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  1. rex-n-effect

    Laugh a bit: Fitzpatrick the Baller

    And 3 interceptions. It was classic Fitz. Looked pretty good against a not so great defense if you discount the interceptions--but the interceptions are why Tampa got so far behind in the game.
  2. rex-n-effect

    Browns game must win?

    I heard if the Jets lose this week their franchise will be canceled forever. So I guess this one really is must win.
  3. rex-n-effect

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    Can we just revive this thread after each loss instead of having somebody post the exact same thing like this is new, cutting analysis?
  4. Dollar for dollar Bryant or Maclin are better signings than Gordon. Even if Gordon is a better player on the field, any team that picks him up does so with little confidence he will be available to play every game. At least those guys have an incentive to show up and play hard every week to show they deserve a big contract. I hope Gordon is able to get his situation under control.
  5. rex-n-effect

    Are the Jets...

    I'm not booking a super bowl trip yet but this team looks very good. Things will get tougher for Darnold as he gets more exposure. I'm still concerned that he will be running for his life more with this OL against teams with better defenses. Hopefully they will keep improving through the season. If this team rolls out every week we are definitely in the fight for the playoffs.
  6. I can't decide if this is dumber than the ira from staten island thread.
  7. rex-n-effect

    Three SI Guys Have The Jets Going To Playoffs

    Both basically rely on Darnold to have a knockout season. That seems improbable given the OL but maybe Bates gets a playbook going that helps Darnold get the ball out faster than defenders can pour through the OL. An ok offense plus some lucky breaks could get the team into the playoffs.
  8. rex-n-effect

    Darnold Officially Named Starter

    Last week: The Jets organization is terrible because it hasn't announced a starting QB. The season is over. This week: So what they named a starter. Wait let's dissect what Bowles meant by saying good and not best. The season is over.
  9. Love seeing a seven page discussion about QBs filled with one person who has proven to have the worst opinions about QBs
  10. Is the criticism here that he's likely going to cut most of the players from his first year when he had to rely on the prior regime's scouts and his time scouting for a different team's needs? That's some pretty lazy criticism.
  11. rex-n-effect

    Geno, the one who got away.....

    I never liked Geno as a player and failed to see anything to justify why people wanted to defend him so much, I thought the pick made sense. At the time Sanchez was on a bloated contract that meant he either renegotiated or left and there wasn't a backup plan. So finding an expected first round QB pick available in the second round made sense. As I've said before I think the second round is where you take chances on the leftovers from the first round and that is a consistent pick. Had Sanchez not suffered the shoulder injury in the preseason game it's highly likely Sanchez plays that full year and then gets renegotiated or traded. Geno likely remains backup behind Sanchez or upon trade hopefully Izdik would have brought in a vet to start. We could have avoided the whole Geno time. However, Izdik pushed for Sanchez to play the injurious game so he is definitely the cause of his own demise on that pick.
  12. rex-n-effect

    Eric Decker Retires

    He was a fine second or third WR in the league. He's not going to move up the depth chart any and would probably only spend the next two or three years playing for near vet minimum hoping to play well enough to get another one year contract and not suffer another injury. Between his career and his wife's he probably doesn't need the money bad enough to keep risking injury for a declining paycheck. Instead of burning out his name he can use this opportunity to try to get into sports media and make more money without injury.
  13. I still don't know why anybody decided Dan Orlovsky is somebody to go to for analysis. The fact that he thinks not throwing to your first look is "next level thinking" pretty much says it all.
  14. rex-n-effect

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    The front office would be foolish to consider Bridgewater as nothing but trade bait this year. We don't know how well Bridgewater or Darnold will perform by the end of preseason. If Bridgewater has a great year here then it might make sense to work hard to re-sign him. It would be incredible fortune to have a competitive vet QB playing and a draft pick getting all the time he needs to beat out the starter. If and when Darnold beats out Bridgewater then it's time to trade out Bridgewater where he can be another team's long term QB option and will really command a premium in a trade. McCown might be superfluous this year but he is good insurance in the event Bridgewater is injured. A desperate team might come calling for him in the middle of the year. Having these options is a great position. I know we need an edge rusher and improvement in OL but if you think QB is the most important position on the team then it's extremely foolish to sell out an incredible opportunity to lock up that position for years. Maybe the best opportunity the team has ever had.

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