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  1. After last season, yes, this one will be a lot of fun. Not being able to go to games last year, or hang out at the Jets bar in town with some of my buddies. Instead, I had to watch games via zoom when a friend of mine set up a meeting and shared his screen with a couple of us. And the picture would freeze up mid play for a couple of seconds, or maybe it would fade in and out. Only good thing is that the Jets were so bad thaat i never felt like aI really missed anything. Already planning at least one trip with my son. Jet bar should be opened up again in season. Going to try to make
  2. AApparently she did, as Jet Nut pointed out earlier in the thread. Hoepfully she keeps it tunred off so as not to bring any unneeded pressure on her son. He has enough to deal with as the rookie #2 overall pick coming to NY as QB Jets.
  3. Niners practice squad last year. Routine NFL bottom of the roster churn. Out goes Guerriero in comes Walter. Camp body who knows the system.
  4. That game was in Baltimore. Later in the season, he caught an 83 yarder late in the 4th quarter to beat the Colts at Shea. I am pretty sure that was the first NFL game I went to -- I had gone to an AFL games pre-merger, but I think that game against Baltimore was the first after the merger. Just looked at Namath's line from that game (2nd one, not the classic duel with Unitas). 5-16 228 2 TDs and 3 picks. Such a Namath-like line.
  5. First with the new rules, but I go back far enough to remember Eddie Bell, #7 back in the 70s.
  6. Gabbert re-signed with Tampa and Bortles just signed with GB. I assume either Hoyer, who visited with us last month, or Mullens will be added to the roster for the start of camp.
  7. As long as it is only once every few years, I agree. Last time we were in London, we had a private party at 8:30 at a bar in Chicago (hour earlier here). Not a bad way to start a Sunday with Bagels, Bloody's Beers and a Ball game. Then the whole afternoon is free. Only thing I am bummed about is that I was hoping to go to London next time Jets were there. Was also hoping to get a weekend in Atlanta where I could see the Dawgs on Saturday and the Jets on Sunday. Not interested in planning an overseas trip this year given the uncertainty around Covid. And no trip to Atlanta this year
  8. I would hold off on buying tickets. Initial frenzy of tix going on sale right now, plus uncertainty over capacity restrictions is probably driving prices up. Sounds like the NFL is hoping that stadiums will be full capacity by the fall. I would expect prices to get more reasonable as more supply may be released-- although for opening day after a season of mostly no fans, I doubt prices ever get too low.
  9. The worst thing about this being the first game is going to be the 4 months of Darnold arguments. Thought we were done with them in April when he was traded. Had it been any other week, the Darnold debates would have heated up during the week of the Panthers game. Being the first game, this will be an ongoing topic of discussion for like 120 days.
  10. And that includes 6-6 for 76 yards and the TD in the last 3 minutes, down 31-6. Through 57 minutes, he had thrown for less than 100 yards. Another note from that game, teh ageless wonder, Frank Gore had 63 yards on 21 carries. Meanwhile our new RB, Tevin Coleman had 12 yards on 14 carries, despite the Niners running for 180+ that game. Save us, Micahel Carter.
  11. Curious move -- don't really see a role for him. But if we do bring him in, I assume it would be at or near vet minimum with little guaranteed $. Can't hurt to have him compete in camp.
  12. That was teh same year, We had two #1s, 9 & 13, We were rumored to be interested in Austin at 9 until the Rams traded up to 8 and took him. Instead, we took Dee Milliner at 9. And then took Sheldon at 13.
  13. With our last two games against Tampa and at Buffalo, we will have to lock up that playoff spot by Week 16,
  14. Delete. Thats what I get for posting something without reviewing for obvious errors.
  15. This one is a possiblitiy for me. May travel down to Georgia for UGA game on the 10th and then drive the 3 hours up to Charlotte for the Jets.
  16. I assume week 6 would be the bye after the trip overseas.
  17. This on will be fun. The one time I will be rooting for Tom Brady to run up the score.
  18. Take 1/2 day off work on Thrusday, 4 hour drive down to Indy. Pencil this one in.
  19. It is an NFL game. There is pressure. On both sides. Zach's first regular season game; going up against the QB he replaced. Sam's first game for his new team going against his old team. Both guys will be under pressure. Even so, at the end of the day, it is just one game and will not define either guy's season.
  20. That site just retweets/shares info reported on other sites. They provide source of info. May not be accurate, but I don't think he intentionally shares bad info. Although he does sometimes troll:
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