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  1. They aren't going to toss Ulbrich. He enjoys the same pass this year as the other coaches and young players. Not only is it a new regime but a team with a ton of young talent and injuries with key players. There has to be some degree of consistency within the organization for people to feel like they can do their job without constantly fearing termination or making conservative decisions to avoid attention. If Saleh thought Ulbrich was doing so poorly that he had to go I would expect Saleh to have taken playcalling duties away from him. If Ulbrich was such a failure that he had to go in one year despite roster issues then you wouldn't want to keep giving the guy full control over the defense week over week.
  2. The only options likely under serious consideration are red hogs and presidents and most likely red hogs. As I keep saying about the Jets mascot, the NFL isn't going to support logos, mascots, or names that are plainly militaristic both because they want to sell the NFL as family friendly and they want to sell the league overseas where views about the US military are not always so endearing. That rules out all the other names. Red hogs lets the team keep it's color scheme, the R identity and harken back to the team's history which is something Snyder said they want to do. None of the other names do that. Good luck to Washington fans that the logo isn't corny as hell because the ham and bacon jokes will be brutal.
  3. Saleh is clear on not playing Mims unless he has to given how little Mims has played but I wouldn't feel confident that Mims isn't back next year. If there isn't a compelling offer on the table then cutting him doesn't make enormous sense. He's on a rookie contract and serves as reasonably cheap depth at a time when the team has a lot of holes to fill. I could see Douglas wanting to give Mims another offseason/camp to perform better and unload him before the trade deadline if he has another poor camp.
  4. Mayfield had a couple ok first two years, a solid year three and a seemingly not great year four. If last year was the aberration then they have a mediocre at best game manager on their hands. If this is an aberration then maybe they have a franchise QB. Either way it's near certain they give him at least one more year to see which is true. That's a rough place to be the year before the last year of the contract because if he has a good year CLE will want to keep him but he'll have the options to get an outrageous contract out of them. At least if he doesn't pan out next year they will be a fairly desirable destination for QBs with a solid roster.
  5. I'll echo the comments that he seems very Pennington-like as a player. If he avoids injury he probably has a long career as a game manager-type that might not win the big game but can get close. He's a rookie so like Wilson he has a lot of opportunity to get better (or worse). He came out of the most NFL ready college roster playing for a coach that Belichick borrowed from for his own offense so you would expect Jones to do ok in NE. As long as NE keeps the air of a desirable place to play they can surround him with good players and remain a competitive team.
  6. I know plenty of people who have taken way longer to heal from similar injuries. Sure, they didn't have access to the kind of care an NFL starter has. Just because somebody says he should be healed in X weeks doesn't mean he's absolutely ready to get down in that position and have another 250-300lb dude crash into him all week in that. We also don't know if the team undersold the injury to make teams down the schedule spend time preparing for multiple OL rosters.
  7. Between Darnold and Sanchez this team should have a permanent ban on drafting a USC QB ever again.
  8. Who were the people who wanted Gase over McCarthy or anybody else? If that group existed in the fanbase it was a tiny group. A lot of people didn't want McCarthy because he had just come off declining production on a team with a HOF QB with a competitive roster so the probability that he was going to succeed with a rookie QB and a far worse roster was reasonably questionable. McCarthy ended up on a team with maybe a better offensive roster and a franchise QB. His biggest hurdle on that team is keeping the defense competitive enough to win in a shootout. I admit I was not high on McCarthy for the issue above but in retrospect he probably was the best option out there at the time. Who knows what would have happened marrying him to Mac and Darnold though. He might have given us just as bad of records and shown the door in two or three years, too. I still think the playoffs will be a biggest assessment of his coaching rather than the roster when DAL will only play good teams and it will be a lot harder to win on an average of 33 points per win.
  9. Add to that the people who criticize the Allen first year comparison because Allen ran way more are out there criticizing Wilson for a rushing TD.
  10. The LBs can use some work but the coaching has to get a lot better. Unfortunately both sides of the ball still need significant roster improvement so neither side is going to get all the best FA and draft picks in the offseason. We can't expand all the resources on defense to bail out bad coaching and hope for Rex Ryan style 16-10 games where defense fights all game long to win on a few field goals. Assuming all the injured players come back in good shape the LBs are undoubtedly the weakest spot on that side and allocating resources there would produce the best result.
  11. I know that's what Parcells said during the manningcast but older stories indicate Parcells would not commit to taking Peyton as the first pick and Parcells said some obscure league rule was why he couldn't commit to it before the draft. Whether Parcells tells the truth now only he really knows.
  12. The Johnsons are poor managers and it shows over the course of the past twenty years. Every time they stumbled into a good hire they found a way to screw it up. They aren't going away so our best bet is they stumble into another good hire and don't screw it up. Idzik was brought in to cut out the bloat Tannenbaum left behind after Mangini's departure but he was a terrible talent evaluator and to whatever extent he might have had a vision for the team marrying him to Rex definitely didn't help. I don't know who Idzik could have attracted as a head coach but probably some terrible pick--if only because the roster was such a mess when he got there. We're still essentially in the same place of cutting out the last guy's mistakes and trying to build up a functional roster. My spicy and totally unsubstantiated take about Gase and Manning is that Manning stayed salty about the Jets from his draft and he pitched Gase to the Jets as one final **** you to the team that wouldn't draft him. Manning hasn't done anything to help his bud out since despite his growing closeness with the Broncos organization.
  13. Mangini and Tannenbaum built the best roster this team has had by a lot compared to anything that followed but I don't know if Mangini could consistently win. It would have been interesting to see what he did with the team in 2009 and 2010 and what those drafts would have looked like. Obviously he is not a guy teams like having around because he went from AFC coach of the year in 2006 to out of the league in less than a decade. It's unlikely the team would have had the success with Rex in the two years that followed Mangini without the roster they built. Still, I think if you could do it over JD and Mangini together would probably build the best roster for this team which would make it a desirable destination for a better coach if Mangini couldn't get the wins on the board.
  14. The defense needs some star power but it's a little easier to pay for defensive players in FA which makes drafting offensive starters generally the better move. The team has the money to throw around in FA and they can pay a premium for a few years of defensive starters and draft defensive depth in later rounds. Once the team develops a bench of future replacements they can let those FAs go and maintain the bench. IMO improving the defensive coaching would be a huge upgrade to performance across the board. The scheme and lack of in-game adjustments shine a spotlight on every weakness in the roster. Wilson is certainly coming back next year and he needs as much protection and time as he can get so the OL has to be a priority for the offseason. It's great if Becton comes back but they need a solid line and depth that isn't there yet. They can bring in all the receivers and runners they can find but if Wilson can't get the ball out or a runner doesn't have a hole then it doesn't really matter. If JD can shore up the OL in FA I'm all for it. Either way, if Wilson keeps running for his life half the time this team isn't going to get close to .500.
  15. This isn't entirely accurate. Vodka can range in purity or neutrality quite a bit depending upon the distillation method, how aggressively they cut out the less pure parts of the distilled spirit and how it is (or isn't) filtered. Cheap ass vodka generally uses more of the less desirable distillation products and filtered less than more expensive brands. Higher end brands use more selective distillation and aggressive filtration. You can also get into pot distilled vodkas which carry flavor from the underlying fermentation similar to brandies and some whisk(e)y. Vodka can also be "corrected" after distillation or at bottling which can add acid, glycerin, minerals and sugar which will create flavor and mouthfeel differences between brands. There isn't generally a huge difference between a $30 and $60 bottle of vodka--especially if you aren't drinking it neat--but a $10 bottle is likely a dirtier vodka. FWIW my vodka of choice is Monopolowa which runs $15-20 and has character. It isn't a smoothly polished as expensive bottles but I don't necessarily want that if I'm drinking vodka. Most spirits are diluted after distillation/aging to bottle strength. Neutral spirits can be distilled to near pure ethanol which is diluted with water down to normal vodka proof. "Concentrate" is just undiluted spirit. If you're shipping spirit to a bottler you might as well ship it undiluted and not pay shipping costs for water.
  16. The roster was so bad you could argue with a straight face that Adams was the best or one of the best players on the field (I don't care to make it) but also that the trade was worth more than keeping Adams on the field for this team.
  17. When you're an a$$hole but you've been given near unlimited authority over your job and treated like a demi-god everywhere you work then you see this kind of interaction as a perfectly normal thing that they want you to do because you're a star and they hired you to make them stars, too. You can get away with a lot when you're successful but that only works if you keep succeeding and know your limits. He doesn't know his limits and he didn't succeed. I don't believe Khan was diligently investigating this one act for months before making a decision. He knew Meyer came with this personality and didn't care because he wanted Meyer to bring wins. He sat on all the nonsense earlier in the season giving Meyer an opportunity to turn it around. When he didn't then all the circus became a reason to fire him instead of the lackluster product on the field.
  18. The problem getting into those jobs is most firms want experienced paralegals and firm staff jobs are usually lateral moves chasing the right fit and pay so there's always people with experience looking for the next job. He should apply everywhere he can and apply with legal recruiters who might have an inside track with firms that will train. If it's financially an option for him he should consider contract work as well because any experience is better than an empty resume. He should also send resumes to firms cold. It's a low success tactic but it's what attorneys are taught to do in law school outside of big firm hiring so he might find a firm that appreciates the courage to proactively reach out. I asked some of the younger paralegals at my firm and they all send they got their first job by applying endlessly until somebody said yes.
  19. I hope somebody they do a 30 for 30 on Meyer and we get a solid reenactment of all the best moments of Meyer's tenure in the NFL.
  20. Who is the defensive coach with a successful defense full of not great players?
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