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  1. rex-n-effect

    We got Darnold!!!!!!!!

    I am deeply optimistic that we might have a legit franchise QB and see no reason to be sour right now. Sure, Darnold did not have a great year last year and our coaching staff has a terrible track record of developing young QBs. I am aware of the reality but would still rather hope for what can be than complain about the hypothetical downside. He's only twenty, there is plenty of time to get him to where he needs to be.
  2. rex-n-effect

    How many of you do NOT want a QB at #3?

    I hope he regains his ability to play because I have deep concerns about the coaching staff's ability to coach up a rookie QB.
  3. rex-n-effect

    Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    Bridgewater if you will
  4. Nothing about the supposed insider information right now should be trusted. Could be coming from agents, could be a smoke screen, could be real, could be just made up. If you're going to take a guess and make it all up then Baker is a pretty good guess. You know Darnold, Rosen and Baker are the three likely top picks. Darnold is expected to go first which means 50/50 shot a prediction of Baker is right. Given Macc and Bowles have tried to clean up controversy in the locker room there is at least a small reason why, all other things being equal, Macc might not want Baker. So without even knowing anything about the comparisons on the field or what the team did through the offseason you can guess Baker with more than a 50% probability. Anybody staking this position has nothing to lose because then the story will be how the Jets tricked everybody and whether it was the right move. No consequences to anybody guessing either way. It's why all this draft prediction nonsense has no value.
  5. rex-n-effect


    Were these breakdowns of every throw Glennon made in junior high?
  6. rex-n-effect

    Why is Revis doing this?

    I completely understand why he did what he did as a rational person. Guy was among the best to ever play the position for a time and got paid for it. As a fan of the team I don't love the effect it had and definitely dislike his lack of effort the second turn here.
  7. I agree in part that it's hard to get good value out of a second or third contract on a DL player but if the contract could be fit to the player's value to the defense there's no reason not to re-sign a good player on the DL. DL seems to be one of those areas--like special teams--where great coaching plus good players performs as well or better than good coaching plus great players. Hard to justify sinking huge piles of cash into the DL with our current coaching staff, especially when better value could be found spending money on a pass rusher or CB. I would be happy to re-sign Leo to a contract that matches his performance across his first contract. So far he has not performed to deserve a top contract even if part of the reason for that is his surroundings.
  8. rex-n-effect

    Why does the CBA allow this stuff?

    I'm a believer that there is non-salary compensation, whether it is business deals outside his player performance or a promise of future business deals or equity with the team. I think part of his motivation is also a desire to cement his legacy as the GOAT QB and giving up some money he doesn't need today to help that happen isn't unreasonable. He will be a celebrity forever not just for the NFL but for Boston. He can reap financial rewards for the rest of his life and probably through his kids' and grandkids' lives selling merchandise with his name on it. I feel very confident that the year he retires there will be a flood of new TB12 products on the market for everything sport/athletic/health related. It's inconvenient to us if he is giving the Pats a discount to cash in on his legacy in the future but if he is getting paid under the table today by the Pats for business deals then that is or at least should be a violation of the salary cap.
  9. Manziel is an idiot but he's probably right that there's no infrastructure--probably on the vast majority of teams--to transition players from college to pro. That's an increasing problem as college teams drop pro-style systems in favor of spread offenses, zone blocking, etc. that rely on the disparity of physical skills than anything else. On one hand part of the problem is that most teams have never invested in trying to resolve this problem. On the other hand with the current salary system there is not great value spending team resources to train players to play in a pro system when there is a fair probability that players will go somewhere else after their first contract. No NFL team wants to be the farm system for the rest of the league.
  10. Is this criticizing Macc because he's our GM or does every person who thinks these were awful picks in their draft position, without the benefit of hindsight, and would do the same to every other GM who takes a QB that doesn't pan out in the second or fourth?
  11. What if the head coach isn't responsible for drafting players?
  12. rex-n-effect

    Tony Pauline shares one team's big board

    Such a typical response. Media: Here's a probably made up draft board from an undisclosed team a month away from the draft. Posters: OMG IZ JETZ WE R DOOMED MACC SUX
  13. And he has other business dealings. Definitely does not need the money and probably wants to enjoy some Sundays away from the game. I just think any team that hasn't picked up the phone to see what might get him in the building is crazy, especially considering he's played recently enough that he has on-field knowledge of current teams and coaching staffs.
  14. rex-n-effect

    Giants shopping Beckham

    I don't think it's true. Could easily be a rumor the Giants float to make teams wonder what they plan to do at QB. It would be stupid to dump a young prime WR just in time to draft a top pick QB. A rookie QB needs all the help he can get. If it is true I don't want him. He's offensive Revis but more injury prone. There's no way to get the production out of him for what he wants to get paid even without an injury. He wants too much and he'll want too much to stay. If we had a team looking for a superbowl push then I'd say go get him for a couple years to get it done.
  15. Manning easily. Great player who could lead an offense on the field even when he was physically past his prime. I don't know how a team hasn't found the right amount of money (pro or college) to get him to come be an offensive coach or consultant. He doesn't need the money but disappointing to see his ability to read a defense and call plays on the fly lost to the game.