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  1. Those surreal color schemes are popular across entertainment right now and widespread high def TVs in homes means playing up that aspect. The color scheme and design might look less impressive in a still photo but will create a more vibrant viewing experience with the game.
  2. If Rodgers was like four years younger I absolutely would because that would be four years the team could build around a proven QB that good players want to come play with. Darnold remains unproven and I am not sure Gase is going to get there on development. Darnold could end up being another Pennington for us (in terms of overall production) which would also not be terrible for building up the team but not quite the franchise QB we hoped for.
  3. I could see leagues working hard to get games played by the fall even if the stadiums are empty so they can keep revenue from TV contracts but on the other hand I am a lot less certain the players' unions will agree to have them play without enormous concessions.
  4. Hard to imagine the third round pick wasn't meant to allow the team to lose Maye or Adams and move on. As pretty much everybody has said Mehta isn't reliable and the pick could have easily been a way for the team to avoid Adams holding the team hostage in negotiations or because they know one of them definitely intends not to re-sign with the team. There are a lot of other reasons why they drafted that have to do with the future of the position over the next year or two. It seems among the probable reasons that getting rid of Maye before even a single day of training camp for a new draft pick is among the least likely.
  5. Normally my wife and I buy in the store but we have been buying through an app for Kroger (or whatever name they go by in your area) during quarantine. I like being able to see the quality of produce and meat before buying it and sometimes supermarkets have really terrible quality meat and produce. I've been placing meat and produce orders through a couple local farmer's markets that deliver but I am going to have to break down for the first time since we went into quarantine and hit a butcher shop and supermarket to make purchases this weekend.
  6. 2015 was a fun year in a decade without many good years but there is no need to over or undersell what it was. We had some good pieces on the roster and Geno losing a game of real life rockem sockem robots turned the team over to Fitz who had a career year. Coaching sucked across most of the season and good play made up for coaching deficiencies. A lot fell in the right direction but plenty fell against the team too. The team was no juggernaut but the team played hard most of those games and it showed. It was unfortunate that 2015 was a year when a 10-6 record did not lock a wildcard.
  7. This is some premature bedwetting about the next season.
  8. The most entertaining thing in this thread is people referring to wrestling as a sport.
  9. Not sure I would be excited by that OL but short of one incredibly lucky opportunity after another there is no way every hole in the roster can be addressed in a single offseason.
  10. Idzik was worse. Idzik had one skill and that was not spending money. He performed that necessary service of unwinding all the unnecessary contracts left behind by Tannenbaum so he deserves whatever credit one deserves for not signing players or dealing away big contracts in cap hell. He did very little to build a front office or give the head coach tools to succeed. Obviously his drafts were awful and his FA picks were not much better. I saw somebody give him credit for Decker but really how much credit do you award for taking a starter from the super bowl team shedding players? Obvious FA acquisition is obvious. Idzik would have been a good hire in 2013 in a lower role to help a new GM unwind all those contracts but he had no business being in charge. Mac tried to build a front office and tried to build a roster but he was terrible at it. He made terrible picks, his front office did not deliver and his strategy did not work for the amount of work the roster needed when he showed up. Both teams inherited problems and left behind problems but I think Mac left behind a better roster (though not by much). Mac got saddled with a much worse coach than Idzik--as bad as sexy rexy was those last two years it is hard to imagine any of the Mac rosters only winning four or five games with sexy rexy. Mac edges Idzik out for the worst because he built a less awful team and because he tried to build a front office and do the entire job.
  11. It would be hilarious if McDaniels goes there and has a little success
  12. Garrett had been a coach for three years (QB coach, OC) before Jones promoted Garrett to head coach and then kept him for twelve years. What team has ever shown more patience with a new coach?
  13. Sure they will probably pick up a backup who they can keep around but no way do they spend a first round pick on a backup. Maybe take somebody in the 4-7 range or a younger FA castoff.

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