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  1. Just because it’s a division rival doesn’t mean you can’t like the guy. That’s called being an adult. That being said fckTom Brady. He likes sitting on the end of the football.
  2. It’s so Jets that if this is the Jets greatest play it was followed up by us gaining like -8 yards on the first couple off plays and Folk missing a chip shot FG and me almost throwing my beer at the TV...
  3. Sam Darnold is younger than Trevor Lawrence
  4. the receiver thing is not my fault, but you have a hell of a talent in Haiku writing. Here I made your Haiku into a short film
  5. What people are not understanding about this pick is that it was to benefit Jamal Adams not trade him. A player that can play single high free safety allows Adams to make even more plays at and behind the line of scrimmage.
  6. according to one site I'm looking at pick 125 from Chicago through New England pick 129 from Baltimore through New England
  7. CBS Draft studio analysts just cut to their colleague who is working from home to ask him about a player just drafted and he was asleep at his desk lol...after like 5 awkward seconds they cut back to the studio
  8. DK Metcalf fell last year and I wanted him. Glad we took Mims. Seems we finally have a GM with a freakin clue.
  9. we still could move up in the 2nd from where we are now if we love someone. Will be a cheaper move than what we received as well.
  10. agree...just surprised still there...was getting talked up the week of the draft as a first rounder liked by a lot of teams. guess just smokescreens.

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