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  1. I want to be optimistic that the OL will improve over the next couple games as Kalil shakes off the cobwebs and gets reps with the rest of the line--but I don't know if that is the case or he is going to phone it in all season to collect one last year of NFL salary. I would like to see somebody else replace Winters in the very near future.
  2. Demario Davis was our defense version of Powell. Both players were fine but not great early in their careers and developed into solid players. Powell didn't get the competition on the roster (in the GM's or HC's minds at least) to squeeze him off the roster and kept improving to stay ahead of the competition. Davis looks to have a higher ceiling but I wonder if there is something about him that turns off GMs from keeping him around.
  3. Having made so little out of four turnovers and to lose the game by one point basically because we couldn't figure out the kicker situation through the entire offseason is a painful way to lose. It was just one game but it wouldn't have stung so much if the team had not lost with so many opportunities to win.
  4. QB looked terrible. OL was a sieve. Defense got burned the last third of the game. Gave up a solid lead. Coach failed to adjust to a repeat shortfall in the scheme. This could have been any game from 2011 forward.
  5. Continue celebrating that the Jets remain undefeated this season
  6. It is if the team intends to go 16-0
  7. I just listened to all the podcasts and nothing yet
  8. All of this. Even if ownership was less profitable right now than some other asset that could be bought, the status that comes along with owning an NFL team is invaluable. You cannot just buy a team or a share of a team with any amount of money. Woody Johnson would never be able to find a business as profitable with as low of risk or as much celebrity as owning the Jets.
  9. Webb is almost certainly out. With exposure to so many NFL systems some team might pick him up on PS. Falk probably ends up on our PS but I thought he looked good enough he might be worth locking up on the roster as a long term backup option or a trade later in the season. Siemian obviously keeps the #2 seat because he has the experience starting but he's on a one year deal and will undoubtedly go next year wherever he gets paid the most. If Falk can slide in to that role next year we can pay a lot less and improve the role.
  10. The colts never took care of him and he suffered the injuries for it. He is probably injured still and not feeling like he should put up with it. Sucks for the fans and other players but it's not like if the team wanted to cut him they would give him months of notice.
  11. He didn't criticize Geno. He tried to explain away his failures.
  12. Worst call was definitely joining this dumpster fire
  13. Much like Geno you have shown up at the wrong time. While he was only a few hours too late you have surpassed him by showing up a few years too late.
  14. I think the nonsense with the helmets is a tactic to play less while his feet heal so he doesn't get dropped back to IR or cut and end his career.
  15. Rex is a great TV personality. From what I have heard of him analyzing plays and players on TV he is too generic and broad which does not make for good play by play coverage.
  16. I don't think Revis cared that much about his legacy or he would have kept playing and built a brand around his name. Instead he was like most people and tried to get paid as much as possible to do a job, avoid lifelong injuries and retire as soon as he could afford it. As fans it is unfortunate that he did not stay here or play longer than he did but he didn't ask to create a legacy.
  17. Sure if our offense can outscore other teams we can get by without decent corners. Otherwise we at least need adequate corners plus a defensive system that minimizes their weaknesses. Any defense with an ineffective secondary is going to get killed in a pass-hungry league but at the same time we cannot rely on buying two good CBs and think they can put the entire defense on their shoulders. Douglas needs to improve the position this year and next but Williams also needs to scheme around the current staff. As the current defensive roster stands offenses will have trouble passing over the middle but without a great pass rush and questionable corners QBs will have time to wait for their receivers to beat the corners and hit long passes along the sidelines.
  18. This is a far more likely scenario than Brady going to SF--Brady goes to play behind an OL that reminds him of the NE OL's of years past and takes one year to make a ridiculous sum of money. However, I think Brady concludes his career in NE because his brand is so strong there. He will forever be able to make a fortune selling his identity there, especially if he stays and retires from football there. He can move away and show up once every few months for signings and keep momentum. If he goes somewhere else he will ruin some of that because Tom Brady is the face of that franchise for anybody born in the past thirty years. If you believe NE has a line of payments to Brady or his company after he retires then Brady is going to think twice about playing anywhere else and putting that money in jeopardy.
  19. That's exactly why he is in a position to negotiate this otherwise ridiculous number. The Cowboys (1) have all that money tied up in the offense; (2) it is obvious Jones sees Prescott as his new franchise QB; and (3) Jones cannot live without having a marquee name at QB.
  20. Playing through pain in preseason is dumb. A strain needs rest to heal. If he plays through preseason he goes into the season injured. An extremely dumb move for a guy who is definitely not at risk to lose a roster spot.
  21. Right--even if Kalil's play is average between the snap and whistle he brings a lot of expertise leading an OL and can operate as a great mentor to the entire line and Darnold. Even an average C is a substantial upgrade over last season.
  22. I like it when the coaches are focused on winning more games than they lose.

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