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  1. We've had a tumultuous past on here but I agree with all of your posts since you started showing up here again. Nice to see you posting again.
  2. In your first post you said it will be about getting an app on your phone, not me. The president is the one who said it is so hard for people of color to get onto the internet, and without the internet how are you going to run a smartphone or download apps? That is definition of racism because sporting venues, etc, etc. , will be inherently racist because it's apparently racism that causes people not to be able to get these tools. Throwing in the homeless has no bearing on what I posted. Would you be OK with a private business, say a restaurant, that has a sign that excludes certain peo
  3. My elderly mother received the vaccine and I had to enter her name, DOB, SS#, and a brief medical history before my state would even give out a code for her to get vaccinated. Every state is different and by requiring an app to go from one place to another is inherently racist.....just ask the president.
  4. Yet somehow they can't obtain a government ID., which is free right now to everyone. Requiring an app and a smartphone is inherently racist and also discriminates against the senior citizens. Are you OK with that?
  5. In the end it will always be an app.....this is just the start of vaccine passports.
  6. Apparently a vaccine card is not enough, you need an app on your phone and that would be racist. Just look at what our president said about people of color even using the internet and I quote, "Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner city districts, know how to use … Know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens or at the particular store." So tell me again how this policy is fair for minorities and African Americans?
  7. This sure sounds like a policy that is racist to its core. If certain people can't get a government ID and that is deemed racist, why would we think that they can get a smartphone and be able to download an app.
  8. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    We were on the same page last year with Robinson but I just don't see it with this guy. I haven't watched many of the guys in this class but I really like what I saw from Stephenson, even with his poor forty time.
  9. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    That's some rough video to watch but I come away unimpressed. He has some shiftiness but I never saw a spin move or a great jump cut and most of the time he ran to open space which doesn't cut it in the NFL. In that highlight video I believe he caught only 1 pass so that should be reason for concern. And last but not least, half of those games looks like he is playing against a HS team.
  10. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    I finally started watching some film on him and I can now echo some of your concerns. I watched the ND tape and it looked like he regressed from the player I watched the year before. You don't see any second level blocks but that falls onto the offense they run, but he had trouble with the speed rushers around the edge, and like you mentioned was leaning(bending at the waist). I'm still a big fan even if they kick him inside. A left side of the oline of Becton and him would be amazing for the next decade. He's not even close to the prospect that Becton was but he's still legitimate
  11. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    Do you have any game film on him. I'll take a look.
  12. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    Unfortunately I didn't watch the SB practices this year and that can play a big part in evaluation. I'm only going off game tape and if he dropped a 34"+ vert that is an insane number for someone that large. Truth is all OLineman bend at the waist and get beat from time to time. That's a coachable trait, elite athletic traits and a lengthy frame are not. I think he's a first rounder all day, every day and we could even kick him inside and he'll be the best guard from this class. We'll find out soon enough.
  13. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    This is 100% true about forty times, and I'm as mad as everyone else about not having a combine this year but some of the more accurate measures can be done anywhere. Like Vert and BJ. When you see a prospect with a good vert and bj you know they are going to run a good forty. Shuttles are also hand timed so they should be relatively the same.
  14. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    I haven't dug deep enough this year to know if they have the same trainers, I'm going strictly by the tape I watched last year and the few times I focused in on him this year. He's long, moves effortlessly, and knows how to use his hands. Then add in he has a ton of experience in the SEC and is a plug and play guy. It makes me wonder why no one is talking about him here.
  15. RobR

    Pro Day Results

    Yes and they do it all of the time.
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