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  1. Lith

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Always happy to welcome another Islander fan to the thread to discuss the first place NY Islanders. Loser point was not the worst outcome last night considering it was not one of our best efforts. Martin penalty giving up the 5 on 3 killed us. Anyway, good to see you over here.
  2. Lith

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Don't blame me for this one. Ice storm followed by snow -- decided I could not make the drive into Chicago (I am about 50 miles outside of the city). Sat at home and watched instead.
  3. Free Agency requires overpaying. It is the nature of the beast -- suppply and demand and all that fun sh*t we learned about in Economics 101. So few impact players make it to FA, and when an above average player makes it, with multiple teams bidding, the end result is you overpay. We have a lot of cap space; but also a lot of holes to fill on the roster. I am really concerned about what the OL market is going to be like. We are far from the only team that will be looking for a starter or two, and all these wish lists are crazy: Matt Paradis, Trent Brown, Mitch Morse -- guys like that will have multiple suitors. We are going to have to overpay to bring some guys in, and if we are lucky, we will hit on one elite guy -- it is what it is. Just have to hope the guys we do pay big $$ to end up having an impact. Win games next year and there won't be complaining. Spend $100M for another double digit losing season, and there will be plenty of justified bitching and moaning.
  4. Luck of the draw. Kills me seeing him play for those guys --I really do want to root for the kid. I was at the Rose Bowl 2 years ago, sitting in the stands when he ran for that TD in overtime to send us to the National Championship game. Michel gave me the greatest sports moment that I have witnessed live. And now, he is one of them. Its just doesn't seem fair.
  5. Rooting for Gurley and the Rams. Once Michel put on that Pats uniform, I no longer conisder him one of ours. Gurley needs to bounce back after tht NFCCG benching. Go Rams!!!
  6. Lith

    The Bright Side

    The only birght side to NE winning, is that we still have the chance to be the ones to knock them off their throne. Another year, another Division Title, Conference title and SB appearance. Someday, somebody is going to knock those f**kers down a peg, so it may as well be us. I am so sick of rooting vicariously through other teams to beat the Pats in the post season and they never seem to do it, at least not consistenlty. Its time to stop counting on others to beat them and just figure out a way to do it ourselves.
  7. Lith

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Dieter is an interesting guy. Played all over the line at Wisconsin - has had seasons as starting center, left tackle and guard. Probably more suited to an interior OL as a pro; but it would sure be nice to have a guy with that kind of versatility on our OL.
  8. Lith

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    I kind of feel bad for the guy. Traded for a 7 from Indy because they switch to a 4-3. He comes here and gives us more than we possiblly could have expected. High motor guy, great character. The kind of guy you want on your team and you want to root for. And it might happen all over again. Team moves to a 4-3 and he could, once again be looking for a new home.
  9. Lith

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    You have certainly been consistent -- you have been driving the Oliver train for 3 seasons. No need to get off of it now.
  10. Agreed. If we are in the market for a new coach again in 3 years -- chances are Macc and the Coach are gone. Not something I really want to think about right now. Lets hope they got it right this time, and Gase helps Sam develop; Macc nails the draft and FA and we are on our way to being a consistent winner. And we will not be back in the market in 3 years.
  11. They are going to score too quickly.
  12. And now they get the ball back where it would have been anyway.

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