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  1. Would I be crazy to think we will start 5-0 in 2022?
  2. *21.23 MPH is the fastest top speed by a quarterback over the last three seasons (since 2018). DJ hit faster speed than lamar jackson
  3. I was waiting for him to fumble when he fell lol
  4. Avery Williamson to the Steelers who lost Devon Bush.
  5. From 2011-2018 the only first round pick left on the Jets roster is Sam Darnold....and he might be gone soon. Best to buy a jersey with Woody or Chris Johnsons name on the back.
  6. KC could cover 22 against us with Andy Reid at QB
  7. The man is still in shape I’ll give him that. Looked like a monster in that video where he raced tyreek hill Nevermind that was Terrell Owens lol
  8. Well that sucks. Maybe we can add a throwback and make me happy once or twice a year...
  9. Yeah I said it These have nothing but bad luck and bad memories. They reek of McGannan and Gase and I think Jamal Adams designed them with a crayon. Get rid of them I say and start fresh. Hey we can even let Sunshine design them if it helps get him here...even though orange and green might be hard to get used to. Oh and JB Smoove isnt allowed at the unveiling
  10. If there is one thing I'm confident Adam Gase can do better than Bill Belichick it's lose a game. Bring it on Belichick. We will score negative points if we have to.
  11. if this was the plan it’s dumb for a couple of reasons... if you want to build up Tuas confidence Start him against the Jets...not against Aaron Darnold and the Rams the next week veterans on the team don’t like throwing a rookie in when vet playing well and in the hunt for a playoff spot($$$) Also losing starting job when you are playing well For no reason doesn’t send a great message either.
  12. Don't do this to yourself. Leave while you still can.
  13. Let me know where he says Jets PSL’s are ranked next to stocks, gold, bonds, bitcoin, or cash.
  14. I’ve got over 40 years of being a fan of this team. The super bowl win that I hope will come in my lifetime will feel infinitely more satisfying than if I switched to let’s say KC this year and they won. I have way too much invested in this team to want to switch at this point. Only the real fans and masochists are left here. I can roll with that crowd.
  15. This is an obvious tank for Trevor move by the fins
  16. I was going to say 24, but Vegas knows KC will pull their starters after halftime ....so I'll go with 23.5
  17. Pffft Keyshawn thought Wayne Chrebet was the team mascot as well
  18. I agree with your scenario except belichick will never let the Jets win. He will probably be more motivated to kicking our ass with Trevor Lawrence.

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