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  1. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    People run around talking about players with unequivocal certainty to their future, rewrite their past to discount all the times they were wrong, pound how right they were with the rest and repeat. Then that becomes the basis for later arguments that they are great draft analysts and how sh*tty the Jets front office is. I'm not suggesting people can't be wrong; most often they are. Let's just be honest about it.
  2. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You literally said the exact same thing word for word.
  3. Are we also criticizing the Broncos front office for taking both Semian and Lynch?
  4. Predicting every NFL team's 2020 QB

    Wait where was Geno
  5. I think Cro always wanted to play and give everything he had. He just didn't have a lot to give after the injury plus age. I don't criticize the guy at 33 for wanting to extend his career.
  6. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    I wouldn't want him and I don't think the Giants are letting go of him.
  7. Question For The Tank Crowd

    I never believed the front office or the coaching staff committed to a tank. I know a lot of people wanted it. I dunno, I don't want to root for loses. I'd rather just shelve the year and do something else with my Sundays. If the team loses a lot then they get a good draft position and I'd want to make the most of it. I like that we're seeing a lot of young players and even some vets with some gas in the tank coming together and playing well above expectations. Those are guys we can build with in the future. It gives us options at QB to be an attractive destination for a FA QB or to trade down in a draft. It's a terrible move to look at the team and tell them to underperform or that you intend to coach to a loss. It sends the message this is a place without pride and if you lose it's okay to come back around and ask for a big contract because hey, winning is not always the goal. It's hard to build a great team around that (e.g. Colts, Browns). We don't just need a franchise QB; we need a good team on all fronts.
  8. Bilal Powell

    Powell is a quiet workhorse for the team. He may never be a HOF player but he earns his spot every year and has been a dependable back. I know a lot of people wanted him out earlier in his career but he came back every year better than the one before. I wish he'd get more plays than Forte.
  9. I have no idea whether Petty could or could not do as well or better. Nobody outside of the practices knows how Petty is doing. All we know is that neither Petty nor Hack won the job in the preseason. Like any team, once somebody wins the job its theirs to lose. Has McCown been so terrible that he should be benched? While he hasn't been great if the question is whether somebody else on the roster could maybe play as well then that's not a standard that gets somebody benched. I'd love to not have a thirty-eight year old journeyman starter at QB either but it doesn't mean there's a better option on the roster right now.
  10. Why Can't This Be A Miracle Season?

    Our schedule gets harder from here. We had some games we should have won but thinking playoffs is excessively optimistic. Barring injury, both the Bills and Pats are probably in, which means one spot for us in competition with at least the Ravens, Jaguars and maybe the Texans and Broncos. Unlikely. The team is definitely doing a lot better than expected. Lots of young guys starting to perform at a high level. Some of the vets are starting to earn their keep. We're a lot closer to competing than it appeared at the beginning of the season, which is a huge win. Having a team that is overall on the rise creates a lot more opportunity at QB than just hoping for a tank and take a prospect. With a competitive roster we stand a real chance of attracting a good FA option. We have draft picks to trade down for a QB. We can do both. Bowles' coaching still needs a lot of work but Morton is a huge upgrade at OC which is at least heading in the right direction. Hopefully with more experience and help from good staff like Morton he will find the confidence to trust more in the younger players and manage the clock better.
  11. McCown is going to be back next year unless Petty or Hack do enough at the end of the season or in training camp to win the job. We're not going into a season with two unplayable guys and one brand new guy. That doesn't mean he's the heir apparent, he'll just be the vet option.
  12. This is a tremendous amount of weight given to a comment during a press conference. His comment could mean as little as he knew it was on the table but didn't know the deal completed while he was busy doing coach things. I mean, FFS this is just looking for slants to attack. Maybe leave that up to our new CB.
  13. Definitely should not count out SF taking a QB in the first. Even if Garrapolo plays well it might be worth hedging bets by having two potential franchise QBs. I would only count them out if Garrapolo plays just incredible with their sh*tty team. Then they will re-sign and probably trade down.
  14. Now that we sleep together, I hate you a lot more

    Rivalries among the teams in the NFL are just as made it as it is in wrestling.