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  1. Pretty much, this. Until we change the narrative by winning games, folks expect us to lose. At some point, we have to start winning, right?
  2. How can you not love Jeremy's dad. This guy is awesome.
  3. So, which one of these guys replaces Connor and which one replaces DJ.
  4. Between DJ & Connor leaving, our training camp tweet threads may be very quiet ths year.
  5. Personally, I was going to go with Conor Mcdermott and Patrick Turner. But your choices are good too.
  6. I agree on Hardee. The guy played over 360 snaps on ST last year. That has value, likely more value to the team than a 6th or 7th CB who does not give us what Hardee does on specials. I think he is safe. Edoga - remains to be seen. Will be fighting for his position in the summer -- would like to see him beat out McDermott for a back-up tackle spot. Would not be shocked either way, but I would think if they are close, the 25 year old gets the edge ahead of the 30 year old. I do expect Hamsah will be on the team. I think he has another year to prove he belongs. Agree with you that Huff could be odd man out if the oethr edges stay healty through camp. Would be a good PS candidate (as would Hamsah if he is cut).
  7. Feeling better after this one. Phrazle 143: 3/6 #phrazle https://solitaired.com/phrazle
  8. Today's word sucked. Wordle 375 X/6*
  9. Good stretch of days coming up. Had to get the thread moving again.
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