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  1. Not sure this is unspoken or an unobvious issue. Any HC candidate looking at a team keeping the GM has to wonder whether his fate is tied to the GM. That's going to be an issue addressed with any serious candidate. Nobody even worth minimal consideration as a head coach would not think about this. There's no way for us looking in from the outside to know what kind of assurances will be made or how keeping the HC detatched from the GM might secure the HC's job in the minds of the Johnsons. We don't even know how hot Macc's seat might really be. This is all empty speculation. Sure, some candidates inevitably will have reservations about taking an HC position that isn't tied to a GM or because they think Macc is on his way out. That's not a revelation.
  2. rex-n-effect

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    Firing a coach mid-season makes sense if you want to give somebody else on the coaching staff a test drive at a promotion or you feel very confident you will hire a better head coach in the following offseason. Otherwise blindly firing the head coach mid-season means you might end up stuck hiring a coach that is as bad or worse. You might as well just let the season finish tanking, take advantage of the high draft picks and quietly begin searching for a new head coach. If you think the team will dump both HC and GM then they really have to start searching out a new GM and ideally let him decide if he wants to promote any coach on the current staff or conduct an external search. Hopefully Macc and Chris Johnson are at least talking to potential replacements for Bowles.
  3. rex-n-effect

    Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

    No, for several reasons. He's surrounded by bad offensive players and poor coaching. He can't be held responsible for that. He's a young QB who had a lot of these same problems in college. It's going to take time to work that out. He's a rookie and lots of great QBs had terrible first years. It was a bad game and sometimes good players have bad games.
  4. I didn't say anything about the length of the contracts but good job arguing with yourself I guess.
  5. Macc has shown improvement in signing contracts that don't anchor the team to junk players on oversized paychecks and making increasingly better trade deals. His talent selection has not been great. He's not completely responsible for poor FA acquisitions. As we saw with Cousins when he went and offered everything good players asked for they still didn't want to sign with us. Macc tries to get players but they don't want to come here. He's avoided (more recently) signing lousy FAs on bad contracts which is part of why the roster is thin but signing garbage players for long deals isn't any better. Players don't want to come here because we've had almost a decade of poor performance, bad coaching and a bad roster. Macc can't help what came before him and he can't control Bowles in any manner. Macc has to do a better job drafting. We need good young players on the roster which will attract better FAs. Macc is doing better with each draft but not well enough for the hole he's in. I'd like to see him bring in some help in that department. Until we can consistently draft well the Jets will always cycle through having bad years. You look at teams that fall into the pit of being terrible year after year. There's no break in the cycle until the team gets good at drafting or, apparently, hires Parcells.
  6. rex-n-effect

    classless cousins

    I think he knew he wanted to go to Minnesota from the start and would have used any team that came up to his number as leverage to sign the deal he wanted with the Vikings. The video doesn't bother me at all. I mean, it's not like reports of the contract and offers weren't already out there. Contract values and offers are discussed publicly all the time. This isn't your neighbor climbing over the fence to tell you how much money he made this year.
  7. I'm sure he had the conversation before signing on that he would tear down and rebuild the team. He can't be judged on the first year's performance through a tear down. I'm not sure I agree with how he is tearing down the team but I'm not privy to the inner activity of the team or his larger plan.
  8. rex-n-effect

    What do you think will happen at years end?

    Very little probability Macc gets fired at the end of this season. He moved into a draft position to take what everybody considers our franchise QB for the next two decades. If you fire him right after that then by what standard can any future GM think his performance might secure his job? You'll end up with somebody worse or at best somebody no better but expecting more job guarantee. Some probability Bowles gets fired. I think Chris Johnson is honest that he will judge the team's progress but unless the team has a horrible collapse or shows zero improvement then I think Bowles gets another year. If Bowles is fired then there's a question of who will come here and replace him. Remember, we were not a very desirable location when Rex was fired. If Macc gets to choose the next HC then candidates also have to worry about their job security being tied to Macc. We could easily end up with another Bowles--or worse.
  9. rex-n-effect

    Petition Jeff Bezos

    Holy sh*t how bad did they mess up your order? Also, you're right. Woody is never selling the team unless forced to by financial problems.
  10. rex-n-effect

    Laugh a bit: Fitzpatrick the Baller

    And 3 interceptions. It was classic Fitz. Looked pretty good against a not so great defense if you discount the interceptions--but the interceptions are why Tampa got so far behind in the game.
  11. rex-n-effect

    Browns game must win?

    I heard if the Jets lose this week their franchise will be canceled forever. So I guess this one really is must win.
  12. rex-n-effect

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    Can we just revive this thread after each loss instead of having somebody post the exact same thing like this is new, cutting analysis?
  13. Dollar for dollar Bryant or Maclin are better signings than Gordon. Even if Gordon is a better player on the field, any team that picks him up does so with little confidence he will be available to play every game. At least those guys have an incentive to show up and play hard every week to show they deserve a big contract. I hope Gordon is able to get his situation under control.
  14. rex-n-effect

    Are the Jets...

    I'm not booking a super bowl trip yet but this team looks very good. Things will get tougher for Darnold as he gets more exposure. I'm still concerned that he will be running for his life more with this OL against teams with better defenses. Hopefully they will keep improving through the season. If this team rolls out every week we are definitely in the fight for the playoffs.

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