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  1. Mo Lewis killing Drew Bledsoe and starting the Tom Brady era is as Jetsy as it gets…
  2. This was the only Jets game I went to that they won. Was an amazing weekend from the parts that I can remember.
  3. You are a very lucky man to not only have found a great wife, but also great in laws.
  4. Strange Rex is going after Saleh because I heard he likes getting off on the right foot. Get it? Getting off on the right foot. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.
  5. Rep given for using the word bukkake in a football discussion.
  6. That took balls to write. I love chicks who have balls. Wait that came out wrong.
  7. Falcons are losing 43-3. We are only sucking second worst in the league so far today. So we have that going for us.
  8. I think he meant he looks like the number one pick if the Jets were choosing
  9. Henry Ruggs blames 'slow' firefighters for death of women he hit at 156mph: His attorneys claim they didn't put out blaze for 20 minutes after 'drunk' Raiders star plowed into victim's car https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10192533/amp/Ruggs-lawyers-Witness-says-firefighting-slow-fatal-crash.html Edit: if this is the best defense you can come up with then you should not even suggest this. At least keep the remaining minuscule dignity you have left sheesh.
  10. B Batman: Superman, never go back to an ex that dumped you bro…
  11. Thank you to all the veterans and those who serve. Respect.
  12. Its a no win game for Seattle if they sign him because if OBJ smokes Jamal in practice that proves Jamal sucks and if Jamal can actually cover OBJ than that proves OBJ sucks. No way they sign him.
  13. If they are paying him 19mn next year they should move him back to linebacker
  14. Our defense is so bad that teams game plan to try to get into 3rd and long against us
  15. Its honestly bizarre all parents of that generation deployed the wooden spoon spanking and equally bizarre its something I forgot until you wrote that. It must have been a class they taught all parents. I really dont think about it, but a good number of wooden spoons were broken from ass spankings on me. I'm petty sure I deserved all the beatings so thats why its not a big deal to me lol.
  16. Interesting fact: Sam Harris' mom created the TV shows Soap and Golden Girls. You can go back to fighting now.
  17. You’re the only one who understands me
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