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  1. rex-n-effect

    Gase Speaks

  2. rex-n-effect

    Gase Speaks

    Hard to believe with less than five months on the team and no allies in the organization with more tenure that he could position CJ to fire the GM. If he had that kind of persuasion he would have taken control of the entire MIA organization.
  3. rex-n-effect

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    I guess your operational genius does not include knowing how to read an organizational chart because the Jets call this position the Senior Director of Football Administration which is definitely a filled position in the current front office.
  4. rex-n-effect

    Chiefs - Jets Agree to Darron Lee trade

    I don't care that they traded him away but I feel like they could have found better value than a sixth.
  5. rex-n-effect

    Mac fired!

    Chris Johnson probably decided to fire Mac at the same time as Bowles but for one or more reasons felt like the timing was wrong. Given all the teams in the mix for head coaches this offseason Johnson may have made the decision searching for a GM first would delay landing a good coach. I guess it is good the team went into the draft and FA with a GM and a scouting department with some kind of plan but now Johnson has to find a GM willing to accept having no control over the head coach. That may severely limit opportunities to find a good candidate.
  6. rex-n-effect

    Adam Gase press conference

    Are you sure this isn't a press conference with He Hate Me?
  7. OTOH with the Lions and Bengals at the bottom of both of those lists you can't say drafting 1st round offense is a path to success either.
  8. The roster needs help at WR but looking at where things are right now it looks like the plan is to get Darnold lots of quick short pass options and use a fast paced offense. That would take pressure off the OL and reduce the need for WRs who can stretch the field.
  9. rex-n-effect

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

    Pretty sure the GM and HC on the same level was instituted by Woody when Bowles and Mac came on in 2015
  10. Single car late night wreck sounds a lot like drunk driving. I could be wrong.
  11. rex-n-effect

    The Mini Camp Thread

    I just want to see.
  12. rex-n-effect

    Jets decline Darron Lee's 5th-year option

    Lee has not played enough good years to lock in a longer contract. Let him perform to earn an extension or become a comp pick.
  13. Both drafts are awful but Idzik edges out Macc's awful draft because: (1) IMO 2014 had a better draft class than 2015; (2) while Macc was stuck in 2015 relying on the existing terrible scouting department Idzik had an entire year before the 2014 draft to manage the scouting department; and (3) Idzik had the benefit of the few remaining pieces of the mid/late 2000s drafts on the OL while the two maybe best players on the roster when Macc showed up were DTs. But these are both two terrible drafts.
  14. rex-n-effect

    Return ..of Tannenbaum

    Why? Tannenbaum has at least one foot out of the door in Miami and is probably dumped before the start of the next season. His only real capacity seems to be to sign ridiculously large contracts for players everybody agrees are good which is to say he has no skill to manage a roster. Maybe he has decent skills in a much, much lower position in an organization but why bring him in over any other individual with a similar skillset? Tannenbaum is probably going to go back into an agency representing mid-level players constantly surprised nobody will agree to contracts he thinks are fair.

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