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  1. Lith

    McCown anyone?

    Looked to me more like he was indecisive last night. If it wasn't a quick throw on a WR screen, he didn't seem to pull the trigger as quickly as he did the last two weeks. I am really curious to see the All 22 when it comes out to see if he had guys open and just didn't see them, or if the indecision was due to the fact that nobody was open. Either way, it was a rough night for the kid in a tough spot.
  2. Lith

    McCown anyone?

    This season is about developing Sam. As long as he is capable of protecting himself, which he has shown he can do, you send him out there. He didn't play well last night -- he is a rookie playing his 3rd game. It happens. Makes it look worse since Baker came in and played great. Good for Baker, he played a very good half of football and won the game. He also had a much better team around him. The Lions game was a tease. Made a lot of us (myself included) think maybe we were a better team than we tought coming into the season. We are not. Macc has done a terrible job of building a roster for a young QB to succeed with. The OL is looking as bad as advertised. The receivers are worse than I expected: Pryor can't run a route and Robby can't hold onto the ball. Right now, the only guys Sam can trust are Enunwa and Kearse. For a few days I had some hope for this season. I am still optimistic about the team long term with Darnold. Send the kid out there. Let him takes his lumps. But this season is about seeing Sam be a better pllayer in November and December than he is now. And being ready to win next season. Another 5-11 season sounds about right.
  3. Can we just try to at least throw a pass past the line of scrimmage? Maybe just once or twice?
  4. So, was our defense that good in the first half, or was Tyrod Taylor just that bad.
  5. That was one of the ugliest 14 yard completions you are ever going to see.
  6. Need to start to find Kearse this drive. We needa nother WR to step up, can't just be Quincy. Pryor can't run a route and Robby can't hold the ball.
  7. Agreed. Scoring 2 TDs should have been enough for him.
  8. Can't afford to give them an extra 15 yards. Puts some extra pressure on the coverage team.

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