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  1. I think Mims will have far better career numbers than Hill when all is said and done. I am just not sure that those numbers will come with the Jets.
  2. We love our rookies. Hate our second year guys.
  3. Lith

    Week 2 Updates

    Sounds like Vazquez and DJ are intepreting Saleh's comments differently.
  4. Got rid of McAdoo 12 games into his 2nd season, promoting Spaguolo to interim HC. Replaced him with Shurmur for two seasons. I don't think Judge is on the hot seat (at least not yet), but they have been quick to move on in recent years. And with Gettleman in his 4th season, following 3 straight years of double digit losses, another bad year could lead to an offseason house cleaning.
  5. He has decent hands, maybe line him up at WR.
  6. I was not being critical. I was thinking the same thing, but didn't have to post it.
  7. Giants looking like us under Gase. Really nice opening drive followed by offensive ineptness.
  8. But wasn't Chuma Edoga Sr Bowl player of the week or something like that.
  9. Glad we added Moses when we had the chance.
  10. Lousy officiating. Inept offense. That has been our last decade.
  11. No call on the hit where two Panthers put their body weight on Zach last week, but the refs call that one?
  12. Impressive drive for Jones and the Giants so far.
  13. The fact that he came back on the very next play and threw the TD into a very tight window to Dvis was probably his most impressive sequence in that game, imo.
  14. Kyle Allen is his back up with Fitz injured.
  15. Appears to be a pretty good bet. Especially in the rain. MIght have been a good bet at 21 tonight.
  16. A few other numbers on the relative youth of the Jets who played Sunday.
  17. Lith

    Week 2 Updates

    Good news. Crowder activated off Covid list. Bad news. he is on the injury report with a groin -- apparently injured in training camp.
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