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  1. Wasn’t he like a linebacker and only played QB for like 4 years before he was drafted?
  2. Crypto.com arena might not be around anymore on July 30th
  3. I’d much rather own the Broncos for $4.6bn than twitter for $44bn
  4. DENVER — The Denver Broncos and the Walton-Penner family ownership group, spearheaded by Walmart heir Rob Walton, have entered into a purchase and sale agreement to acquire the team, the Broncos announced in a tweet Tuesday night. Details of the purchase were not immediately available. Sources told Broncos Insider Troy Renck that the price is north of $4.6 billion, crushing the current record paid for an American sports franchise at $3.3 billion for the Brooklyn Nets, which involved real estate. The Panthers own the NFL record, sold for $2.275 billion to David Tepper.
  5. I just moved back to Tokyo for a job last month. will tell her you said hi if I happen see her...although she may be looking rough all these years later lol
  6. I’m not mad he said that about the Jets. Im mad because he gets paid $12mn a year to say that.
  7. The only thing he senses from afar is McDonalds and KFC
  8. The Jets will have up to 90 sacks during the preseason, but have to cut down to 53 sacks during the regular season…one less if Zachs hasn’t fallen yet
  9. Playing in New York I wish his nickname was Gravy and not Sauce
  10. Nothing softer than a hall of fame QB pulling himself out of a game because his forearm hurt Jets QB White leaves Colts game with right forearm injury White was injured on New York's second offensive series and went into the medical tent after throwing a touchdown pass to tie the score at 7
  11. If becton is able to do well against Lawson in camp does that mean becton got better or Lawson got worse after the injury? Conflicted.
  12. He big! Would have been such a cooler last name.
  13. If you think the Giants call is boring, imagine what Belichicks call to the rookies sounds like? Mumbled call and the player left wondering if he was drafted or it was a butt dial by one of his buddies.
  14. pretty crazy...so far through 3 rounds, zero players from University of Texas picked
  15. Robbie Andersen doesn't appear to want either lol
  16. Give me Jeremy Ruckert with one of our last pick please
  17. The lunch buffet at Spearmint Rhino is vastly underrated
  18. It’s Thursday 8:30 pm here in Tokyo. Jets are on the clock soon. I won’t ruin it for you guys and tell you who we picked.
  19. Don’t know if anyone saw the guy singing the National Anthem, but he’s blind and autistic and can hear a song once and play it on the piano and sing it right after. Pretty inspirational kid
  20. W is for win so give me 2 W’s on draft day…Walker and Williams
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