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  1. Sticks, balls, holes and a lot of carpet
  2. Who was the last QB before Sanchez who did this? Who were the QBs who did this in between Sanchez and Darnold? This is common around the league but I don't think many of our QBs over the past twenty years can be counted in that group.
  3. Part of the entertainment value is rooting for a particular team but to some extent I would rather watch a great game involving two other teams than watch the Jets play terribly.
  4. Football is entertainment and I treat it as such. I like to see wins and root for the team but I don't owe the team anything and I am definitely not letting entertainment dictate my life.
  5. What benefit could he gain by talking to the media? He won't burn the Jets because that is basically the one thing that will guarantee no team hires him in the future in any role. If he tells the truth about the decisions made about his job he will sound like he is criticizing the Jets. If he defends his own decisions it will sound like criticizing the Jets. There is nothing he could say right now that would help his career other than a generic expression of gratitude to the team. He might still be contractually limited in what he can say to the press because he is still being paid so that might also be an issue.
  6. I don't have a problem with it as long as there is no evidence the player was working with the team as a potential return player because it is unfair to have that person effectively on the roster but never activated and gain an extra roster player while other teams have to rely on their fifty-three man roster all year. If the player engages in team activities during the season then the player needs to be paid under his contract and counted as either a roster player or on the practice squad. If a team wants to bet its playoff run on somebody who has maybe been keeping in competitive shape through the year but not playing then let them take that chance.
  7. I am optimistic that he is an upgrade from Bowles and with a promising young QB it might be the right fit at the right time. That said, I am not so optimistic that I am locking in wins. Gase was not blowing away the NFL in Miami but I think the organization as a whole will benefit from having an offensive coach even if Gase ends up being a bridge to a better coach.
  8. Seems to have been a good teammate and cared about the work he did even if he will never be remembered as one of the game's greats. He is fortunate to have played as long as he did without any serious injury and will probably have a long career as a coach or analyst for as long as he wants to work.
  9. Pretty much every team has issues to address every year. That does not make them "dumpster fire potential" it makes them a normal business.
  10. I watched Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack and it really does not look that hard.
  11. So mad they are not winning games in early June.
  12. I am usually one to eye roll posts suggesting the team throw away a #1 on every player we might like but here it might be worth serious consideration. Williams is a top LT who might only have five years left to play but if you think Darnold might be QB here for the next fifteen years then maybe a single first round pick is worth securing Darnold's blind side for 20-30% of his career.
  13. Woody's diplomatic post was political patronage. It would end no later than 2020 because the next administration (regardless of who it is) will make decisions about who to seat for the next four years. It is possible that Woody is given a different political position at home or abroad in 2020. You cannot reasonably draw anything from knowing the ambassadorship would expire in 2020 at the latest. Not feeling one way or another about GM rumors until the team announces an employment agreement exists.
  14. If a good owner is one who can improve the profitability of the organization then Woody has been a really good owner. The team is worth considerably more than when his consortium of owners bought it and beats returns on passive investments he could have made with the same money. Fans do not measure success of the organization by its profitability but as long as you keep spending money on the team winning is only an ancillary goal.
  15. The NFLPA is only going to invoke a work stoppage under the most extreme conditions--at this point this is just posturing during negotiations. Taking a year off would be good for most players who could give their bodies time to heal and make health decisions that do not depend upon being ready to perform nine months of every year. Most players cannot afford to make those decisions because teams would fill their positions but with the entire league's players out they could. Certainly some players would not remain in a training and conditioning program of their own and come back in poor shape but the majority would.
  16. That is like a boomer meme became a twitter account. I guess somebody has to consider it funny.
  17. The change in HC was a major reason why the team fractured after 2010. Mangini was not a great coach or talent evaluator but he at least had a disciplined vision of how he wanted to roster built and managed Tannenbaum to some extent. Rex didn't have a vision beyond showing off his defensive prowess and encouraged Tannenbaum to spend zealously. I suspect Woody also felt like the team was on an upswing and wanted to go full tilt towards trying to win and actively encouraged Tannenbaum to spend everything to get there. That is consistent with unloading Mangini after one bad season if Woody felt Mangini was opposed to what Woody wanted Tannenbaum to do and Woody felt a sense of urgency about winning.
  18. These moves are not inconsistent with Gase's statements that he does not want to be involved with roster development. As interim GM he has to do the GM's job at least to some degree which means roster moves the team would have made with a GM still need to be made. I strongly suspect as well that many of these moves are collateral to Mac's discharge as part of unwinding what they considered to be bad moves/moves that needed to be made during the offseason. We don't know how many of these changes are Gase making decisions versus the organization making decisions or some combination.
  19. Hard to believe with less than five months on the team and no allies in the organization with more tenure that he could position CJ to fire the GM. If he had that kind of persuasion he would have taken control of the entire MIA organization.
  20. I guess your operational genius does not include knowing how to read an organizational chart because the Jets call this position the Senior Director of Football Administration which is definitely a filled position in the current front office.

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