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  1. 31 minutes ago, FireTheJohnsons said:

    Serious question, if he signs with someone, does he give his settlement money back to the NFL?

    Why would he? The settlement was for claims of prior acts. What you suggest is like settling a car wreck claim and then having to give the money back because you drove somewhere and the same person didn't drive into you a second time.

  2. I don't know that Gase is contributing to the injury issues on the team but I wouldn't criticize him for it without any credible evidence supporting it. The team has a lot of injury-risk players and injuries happen to every team. There is plenty to criticize Gase for that has credible support that we don't need to conjure up new reasons to dislike him.

  3. 8 minutes ago, kmnj said:

    bell was hurt... he is one of the only real talents on the team

    he is also a bell cow back you feed him early and often and he breaks down the defense at the game wears on and he needs to be catching tons of short screens as well-now this would not have worked yesterday as he was hurt

    both bell and barkley both are hurt which is whey they did not play well

    Yeah I don't know how you could watch him and be aware that the coaches were keeping him off the field more than usual and think he wasn't playing with an injury. 

  4. While I agree Gase does not deserve criticism for what is not in his control he absolutely deserves criticism for what he had/has control over. Nothing about the team looks better than it did last year despite having a slightly better roster. You might be able to find some better stats or whatever but hard to argue watching any of this looks better than last year with Bowels. I don't hate him as a person but when you take a job making money in a highly visible capacity in a national entertainment forum that breeds deep loyalty among its fans and you do a bad job you are going to take your lumps for it. Plenty of the criticism of Gase is exaggerated, emotional and sometimes extremely dumb but that just comes with people having opinions. This is basically the gal yelling leave Brittney alone from ten years ago.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Trotter said:

     I am not a lawyer but I believe if you do not renew your seats you forfeit your psl Even if it is paid in full. The lower and mezz deck ticketholders are not going to do that. The jets know they have our revenue. They don't care

    Right so either you buy the tickets and give the team money or you lose your PSL and the team resells it and makes money on the new owner buying tickets. Any unsold PSLs can still be sold away as individual tickets. 

  6. 21 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    McCarthy was interested in 1 job. And yes, he would have actually developed the QB, not completely devolved him into skittish Panic-boy

    You don't know he was not interested in any other job or that any other front office was interested in him. You don't know why he was supposedly only looking at the Jets. It is possible he was only interested in the Jets because he thought that was the team that would take the conservative coaching that got him fired in GB as a positive or because he thought he could do for this team what Parcells did in 1998.

    All we know for sure is that no team put a compelling offer to him for 2019. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Green DNA said:

    Who needs a Super Bowl winning coach with 6 division titles, 9 playoff appearances in 13 years and a .618 career winning percentage?   Thank god the Jets didn't hire him.

    Nobody is arguing his past success but past performance is not a guarantee of future returns; obviously, GB did not feel they were getting good results out of McCarthy and a much better roster than this team has at every position. 

    But I guess you know better than thirty-two front offices. 

  8. Not sure the NFL has the power to force the sale of a team but while the Jets might be a sh*tty product on the field the financial value of the entity has only gone up since the Johnson group bought the team. Lots of companies put out garbage products but make money. This is one of them. Keep in mind as well that although you might not enjoy rooting for a losing team the rest of the league and its peripheral industries have a great time making fun of the Jets. Having teams as whipping boys is not tarnishing the league, it is part of having a league. 

    If you are dissatisfied with the team then stop giving it money. Stop buying merchandise or attending games. Stop paying for anything from the NFL (Sunday Ticket, etc.) because there is shared revenue. 

  9. I thought we all agreed in the offseason that this OL would have Sam running for his life or taking a beating all season. Gase has Darnold standing in the backfield most plays so I guess he is just back there taking hits and throwing interceptions. It isn't fair to Darnold to hold him accountable for the OL awfulness or Gase's awfulness. Darnold has played worse but everything around him has been worse, than last year. Darnold deserves his lumps for making a lot of bad decisions out of the sh*tty playcalling and performances around him but the issues in his performance deserve to be apportioned. Maybe he is just Sanchez II but it seems unfair to make that decision until he at least has the opportunity to play with a decent OL and maybe a decent set of plays. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    3. Kris Richard, 40, Cowboys DB coach/passing game coordinator: This would be an interesting hire, as he's a former standout safety who worked in Seattle with Pete Carroll and, after getting passed over for a few HC gigs, ended up in Dallas where he's padding his resume by learning about offense from Jason Garrett. He could probably be had because he's blocked from getting a coordinator job in Dallas, and he's clearly thirsty for a job.

    Is learning offense from Jason Garrett considered a positive quality? Garrett is an awful coach who underperforms every year. He's stayed in Dallas for so long because he's the only guy willing to kiss Jerry Jones's ass hard enough to keep him happy. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, Stark said:

    No one wanted the old, out of touch Andy Reid either. 

    Lol. Smh. 


    Sometime you have to look at the big picture and not the Twitter vacuum. 

    And if you don’t know everything McCarthy did for Favre and how he transformed Rogers then you probably shouldn’t comment on it 

    Reid was picked up by the Chiefs the same off-season the Eagles fired him. McCarthy is on his couch this year. 

    Twitter? I'm just looking at what NFL teams did this year but OK. 

    Cool that McCarthy did some good things in the past. Does not make him a good coach in today's game and every NFL team seems to agree. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, pointman said:

    Lets say you are of the middle class. You bought a microwave for $300. $300, chump change. No big deal. Doesn't hurt your bottom line one. It turns out, the microwave stinks. Past the return window so you just tossed it in your garage and bought another one. It didn't come from a manufacturer with an impeccable reputation. But you thought it would be good for making your Hot Pockets heat evenly. So you spend another $300 on that one. Well, one day after the return window ends you realize its a massive piece of trash too. You want to throw it in your garage with the other one, then realize.. you would have two almost new microwaves, and be spending another $300.. $400 to get another microwave that based on your sh*tty track record of choosing microwaves, may also be equal trash. Doling out that $300 again isn't easy. Don't you think?

    When my microwave stops working I move into a new house with a built in microwave. Is this really what poors have to go through?

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  13. 46 minutes ago, RobR said:

    It would be nice if we ever get a head coach that can coach the entire team. Because what we're doing with all of these coordinators that don't give a crap about the other side of the ball is not working. Rex, Bowles , and now Gase could only coach half of the team.

    You want that Gase magic working on both sides of the ball?

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