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  1. What’s it supposed to be? I just assumed me being under 50% body fat was a win.
  2. I’d be cool with a camouflage jersey to honor the service. Pair em up with the black pants and we’re good to go. Love my salute to service Jets camo hoodie.
  3. He also dropped the ball on what the thread title should have been… Thursday White Football
  4. First time my best friend and I went to Vegas we told the cab driver to bring us to the best strip bar. He was an Indian dude and said Spearmint Rhino, but we thought he was saying Sperming Rhino lol. We were like bro…no..we want to see girls.
  5. I found this on google and it has an Indiana address. I like the name of the bar.
  6. Wonder if State Farms Covid rates for everyone are the same as Aaron’s
  7. This just reminded me that the DJ at the bar I worked at during the summers down the Jersey Shore was told by management to play American Pie as the last call song because it was so long. I hate that song now because of hearing it so much.
  8. When you are playing an away game you stay in a hotel and get to order as much room service as you want and it slows you down a step which is why -3
  9. Just saw the preview and it looks good. Plus it’s got Dennis Quaid in it and it’s not a sports movie unless Dennis Quaid is in it.
  10. How did White have better odds than Justin Fields, Davis Mills , and Case Keenum lol
  11. Congrats to whoever of you this was!! A bettor in New Jersey hit the biggest score of his betting career, thanks to New York Jets backup quarterback Mike White. On Friday, a 35-year-old small business owner from northern New Jersey placed a $1,000 bet on White to have the most passing yards of any quarterback in Week 8 at 125-1 odds. White had the fourth-longest odds offered, behind Chicago's Justin Fields, Houston's Davis Mills and Cleveland's Case Keenum. With the bettor watching from the fourth row at the Meadowlands, White overcame those odds, passing for 405 yards and leading the underdog Jets to the biggest upset of the season so far in a 34-31 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. The bet was placed at the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City and paid a net $125,000 after neither Patrick Mahomes nor New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones eclipsed White's 405 passing yards on Monday Night Football. "This would be my biggest [win], No. 1," the bettor said ahead of the Monday night game. The bettor, who spoke to ESPN on the condition of anonymity, was visiting his mother near Atlantic City last week and decided to find a long-shot wager to root for since he was going with friends to the game Sunday at the Meadowlands. "I just thought it would be fun to have something to root for while I was there," the bettor said Monday. "The Jets are just so terrible that I figured they'd be behind the whole game and have to throw the ball a bunch, so it seemed like a good bet." The bettor sat in the fourth row, around the 20-yard line, behind the Bengals' sideline and watched as White began racking up passing yards. He got nervous when White left the game in the third quarter after hitting his head in a collision with an offensive lineman. White would miss only one series. "I had a close eye on Mike White on the other sideline the whole time, and as soon as he came back in, I got pretty excited," the bettor said. "My bet was back to life." The betting slip, potentially worth $125,000, was sitting on the bettor's coffee table Monday afternoon, a few hours before the Monday night game, as he pondered his options. He put the ticket up for sale on PropSwap, a secondary market where pending wagers are bought and sold. His initial asking price was $120,000, but did not sell. Luke Pergande, the founder of PropSwap, told ESPN that the ticket had attracted a few "bites, but nothing firm". The top bid was $70,000. The bettor also considered placing a bet on Mahomes' passing yards as a way to secure some profit, but didn't like his options. The over/under on Mahomes' passing yards is 302.5 at Caesars Sportsbook. Jones' over/under on passing yards is 256.5. Mahomes finished with 275 yards and Jones 222, neither threatening White's big day.
  12. I don't know either, but it seems to happen a lot that the drunk driver walks away and everyone else doesn't.
  13. I don't dispute that. I was simply responding to the bolded part below. I also want to note that I was all for Zach Wilson starting out of the gate and still think he will be great.
  14. I was watching an episode of Cops or Live PD and they asked the drunk guy they arrested this exact question. He said he felt it was safer if he got home quicker and spent less time on the road because he was drunk. Impaired logic.
  15. I see your point of view, but there’s plenty of evidence that top 5 picks aren’t ready to start right away Jamarcus Russell Ryan Leaf Akili Smith Tim Couch Hearh Shuler Matt Leinart Joey Harrington Sam Darnold And that’s just off the top of my head.
  16. The best thing for the Jets and Zach Wilson is for Mike White to be really good and create competition. Zach doesn’t seem like the type of kid who minds competition. It’s not his fault the Jets handed him the job.
  17. Like many of my favorite 80s songs, this too may end up being one hit wonders
  18. If the Jets had stolen the game plan that the Patriots beat us with before Zach got hurt maybe he would have looked better as well lol
  19. She didn’t get the nickname Air Tight for nothing
  20. Ryan Tannehill about to be exposed. This is also a big boost for the Bills for home field advantage for the playoffs. Might be their year.
  21. Me: can’t remember 99% of peoples names when I run into them. Also me: I remember this thread from 12 years ago and most of the responses in it.
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