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  1. TokyoJetsFan

    Possible trouble for Johnson & Johnson

    Woody and Chris have nothing to do with the company anymore
  2. Off topic but I was a little buzzed first time I watched one of your videos and I was stoned/fascinated with the jet that flies into the helmet during the intro. I rewound it flying like 20x in a row lol.
  3. Any way we could get Bowles in here for the GM Rooney rule candidate just to see everyones head explode?
  4. TokyoJetsFan

    Interim GM Gase

    • Mosley was a different case. Gase had him No. 1 on his veteran wish list from the start, I’m told, which explains the wild price the Jets paid to get him: $17 million per, which is nearly $5 million per more than Luke Kuechly made as the NFL’s highest paid off-ball linebacker in 2018. The coach saw him as the type of cultural tone-setter he wanted for his program. Even if no one was crazy about the price tag, the Jets knew they’d have to overpay to beat out Baltimore, which badly wanted to keep him. They wound up a full $3 million per past the Ravens in the process. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/16/new-york-jets-mike-maccagnan-adam-gase-joe-douglas
  5. TokyoJetsFan

    Mac and Hermidingsh*t gone (my first post here)

    Mike Maccagnan never should have even had this perch to fall from. That’s the word from Mike Lombardi, the former longtime NFL executive and briefly the Browns’ general manager, who’s now with The Athletic. Lombardi, who helped begin the rumblings that Maccagnan was not safe with the Jets late last month, reporting he was on the hot seat, says he never should have had that seat in the first place. “Maccagnan’s a college scout who got promoted to become a GM. How? I don’t know,” Lombardi said on “The GM Shuffle” podcast Wednesday, before turning his attention to Maccagnan’s right-hand man. “… And so he brought [VP of player personnel Brian] Heimerdinger in, and Heimerdinger for whatever reason … he moved up the NFL as fast as any human being could possibly, with no experience, and he’s making all the decisions. And so it’s really a kind of a dysfunctional front office that’s been this way for years since they got there. “But Todd Bowles … he never complained. He just took his medicine, smiled and went to work.” https://nypost.com/2019/05/16/bill-belichick-confidant-crushes-mike-maccagnan-on-his-way-out/
  6. TokyoJetsFan


    Ask your doctor for a shot of Toradol. It's an anti-inflamatory and will do wonders for you immediately. Hope you feel better.
  7. TokyoJetsFan

    What Is The Best Position?

    We've had some really good WR's: Chrebet, Walker, Maynard, Toon, Coles, Keyshawn, Cotchery, Moss, Moore, Holmes, etc.
  8. TokyoJetsFan

    Tom Shane is dominating

    Batman refuses to kill people. He’s a snowflake pussy.
  9. As our OL Coach came from the Bengals here’s 2 names to keep an eye on Bengals on the roster bubble after 2019 NFL draft Clint Boling, OL Boling could end up being a surprise cut. Jonah Williams could mean Cordy Glenn has to move around and Michael Jordan could steal a starting gig outright. Rather than paying Boling, the Bengals might look to move him while he still has value. Christian Westerman, OL Same story for Westerman. He's got a segment of the fanbase wanting to see him playing more. But coaches have passed on the idea for years and just drafted two high-profile rookies. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/gallery/bengals-roster-bubble-2019-nfl-draft/
  10. TokyoJetsFan

    Mac Interview on Rapsheet Podcast

    I’m hoping there’s a couple of OL cap casualties around the league that we can scoop up. Think I read we have 17mn left in cap space after signing draft picks.
  11. Love this guy. Can he play center?
  12. TokyoJetsFan

    Happy birthday, Jetstream23

    Happy 50th grandpa
  13. For years we argued was it because Bowles couldn’t coach or Macc couldn’t pick the right people....or both. well now maybe we’ll see in the meantime Gase, you googly eyed mofo, go coach

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