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  1. Looks like MSU finally has a QB.
  2. He's about five steps below Sam Ehlinger.
  3. From HS. He was the next heir apparent because of his lineage.
  4. He's awful and always has been despite the hype.
  5. Total BS. They need too change this rule.
  6. He's real good but unfortunately not eligible this year.
  7. Bigsby is legit @Paradis.......Bo Nix sucks ass.
  8. What a great atmosphere at the penn st game. 107,000 strong and vocal.
  9. Damn you're right. It's been so long and I still remember his videos. I knew it was Emory something, thanks for the update.
  10. I always have liked Danielson especially when he was paired with Verne Lundquist. He was one of the best.
  11. So the #1 team in the country beats the #11 team in the country on the road and you want to drop them out of the Top 10?
  12. After watching a few weeks the national championship is up for grabs for the first time in over a decade. Bama is not the Bama of last year and I'm not sold on Young, Clemson is a disaster on offense and almost got taken to OT today against GT and they were at home, OK isn't lighting it up either. It should be a fun season.
  13. Do you remember a poster called Em Diggy? Not sure if it was here or at JI but he used to post his own youtube videos in the draft forum. His name was Emory Jones I believe.....gotta think that's his dad.
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