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  1. It is amazing how this seems to have been omitted from most of the reporting on Ben, his careeer and his legacy. Multiple sexual assualt accusations. One resulted in a settlement out of court. Yet, aside from the mentions on this stire, there has been so little mention of this in the narrtive of his career.
  2. Roethlisberger makes it official this AM with recorded statement released on Twitter.
  3. It is Larry and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl. Being named Larry, I used to get asked about my borthers Darryl all the time when this show was on the air. Either that, or if I was with two other friends as a kid, it was which one is Moe and which one is Curly.
  4. Didn't Ortiz test positive for PEDs at some point. But I guess the media likes him, so he gets in.
  5. Any idea how he has done in late, game on the line type situations? One reason I would much rather sign a proven FA, than trying to find a rookie -- either draftee or FA -- is at least with a vet, you know how he handles NFL pressure. So many college games are not nearly as tight as NFL games, I think drafting a college kicker is a crapshoot unless the guy has come through making multiple tough game winning kicks.
  6. Only logical way I see of trading back from 4 is if someone loves one of the QBs and wants to jump Carolina and the Giants. I don't see Philly as that team. More likely, imo, we make both of our picks at 4 and 10. Same reason we are all thinking ot trade back options is why there are not likely to be many solid offers. No real difference makers at impact positions in this draft, plus a weak QB draft. A lot can change between now and April, but I don't see many realistic trade possibilities right now.
  7. He has ties to both. Former OC for the Giants and Assistant HC/QB coach for the Cowboys.
  8. Edited -- played the game before seeing this. Would have been really embarrassing if I knew the answer and still needed 3 tries. Wordle 220 3/6
  9. Not sure if this was posted earlier in this thread, but Sporting News had an article yesterday where they looked at all 11 OT playoff games since the rule change in 2010 (Each team posseses ball unless team with the ball first scores TD). 10 of 11 have been won by the team winning the coin toss. 7 of the 10 ended on the opening drive. Link to the article is below. Only team to win after losing coin toss was the Rams who beat the Saints in the 2019 NFCCG after losing OT coin toss. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-overtime-playoff-games-history/v2ac7w5vi1xr1ufwe68uu37d8
  10. Happy Birthday Dcat. One of the best posters on the site, and my partner in crime during the JN mock draft. Here is a message from Stevie:
  11. Happy Birthday, Paradis. Hope you have a good one.
  12. That was the game where we had just signed Alex Kessman to replace Amendola as kicker. Kessman missed his first two XPs, we went for 2 on the 3rd try and missed. Kessman was released after the game.
  13. There seems to be this misconception that we always draft defense ahead of offense. That was true through 2017, but in the last 4 drafts, we have been heavy offense at the top of the draft. Since 2018: 5 1st rounders: 4 offense (Darnold, Becton, Wilson & AVT), 1 defense (Williams) 2 2nd rounders: Both offense (Moore and Mims) 5 3rd rounders: 1 offense (Edoga) 4 defense (Zuniga, Davis, Polite and Shepherd) 6 4th rounders: All offense (Carter, Perine, Morgan, Clark, Wesco and Herndon) 5th and 6th round have been heavily skewed towards defense -- 11 of 13
  14. Yup. Never should have gone to OT. All Buffalo had to to was squib a kickoff, clock goes from 13 to 8 or 9. Then manage to prevent the Chiefs from gaining 40 yards with enough time left to kick a FG. OT rules suck, I hate that the outcome of a game like this basically came down to a coin toss. But if you are Buffalo, you messed up by letting it get to that point. We hve had some tough losses in our history, but nothing like that one last night.
  15. I agree that a great offense will beat a great defense in today's NFL. And given a choice between a great offensive playmaker and a great defensive playmaker, try to build the offense first. Especially with a young QB. Problem though is that this draft appears to lack offensive playmakers. Reaching for offense in the top 10 is how you end up drafting Corey Davis at 5, or Tavon Austin at 8, or John Ross at 9. Or Kevin White at 7. Just because we pick an offensive player does not mean he will have an impact.. If I thought this draft has an Amari Cooper or Julio Jones or AJ Green or Pi
  16. I have been rooting for the Chiefs, but man it sucks that Allen never had a chance in OT. On the other hand had they stopped the Chiefs in the last 13 seconds, it wouldn't have mattered. This game was decided by a coin toss.
  17. Wow. Incrdible. 4 scores in the last two minutes. And now we get to see more of this game. Cannot imagine what it must be like for BIlls/Chiefs fans watching this.
  18. May as well get used to it. We are going to be seeing images of fans jumping through tables for the next week.
  19. Coming out party for Davis tonight. Averaged 2.2 receptiosns and 36 yards per game coming into this one. 8-200-4 tonight.
  20. Thats two TDs tonight for the Chiefs where Hill and Hardman just outran the Bills defense. Speed kills.
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