs coming out. Good year to suck and trade back in the draft and get lots of additional picks. thats all I got.
  4. i haven’t complained about the loss because I didn’t want to knee jerk a reaction, but I think what’s pissed me off the most is I’m sick of not having an offense. I can’t stand it. I would have been ok losing 35-28. We hired an offensive minded head coach, our early drives with Sam in preseason were super encouraging, and then we get the same 3 and out crap on opening day. And I’m so used to it I knew each drive was going to get bogged down. I knew when Maye dropped that easy interception and they kicked a fg next play we would lose somehow. Then Mosley went down ...uh oh....and they score in like 1:30. It’s like my thoughts always materialize in the game. I think this proves we are living in a simulation, but that’s a whole other discussion.
  5. Patriots will promote it as a come-back story
  6. She watches with me just to see me lose it. Makes little comments to add to my eventual explosion. ..."like why do you wind yourself up like this every year. you know they are going to lose". she said this when we were up by 13 points with 10 min left. i almost throttled her.
  7. I bet he comes in with frost bitten feet, an unofficial helmet, and misses practices just so he can re-sign with the pats.
  8. It takes time for him to update his resume and place it on LinkedIn I’m guessing
  9. When your offense is going 3 and out most of the game your defense will eventually get tired. Out of all the Jets coaches today Gregg Williams was not the problem.

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