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  1. To Gase's credit, not many other OCs have the ability to keep one eye on the play sheet and one eye on the field
  2. They should make the team wear uniforms of shame...maybe force them to wear embarrassing colors for a football team like aqua and orange.
  3. I’ve bought you the embarrassing drink you ordered in Vegas so you can keep getting it over and over today. Here you go. Don’t drink it too fast tough guy.
  4. Maybe Salah can offer the kid a junior position on the coaching staff so he can still be active in football.
  5. 60 f'ing years and we had no QB remotely close to making this list outside of Namath. If it was the whole NFL I wouldn't be annoyed, but our own team list? We all know why we have sucked for so long, but this is mind boggling if you really think about it.
  6. I think the the NFL should hold a special event every year, like the scouting combine, for the 5 worst teams and their GMs compete for draft order. ESPN could televise it. Maybe have a bunch of different events like Beer Chug, Pass, Punt, and Kick, Wonderlic, Madden NFL, etc...
  7. I highly doubt there are records showing the Browns agreed to pay bonuses for losing. Even the Browns aren't that dumb. I'm sure there are bonus clauses in his contract from the browns, but the wording for whatever it is, even losing, would be constructed so the Browns wouldn't get in trouble. Something like the team is bad and you will get a bonus even if we lose xxx games. Also, after watching Hue coach you don't need to pay him extra to lose.
  8. Mahomes 13/14 154 yards 3 tds 0 int 5 min in first half left. That would rank in top 5 all time Jets full game qb feats.
  9. California taxes suck, but the thing that broke me and the main reason I’m leaving is because every one dips their pizza in ranch dressing here. It wasn’t just Sanchez. I’ve had enough.
  10. “If you were the GM of this jet l’d be taking the next flight”
  11. I’m talking about ever. Those teams share stadiums now, but at one point had their own stadiums. Name one that has never had their own stadium.
  12. It was called Giants Stadium and they played there for a good 8 years before the Jets moved in . They absolutely had their own stadium.
  13. I honestly can't think of a team in the NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA other than the Jets who have never had their own stadium.
  14. They should hire Urban Meyer so I can watch it burn
  15. Loved your post, except the last paragraph. I've been a fan of this team over 40 years and am the definition of an eternal optimist, but I can't fault any fan at this point to be cynical or bitter and doesn't make them any less of a fan than I am. If you don't like what they have to say then just give them your point of view or ignore them. I guess I'm just getting old because this sounds like a dad comment lol. Anyway great 99.9% of a post. Thank you.
  16. Prayers to you and your family. Your wife is a fighter. You will win this battle.
  17. Be safe. You might be the only Jets fan there.
  18. Only came to see if any bets were made in this thread
  19. I think he's more like Patrick Mahomes's brother
  20. Do yourself a favor and spend less than $20 on a silicone ball shaped ice tray from Amazon and use one of these with your scotch if you like drinking it on the rocks like I do.
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