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  1. If Wilson has shown improvement, then that would be a big upgrade in the offense by itself. LaFleur also hit his stride the back half of last year so good QB play, good coaching and a little more stability in the roster should have the offense ahead of the defense. On defense there are a lot of new players all competing for positions and learning the scheme. Probably focused a little more on figuring out the roster before they can get players situated in roles. I'm also unimpressed by Ulbrich so not terribly surprised the defense isn't looking so hot. I remember those past years where the message during the offseason was how much the defense crushed the offense. That showed on the field during the season. If the offense is the stronger unit going into the season, well we might have some decent football to watch this year.
  2. Every year I try to be optimistic about improvement but realistic about whether the team will live up to that optimism. The Gase years were really the only years I had very little optimism during the offseason. Plenty of reasons for optimism this year. The roster is the strongest it's been in over a decade, we have a young QB heading into his sophomore year, the offensive side of coaching seems pretty good right now. If Saleh can steer the ship forward and the defensive coaching improves, then we might have something fun to watch this year. A lot of upside and hard to see how the team could do worse than last year.
  3. I'm ok with the idea that they took everything they might want in the offense and threw it at him to see what stuck so long as they are serious about cutting out a lot of what doesn't work and give him a more simplified system they can expand down the road. I guess we could complain that they should have known better than to throw so much at him from the start but as long as they learn and improve from the mistake we should continue looking forward at what they can do with the information gained from their mistake.
  4. Heading to the restroom. This has the potential to become a big timer.
  5. I can only focus on winning one offseason at a time
  6. I don't know where people come up with the idea that such a mandate ever exists but if it did I don't know how you get from four wins to thinking the team is a lock for at least ten wins. There were teams with nine wins last season that didn't get in the playoffs.
  7. I suspect part of the reason we didn't see a lot of this over the past decade is that the team doesn't benefit from dragging out former players to talk about the team only to force them to dog the team. It puts everybody in an awkward position--fans, the former players, current players, the team.
  8. It's one thing to judge the draft decisions based on their own merit. It's another to compare it to the hypothetical "right" decisions with the benefit of a year of hindsight, especially without knowing what moves other teams might have made had the Jets not acted as they did. That sets a bar that no GM can ever meet.
  9. As fans we want players to commit to the team wholeheartedly and we want the organization to commit to our fan dream that this is some crusading force of righteousness and not an incredibly profitable business. Neither is reality and in the modern cap environment it is rare that teams hold on to players for an entire career aside from maybe a QB. Revis is just a guy with a lot of talent working a job with a statistical probability of a short career. There is a practicality to that work and as much as we may not like it as fans at the end of the day this is a job for the players.
  10. Saleh hasn't proven anything yet. Bowles at least has some experience as coach to evaluate. He had an alright team in 2015 and almost hit the playoffs. With Brady and a very good supporting cast he's probably going to have a respectable season.
  11. Can we skip to next year when you realize nobody is watching your videos and you move on to SIX CRYPTO BUYS WALL STREET DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT
  12. The attorney who filed this complaint has a history of filing these kinds of cases for publicity. It's cheaper to file a bombastic and ridiculous lawsuit and draw media attention than pay for TV ads. If the attorney is really in it for the money in the case, then the hope is discovery uncovers something embarrassing to the team(s) and they will pay to keep it quiet.
  13. Steve Young is a big advocate for BYU so it's no surprise he was or continues to advocate for their football players in the NFL. I don't think it is in any way surprising or unreasonable that he would advocate for their star QB to go to a team with a very recent history of success over a team that has been in the dump for a decade with a brand new HC and relatively new GM.
  14. Sanchez not working out was unfortunate for a lot of reasons but it always stung a little that he seemed like he wanted to be here, wanted to be the face of the franchise and a lot of the players seemed to legitimately like him.
  15. If you presume the NFL sets the schedule to create storyline that looks a lot like they are giving the team a chance to look competitive early. Either the Jets look like a team on the rise or a team that should have done well and why not? Leaves a tougher end to see whether the team falls off or seriously hunts a wildcard which is a second storyline. Says the team is set up for a better story than Darnold vs. Wilson one week and then who cares.
  16. #1 in all categories or this team is a failure and they need to start over
  17. If this team somehow gets worse and picks third next year they should dismiss the coaching staff. Wilson is a question mark but the rest of the roster is the best roster this team has had since 2010 or 2011.
  18. I don't have any serious feeling about what he said. He's there as the presumed starter not a vet hanging around the end of his career looking for a reason for teams to keep paying him as a backup. He could have been more polite about his comments but whatever. He's known to be an ass. It is mildly humorous that he's such an ass to teammates but then goes on the church circuit giving speeches that presents a completely different persona.
  19. Definitely nobody of even minor media significance cares about your desperate efforts to get attention on your videos. For every Cimini there are 10,000 dopes on youtube posting videos who think their big break is right around the corner.
  20. Jets have built up a good looking roster but I'm not booking wins less than a week after the draft. Right now this is still the last place team in the division and hopefully the team spends the offseason working like they have something to prove. We deserve to be optimistic about the direction of the team but we also owe it to ourselves to be realistic. A four win team last year probably doesn't put a one in front of the four this year. Bills still look good. NE doesn't look strong right now especially with McDaniels out. Miami always gets talked up in the offseason but like the Jets the proof has to come in the form of wins.
  21. In the weirdest way possible the Adams draft pick has turned out to be one of the most successful picks in franchise history.
  22. There are definitely some people who revel in misery which isn't hard to do as a Jets fan. Most people here I think want him to succeed but with varying degrees of frustration about how little progress appears in the record and varying degrees of reasonableness about what could have been done without the benefit of hindsight. Rebuilding a team that has been trash for a decade requires getting a lot of decisions right and Douglas is only human. I'm just along for the ride and trying to remain optimistic that Douglas has a reasonable plan and makes more good decisions than bad. I agree that this offseason needs to be a big step forward for the team. Douglas is saddled with very little from the prior regime with his coach, his QB and this will be his second offseason to shape the roster. The excuses for another lousy season are running out.
  23. Great value out of a fourth pick. A guy who played a little better every year (until injuries) and seemed happy to be here. Maybe he liked it with the Jets because he was a starter where he might have been a back up on a lot of teams but he never seemed to cop an attitude about that.
  24. First of all: lol. Second, he works on a contract so he's getting paid for contractual performance. If he wants to get paid more it's going to be what he does on the field in games not whether he shows to voluntary practices. If anybody even hinted at his non-attendance of voluntary practice during contract negotiations they would be grieved immediately. I get teams might consider it but they damn sure can't bring it up. If he's good in games he's going to be paid comparably to other players at the same level of performance.
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