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  1. The team won one more win with a former NFL head coach as their OC so you can't say he didn't bring value.
  2. I'm in the same boat as most here. With the injury and DUI this is a great deal for him and maybe not so much for the Saints. He is/was a good player and I would have liked to keep him but he's not worth that contract to the Jets IMO.
  3. With McDaniels and Brady gone one would expect NE to be a team on the decline but we'll see. I got the sense McDaniels was instrumental in Jones's decent performance. They are likely only as good as Jones each season. The AFC is deep with quality QBs and that's going to make it hard for teams floating in the middle to rise which is bad news for NE. It's going to be rough for JD and Saleh to show improvement when playing so many strong offenses. As much as the team needs some weppinz on offense there will have to be a focus on building up the defense just to give the offense a chance. With our 2022 opponents and the current state of the roster winning seven or eight games seems out of the question without some leaps forward in execution.
  4. Can't even honestly retire. Once a cheater always a cheater.
  5. I would be surprised if either is true.
  6. I have a friend who quit drinking for health reasons but really missed drinking beer. She is a fan of the Athletic non-alcoholic beers. I believe their main facility is in New England so you should find them in New York. Guinness has an NA stout that is supposed to start shipping to the US this year. Deschutes released an NA version of their stout or porter, I forget which, that I've seen spoken of highly. I suspect with the growth of the NA market we'll see more craft breweries go the route of trying to create NA versions of their existing beers. The only one I've tried was one from Lagunitas and I didn't care for it. Neither did my non-drinking friend.
  7. He's good but not great. He's not worth his contract on the open market based on his production to date. OTOH the Jets can afford to overpay and would benefit from bringing him in at least in the short term. Bad teams are only FA targets if the player wants to be paid a premium more than he wants to play in January. Cooper might want the money enough to come to NY to get it. I wouldn't be upset if he becomes a Jet but I'm not holding my breath for it to happen, either.
  8. Do you need to confirm my email for this software upgrade?
  9. Bridgewater is probably looking for a team where he has some chance of competing for a starting position which isn't here. If he accepts that he is probably a career backup going forward he is more likely looking for a team willing to pay a lot for a near starter quality backup. I'm not sure that makes sense for the Jets when there are so many needs to fill. I wouldn't hate it but I hope backup QB is lower down the list of needs to address this offseason.
  10. I'm not sure the comparison in hindsight works because Chase wouldn't have had such a great season with Darnold and the rest of the team versus the Bengals. Darnold would be Darnold and Chase would probably be double teamed too often to be a safety release. I like the idea of building the team first but when you have the #2 pick and desperately need a QB most teams take the QB. Can't criticize Douglas for doing what most rational GMs have done in the same position.
  11. Real smart move by the plaintiffs' attorneys for the nine allowed to move forward before April. Watson will be instructed by his criminal defense counsel to plead the fifth to everything to avoid testimony that might be used in the criminal case. In civil cases pleading the fifth can be used to draw adverse inferences and those depositions can be used in all of the cases. After the criminal case Watson will either have to suck up the adverse depositions from before April or really put himself out there during the latter depositions to try to cure the damage. Most likely the nine allowed to depose now will settle before any deposition.
  12. I don't have a problem with the Jets at 27 right now. There's still a lot of work to do on the roster and last year wasn't great. I see we're starting that Miami off season optimism early this year.
  13. Why team X needs to lose players for picks then they could keep proven players and trade away their own picks?
  14. No--he came in with the same nonsense last year about having a pipeline to the inside and then disappeared when it all turned out to be false.
  15. The NFL also waits to build storylines into the schedule. FA moves and probable draft needs goes into how they create tension and build momentum through the season. It wasn't an accident that we played Carolina first last season.
  16. Nowhere near what it would cost. I don't enjoy the game experience so much that I'd pay thousands to get to a game surrounded by random fans and a lot of people who got tickets through work and couldn't care less about the team. I think it would be way more fun at a Jets bar surrounded by other fans. I'd probably feel different if I grew up going to games.
  17. You've never been in the middle of a work project and needed to strap on a feed bag???
  18. I am vexed by people shotgunning chocolate sauce on spaghetti noodles. How do you do that and not choke on the noodles? Getting to the bottom of this sounds like important radio and might save lives.
  19. Either would be nice additions but both will want to go to a competitive team and want way too much money. Maybe they go to a .500 team for excessive contracts (especially Cooper). Neither will be worth the contracts they will demand which means Douglas would almost certainly pass on both.
  20. I struggle to think so as long as the Johnsons own the team. I don't know if there is somebody in the family who can and wants to inherit the team but I root for a sale when Woody passes. A new owner might bring a new sense of professionalism and attract better talent to the team. The Johnsons bought what Parcells built and mostly coasted on that for an entire decade. The more Parcells impression disappeared and the more the Johnsons impressed themselves on the team the worse it got. 2011-? has been one bad decision after another. We're mostly stuck watching them hire inexperienced candidates and hope for the best. Maybe they got it right this time--but how long can they hold on to it?
  21. He's not going to get paid his opening demand but the team is probably going to pay a premium to keep him here. He was an important part of the offense (plus returns) no matter where he sits on the depth chart. If Berrios goes then who fills that role with the same productivity? If Wilson is better with Berrios on the field then how much sense does it make to risk Wilson's productivity as well? The Jets are not in a position to compel good players to stay for the same kind of money they can get on a more successful team and get wins plus money. The Jets will have to overpay for important pieces until the win column gets bigger than the loss column. Obviously there is a price that is too high and $9mm is probably too much but Berrios can probably go to a more competitive team for $5-6MM so if the offense needs him and there is not a suitable replacement Douglas is going to have to pay in the $7-8MM range.
  22. Gase couldn't even break .500 coaching a high school team.
  23. No--representing criminals in civil matters is as close to criminal law as I need to get
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