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  1. How did Sweat not hit those elite numbers?
  2. RobR

    FA CB Darqueze Dennard

    And then we waited until the fourth round in the strongest WR draft in decades.
  3. RobR

    FA CB Darqueze Dennard

    Most mocks had us taking Brandin Cooks. That hurts just typing it.
  4. If you're worried about his size than you must think Aaron Donald is too small to excel at DT because Oliver is slightly bigger than Donald.
  5. RobR

    Ohio State Pro Day on ESPN Now

    Pro days and the combine are worthless for QB's. For every other position it is relevant, especially the combine since they are all on equal footing.
  6. He played for the other OSU, Oklahoma State so I'm not sure if you really watched those highlight tapes.
  7. RobR

    Ohio State Pro Day on ESPN Now

    I think Bosa declined to workout.
  8. RobR

    Where does Ed Oliver go?

    He's the best player in this draft.....been saying it now for three years. Here's his highlight video as a true 18yo freshman, at the same time when Quennin Williams was being redshirted.
  9. RobR

    2019 Center Prospects

    I'm warming up even more for Jenkins. He's more of a tactician than he is that uber athletic pulling Center. He has good length and uses it too his advantage. Great hand usage. Good at the second level and great at turning his man. Still a bit raw and doesn't seem too have that nasty streak but he would be high on my draft radar. He's the type of prospect I could see struggling early in his career if thrust into a starting position but eventually getting it.
  10. RobR

    2019 Center Prospects

    I see him climbing up the boards but I'm having a hard time finding game film on him. What little I could see (searching through games) I was not impressed but it was a small sample size. What I saw was someone who played extremely upright, had no leverage, and didn't move so well. If you have any links I'd appreciate it. It sucks since DB went down. 😖
  11. RobR

    Montez Sweat

    I think an argument could be made for both just because he's such a big guy. He does pass the two most pressing concerns when it comes to drafting a 3-4 OLB. He has a good get off and he can "bend". That ability too dip down and power towards the pocket and collapsing it. That's how you get sacks and turnovers. He can also stick his hand in the dirt and be an effective 4-3 DE. One thing I don't worry about is his heart condition, to me that's a mute point.
  12. We'll never trade with Miami.
  13. At the very least Mulligan and Hartsock could block. Tomlinson is a complete waste of a roster spot. I'd rather pick up an underweight OT as an UDFA and give him that spot. I mean how much worse could they be?
  14. It's a message board and people are voicing their displeasure about re-signing what was arguably our worst player last year. Don't make it out to be any more than that.

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