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  1. I thnk they had a sequence with 8 straight running plays across 3 series in the 3rd quarter. I wonder if part of it is also lack of trust for Geno, although he played pretty well in the last two games.
  2. Awful sequence for Seattle offense after the turnover. Terrible.
  3. Myers misses the FG, and the schadenfreude gets just a little stronger tonight.
  4. Geno with the same pocket presence we got used to years ago. Backing up in to the rush for a sack.
  5. Jamal has been quiet, but I would not expect him to show up on the Saints stat sheet.
  6. He has perfected that move. If there was a stat for "The leap over the tackled ball carrier after your teammate made the play," Jamal would lead the league in that one.
  7. The Manning-cast is on fire tonight. Marshawn Lynch segment was great. Peyton apologizing now for Lynch's language. Its like watching the game at the bar, but the guys at the bar actually know whay they are talking about.
  8. So far this season, as Jet fans, we have had a lot more fun watching the Seahawks than watching the Jets, I don't know how the game will go, but I hope those f'ing 12s are miserable sitting out there in a steady cold rain all night. Go Saints!!!
  9. Agreed based on where we are now. What pisses me off is we could have signed someone like this in the offseason and saved ourselves the pick.
  10. Thought this had to be a joke when I saw the thread title. Even double checked that the tweet was not from a fake account.
  11. We had some great moments with Rex. Loved the 09 & 10 seasons. But he presided over some of the worst losses we have had in our history, Just thought it was somewhat disingenous of Rex to kill Saleh given his own history.
  12. I have referred to that as quite likely the worst minute of football in NFL History. If I recall, it was like an 80 yard TD on a swing pass, followed by the buttfumble and culminating in a fumbled kickoff returned for TD. And to make matters worse, it was nationally televised on Thanksgiving night.
  13. Hey, Rex, thanks for your perspective. Now can you tell us about the time in 2014 when your Jets were coming off a bye to play a Buffalo team that could not play at home due to major snowstorm in Buffalo. Game was moved to Detroit and the Jets, coming off a bye, lost 38-3 to a homeless Buffalo Bills QB'd by the great Kyle Orton. Good memories.
  14. I agree. White came into a game, down 3 scores on a day when the defense played as badly as a defense could play. He finished the drive where Wilson got hurt, and the defense imediately allowed the Pats to go back up three scores. There was nothing he was going to do to salvage that mess yesterday.
  15. No. I want my back up to take what the defense gives him, try to manage the game and not make mistakes. Try to let other guys step up -- running game, defense, special teams -- and do enough to try to win a game. Especially when the back up is a guy with 0 NFL experience outside of pre-season.
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