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  1. We have DL to spare and he isn't going to be worth what another team will pay him. If there is a second or third round pick he should be traded away. Let some other team figure out how to get better than average performance out of him this year.
  2. This is a lot of gnashing of teeth for nothing. Rex said he wanted the job. I think he would take any HC job available and he said that people would line up for the job--including him. This is not a big deal. The line in the story that he is begging for the job is not substantiated beyond quoting these far less than begging comments made on TV. I'm not sure any team puts Rex back in as head coach but he could probably get back as a defensive coordinator in college or pro if he wanted. Instead it seems like he enjoys being a personality on TV and maybe he would rather have the cushy job on TV over long hours and stress of coaching any position below head coach. If we can be honest about things Rex is a lot of fun to watch run his mouth when losses are not on the line which makes him great for the job he is doing right now.
  3. Gase has to be fairly evaluated within the circumstances. He's a handful of games into his first season with a roster most of us agreed before the season had a lot of problems with injuries at important positions. Calling for him to be fired seems premature but I can't say I have loved what I have seen so far. I have a big concern with him which grows every game and his comments after. He seems to expect a Peyton Manning at every position who can make all the adjustments before the play. The defense dropped off after Mosley went down. His comments express a belief that the QB has to control the OL on every play. The offensive playcalling is conservative like he expects Bell to design and set up his own run play before the snap. Kalil might have been brought in to make adjustments on the OL at the line to keep the zone blocking scheme functional. If true, then Gase is doing so little to install functional schemes that he should be out. Players make adjustments on the field but should not be expected to take vanilla plays and rewrite them on the field in a way that eleven players immediately know what is going on.
  4. Unless you want Douglas to come out and be punching bag for the handful of players he brought in there isn't much for him to say. He isn't firing a head coach four games into his first season. He isn't going to throw Gase under the bus. He might say he hasn't had a chance to fix the roster and he is evaluating a plan for the next offseason. Maccagnan might have been more visible but what did that visibility get us? Nothing of value.
  5. What is Darnold's incentive to rush back and risk any kind of injury? This OL is a constant danger to his health. I expect him to ride this mono train as long as possible.
  6. Even if I thought Sam needed a replacement I would still rather we trade back and build up the offense. If Sam still can't get it done then at least we have some pieces to trade up for a QB or be a semi-attractive destination for a FA QB. Get another potential franchise QB and throw him behind this line and he might pull a Luck and bounce after a couple seasons of injuries.
  7. Yeah ruined the product by discouraging players from inflicting lifelong injuries on one another in the course of playing a game. The NFL did away with these kinds of hits primarily because they needed to clean up the league's image in the early 2000s. It tried to go more family friendly and bring women in as fans who did not want to see a violent game especially with their kids out there. There were all the drug and other crime issues at the time so the league wanted to improve the image of the NFL as a family friendly game. At the same time research on the effects of concussions, especially in kids, was coming out and that was driving a lot of parents to keep their kids out of pop warner football which is a huge advertising tool to create lifelong football fans.
  8. The what if around if the Jets had drafted Russell Wilson instead of Hill are interesting. Would Wilson have done any better with the wepponz available to him on this team at the time? Could Rex get away with benching Sanchez and his giant contract for Wilson? Would Wilson have performed well enough to keep Rex in his job and if so, would the team have performed better than the 8-8 and 6-10 seasons it had with Sanchez/Geno? I think Rex would have found a way to trip over his own dick on offense short of having a QB who can act as an independent OC on the field and override Rex and his rotating cast of OCs. Wilson probably gets traded away to another team where he has better success but probably not the success he has had with Seattle.
  9. Definitely both sides are contributors. The OL roster is terrible but the staff is at least no worse than it was last year. The line as a whole is confused and plays are set up to make it easy for defenses to get right to the QB. That all comes down to the way the coaches are training the players in the system and the way the plays are designed. The only thing we can really do with the roster now is swap existing staff but the coaching work can be improved right now.
  10. How was his nonsense any worse than much of the other garbage posted in the past week?

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