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  1. 20+ years since we have had a top 10 offense in both yards and points. Pretty sure you have to go back to 98. In this era of wide open offensive play, it is like we are stuck in the 70s. Run between the tackles (with a 37 year olf RB) then throw short of the sticks on 3rd and long. Punt and play defense. Except we can't play defense either. Just a mess on both sides of the ball. And the tank rolls on to KC next week, sould be entertaining.
  2. He is better than what we have, but I am still hoping for better than Foles next year. But that throw looked an awful lot like a few of the throws we have seen out of Darnold. Excpet that the Bears were in the red zone, which we do not seem to be capable of reaching on a regular basis.
  3. Awfull throw by Foles. Off his back foot into coverage. Never had a chance.
  4. Scan the board, please.. Already have a thread to discuss that.
  5. Something is amiss when the whole dueling threads thing is more entertaining than the game.
  6. It is tough, but sometimes ya gotta have stretch goals. Like next week, maybe we can get double digit second half yardage.
  7. I am kinda torn living in Chicago. Last thing I want to hear about is a 6-1 Bears team when we are 0-7, but I gotta support the tank.
  8. Impressive. Rams gained more yardage on that first down play than we had in teh 2nd half yesterday.
  9. Need more out of the Bears tonight -- help out our strength of schedule by hanging an "L" on the Rams.
  10. He is going to back up Trevor Lawrence after we trade Darnold.
  11. No. Barring injury, Trubisky is done in Chicago. Contract is up, he will be somewhere else next season.
  12. Bears have got to be the least impressive 5-1 teams I have ever seen. They look bad most of the game but find a way to win in the end. Kind of the anti-Falcons.
  13. Lost Kyle Phillips for the season, so we added a guy to replace him.

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