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  1. Edit -- never mind. Just saw Slats commented on the kid's status
  2. Yup. "Tackle by Who?" "Wahoo!!!" I believe he also had the name "Wahoo" on his jersey rather than McDaniel; although that may have been after he moved on to the Dolphins.
  3. Other issue is timing of the bonus payments. Sam ultimately got all of his bonus money paid up front.
  4. And another one for Day 55. Ohio State Center, Nick Mangold.
  5. And, the first man ever to wear #56 for the Jets/Titans. MLB Roger Ellis. Started 13 games for the Titans in their inaugural 1960 season. After he left the Jets in 1963, Ellis went on to a career as a Secret Service Agent, working on protection details for Presidents Ford and George HW Bush.
  6. He threatened to cut the head off of his dead father; and threatened to shoot the funeral home workers who would not allow him access to the body. I guess those are not "aggravating circumstances." I am not arguing that Herndon should get less than 4 games, but the NFL should be consistent with the punishment it hands out. It all just seems so random.
  7. Willie Mays. As a Giant. Saw him play at Candlestick against the Mets one year when I was out in SF as a kid with my family. Probably about 1970. Don't remember much about the game other than Mays having 3 or 4 hits, pretty sure he was a homer short of the cycle. Probably was disappointed then because he beat the Mets. But now, looking back, even though he was past his prime, I got to see Mays at his best; if just for one night.
  8. Manish reporting that he will appeal.
  9. Think of the impact this would have on OLs. Each starter needs to rest at least two games. Not likely to have multuple starters miss the same game. That means out of 18 games, your starting OL is only likely to be intact for 8 games. That has disaster written all over it for QBs.
  10. Is Neal Sterling still avaialble (and healthy)? Might make sense to bring him in for the first month -- I don't think he is vested vertran, so salary would not have to be guaranteed for the full season. Edit - Never mind. Signed with KC in June. Next time, google first, then post.
  11. I don't live in NY anymore, so I don't feel the same way you do about the Giants, but I 100% get this. When the Pats dynasty does come to an end, I want the Jets to be the team that ends it. Not KC; Not the Rams; Not any other Divsiion Rivals. I want it to be us. Win the Division; Knock them out of the playoffs. Let it be us who does it, otherwise it will be like an empty victory.
  12. They shouldn't be on your fantasy team in the first place, lol. As for me, I love the Jets more than I hate the Pats; so if a Patriot win will help the Jets make the playoffs, I am rooting for the Pats win.
  13. I don't hate Harrison; I am rooting for him. The issue, to me, is our depth chart at C. You have Harrison, who has started ~20 games in his career, but never started a whole season. He was okay down the stretch last year, but right now, the only guys he is competing with are UDFAs who have never played a game in the NFL: Toa Lobendahn and Jon Toth. If a guy with some starting experience shakes free during TC, I would like to see Douglas bring in another guy with starting experience to compete with Harrison. I want him to win the job, not just be handed it by default, which is what it looks like will happen if there are no changes made to the roster in July/August.
  14. At least they got Wharton grad Brandon Copeland to help them manage their money.
  15. Georgia never gets any respect from Tennessee. You forgot Jordan Jenkins

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