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  1. Could you PM me the link to the streaming service? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ed Oliver will be the best pick out of this draft and it's not even close. Sucks that the Bills got the best player in the draft at 9 overall but it falls in place with the most recent drafts. Both Donald and Watt were out of the top ten and they have been the most dynamic defensive players over the last 8 years.
  3. I don't think he looked awful prior to the draft and actually liked him coming out. Good size, good arm, and good placement on his deep balls.
  4. If you watched his interview after being drafted he was asked what weight he played at last year for FL. His answer was 235lbs. Then he proceeds to gain weight for the combine and forgets how to put one foot in front of the other. Realizing he had a terrible combine he still has over a month to train for his pro day.....and what does he do. He runs even slower.
  5. You're still coming up at least 10lbs. light on every name you listed besides Polite. Polite already stated he played at 235lbs. last year and those were the words out of his mouth. As soon as he tried to put on weight, well you can guess the rest.
  6. He has red flags all over him as a draftable prospect and yet some choose to overlook it. I can't wait for the threads about how Polite sucks but I'm happy our GM picked him because he was a boom or bust prospect and we just happened to miss out. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a guy that doesn't check any boxes?
  7. Total bust in the making. Everyone keeps talking about his bad combine and pro day yet they never mention anything about his playing weight. He's the Darron Lee of OLB's and players with his size profile NEVER succeed in todays NFL as a passrusher.
  8. I worry about him falling off of that proverbial cliff like most RB's do around his age. It doesn't help when he already stated that he's out of shape. I'd prefer my third back be a younger guy that hopefully gets better over time. And FTR I don't want McGuire either, he's terrible.
  9. He's on the wrong side of thirty, is coming off of a major injury, and has dealt with injury issues his entire career. Expecting him to be the player he was a couple of years ago is like mining for fools gold. He was a great Jet but probably falls in line with the Murrells and Baxters of our past. Never dominant, just OK.
  10. He was the first pick that I actually liked this year. After digging deeper I'm not seeing all of these character concerns that were mentioned. If he was 2" taller he is a surefire first round pick because of his length and dominance in pass blocking during his college days. He also backed that up with a dominant SB and that goes a long way for me when evaluating players. I also liked Butler but didn't do enough homework on Cajuste to offer an opinion. Obviously the concern with Butler is his hands and that's the reason he fell because he is quite the specimen for a WR. I'll definitely keep an eye on how his career pans out.
  11. He was already the starting LT before he got hurt.
  12. They also could have signed anyone on the free agent market for what would likely be a vet minimum salary and get even better production. See: Neville Hewitt. I'm not blinded by bitterness, I can see that Lee was a sh*tty football player not only on the field but also between the ears. Him leaving is addition by subtraction because it opens up a roster spot for someone deserving and also netted us some draft capital whether we use that on a player or package it to move up.....if even a few slots.
  13. Why? Is he all of the sudden going to morph into a good football player? Lee has had enough time too prove who he is in this league, and it turns out he's nothing special in any aspect of the game.....hence why he fetched a 6th rounder. I say good riddance to someone that had no future with the Jets.

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