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  1. I can see how people would be fooled as NFL teams often hire people to watch hours of surveillance video from the cafeteria exit to catch players red handed just like this.
  2. The Jets had video evidence every Sunday that Trumaine Johnson was stealing cash from them and they never cut him so this has to be fake
  3. kind of a win-win...packers get cap space to put towards devante adams and if rodgers wants to leave after this year he can decide where he wants to get traded to
  4. Its filled with melted butter
  5. I believe the rule is signing bonus is paid immediately and any other guaranteed money left in the contract is placed in escrow. I also believe the johnsons have plenty of money to cover any kind of requirement needed. It doesn’t even have to come out of their pockets. This is a business. If they were hard up they could get loans or you would even be reading about them selling ownership stakes. They made Douglas one of the highest paid GMs and there was no problem with salehs negotiations. I don’t think they are great owners but I don’t think they are overly cheap either. We haven’t spent t
  6. You could have necro’d this thread every year if you made it 20 years ago regardless of contract situation …maybe even twice as long
  7. This was in the presser thread, but seems a pretty confident thing to say. If they were far apart I'm sure he would have went the no comment route. JMO.
  8. you see... two people CAN politely have an opposing view on this board. faith in humanity restored.
  9. I’m pretty sure Moses ranks significantly higher in every blocking statistic there is. The only thing Fant beats him in is salary and I don’t think Sarah will determine his starters by what they are earning.
  10. Theres a few things that go into these offsets besides money...its about both sides not wanting to find themselves on the short end of the stick. For future guarantees its really like 20% on the 4th and 5th year of the contract which is something the Jets should just give in to...theres also things i can see the teams point of view on like training camp roster bonuses that get paid even if the player winds up on the active/non football injury list when camp opens...that protects the player if he does something dumb like steve smith did when he broke his arm playing football at his local YMCA
  11. If your chest is bigger than your belly then you are in good shape in my book.
  12. Maybe max can hook you up with a press pass for better viewing this year
  13. Rodgers can't even let Brett Favre keep the title of Best Drama Queen in Packers history. Talk about being competitive.
  14. If they have a kid it will have some serious athletic DNA passed down. Sign the tadpole beast early.
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