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  1. Maybe we should ask Darnold not to go to Jordan Palmers summer camp this year. Certainly not helping him.
  2. Begins at 5:55 best one ive heard yet “if I’m the bears or 49ers I’m calling Texas and offering my first round pick for every year Watson is on my roster after the trade.maybe put a 9 or 10 year limit on it.” lol wtf ...these guys get paid for these takes
  3. If its Brady vs Bills Super Bowl ... Tom Brady has a 30-3 record against the Buffalo Bills. His 30 victories are the most by a quarterback against a single opponent.
  4. Kinda crazy... this is Brady's first wild card team he's played on the announcer just said
  5. Watson hates the owner ...unless Cal McNair gets traded I’ll still hold out hope.
  6. Happy Birthday Paradis. Hope we can hang out at another Jets playoff game again soon. edit: weird we entered at same time lol
  7. Dumb question, but if this COVID is still around do you think the league offers opt outs again to the players? will they say you can’t opt out a second time? Seems hard to put limits on something like that.
  8. "The moment it sinks in that you were cut while in Disney World" - Nick Mangold

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