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  1. Imagine if one of them was still on the board at 29 lol. We really got lucky Would have been very a SOJ move to take Lewis there
  2. They did their best to do so after it was 14-0. The missed Delay of Game on third down leading to DPI conversion, and then the false start over turned to offsides (cant remember ever seeing that one before) THey were not going to allow a blow out today
  3. A lot can be fixed over time 2 years holding a clipboard could do wonders. Plus side he has a NFL arm and size to play the position, and he's very young A true project, let's hope the Paxton Lynch comparisons don't derail his progress, because he looks legit albeit preseason
  4. I like the skill set of all 3 rookie wideouts I really hope Amaro played his way off the roster and these guys make the roster
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