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  1. Just getting over the draft sugar rush and found these... a different game from a different era, all the way through 2010. Enjoy! NFL Classic Photos
  2. Welp that was fun while it lasted lol
  3. He used to fool the camera crews at games - probably the best part of his game.
  4. Skinny Tuxedo Pants? Thank god we pick second!
  5. That's the season I became a fan... at 10 years old. Aye yie yie.
  6. I'm inclined to believe sexual assault victims - but there are too many elements that make this smell fishy. 1) Why have these women NOT gone to the police with their accusations? 2) Why did the lawyer ask for a cash payout / shakedown, and then pursue additional allegations via... Instagram? 3) This lawyer sounds like a real piece of work: https://oaklandnewsnow.com/news/a-look-at-tony-buzbee-the-lawyer-and-trump-donor-accusing-texans-deshaun-watson-of-sexual-assault/
  7. No parent should ever have to bury their child... being a dad of a 7 year old I would be beyond devastated to lose him... prayers to the Johnson family and R.I.P.
  8. Speaking for myself... probably.
  9. To coach the Jets neck year, you need a neck size larger than 20"
  10. All he wanted was a Pepsi!!!
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