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  1. Not bad. You won it in 2018, finished 2nd in 2019 behind Broadway Ray. Not bad at all. I may have to take a look at how the 2020 standings would have worked had I scored that. Edit. Just found my 2017 sheet and you finished 4th that year. Very impressive.
  2. The picks we made for you will probably be the highest scoring picks you had. Blind squirrel finds an acorn two years ago and we still haven't heard the end of it. Which is another good reason to score the draft this year. Time to end the Ape's reign.
  3. Georgia is already not healthy. Geroge Pickens out for the season with an ACL. I watched our spring game this weekend. Daniels was a little rusty early, but shook it off and looked good. As to his weapons without Pickens, true freshman Adonay MItchell looked really good after an early drop, but he was running with the 1s. And our TEs should be weapons this year. Darnell Washington, Soph TE had a much bigger role in the offense. He is huge - 6'7" 265+ -- and will be a matchup nightmare for defenses. Really hope to see him as a big part of the offense. Pair him with Brock Bowers, fr
  4. We will see. I just might score it again this year. Depends how well I did. And how bored I am at work during the week after the draft.
  5. With the 256th pick in the 2021 Jet Nation Mock Draft, the Green Bay Packers select, CB (and special teams stud) Avery Williams, Boise State. 4 ST touchdowns (2 KR, 2 PR) and two blocked punts, returned by teammates for TDs in 7 games this year; 9 TDs on ST in his career. The next Devin Hester? Or the next Trenton Cannon? @BroadwayBen is on the clock, followed by @Beerfish on deck and @IndianaJet to close us out.
  6. @NYJetsVets91 on the clock I am on deck
  7. Time is up on Paradis, who sent a list for his earlier pick. Next guy on his list is Robert Jones, OL, Middle Tennessee State @IndianaJet otc @King P on deck
  8. @Integrity28 sent in his final pick. Colts select Safety, Joshua Beldsoe, Missouri @NYJetsVets91 on the clock @Paradis on deck
  9. There is a reason for that. The Jets leadership has been irrationally biased against the offense for most of the last 10 years. Although I do agree with you that the fans hope/expectation of an all offense R1-R3 is unlikely. I think it is the way fans think, but not NFL personnel people.
  10. Time is up on @Wonderboy. Bengals select Dez Fitzpatrick, WR Louisville @T0mShane on the clock @kdels62 on deck
  11. @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MANsent in his picks. Titans select Ian Book, QB Notre Dame @sec101row23 on the clock @Greenseed4 on deck
  12. From the linked column: Consider the fact that the narrative that the Jets were absolutely, positively going to take Wilson began well before the quarterback evaluation process was complete. In fact, it started to take shape before all of the quarterbacks had even completed their workouts. Now, count me among those who heard from proven, trusted sources, weeks ago, that Wilson was the Jets' guy at that time and they had an eye on him all along … But that doesn't mean they had to make the decision then, and they still don't have to make it now. Fields looked like a stud last week in h
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