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  1. Right. Coaches will always advocate for players they love for their system and GMs will always have to draft with the head coach in mind. If they are good players and don't fit a subsequent system at least they can be traded away or let go for comp picks. Drafting lousy players for a system has no long term value when you have to dump the head coach and all his players. Not every player drafted over that time period was a system player. Most of those players are terrible no matter the system. You keep drafting slates of lousy players you get poor performance on the field and nothing of value to try to trade up into a better roster. When you look at Idzik and Mac's tenures they might have tried to rebuild but it's trying to rebuild when you keep buying the worst construction materials. Each guy since Idzik wiped out Tannenbaum's bloated contracts had nothing to work with but they didn't help themselves by drafting good talent. Each guy after suffered from the prior but hasn't helped themselves--except maybe Douglas...
  2. If we're comparing necks go for gold and get this guy.
  3. If the Bengals turned around the team in just two years then what were the consistently sub .500 years between 2015 and 2020? I get that they switched coaches in that time period but if you commit to this two year rebuild theory you either have to concede that the two year rebuild required several preceding years of tear down or that the Bengals were simply fine with bad seasons until they were ready to start caring.
  4. Am I wrong or has he not announced anything yet? Brady's comments before his last game made it sound like he wanted to try to get one more super bowl. He was probably heartbroken after the game that the refs didn't capitulate to his crying right away. His return is probably tied up in whether the Bucs bring back a super bowl competitive roster and coaching staff. Brady said he wanted to play until 45 which would be just one more year. If the Bucs hold on to everybody they have a legitimate shot next year. Unless they plan on a lean year to reboot--who do they have to bring in as QB? A Watson destination maybe? The most annoying outcome would be if the Bucs decide they need to reboot and let Brady go, the 49ers let Garoppolo walk, bring in Brady who wins a super bowl to once again spite Garoppolo and win with his hometown team.
  5. Vikings probably willing to give him the keys to the castle to do whatever he wants to get them to the big game. Raiders might be a little gun shy after what happened with their last brilliant hire.
  6. McCown might be a good hire for QB coach or an assistant OC but no way does it make sense to hand the guy a HC job with zero coordinator (or any meaningful coaching) experience. If McCown gets that job it's because he's been made a scapegoat to explain a bad season or why they had to purge Watson. If McCown has serious aspirations of coaching he shouldn't take the job if offered.
  7. I don't know why this is responsive to what I said. All of my comments have been specific to OP's statement: My point is if the GM banked on a drafted QB as the long term future of the franchise and the GM is confident after the first year the coaching staff is not developing the QB then maybe it makes sense to cut bait early and bring in a coach that can develop the QB. Flipping coaching staff and offensive systems every year isn't great either but if you know the coaching staff can't get the job done then letting the QB settle into the system isn't particularly valuable. I don't think this is true at all of the Jets right now and Douglas does not seem interested in replacing Saleh.
  8. I wasn't referring to Saleh's staff. I meant the teams dumping their coaching staff one year after drafting a QB.
  9. Sure consistency is beneficial to really the entire team but if a coaching staff has proven unsuccessful at development and does not have a clear plan to develop the QB then is that really consistency you want?
  10. It's unfair that one offense can touch the ball and end the game. Football is both an offensive and defensive game so letting a game end like that is cutting out half of the game for each time. It's the rule and teams have a hand in crafting the rule so it's not exactly forced on them.
  11. Given how the last couple minutes of regulation turned out the game was probably decided at the coin flip because either team was likely to score a TD if they got the ball. That's not really the way you want any game decided but especially not a playoff. It is somewhat unfair to have the game come down to a coin flip but I only feel so bad for a division rival.
  12. The only way NO will lure in a quality candidate is with a long contract and a long leash to suffer through a year or two of teardown and more time to rebuild. It is remotely possible that the GM can cut down the roster enough to bring in a QB and keep the team decently competitive but a decent head coach is going to want a contract that protects him from being the fall guy or pays him substantially to be the fall guy.
  13. Right--GMs cannot totally disregard the head coach and his desires in the draft. There are roster management concerns for the GM but the GM has to balance a relationship with the head coach. Even if JD thought Gase had one foot out the door by the 2020 draft JD couldn't completely ignore Gase and then have Gase hold his job another year by complaining that he wasn't given any help in the draft for his system. I'm not excusing every bad decision as a Gase influence but there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the 2020 vs. 2021 draft.
  14. These big school QBs are surrounded by NFL talent mostly playing teams with no NFL talent. It's hard to evaluate how a player will do in a league with parity when they play very few games against equally talented teams and offenses are built to give the QB easy reads and take advantage of mismatches. Waiting for a play to break down and then chuck it up to a wide open receiver isn't an NFL experience too often. They are more often strikes than home runs. A lot of these can't miss future franchise QBs are big school QBs with a good last performance of college hyped to death by their agent until people get worked up into a frenzy. That's exactly what Darnold is and was.
  15. Jordan is not a good person but this is silly. Dude was everywhere culturally during the height of his career. People wore Bulls and Jordan gear because it was Jordan. There were cartoons, cereal, toys, etc. Music, especially hip hop, was full of references to him and outright songs about him. The most well known sport shoe in the world continues to sport his name and image nearly two decades after he stopped playing. His reputation stumbled when he left basketball, sucked at baseball and returned in not so great shape to basketball but the 1980s-1990s before he left he was on the short list for the most well known person in the country.
  16. Jones had a love affair with Garrett as a coach from the start. Phillips was not good in Dallas. For as much as I am not a McCarthy fan he at least had the team in the playoffs. But lol that ending.
  17. Could be drugs or could be alcohol. I've seen enough people arrested for DUI/DWI at night bail out in the morning. Once the person is no longer intoxicated the immediate danger to the public is gone. A well paid attorney probably answered the call overnight and got in front of a judge overnight or very early morning to bail him out. There are criminal defense firms that keep attorneys and bondsmen on call overnight for these situations. It's expensive but he can afford it.
  18. You're not making the point you think you are. The Giants spent considerably more for the players on the field than the Jets in a fairly similar division and landed the same record. The Jets lost considerably more cap space this season to IR and dead money. The Giants walk into 2022 with $45MM less in cap space than the Jets. The Giants should have a much better record for what they spent and the position they put themselves in next season.
  19. Probably the best thing Douglas can do with this draft is focus on fleshing out the roster with good young talent. It's been a long, long time since the team has had real depth. It would be nice to see the team survive a couple injuries without completely falling off a cliff.
  20. Zach Wilson is going to have this whole team fired up. Becton's knee is going to heal. Mims will learn how to run routes. McGovern will block somebody. Anything and everything is possible.
  21. I'm reading the thread title as Denzel Mims: Oh Snaps!
  22. Constant panic in the pocket and his time here did no favors for him. Well hope he can hang around as a backup in the league as long as Geno.
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