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    You are probably right-- especially with just a year left on his contract. Wishful thinking on my part.

    If we bring in Gaines, I wonder what kind of trade market there might be for Skrine. Maybe we can add a pick.
  3. Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    Great contract. Does not commit us to anything beyond the first year.

    I agree. I would love to see this change, but it does not sound likely to happen:
  5. Jets Workouts

  6. Agreed. We just signed a back-up RB who posted an Instagram picture of a guy killing a cop. And we are going to pass on a potential franchise QB in the draft because of a hat??? I just don't see it.
  7. Dilfer on Rosen

    This is what has been driving me crazy about these QBs. You can make a strong case for and against each of these guys. Rosen is still the guy I want, not worried about his personality as much as the injury concerns. Without the injury history, he would be a clear cut number 1 in my mind. But the injuries/concussions are there and have to be part of the evaluation. There are times I just want to ignore this 5 week lead up to the draft. Just let me know which guy we are taking and I will get behind the pick and root for the guy. We have to get it right one of these days, don't we.
  8. Jets Workouts

  9. Future Cap Room

    I think we will have him under control one more year if we pick up his 5th year option in 2019. He would not hit FA until 2020.
  10. I agree with most of your thoughts. One of the reasons I wanted Cousins was so we could keep our draft capital and build around a legit QB. But, signing Cousins signing was not an option any longer when we made the move. And it does not sound like Kirk ever really considered us, since he never visited and according to reports, he never actually spoke to anyone at the Jets before signing with Minny. At that point, what do you. Either you take the conservative route, and sit at 6 and build around the QB position and see who (if anyone) falls to you in the first or remains on the board in the 2nd, or you get aggressive, move your chips to the center of the table and go all in to get a QB. It may not work out, but I am glad Macc is going for it. Personally, I think we end up with Allen and I will be cursing Macc again on draft night. But even if we get Allen, I will get over it and root for the guy.
  11. Might be some lively discussion about Zay Jones on the Bills board.
  12. Allen Hurns Released

    3 concussions. Hamstring strain. High ankle sprain. In a 4 season career. Despite that, I have no problem giving him a shot as long as it is a favorable contract.
  13. If we are targeting Darnold/Rosen and both are gone, at that point, I hope we make/listen to calls to get some picks back. If we don't like Allen/Mayfield in this scenario, someone is likely to want to come up for them. I would sooner look to trade out than take Barkley at 3.