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  1. Why do I feel like Stifler’s mom and Zach would get along?
  2. The NFL footage of Jets fans taunting him pre-game as “Pretty Boy” reminds me of why I love Jets fans!
  3. We only send cheerleaders to the Pro Bowl. Nice.
  4. The Ramones were the soundtrack to my disaffected youth! Love ya and miss ya Joey - gone too soon.
  5. I can’t believe he was hit ten minutes from my house. I always get the willies when I cross that intersection driving to San Ramon. FWIW a lot of bikers out this way and they have disappeared from Crow Canyon rd.
  6. You’re not kidding. I hope I have that level of insight and love to share and express for my son on his important milestones. You can tell this kid is wise and mature because he had amazing parents every step of the way. Really blown away.
  7. The thing is you’re not wrong. Jets fans - or at least THIS Jets fan, cannot accept that the luck overflowing from our cup is not bad luck. It’s like I’m in the Jets Multiverse where we drafted Brady, Belli never left, and we’re just coming off of twenty years of world domination. My reptilian brain CANNOT HANDLE.
  8. Yes - the correlation is we don’t have any first round WR busts #ThankYouJoe!
  9. World class trolling
  10. And to be fair, both had their moments of competent coaching and good results. Herm even moreso but obviously a better roster.
  11. This is 4th dimension trolling. It’s like I’m staring straight ahead with a tremendous decision to make
  12. Went to school in the North Country about an hour north of Syracuse. It is most definitely a thing. A gross thing!
  13. I liked him more after this
  14. As much as that era imploded, THAT was a truly fun time to be a Jets fan! Now let's go get a goddamn snack!!!
  15. I do not want to be tortured by Aaron Rodgers for the next 2-4 seasons. He's an insufferable douche canoe.
  16. Brady is foolish to not retire... he has done everything you can over two hall of fame careers. At 45 not only should he be retired, he's already on the back nine of his life! Seriously everyone acknowledges he's the best to ever play the game. At this point, it is actually selfish to his family.
  17. Winston? Have I joined THAT demographic being on this site? Jeez Louise…
  18. I see your Ostero, and I raise you two Monkeypods.
  19. My wife thought so too. She watched Jets games back then. Now? Before Zach we had some ugly ass QBs!
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