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  1. I think they will see eye to eye. Boom.
  2. OMG I totally misread the thread title. I thought it said Jets CEO: Gase hire about winning, he’s not a tweaker
  3. Files is a feee agent after the season I think. Maybe they tag him to try to get something back but he’s gonna get a huge contract someplace. They are better off keeping the younger and cheaper for now wentz
  4. TokyoJetsFan

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    WTF is geisha green?
  5. TokyoJetsFan

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    Jets are close to winning a Super Bowl
  6. TokyoJetsFan

    Chad Pennington

    I’d be ok with Chad opening a stand in the cafeteria called Noodles
  7. TokyoJetsFan

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    Agree. I remember one thing Dolphins fans would bitch about was Gase wouldn’t even be watching his defense when they were out there. He’d be on the bench looking at his tablet or photos of the offense getting ready for the next series.
  8. TokyoJetsFan

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    Didn’t the redskins screw Williams over a couple of times already in the past?
  9. TokyoJetsFan

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    Gregg Williams you hard ass mofo sign the contract and I will arrange the geishas and school girls for you.
  10. TokyoJetsFan

    Gregg Williams being considered

    Ironically isn’t this how we got Henry Anderson in the first place. If I recall Indy was switching to a 4-3 and gave up on him and their fans were pissed off we got him so cheap.
  11. TokyoJetsFan

    Enunwa can be our Jarvis Landry

    Bless em
  12. TokyoJetsFan

    Sam Darnold sealed the deal in hiring Gase

    Maybe they mean they used Siri to choose who to pick? ”Siri...who should be the next head coach of the New York Jets?”... im ok with that
  13. TokyoJetsFan

    What about Vance Joseph for DC?

    Ian Rapoport ✔@RapSheet One strong possibility as defensive coordinator for new #Jets coach Adam Gase is Vance Joseph. Joseph is still in the mix with the #Bengals, but he could land in NYJ if Cincy doesn’t work. Gase and Joseph where together in Miami. 1,017 5:18 PM - Jan 9, 2019
  14. TokyoJetsFan

    Look on the bright side--

    Not a big deal, but I don't think you asked me permission to post my picture.
  15. TokyoJetsFan

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    He's supposedly good with QB's, calls is own plays, is young and hopefully learned from his mistakes in Miami. I'll give him a clean slate. This is the first coach we have hired in a while that is getting a decent QB. A decent QB can change perceptions of coaches, GMs, and owners. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowFollow @RapSheet More The biggest surprise of the coaching carousel happens in Miami: #Dolphins coach Adam Gase is out. He’ll immediately emerge as a top candidate for several openings. Big-time QB prowess.

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