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  1. Only five or so. LMAO https://vaers.hhs.gov/index.html
  2. It's an ETF not unlike USO when it comes to oil. The ETF holds futures contracts and then sells them off, to only buy contracts with a later strike date. It's a commodities trade for bitcoin.
  3. It's the one idiotic rule they refuse to change.
  4. I hate this rule and could never understand it.
  5. He's already a monster, just wait until he gets a few games under his belt.
  6. We need to give those guys some time because they are both converted safeties and have looked awful so far, especially Sherwood. Quincy has been a nice addition and seems to show up every week. The young corners are playing Ok, although I'm getting a bit worried about Echols seemingly getting dinged up all the time. Even Dunn had a beautiful pbu today.
  7. Unfortunately behind Sherwood and Hamsah.
  8. What Jimi Hendrix would look like in 2021
  9. Go away Phil, your new username isn't helping with your hot takes.
  10. Lots of tight games this week. If only there was a way too watch all of them....I'm gonna stick to Mich St/ Nebraska for now.
  11. Scott Frost looks like Todd from Breaking Bad.
  12. It didn't look like his injury was too bad because he came back in but one never knows. Hornsby is pure trash...guy was running backwards 10-15 yards consistently. Burks is an absolute stud along with their edge, Tre Williams. Damn that guy can bend. Hate to say it but I'll be rooting for Arkansas just because I love the upsets.
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