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  1. That doesn't strike me as an unusual deal at all. Kraft and the others were offered plea agreements which require pleading guilty as a condition of the agreement.
  2. rex-n-effect

    Trading down makes sense

    Broncos are not trading away Von Miller
  3. rex-n-effect

    Tyrod To The Chargers

    Stunned Geno didn't secure the backup position there
  4. rex-n-effect

    Legal Tampering Period

    That's easy criticism to make in hindsight because you have the certainty of knowing now how all the pieces moved but in the course of negotiations you don't have that luxury. If Macc didn't make a run at Cousins then it would be easy to criticize him for not trying to improve the QB position. There was no certainty that Cousins would not have come here, or that a great trade could be made in the draft, or that we would get the pick we did, or that had Macc not bid up Cousins that some other combination of moves by other teams might not have put us in a worse position in the draft or free agency. Macc made several efforts to improve QB and in the course of negotiations and dealing sometimes you have to work several routes that won't turn out the way you want. Had Macc not tried to grab Cousins and the draft pick trade not worked out we might have ended up with another lousy QB. All of your other criticism bares no connection to reality. It's just piling on for the sake of piling on. It's his job to put together a good roster not to sit around worrying what people think about him. He took a big swing on Cousins, apparently looked like a total fool and turned around and worked out a trade to land Darnold. Sure doesn't seem like "looking like a fool" for his earlier attempt at Cousins served any detriment to shoring up that position. You're repeating that Macc lost out on players by pursuing Cousins but not pointing to any players he actually lost the opportunity to sign. It's really not difficult to carry on negotiations with multiple players at once.
  5. While true the past eight years have not been a great period for the team and maybe it is time to move out of the shadow cast by Parcells's short time here and visit a new look.
  6. So you're just reading JN aloud?
  7. There's no reason to wallow in despair in March. We normally have enough time to do that from September-January.
  8. rex-n-effect

    The RB Myth

    You can find good RBs "in any round" depending upon your needs at that position. Most team are not building an offense around a single great rusher. A lot of the role RBs used to play has gone away with the pass happy league rules or shifted to other players (like TEs). You can get by with two or three RBs who are reliable players but not great at any particular skill. That's why we haven't moved on from Powell. He isn't a star but he's dependable to do a decent job and he's improved a little as a receiver. Grab a late round pick to do the same thing and look around FA for a decent guy who can compliment Powell and you have an RB group that isn't going to win games but will let you focus on a winning passing game. It would be great to have a star RB in that mix but if the choice is between drafting a great WR or a great RB in the first round you're probably better off with a great WR rookie. However, if the offense needs the RBs to do more then you need to find better RBs than just ok and you'll have to look at early rounds and FA.
  9. It's as relevant as every other thread about former players, coaches, managers and scouts--which always populate the board.
  10. rex-n-effect

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    It's one thing to guess whether Brady will throw to Gronkowski or Edelman from the booth but an entirely different job to design a playbook and call plays under pressure.
  11. rex-n-effect

    Legalized Cheating

    That's how you go blind
  12. rex-n-effect

    Tim Tebow

    Don't believe for a second he is a virgin. Don't believe for a second he's remotely the "aw shucks nice guy" persona he puts on.
  13. rex-n-effect

    Robby Anderson

    He's not taking vet min even if he is our #3 receiver. JN really on a roll for terrible posts today.
  14. rex-n-effect

    Press Conference

    JFC not every person who is socially awkward, especially in a public setting, or has unusual personality quirks is "on the spectrum." Sometimes people just express nervousness or anxiety in different ways.
  15. rex-n-effect

    Bring back Woody

    Deep insight

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