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  1. This thread - terrible title but really good analysis. Every QB comes into this league with challenges that are unique to THAT QB. Remember Herm talking about Pennington being too "in his head, too perfect, and not letting it rip"? Before injuries Pennington had great mechanics but would wig himself out throwing into tight windows. Zach looks to me like a kid who is overwhelmed, and his anxiety is not externalized - it is internalized. Which is making him ignore good mechanics, and getting the ball out TOO quickly without setting his feet on easy throws. When you compare the pr
  2. Been a fan since 1980... the last ten years have been rough. My Sundays consist of watching the first half of the Jets game, and then turning off the TV at halftime when the situation reveals itself as hopeless. I, too, bought into the hype this summer. It just feels different this time! Then Lucy takes the ball away. AND I moved to the west coast 25 years ago! How sad is that! My friends are concerned that my son will like the Jets. They're saying I need to perform a ceremonial burn of my Jets gear or an exorcism and root for the Niners and be done with it. I LOVE football. I
  3. Several years retired Nick Mangold is better than this douche canoe. We really had been spoiled at Center.
  4. Just called DirecTV - got a $25 dollar credit on my account for the next 12 months, as well as free NFL Ticket and Max. Easy peazy. The key word is "cancellation".
  5. This guy, across TWO Jets fan sites, and perhaps from the millennium to now. EXACTLY the same post! LOL!
  6. Thanks for posting this - it sounds completely reasonable. I think the only reason Rodgers is effing with the Packers is they are just not being honest about their actions or intentions in the way they are building the roster. Rodgers is a bit smarter and more talented than Farve. He has money and a future. I'm sure he would like to play again, but not for this team. I don't think this man plays another down for this team. And honestly, good for him.
  7. Just got this text about five minutes ago - I live in Danville about 15 min away from san Ramon. These are from my Niner buddies: Here’s a small world for ya… this accident happened in San Ramon. Our friend Kathy was first on the scene (driving by) and used her car to block traffic from running him over. She stayed with him until the fire truck made it I was just reading about it - what did Kathy say? How badly was he f'ed up? Really bad. Bleeding everywhere with a bunch of broken things OMG Wow Prayers that he will b
  8. We've got a good one. We have a good line. It can ascend to great. Let's put on the pads and see what happens.
  9. Just getting over the draft sugar rush and found these... a different game from a different era, all the way through 2010. Enjoy! NFL Classic Photos
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