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  1. Was just referring to the number of titles since I went to school at UGA. 1990 forward.
  2. This debate just depresses me even more than I already am. Tennessee, 1 Natty. Florida, 3. Auburn 1 Natty. LSU 3. Alabama about 10. Every elite program in the SEC has won a title but us. Yes, 1980 was in my lifetime, but that was about 10 years before I went to grad school at UGA. I was not a fan back then. Almost 30 years since I went to UGA and I have had to watch all of our rivals win. And all we have ever done is come close.
  3. My biggest fear right now is he comes back for his senior season.
  4. Time to head out to the bar and have a few drinks while watching the end of this mess. We are just not in LSU's class. They are too good.
  5. Aside from Cager, and Pickens on occasion, we haven't all year. Matt Landers (two drops on that drive) is a true freshman who has no business being on the field in a game as big as this one, but without Cager, Dominick Blaylock and Kearis Jackson, we have no choice.
  6. Love the great insight. Rick Neuheisel: "If Georgia can make it a one score game in the 4th quarter they will be right in it." This after he said a two loss Georgia team could get in ahead of Oklahoma if they can make it close. Not even I think there is any way we deserve to get in with a loss today.
  7. Clemson, LSU and OSU are all at a different level than anyone else this year. Really looking forward to see what happens when they start to play each other.
  8. You are probably right. Most of our injuries are on offense, but defense is having problems stopping LSU. I just would have liked to have had the chance to play this game at 100%. At least I don't have to worry about blowing a big lead today.
  9. Fromm has been incredibly disappointing this year. And to think we eff'd it up with Justin Fields last year because this was Fromm's team.
  10. WR Lawrence Cager -- out with injury. RB DeAndre Swift -- playing through sshoulder injury WR Dominick Blaylock -- knee injury in this game WR George Pickens -- suspended for being an idiot last week QB Jake Fromm -- limps off with ankle injury Been a fun season so far. But looks like it comes to an end for us today. Think LSU is the better team, but would have loved to played this game healthy.
  11. Could not have started worse for us. When receivers are open, Fromm misses them. And when Fromm makes a good through to receiver who is covered, the recevier can't make a play. Story of our season. We fall down two scores and this one could be over early.
  12. Every time I watch Oklahoma win a game, I think back to the Rose Bowl in 2017. Sitting in the stands, in front of a redneck family of OU fans. Had to sit through the first half, listening to their trash talk as Oklahoma built the lead. All through the half, they were loud and they were drinking. Alot. Inlcuding their apparently underage daughters. Then as we started to come back in the second half, and the two daughters fell into a drunken stupor, I had to enjoy my team's comeback and OT win, all the while, being aware of the group seated behind me, just hoping that the two girls, who by this time were barely conscious, wouldn't get sick on me & my son. When OU wins, that family is happy and that is not a good thing. Great effort (and great season) for Baylor, just fell a little short.
  13. In no particular order: Tru Hack Handling of OL Handling of Edge (polite gets grouped in here). WR draft picks (Hansen, Stewart, Smith)
  14. Assuming he is moving on from Garrett, I can see Jerry Jones reaching out to both of these coaches.
  15. Solomon Kindley. Likely a day 2 pick. I also like Eric Stokes. Georgia CB. Redshirt soph who may come out. Probably day 3 guy,maybe late day 2. Needs to add some strength, but he could be a solid pro. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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