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  1. Wesco has a role on this roster whether we like it or not. Our roster uses a FB and the only one we have resembling one is Wesco, which is why I said we shouldn't cut him. No one is wringing their hands over it but it's a legitimate concern.
  2. The problem is our roster was so bereft of talent that we couldn't address that specific position today. We've had plans before and still ended up signing Kevin Hogan off of his couch. My question still stands. What other player do we have right now that could play the Wesco role? I'm coming up blank.
  3. Who would you suggest plays that role in our offense based on our roster right now? The offense we are going to run uses a FB.
  4. He was a bad pick but who would you replace him with? We have no one at that position on our roster other than him. Maybe, just maybe, he fits better in the offense we are going to run this year.
  5. Randy Bobandi might be the greatest name ever in sitcom history.
  6. He'll definitely make the roster because we have garbage TE's. Besides Herndon who we hope resurrects his once promising career we have nothing.
  7. And never spilled it.....even when they rolled their vehicle.
  8. RIP to Mr. Leahy. Who were the five you met? If I had a choice of five it would be Leahy, Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and Bobandi. Trevor and Corey would be way down the list.
  9. I've heard from someone else that they were all real life figures.
  10. I agree.....I never brought it up, you did. Don't like it, don't play it. If the mods find it goes against the rules let them take it down. I only brought it up because I loath people from other countries trying to dictate how Americans should feel. This will be my last post on it because I consider you a good friend. On another note.....how about Nate McCrary not getting drafted....LOL.
  11. You could say that about a lot of players that were UDFA's and turned into viable players. It just happens and the fact we didn't have a 7th rounder this year might explain why he didn't get drafted. Obviously we liked him because of the contract we gave him.
  12. Not bad for an UDFA. 200k guaranteed probably equates to more than most 7th rounders get.
  13. Sadly UNM hasn't turned out a player worth anything since Urlacher. Hopefully they turn it around with Gonzalez because Davie was a giant failure.
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