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  1. Morgan was definitely a developmental pick who seems like he might be good as a backup and/or running the scout team with some work. He has experience with a couple different offensive schemes but seems like he would need a lot of work to even get a chance to compete for a starting role. I can understand the logic of taking a fourth round QB as a developmental pick but not in 2020. The team had a ton of urgent holes and who was he going to rely on to develop Morgan--Gase and Loggains? If JD planned on the team having a new coaching staff then why not wait to make developmental picks unti
  2. Setting this game first is so uninteresting. Both QBs are in a new system and team in their first start so as much as there might be chips on shoulders neither team/QB is likely to play with the confidence of more time to gel. No matter the outcome it won't say much about whether the decision was the right move in the long term.
  3. I agree with the multiple comments above that JD didn't seem to have authority to discharge Gase and even if he did there wasn't anybody in the coaching staff worth keeping for a look at the HC role. I have a hard time imagining JD had enough affection for Gase that he would have kept him as a favor or that JD didn't know how bad Gase was as a coach. JD was clearly washing out the garbage as much as possible and looking for a good draft this year. It wouldn't have made sense to even try to move on a new candidate midseason or put a competitive team on the field. It's fairly common for new
  4. I could see this game scheduled towards the end of the season so it turns into Darnold a year free of Gase versus Wilson a year into the NFL where it is more of a head to head battle and then they can spill the debate over into the offseason whether the Jets should have kept Darnold or how Darnold would have performed on the 2021 Jets. If the Panthers knock the Jets out of competition for the playoffs then that's a juicy story. If the game is set early in the season it lends to less of a storyline. If the Panthers win there's an easy out that Wilson is too new to the league to say whethe
  5. I haven't seen any credible source mentioning numbers but common sense would suggest he's asking for a decently high number or a deal would have been done already. I suspect JD knew he intended to draft several DB and that would weaken Maye's bargaining position but maybe Maye's bargaining posture pushed JD to draft a replacement. We don't know that Maye's number is unreasonable and the Jets just don't want to pay it. If Saleh's time with the 49ers is any indication of what will happen then Maye probably moves on to another team. Saleh had a lot of talent on the front line in 2019 and lo
  6. Maye is a good player and seems like a good teammate. He should be re-signed at a value commensurate to the value he brings the team if possible. Maye isn't a game changer on the field but he is a good foundational player who does his job reasonably well. If he wants game changing salary he's going to have to get it somewhere else. Saleh's defense is about versatility. If they overpay for one position they will end up having to overpay for everybody which was one of the problems the team faced in 2011 and 2012.
  7. Let's hope he's learned to catch a ball since his last route a decade ago. Meyer + Tebow is the perfect opportunity for JAX to convert UF fans into JAX fans and sell an enormous amount of jerseys. I won't be surprised if they showcase a couple gadget plays in the preseason where Tebow gets a handoff to throw or run to pump up those UF fans.
  8. He was so close to saying the Jets didn't attack the issue, caught himself and then added dismissively that the team addressed it in the later rounds. Quinn is as bad with a mic as he was with a football.
  9. If he leaves then he's going to a win-now team not a team on a rebuild. He might have five years but he could be one injury away from retirement. He isn't going to a team where he might have to wait a year or two before contending for playoffs and a team that isn't a QB away from real Super Bowl competition would pay an enormous premium with a real potential he's gone in a year or two either in FA or retirement. If this was the 08-09 Jets sure, that would make as much sense as putting Farve on that team. Unless something magical happens this team is maybe a wildcard competitor even with a
  10. The entire thread is A if JD drafted who you liked and B if you didn't. Not a lot of objective analysis of what the draft did for the roster.
  11. Wow that is the whitest picture I've ever seen for every reason.
  12. All you do is complain about how offended you are by other people. Nobody is more fragile than you around here.
  13. Yeah this wasn't showing his hand. That was just a hype video to show off some prior great draft picks that put together the best team in Woody's ownership. It's just telling that there weren't any draft picks to add from the past decade worth showing off.
  14. I was going to make a joke about how it feels like 2015 with a brand new franchise but I have way more confidence in our new coach and GM. It doesn't quite have the feeling of 2009 where the team was building up to a strong competitor but let's hope that's where we are going.
  15. Great TE skills from TEbow
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