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  1. after getting screwed on penalties in new england last week the league making it up to dallas this week
  2. whoever double teamed this guy wasted resources
  3. I thought Adam Gase didn't give a post game winning locker room celebration for the third straight week
  4. My first game I saw in person was as a kid at the last game of the year in a snowstorm against the winless Saints. Yeah the Saints won. Have no idea why I stuck with them after that now that I think about it.
  5. This place is going to melt down when joe Douglass signs Jamal to an early contract extension
  6. i read they don' trust nugent. they did same thing in last weeks game. went for it on 4th down like 3 times instead of fg.
  7. Dude you want to hear real child abuse? I named my son Jett.
  8. Holy crap what did you post to get a -375,000 negative rep????
  9. Yankees got this. Lets go!!
  10. Marino, Mahomes, Manning....there seems to be a clear correlation between great QBs whose last names start with Ma... should see if Sam is open to switching to Marnold

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