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  1. Looking at the 2022 depth chart Lazard might have moved from #3 in 2021 to #1 in 2022. I didn't watch enough of the games to know if they kept him lined up at the X. (I'm not suggesting Lazzard should be a #1.) In 2021 Rodgers had Adams and Valdes-Scantling as 1/2. You would expect some drop off losing one of the best receivers in the game and another receiver who went on to be the #1 on a super bowl team. Almost any set of receivers will be a drop off compared to having those two at wideout.
  2. If GW and Lazard are the 1 and 2 what role does OBJ play in this receiving corp? Is he a #3? OBJ said $4mm was too little--he's probably looking for $8mm-10mm which is too much to pay a #3 receiver, especially one coming off a serious injury and couldn't play for a year. I doubt OBJ wants to play on a team where he isn't the 1/2 anyway.
  3. Somebody literally posted this a day or two ago in the merged thread.
  4. I also suspect the Moore trade relates to trying to bring in Rodgers but not sure it's about getting Cobb in the door. If compensation is the sticking point in a Rodgers trade, another draft pick may buy GB keeping more of the cap hit
  5. I don't know if this is part of making the QB deal work or Douglas is completely rebooting the receivers. I expected with LaFleur gone Mims and Moore would have an opportunity to show something. I expect Davis is still out either as its own deal or as part of a QB trade. If Mims is out too, that's a 100% turnover in two years from the 2021 WR roster and only GW and Charles would carry forward from the 2022 roster. Second to QB this has been the worst position for roster building by Douglas but this year's group looks to be the strongest by a lot since 2010.
  6. As a rule I do not want Alabama or Ohio State QBs. As a rule I root for hookers. I have no choice in this matter.
  7. A deal may be done or extremely close to done but cannot be executed because the Jets lack the cap space. The Jets have $8MM which is not enough money to pay for Rodgers, let alone signing draft picks. The trade may be hung up on other deals Douglas needs to make to create room to sign Rodgers. I don't think the Jets can even sign Rodgers onto the roster unless they have the cap space first or Rodgers renegotiates with the Packers to get under the Jets cap. Even if the Jets had no desire to rope in another QB this year, Douglas needs most of the current cap space for rookie signings. If nothing changes, the Jets will go into training camp with $3MM in cap space. Not much room to fill any other voids in the roster, let alone a $30MM QB.
  8. I don't know if Rodgers has any desire for a media career after he retires but Hard Knocks would be a good way to rehab his identity from conspiracy weirdo who is impossible to work with to a misunderstood hippy who rubbed his old boss the wrong way.
  9. Assuming Rodgers signs and there is no ZW trade partner before training camp, Douglas most likely has to use a third roster spot for somebody they think can slide up to #1 in 2024 if Rodgers bails after a year. The risk is too high that Rodgers retires after another year to roll into 2024 looking for another starting vet. The risk is too low that ZW emerges as the guy after a year on the bench. Signing a vet backup for QB2 means accepting the risk that Rodgers splits and there are no better options than to play a vet backup or ZW as starter in 2024. It makes way more sense to draft a QB--even out of the mid-rounds as a project--and let the rookie and ZW battle for QB2.
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