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  1. People are always complaining that we don't have speedy receivers. Now they complain our receivers have too much speed. Make up your mind.
  2. Brady The Sore Loser

    I can't believe nobody asks him about this in post-game pressers. It's just classless. It's one thing if the opposing team came out and played dirty. Sure, show them no respect. But a team that came out a legitimately outplayed and outcoached you then you show them the respect they deserve. What an immature baby. Wait, where are all the pats trolls to tell us how great he is?
  3. To those that don't think Cousins is that good

    Cousins is good but not great. If he was a great QB no team would get rid of him for Alex Smith--another guy who is good but not great. Cousins is not worth what he will command but he will command it because: (1) QB contracts always go up; and (2) he is the best FA QB by a mile. I've never been hot on him and would rather see us pluck a franchise QB out of the draft but I would be okay with him coming here simply because I don't have confidence that this coaching group has the ability to coach up a young QB. They've failed twice even adjusting for what they were given to work with. Is Cousins and a huge hit to the salary cap better than rolling the dice on a draft pick and another year of McCown? There's definitely a good argument for it.
  4. DEN could turn loose Talib to capture a QB as I think any team in need of a QB would, but also consider that their salary cap is wide open in 2020 and 2021. Most of their contracts run out by 2019 so they have the space to structure a contract with a moderate 2018 payment and a big 2020 and 2021. That said, I don't think DEN will pay the money to land Cousins even if he wants to go there for every other reason. I think Elway wants his team to draft a franchise QB and not have to string himself along from FA to FA QB. They could afford to take a year to develop a rookie QB and eat another bad season to put themselves in a position to develop the roster around a franchise QB.
  5. Cousins' current contract is $24MM and 100% guaranteed so yes, he's going to look for a larger contract than $25MM. He's definitely landing somewhere between $25-30MM. I'm not sold that he's worth that contract and I'd love to see us land a early 20s starter in the draft; but reality is this is not a coaching regime that seems capable of coaching up a young QB. I'd rather spend the money at QB and draft great supporting cast.

    I don't know how anybody looked at what Morton did and said this year that makes people feel like he did a good job--unless you are just looking for an excuse to complain about Bowles. The offense was terrible on all fronts except McCown and Morton admitted several times that McCown was carrying that offense. Sure, Morton had a few good games but the rest of the time it was mediocre at best play calling. The bigger problem with the firing is finding somebody of quality who will want to come here at the risk of being let go after a year. Who wants to come to a team where the QB is an unknown but the possibility of termination after a year is known?
  7. Why isn’t it a bigger deal that

    Eventually all the stadiums will move out to suburbs except for maybe truly iconic stadiums like Wrigley Field. There's too much cheap real estate and in-fighting between the large cities and their suburbs to not find someplace outside of the urban core for the owners to build a stadium with little out of pocket and then buy up and develop all the land around it. It also improves the likelihood that the games will be attended by the people the developers want and keep out the undesirables.
  8. To answer the OP: Belichick would be worth more than any other coach in the league simply because he would trade on his reputation with NE. Most, probably all, teams would jump at the chance at nearly two decades of success. Belichick's strength is that he is very good at many things and he has a clear vision for the direction of the team. It's easy to be good when you have a HOF QB your entire tenure with the team. It's easy to build around a franchise QB especially when he takes a lower contract than what he could get elsewhere. Their success is tied together. We don't really know what Belichick would do building a team without being handed an already successful team and lucking into drafting a HOF QB to sit behind him.
  9. If a team as disciplined and successful as NE during Kraft's tenure can have this kind of disorganization propelled by the owner then it has to make you wonder how much of the disorganization within the Jets might be propelled by the owner. How many of terrible decisions over the past seventeen years have been at the demand of Woody but pinned on head coaches or GMs.
  10. NFL ratings down again in 2017

    People talking about the supposed effect of the kneeling are trying to explain a broad effect on the back of their personal feelings and anecdotes while discounting broad evidence that contradicts their opinion. I know, it's 2018 and that's considered acceptable but it's not true. The problem is that the games are just not interesting to watch. This is due to a lot of factors about the games: over-saturation of games; excessive penalties; delayed reviews; vague rules about catches and TDs; seemingly shifting rules in favor of certain teams; excessive commercials. You can add in other factors like cord cutting, CTE concerns, a shift away in younger adults from watching sports. Another factor is that the NFL has very few really competitive teams and they are mostly the same teams for the past 10-15 years. Few people want to sit and watch all the games when most of the teams are boring to watch in the midst of boring, slow games. People will watch their team and maybe the more competitive games. Otherwise they'll just watch the highlights. There's no good reason to watch two 4-12 teams for two hours play run-run-pass-punt mixed with an hour of commercials.
  11. A story that the three disagree about their place in history is no story at all. I'm sure Rex, Tannenbaum and Woody all feel like they deserve credit for 2009 and 2010. Who cares. The part about Brady pushing Kraft to force Belichick's hand on the trade would be an actual story if true. Hard to imagine it's true in the way it's been framed. Why sink the potential future of the team for a few more potential years of an aging QB just to make him happy? And why would Belichick roll over considering how much power he holds over the roster? Why would Kraft care about making Brady mad if his replacement was already on the roster and the team could continue its success? This makes just very little sense. I can easily believe the story if it's that Brady lobbied Kraft to support his position to Belichick that he can play several more years and they can afford to search again for a younger QB. Helped convince Belichick is considerably different from forced. But then that's not much of a story.
  12. Yes but only to see people complain about how we signed another old ass QB and need to bench him to give Hack a chance to see the field.