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  1. I voted Kotite -- really surprised that I am the only one. Replaced Pete Carroll with him because Leon Hess wanted to win now. Pete may not have been the coach he is now, but still 4-28 over Kotite's two years is as bad as it has been for a Jet fan.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    Peterman experiment is over. Mercifully.
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Can you imagine how the players feel. Sitting 5-4. In the 2nd WC position. And you are pretty much giving a game away. This is how a coach loses a team.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Just threw his 4th.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    They got to get Peterman out of there. 4 picks early in the 2nd.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    That sucks -- didn't realize that pool was still going, after i bowed out in week 5 or 6. Seemed like a pretty safe pick, that's why I never take a road team, unless I have no choice.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    Yes they do. With Case Keenum. Who saw that coming?
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Stuck with the Bears Lions today. Nice opening drive for Trubisky, ended in 3. Probably going to be watching a lot of Red Zone this afternoon.
  9. This was part of what may have been the worst 66 second stretch by any team in the history of the NFL. 3 TDs in 66 seconds: 83 yard TD pass from Brady to Vereen. TD #1. Kickoff for a touchback. Second play from scrimmage following the kickoff was the buttfumble. Scoop and score. TD #2. Joe Mcknight fumbles the kickoff. Another scoop and score. TD.3 5 plays. 3 TDs. 66 seconds. Game goes from 7-0 to 28-0 in the blink of an eye. And every year around this time, we get to relive it. Again. And Again. And Again. If any team has ever played a worse minute than that, I would love to hear about it.
  10. Or, the impact of our awesome OT win against Jacksonville, followed by that sh!tshow in Cleveland where both teams reeked. But it is what it is.
  11. Nice class of RBs coming out this year too. Ronald Jones looks really good -- add him to the mix along with Love, Adams, Barkley & Guice.
  12. Awesome drive. One great throw after another. QB1
  13. That one was even better. 2 great throws.