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  1. This is what has to be answered if you thought the Jets should have left the QB position to Darnold/vet and drafted other skill positions--what is the plan for landing a long term solution at QB? Who is the quality vet dying to come to the Jets? What's the plan to catch a QB in next year's draft? I get that Wilson has not had five great games and there is still room to think the Jets picked the wrong guy; however, the opportunity to draft second in a draft full of potential franchise QBs when installing a new offensive gave the team the best opportunity to pick who they saw as the best Q
  2. I started on TGG around 2008 I think. I got banned for trolling Tebow fans who did nothing but cry about how maligned they and Tebow were. I moved to JI and after the Scout nonsense came here.
  3. Not sure how sending him to the booth changes the poor game plan they show up with.
  4. The defense has been part of the problem even early in the game when they aren't gassed from being on the field all day. Too many easy opportunities for ATL to complete easy passes in the secondary and the front seven lacked the pressure they had against TEN. The offense has certainly been the bigger problem. Just seems like the offense is dead asleep the first quarter and starts to wake up the second quarter. It's too late by then to start playing the game with urgency and focus. It feels like the team shows up with a game plan on both sides of the ball that sucks. The coaching sta
  5. It was a terrible pass for sure. You can tell from the way he rushed the throw that he was feeling the pass rush coming in. He had a half second to get positioned for the throw but you can see he knew the pass rush was coming and he didn't have much time to get the pass out. He deserves blame for the throw but having the line collapse on him isn't helping either.
  6. Wilson still needs time to develop and improve, especially as the offense starts to congeal around him and he runs for his life less (hopefully). He's missing throws he should make and missing open receivers which are both not great but I would expect that out of any rookie QB five games in. I'd still pick him. Darnold was shot here--no matter what you think of his ceiling it was clear he lost the spark with the Jets and needed a fresh start somewhere else. Assuming TL wasn't available at #2 Wilson still seems like the QB with the best upside. Fields hasn't looked much better
  7. This is probably not true but it seemed like the defense going back before sexy rexy had a strong DL and it became important for every GM after to keep up the tradition of building a run stuffing DL. There has always been a glaring hole in the defense roster. Sexy rexy cared about CBs and always got killed in the middle of the field so every defense after focused on MLB and safety with little focus on CB. This is the first time since 2011 the defense seems to have good pieces coming together across the defense. There's still work to be done on the roster. Crazy that an entire decade went
  8. I like Maye as a player but he isn't a difference maker that commands the contract he likely expects as a first round pick. Unless he's committed to a reasonable contract I assume he's gone. Maybe they tag him another year if they need to bridge the gap looking for a replacement but at the cost of tagging him they could probably find an equally productive player. He's probably here this year and then walks in FA.
  9. Is anybody outside of the media outraged by what happened--outside of Meyer's family and personal circle? The only reason this has been a story for more than a couple days is because the Jags are doing so poorly with supposed generational talent and Meyer's college success. A losing team easily becomes a media punching bag. This is like Rex and the foot thing. Everybody had a good laugh about it but it lingered as a story because the media kept talking about it. Here the sports media has whipped it up so much on a winless team that Meyer and the organization felt they had to feed into it
  10. It wouldn't make sense to spend a small fortune on a vet CB with maybe a few years in him when we have a group of CBs almost everybody thought would be terrible playing pretty well and need to keep seeing the field to continue to improve. If the Jets were a couple players off a SB run sure--he's going to mercenary around the league on one or two year deals until nobody will pay his asking price.
  11. Mostly happy with a win here and plenty of things to like about the game--especially compared to the past three. I was not a fan of a lot of the offensive play calling. Still a lot of headscratchers and had Wilson not put out a few splashy throws I can't see the game producing the same result. The OL seems to be getting better at the blocking scheme as we didn't see the free rushers up the middle while two guys converse nonsense of prior games. The defense overall was very good but when TEN turned up the speed they sliced through the defense. The goal right now should be to p
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