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  1. I'd love to know how his job as a broadcaster has set him up to be a good GM.
  2. Meyer has the opportunity in college to build a roster at a school that has the prestige to draw the best recruits from high school. There is no parity between schools. His entire system is built around getting good players and exploiting talent mismatches. He is the king of the castle and has no GM to persuade to pick the players he wants. Players are out in five years tops so there is no risk some superstar player can override his authority. No NFL coach has that kind of opportunity--not even in NE.
  3. I like Adams but I am open to a trade under the right conditions. Letting Adams go means giving up our best pass rusher and one of the better pieces of the defense. So that means we have to walk away with a replacement strategy that can fill his duties on the LOS and in the secondary. You also have to be confident that a brand new GM has the ability and the scouting department to replace Adams--for whatever you think he is worth to the team--plus add value from the trade to take on the risk of trading Adams away and getting worse players in return. I am not sure Douglas has earned that trust from me just yet. I'm more of the mindset to see if Adams has a good year next year and then trade him away after Douglas has shown the ability to improve the roster.
  4. It is mathematically still possible that we could squeak in but we have to win all or all but one of our remaining games and many other teams in the hunt have to lose all or almost all of their remaining games. That is a lot to get right and probably doesn't happen. I am at peace with it. So much has gone not in our favor this season that I want to see the team improve and look like a playoff competitor the remainder of the year even if it isn't one. Far more important questions continue for the season like whether Gase can keep building on this success, how many positions outside of the OL need substantial help in the offseason, who is coming back next year after all these season ending injuries and of course how Darnold will progress through the remaining games. Darnold has had some good games and some not so good games since coming back. It is unfortunate that we have so few playoff teams left to play to get a real sense of where he is right now against the teams we will have to beat next year. I don't expect to win the Ravens game but it will be a great opportunity to see whether the team is doing a good job beating up on the bottom of the league or is really performing well.
  5. There's no way with that much weight loss he is going back into the NFL. That is a tremendous amount of muscle loss in a short amount of time. What was he taking during his career that he lost muscle that fast?
  6. Why would he? The settlement was for claims of prior acts. What you suggest is like settling a car wreck claim and then having to give the money back because you drove somewhere and the same person didn't drive into you a second time.
  7. Challenge flags are decided by trial by combat between the ref who threw the flag and the head coach.
  8. LOL at thinking this really means anything. CJ made the smart decision to kill all stories about firing Gase this year by coming out with an unambiguous statement. No stories about rumors CJ has soured on him or that JD is making a push to fire Gase. The plane thing is meaningless now along with fan outrage. That's all this is. It's just managing PR.
  9. What is going to make people throwing their money away on a flying banner to fire Gase start liking him? Nothing.
  10. I don't know that Gase is contributing to the injury issues on the team but I wouldn't criticize him for it without any credible evidence supporting it. The team has a lot of injury-risk players and injuries happen to every team. There is plenty to criticize Gase for that has credible support that we don't need to conjure up new reasons to dislike him.
  11. This team has two wins and one of them is against another team with two wins who lost by one TD with three second string OL. I enjoyed the win yesterday but let's be real here.
  12. Yeah I don't know how you could watch him and be aware that the coaches were keeping him off the field more than usual and think he wasn't playing with an injury.
  13. Like the old saying goes, two birds in the hand are worth one in the bush
  14. Beat writers write to get clicks which means they can't just all agree Gase sucks and keep repeating it every article. They have to take the other side sometimes so then they can write articles like this one about the supposed debate over Gase's competency and get people who are committed to one side or the other to rage click on all the articles.
  15. For $1k I will perform a ritual hex on Adam Gase. PM your credit card info for billing. WE CAN DO THIS DO NOT LET THE REVOLUTION END HERE

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