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  1. I said college scouting and the draft, although that and the QB are 1a and 1b. Since we appear to have the QB, it is college scouting and draft for us. It is almost impossible to win in today's NFL without drafting well. You need to hit on a reasonable amount of cheap draft picks in the salary cap era. We have seen what happens in ths last decade when a team does not draft well and needs to rebuild through free agency. An occasional stud, but a lot of overpriced, late 20s, mid tier talent through FA, even with a top QB, is not going to build a sustainable contender. It may give you a window for 2 or 3 years, especially with a QB on a rookie deal. But once we have to pay Sam, we are going to need some low priced talent through the draft to win consistenlty.
  2. Lith

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    I am still all in on either Douglas or Kelly. Hoping it will be one of those guys.
  3. The thing is, when Manish puts his agenda side, the guy can write. He wrote a great piece a coule of weeks ago about Neville Hewitt and his mom and her legal struggles that led to her being deported. Thought it was a great article. But then he starts with his agenda against the Jets and his bullsh!t this past week. If he could just stick to writing and not trying to make himself the story, And no. I am not the guy who voted Manish.
  4. Lith

    2020 WR CLASS

    Kirby has been doing a great job of recruiting. Has a few recruiting Ws aginst his old boss, but I am still waiting for it to translate into a win against them on the filed.
  5. Lith

    2020 WR CLASS

    If they can keep him -- the way the Gators recruiting season has gone, you never know. They have lost a bunch of vebal commits. And I am just sick about it.
  6. Lith

    Merge please

    I like this. Aborted attempt at posting a picture, and then buttfumbling self. That deserves an offsetting "like" if you ask me.
  7. I am okay with either of these guys. Douglas has 20 years experience with Ravens and Eagles, both teams won championships during his tenure. Kelly about 12 years experience with Broncos who won multiple Div titles while he was there and a SB appearrance, and helped build a winner with the Bears. Both guys know have been part of winning oganizations. And both guys paths crossed with Gase. Hire either of these guys and I will be very happy with how the past coule of weeks has played out.
  8. Lith

    OTA Thread

    Nothing scheduled for today. THey are back on the practice field Tuesday the 28th.
  9. Trumaine Johnson. No logical reason for this other than he has to be a better player than he showed last year. Hopefully being reunited with Gregg Williams will help light a fire in him.
  10. Lith

    OTA Thread

    Sam. Mic'd up.
  11. Thanks for posting @GREENBEAN, nice find. Pretty sure Emory Hunt used to post either here or at the old JI site. Anyway, good video, Was glad to see Polite #56 out there, since none of our beat writers mentioned him at all in any of their comments yesterday. You would think we would be interested in hearing how he looked.
  12. Lith

    OTA Thread

    I agree. Maybe I am reaching, but I wonder if all of the BS swirling about the team in the local and national media is helping pull the team together. If that is the case, let Manish continue with his petty attacks on Gase, Woody and anyone else in green and white.
  13. Lith

    OTA Thread

    Depends which Eric Smith you are talking about. Him^^^ or the guy in the next post down.
  14. Lith

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    Well, who saw that coming. 4 game sweep of the Nats on the heels of the being swept in Miami. Juan Lagares and Rajai Davis the heroes yesterday. Carlos Gomez today. Needed this reminder that baseball can be fun. Let’s go Mets!!! Keep it going. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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