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  1. People who thought this was the worst team in the league. We really haven't overachieved. McCown played better than expected but otherwise they have done about as well as should have been expected. Some improvement in some areas, some areas still need improvement. Coaching is still pretty bad. Morton overall is pretty good but Bowles and the rest are definitely not.
  2. Regardless of what you feel about McCown being put in a position to be the starter or his playing ability, he deserves respect as a player for his attitude. As an aging jag he could have easily just phoned it in once he won the starting position and avoided injury. Instead he went out there and played his hardest to win. Unfortunately that can't be said about every other starter on the roster.
  3. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    I was really dying to know how Glennon's biggest fan felt about a team he barely watched this year. What a relief.
  4. Should have suspended him for the rest of the season and post-season.
  5. When was the last time we had a team of WRs this good? 2010? Yeah, I'm okay with this.
  6. Two idiots mouthing off at each other. Naturally this is tied to the Jets.
  7. Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson Production.

    Kearse/Anderson/Enunwa will not be a bad starting three for 2018. Hate on Macc for a lot of things if you want but he deserves credit for plucking Anderson out as an UDFA and the Richardson/Kearse trade.
  8. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    I don't hate him and I don't think bringing him back next year as a backup/mentor is a bad idea. However, I wouldn't call his play this year consistent. This has been his best season of his career and today was probably his best game of the season. He's had a lot of problems with consistency and is a huge reason why we've struggled to close games. Today he was helped a lot by being able to establish an effective run game through the game and the coaching staff setting up a game plan to let the offense play slow and not put too much pressure on him.
  9. How Do You Feel...

    Macc hasn't rushed to grab the star positions on the roster which makes it look worse than it actually is. He's said in the past that part of his plan is to develop positions with depth--like PIT--so the team doesn't have to rely on overspending in FA on non-star talent rolls. We also have a lot of young talent with 1-2 years of pro experience and not everybody becomes a great player immediately. Developing a solid roster takes time, especially when it's a team with a poor history where nobody wants to play. That doesn't ignore Macc has made some clunker picks or that we have key needs. Roster is pretty bad if you judge it by the greatest skill positions on the roster. Less so if you judge it by the plan to develop a long term successful roster.
  10. Geno Smith starting QB for NY Giants

    We'll never know Geno's true potential until we see him play with a team created by traveling back in time and assembling the best players in history at every position and give them several years together to come together as a team. Anything less is just a lacking opportunity for Geno. You know, the same way we judge every other QB in the league.
  11. Why Maccagnan must cut McCown.

    Hack is just not very good. Cutting McCown means Petty plays. Hack was given a lot of opportunity in the preseason to emerge. Instead he's fallen behind a QB whose best accomplishment in the NFL has been great improvement in his Madden game. If Hack had improved he would be #2 not #3. Bowles obviously has no allegiance to Petty because he's not a vet with starting experience--right? If Hack is emerging then Bowles would at least have Hack as #2 to show the front office he's done something with a young QB but also won games with a vet so he deserves to stick around. Keeping Petty at #2 does nothing for Bowles' job security.
  12. On visceral reaction I have to go with Idzik but the better answer is Woody. The team had its best decade under him in the 2000s but (1) a lot of that was due to coasting on Parcells' leftover regime and (2) mortgaging away this decade for 2009 and 2010. Woody is the reason high quality coaches and GMs don't want to come here. Woody hired Idzik. He owns at least some of the responsibility for Idzik's decisions. Maybe not all the awful draft picks but hiring somebody who clearly had no plan except ripping up contracts. He made no effort to reform the scouting department which was badly needed. He left Rex adrift on year to year contracts. There was no talent acquisition philosophy. Woody might as well have hired nobody at all and just ripped up Tannenbaum's contracts himself. Unless Macc is the guy who turns this ship around we'll probably be stuck stringing one inexperienced GM to the next until the Johnsons sell the team.
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    People run around talking about players with unequivocal certainty to their future, rewrite their past to discount all the times they were wrong, pound how right they were with the rest and repeat. Then that becomes the basis for later arguments that they are great draft analysts and how sh*tty the Jets front office is. I'm not suggesting people can't be wrong; most often they are. Let's just be honest about it.
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You literally said the exact same thing word for word.
  15. Are we also criticizing the Broncos front office for taking both Semian and Lynch?