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  1. I hope that's the case... been a fan of this team for 40 years and have definitely bought fools gold in the past... I have a good feeling about this squad. Overlooked and counted out is when this team has been, historically speaking, at it's best.
  2. This was the best response from Twitter: Russel Wilson is just a Carlton who excelled at football
  3. I really liked what I saw yesterday, but we are NOT beating that team. We had a shot and blew it against the Bills and Miami. The #1 run defense is not going to mean sh*t when you're up against some f'ed up ninja next level offense. I'm curious to see if the Niners can contain. If they somehow miraculously do, that would give me hope.
  4. Look as along as they keep the pocket SPLEEN for Darnold, I'm not concerned about his anatomy.

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