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  1. RobR

    Mac has to trade down...

    They only way we will be able to move down is if some team wants to go all in on Haskins.
  2. RobR

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    I'm guessing most people don't realize that he is Evanders son. 😁
  3. RobR

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    His dad did.
  4. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Finally getting some time to look through these practices and the first person that jumps out is Deebo Samuel. He's smooth, quick and can gain separation. @Paradis So far I've watched two bad reps from your guy Howard but I like him. QB>TE>LT and now he's huge and measured great. I need to watch some more of him during the week but he looks like someone a good staff could develop. He needs coaching but the feet are there.
  5. RobR

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    The @Lith curse continues.
  6. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Not directed at me but did you see that his hands measured 7 3/4". I don't ever recall seeing someone with hands that small.
  7. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    I think of guys like TJ Clemmings who at the time was considered a first round pick. He had a lousy SB, fell to the fourth round and last I checked has just been floating around the league. Also iirc Davenport did pretty well at the SB last year.
  8. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    What is with your love for Alabama St players? Anyway I'll be checking out all of the lineman like usual. Measurements are coming out tomorrow.
  9. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    That's why I have Ed Oliver number one on my board and now I see him being mocked in the teens. Just wait until he blows up the combine and starts getting mocked in the top three.
  10. RobR

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Already got the DVR fired up.
  11. RobR

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    If anyone deserves to watch their team victorious it is you. Lets go Isles!!!!
  12. RobR

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Best GAA in the league. It's amazing what a new coach can do compared to last year.
  13. RobR

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Back to back ass kickings and we are now in sole possession of first place!!! This team is fun too root for because they keep pressing the play regardless of the score. Ever since Hickey has been out of the line up this has been a different team. Great win today if anyone is even reading this.
  14. RobR

    Press Conference

    Same here. I just got finished watching it and these comments here are so blown out of proportion. The best part is reading all the doctors on this board diagnosing what type of ailment he has because they just watched him during a 15 minute presser.
  15. RobR

    East-West Shrine Game

    The EW Shrine game always cranks out more NFL players then the NFLPA game and that other game that is escaping my memory. Either way you're lucky if a couple of these players end up as second and third round picks every year. I'm more curious as to what players shine so bright that they get a late SB invite.

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