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  1. Why would Darnold get a new contract next year? Even if he blows it up like Mahomes, he'll still be waiting for another year at the very least. We have him under contract for cheap over the next three years, and then we can franchise him for another year. There is absolutely no reason to extend him next year.
  2. @munchmemory That was also my reaction when we drafted Becton.
  3. The Tull addiction continues. Slow at first but he kills it in the end.
  4. I'm sure this one was posted earlier but I bring you Rush from 1976.
  5. First he didn't know how to passblock, and now he's so big he's going to get injured. I wish more Jets fans would just appreciate him for the freakish athlete he is and realize we just hit the jackpot.
  6. I'm 100% not arguing against trading a player like Adams but you're trying to argue apples and oranges. One guy gets traded for peanuts while Beli never picked up his option, versus a guy who is an all pro safety in only his third year. I understand both points of view and if I was forced too make a move, I would ship him away. If he can net us a first and a second I'd ship him off and I love Jamal the player. I normally don't post in these threads for good reason...time to bail out.
  7. It's not the exact same scenario and it's not even close. You're trying to compare a player that hypothetically got franchise tagged twice versus Jamal Adams who already had his option picked up and is under team control. If we are using your standards for this hypothetical event we can control Adams for next FOUR years.
  8. But he never did it when he still had complete control of the player for three more years because of his contract status. Beli made these trades with a year on the horizon....Adams is still on his rookie contract and per CBA, this is the first year he is even allowed to look for a new contract.
  9. Gary Meyers never had any sources for as long as that dinosaur has been around. He's reporting basic knowledge that everyone already knew. It's like getting information from some 15 year old kid on twitter but the kid on twitter still remembers how to spell his own name..
  10. He hates the Jets and always has and I don't ever recall him handing out breaking news ala a Shefter. That's why I asked. Too his credit he's been at this way over 2 decades and he's still the same old douche. He's one of those writers you would just love to punch in the face, but you're a tad scared you might kill him.
  11. Not at all. Becton might be the same size but he is by far the better athlete and it's not even close.
  12. So in other words....not breaking news. That was my entire point about Myers as a sportswriter.....he doesn't break news, he just puts out his own biased articles. I remember hating that schmuck back in the 80's.

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