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  1. He looks nothing like Robby.
  2. Boom. No way they let OSU lose tonight. They are also a better team even if they got behind early tonight.
  3. This is the year to draft two Olineman and two WR's with our first four picks. It's also very deep at RB.
  4. He's also the least athletic WR out of the four WRs Bama plays. If you're Bama and you want a big play you're not going to Jeudy.......you're going to the other three.
  5. Lamb all the way. I've been very critical of Jeudy here, especially recently.
  6. After watching a ton of LSU this year I think they will be head a and shoulders above any team that they have to face the rest of the way. I also thought that about Bama last year. We'll see how it plays out but I think LSU dominates their way to a NC.
  7. If we went defense with our first two picks I would finally walk away from this team. I've said this a million times but you draft to the strength of the draft, never wait for the deep positions to fall to the next round. Going into this draft with the mindset of waiting for the WR's and OT's is foolish because there will be huge runs on them. My philosophy is to draft to the strength of the draft early and often. If we go WR and OL with 4 of our 5 first picks I'll have a lot more faith in JD.
  8. Sucks we have Gus Johnson announcing tonight. This could be the most over the top performance this a$$hole ever gives.
  9. Beyond his drafts, re-signing Revis for a bazillion dollars should be up there in the Top 5.
  10. No one is in their class. We'll see that when the playoffs commence.

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