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  1. Ideally I'd love to hear better news from Wilson but it's his first morning practicing with an NFL team so not getting myself upset about it.
  2. I'll take the other side of the argument here. If you're a GM who wants to be seen as a firm negotiator who pays players what they are worth not what they can take from the team then you have to be a firm negotiator every time. Today's negotiation sets the tone for tomorrow's negotiation. JD's willingness to negotiate aggressively with Wilson without a safety net is setting a tone with all the agents for all future negotiations. Practically, everybody knows there is very little risk that Wilson sits a year or goes back to college and there is very little risk that the Jets won't find a deal th
  3. Weird list for sure. Belichick at #1 is silly. He lucked into Brady and his greatest talent at GM was adjusting the offensive roster to fit Brady's evolving strengths and even then you couldn't say he did much of that well after the middle of the last decade. He's floating on good coaching and great QB performance. Jerry Jones should be somewhere at the very bottom of the list. He's drafted good players but never a complete roster and his choice in coaches is horrific. Letting Garrett become and remain head coach for so long was incredibly dumb. On and on. Douglas is kin
  4. Given that this happened just hours ago I doubt they have had time to formulate a plan for replacement.
  5. I don't know if you know this but sometimes people travel for personal reasons.
  6. He/his agent knew the team had no better alternative and the next best option was considerably worse than a QB who led the team in franchise records the year prior. He nabbed $12 million for a single year in 2016. (In 2017 he was paid $3 million.) The Jets paid him $342k less than Russell Wilson in 2016. If you don't consider that squeezed then what would you call that?
  7. 2016 was a garbage year for the entire team. Sure, it was a mistake for Mac to think Fitz was going to have a glowing year like 2015 but you really can't blame Fitz for trying to make money off a good performance unless you feel the same way about every other player trying to get paid according to their performance. What was the alternative in 2016? Another Geno year? Give Petty the job? Try Hackenburg? Draft one of the clunker QBs from the 2016 draft in the first round? Was there another decent journeyman available? Tank after a 10-6 season? I suspect Mac thought he would get another 10-
  8. Damn even Adam Gase has had more success than you
  9. I am optimistic and excited to see what he can do--what all the new pieces to the team can do. IMO he's the best prospect we've drafted early in a long time (Darnold included) and I haven't felt this optimistic about a season since Darnold's draft but putting him on the same platform as HOF QBs before he's ever taken a snap seems like asking for disappointment no matter how well he actually performs. I want to give him a chance to perform within reasonable expectations and better for him to exceed than expect him to blow the league away and feel disappointed.
  10. I like Maye and I think he still has a number of good years left in his career; however, I do not agree he is worth what probably gets another deal done right now. He's a first round pick who has had one great season and some good years which shouldn't command a top five salary unless Saleh desperately wants to keep Maye which doesn't seem to be the case. If he has another great year then maybe he deserves a big contract. The franchise tag is a good opportunity for either side to prove their valuation and move the other side closer to an acceptable meeting point. As a fan it's frustrating
  11. We definitely need more racism in academic institutions
  12. I favored Wilson over Fields because big college schools generally don't produce great pro QBs. (Clemson is, I guess the outlier right now.) After two USC QBs deeply underperforming I have had enough of the taste of that medicine. I hope Wilson is a successful franchise QB for the next fifteen years but if not I'd rather see the team take shots at QBs who come from middling schools where they had to elevate the team to succeed rather than play on essentially a pro team versus a schedule of barely Div I teams.
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