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  1. I'm not a big Bowles fan but he couldn't play him because he's a borderline CFL caliber player that will more than likely result in us getting no compensation. That is on Mac.
  2. It's not the rookies that were adding input into the new CBA. It's older vets who wanted too preserve that one extra year of paydays at the expense of the league developing and prospering more. If you were in their shoes could you blame them? They wanted more time off, easier camps, and another paycheck at the expense of the young guys developing. So far it's been a disaster for the NFL along with Goodell steering the ship. There's a reason why viewership is at an all time low and the keep looking at expanding into other countries.....even is it is detrimental to the overall health of the league.
  3. This is the perfect prospect to kick the tires on because I believe he has legitimate LT prospect written all over him. With the cheater cutting strings so early I'm obviously concerned but this waiver pick-up is nothing more than that.
  4. Yes it was. I loved him coming out because he was athletic and long with good feet and a nasty streak. Unfortunately I couldn't predict he'd get blood clots in his lungs and drop 40 lbs. I'd love to bring the guy in and kick the tires because the upside is there.
  5. RobR

    2019 Draft.

    Ed Oliver for the win.
  6. You've already watched a couple of years of Darron Lee playing in a Todd Bowles defense and you're citing this article? If anything it shows how little you can rely on these regurgitated experts spewing BS about a player they never watched.
  7. I swear I didn't write that profile and I have posts too prove it.
  8. I hated Lee before he was drafted and hate him now but I was never a big Ray fan either. There's a reason why these names keep coming up when it regards dumping first round picks that aren't working out. I'd take Ray in a millisecond over Lee but I don't believe it's a feasible transaction.
  9. He was just as bad before the combine.
  10. RobR

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    Looks like St. Judes has a cool twenty coming their way.
  11. This. He only signed a three year contract as an udfa.
  12. Numbers 3 and 4 should be doable, the rest is a pipe dream and would fall under you're most awesome offseason ever.
  13. Never change JetNut, at the very least you are consistent. Go Jets!!!
  14. I agree 100% that he is a better fit as a 4-3DE which is a scheme we don't predominantly play.....hence why I could care less that he left. 9 batted passes is better than I thought but IIRC they all came early on in the season and he faded into oblivion as the season progressed. He's really not a player we should be talking about anymore after what transpired over the last few weeks. I do like bringing Bass back.
  15. Do you actually watch the games or just participate on a MB because of what someone else said, only to give a lameass rebuttal.