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  1. They don't need to be mutually exclusive. It's a combination of all three and that should be painfully evident at this point.
  2. Why? He is giving us some in depth analysis of how bad this coaching staff is....not that we really needed it.
  3. RobR

    mock offseason

    Just watched the 2017 tape against Clemson. Pros: This guy knows how to use his hands, some of the best hand placement I've seen. Gets a good wide base Ironically Bama used him mostly in Passpro in that tape, Negatives: He doesn't have elite feet and struggles with speed rushers second moves or relentless moves.. He's 50/50 at the next level. Some blocks were great and some were whiffs. I think he will improve in this category. I don't see the nastiness. Overall: Because of his hand placement he gets elevated but I still don't see top 3 overall level pick. I'll be curious how he measures with arm length and height/weight.
  4. RobR

    mock offseason

    That video quality sucks. I need a better representation.
  5. RobR

    mock offseason

    Prick. Give me 15 minutes 😁
  6. RobR

    mock offseason

    I honestly have no clue....I haven't watched him yet. Good news is even with DB breaking down we should have a ton of tape on him in the offseason.
  7. RobR

    mock offseason

    He's not a LT prospect at all. I see some positives but this guy is a mauler and nothing else. Positives: He's aggressive and plays to the whistle. Gets decent hand extension and can drive his initial assignment Bad: His base for passpro sucks and with his body frame it aint happening Plays entirely too upright which causes him to duck his head. Average feet at best. His next level blocking was poor and uncoordinated. Overall: Based on only that tape alone I see a 3rd to 4th rounder. He's also never sliding over to the LT position. I think he kicks inside and turns into a good guard in the pros.
  8. RobR

    Question about OG and the draft

    I can't argue with that. Once the combine blows through Ed Oliver should be in consideration for a top 3 pick.
  9. RobR

    Question about OG and the draft

    Ed Oliver has a great chance to better than Donald and he was the DPOY. I've been watching Oliver since he was a freshman and started threads about him being the number one pick in 2019, three years ago.
  10. RobR

    Question about OG and the draft

    I thought you meant hypothetical and that is how I phrased my post.
  11. RobR

    Question about OG and the draft

    Comparing Leo to Oliver loses some credibility to the rest of your post. There is not one GM in the league that would rather have Williams over Oliver.....not one. Well, maybe one. Face the facts.....Leo will never fetch a first rounder let alone a high one. He's not even that good unless you want a couple of sacks and a few tackles per season. And in case you missed it he's being used more often than not as an interior 4-3 lineman.
  12. Didn't read the article but it's clear he lost it again.....look no further than Adams post game presser and what he said. It's very easy to read between the lines.
  13. RobR

    mock offseason

    Got any tape on Risner? Time for an early breakdown.
  14. It's not going to happen... have you seen our schedule? This was the week for the players to rally around their coach that they all know is on the hotseat and they played one of the worst games in Jets history. Completely laid an egg to a Matt Barkley led Bills team.
  15. RobR

    Question about OG and the draft

    I'd trade him for a third because there is no reason to empty even more money into our defense. Maybe then we flip a couple of our thirds into a second and draft a WR or even another lineman assuming we go OL in the first. Every single move we make going forward should be geared to helping Sam and our offense out. Leonard Williams is a borderline jag right now, although I agree with you that he would be a better player with a different role/coaching staff. Problem is some people here think he's on par with the top defensive lineman in the league and it's painfully obvious he's not and never was.

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