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  1. I was trying to give him a half a season before I got vocal. It's 6 games in now and I still don't understand what he's doing with the personnel he has. Regardless of QB it makes no sense. Pair that with a less than stellar career before he came here and I'm ready to move on. Problem is he's not going anywhere for at least another year.
  2. Should have kept Dortch, Berrios has shown absolutely nothing so far.
  3. Pretty much. It's been a great winning strategy for the opponent. We haven't been able to beat the blitz since.....well never this year.
  4. Apparently you've never played competitive sports. Running up scores with your starters still playing in a meaningless game is some bad juju. The fact he's still throwing is icing on the cake.
  5. My bad. It was sarcasm to a previous post where I wanted to take Brady out yet the snowflakes fell.
  6. He still in and throwing the ball. Didn't mean too offend you and your fragile mind.
  7. It's what 90% of the fanbase wants, and I'm not afraid to say it. Maybe I'd feel differently if they could win with some class when they're blowing out yet another Jets team.
  8. Only reason too watch now is for a devastating injury to Brady. I hope he goes down Theismannesque because he's gonna keep chucking it in a blowout.
  9. Hope they send a message and cut Tru tomorrow. Another gift from Mac that keeps on giving.
  10. I'm having Ron Earhardt flashbacks. Bell up the middle on every single first down.

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