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  1. rex-n-effect

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    It's one thing to guess whether Brady will throw to Gronkowski or Edelman from the booth but an entirely different job to design a playbook and call plays under pressure.
  2. rex-n-effect

    Legalized Cheating

    That's how you go blind
  3. rex-n-effect

    Tim Tebow

    Don't believe for a second he is a virgin. Don't believe for a second he's remotely the "aw shucks nice guy" persona he puts on.
  4. rex-n-effect

    Robby Anderson

    He's not taking vet min even if he is our #3 receiver. JN really on a roll for terrible posts today.
  5. rex-n-effect

    Press Conference

    JFC not every person who is socially awkward, especially in a public setting, or has unusual personality quirks is "on the spectrum." Sometimes people just express nervousness or anxiety in different ways.
  6. rex-n-effect

    Bring back Woody

    Deep insight
  7. rex-n-effect

    The Adam Gase Positivity Thread

    I don't think any of the HC options were stellar but Gase probably represents the best mix of what the Jets need in a head coach right now, at least to try to get on the right track. He has HC experience, he knows enough people in the NFL to put together a coaching staff, he comes from the offensive side of the ball, he has a track record of getting a lot out of a QB and he knows the division. He wasn't great in Miami but still leaps and bounds better than Bowles. The big question for me is if he can help steer Macc to make better draft picks and build a better vision for the roster--especially if he can push Macc to work heavily on the OL. It's January. I'd rather be optimistic now and find something better to do with my time on Sundays in the fall if I'm wrong than whine all year before the guy even has a chance to put work into the team.
  8. I'm not counting on anything until the ink is dry on a contract but we've lucked into a situation where the team can justifiably unload a bad HC and there are better options on the board who at least seem interested to interview and hear the pitch. It's not the same situation a few months ago when people were calling for dumping Bowles mid-season and the alternatives weren't out there. If you believe the top HC candidates are even considering the Jets because of the QB prospect and cap space then you at least have to give Macc some credit for creating both those conditions.
  9. rex-n-effect

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    I don't know why people go through so much agony over somebody making a prediction in the media. It's very likely Garafolo has zero actual knowledge of decisions within the Jets organization. At best he is repeating what McCarthy's agent is spreading to generate interest in McCarthy. It's just another example of sports media throwing out predictions knowing there are no consequences if the guess is wrong.
  10. If Bowles is back I'll plan on doing a lot of the same thing I have this season: do other things on Sunday afternoons.
  11. I can't believe anybody here is falling for this nonsense.
  12. Love seeing the fire everybody hire new/draft new prospects responses with no idea how you're going to take a team with a reputation for poor management and convince people to come here. If we could have hired a GM or coach with a better track record we would have in 2015.
  13. I'm not in love with Bates either but somebody near the top of the coaching staff needs to fill the role for the remaining games. I'd rather have Bates or Boyer or maybe Caldwell take over before Kacy Rodgers. Not really a great option to install as an interim on this staff.
  14. This only makes sense if there is a coordinated effort to tank the rest of the season for next year's draft but that only makes sense if Bowles has 100% confidence he's back next year. If he's playing McCown because he thinks that will win games and maybe save his job then the team might as well cut Bowles now and give Bates a test run at interim HC.

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