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  2. If it takes you this long to make a decision on this regime I don't know what to say. Maybe you like the continuation of a losing culture instead of new regime that could maybe save this QB and franchise. LOL at taking 4 years to determine what Bowles is? He hasn't changed in the first three years..
  3. Great reply and not unexpected. So you want to ride out the distance with Mac and Bowles?
  4. Says the guy that loves blowing a losing franchise and defends that loser mentality every day. Sorry for wanting too cheer on a winner with a great coach and GM building the team for the future around Darnold.
  5. Good take and I agree 100%. As to the bolded, I wonder if it's a product of Bowles type defense, yet Anderson, Pennel, and McClendon always try to penetrate and get into the backfield.
  6. I just rewatched the condensed version of the game and he played mostly as a 5 tech on the left side only, so he's going against the RT. He also was moved around and played some snaps at 3 tech and 0 tech and was very ineffective...not sure why Bowles has him playing over the nose because he is bad at it. Impressions from last night. His getoff is abysmal and it shows why he didn't register on the stat sheet. He's seems content standing up and hand fighting Lineman instead of trying to penetrate....even MClendon penetrates under a double team at the nose and he's a decade older and even lighter. His motor is shot.....is that a product of Bowles?....probably IMO. He's not a plus athlete and never was, although I think he has above average lateral movement. Last night he not only lost every double team but he lost every 1 on 1 and that is not what I expect from a #6 overall. The big question is he just another failure under the Bowles regime or a product of Macs bad picks. I'm thinking a bit of both. On a lighter side I watched Long on offense and he is a stud Center. Nothing like Mangold but more of a Mawae type of player....extremely athletic.
  7. Hopefully we'll have a new GM in place when that decision has to be made.
  8. He's not leaving Stanford for any amount of money. I wish he would, but if you've read some articles about him over the years it's painfully obvious he's not going anywhere, regardless of compensation.
  9. No one is giving him 15+ mil a year. You can draft players with his skillset in rounds 2-4.
  10. This is a talking point that gets way overblown. He's not taking on double teams every play as much as people want to say it, and when he does, like most Dlineman do at times he's on roller skates. Just watch him every play and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's a crutch Jets fans use to inflate his worth, but it's not true. He has a terrible first step off of the line and has absolutely no pass rushing moves, hence why he doesn't get sacks. Henry Anderson has been more disruptive than Leo.
  11. Problem is he doesn't want a NFL job. I've read a ton of interviews about him over the last five years and he's not coming to the NFL.
  12. For all of you wanting David Shaw I'm with you and think he would make a great head coach. Problem is he's never leaving the college game and more than likely will be at Stanford forever. So you might as well just cross him off of your list.
  13. RobR


    It's early and nobody knows if he will declare, all depends on how the season plays out and where he is projected at the end of the process.
  14. RobR


    At this point he has no choice if he wants to keep his job. Beachum is falling off the face of the planet with his play and Carp is not meant for this system. I think we're Ok from Center to RT but the biggest concern is we have nothing in the pipeline. Nothing!!! As many of you know I loved Garcia coming out so hopefully he can get healthy and turn into something, but it's not something I'm counting on with his injury/illness. We're also coming to the point of starting rookies at some of the most important positions on the Oline which is a recipe for disaster and that is solely on the GM for neglecting the position forever. Our entire draft next year should be based on providing Sam with protection and weapons......edge rusher is secondary IMO.
  15. RobR


    As usual I'll be looking hard at the Olineman once the season is over, specifically the Tackles.

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