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  1. Every single GM in the league does this, even Mac. I'm not sure why this is a story since it happens with every franchise year in and year out.
  2. I thought he was in the high 220lbs. range......I must be thinking about a different player.
  3. Reading my mind. IIRC he was very undersized coming out.
  4. You have some serious reading comprehension issues. Not only did I state earlier in this thread that I wouldn't cut him but I said he should make our 53 because if he gets exposed to waivers someone would claim him. In the long run I still don't think he's going to pan out but even I wouldn't cut him yet. And yes he is a 4.84 guy because that is the fastest forty time he's ever run. Do you want to go by his proday where he was north of 5.0?
  5. If his hammy was as bad as you say he wouldn't have ran the 40 again at his proday, or participated in every other drill. It's not like it's mandatory.
  6. I can only imagine how many draft profiles you pulled up in the last 2 days. Props for your hard work.
  7. They correlate really well for a small minority. What....maybe 3 or 4 players. Offensive lineman don't need too turn in great numbers. They need to have great feet and a good base or they will fail at the next level. It's not something that is easily measured by a number but is obvious in certain drills. Hence why I don't put as much stock in combine numbers for them as I do for a passrusher or skill position player.
  8. Obviously better times help project a player but I've never thought an OLineman needed too kill his numbers too be good. And I do a ton of OL film breakdowns. For instance check out Edogas numbers. Pedestrian at best unless you're talking about measurables (height, weight, arm length) which is something I put into two separate groups.
  9. He performed better than him at every single aspect by a far margin.
  10. Absolutely. Combine or proday numbers are extremely important for certain positions and I would put edge rusher at #1 overall and would put more importance for defensive players and skill position players. Defensive players have to play a reactive game and RB's and WR's need too turn on a dime. That can all be predicted by the drills that NFL teams have implemented for the combine. I couldn't care less how a QB performs and to a lesser degree Offensive Lineman. It also explains why I can't get one comparison from the posters making their case that Polite can be good.
  11. I fail too see how Lawrence performed anywhere near what Polite did. It's not even close but I'll give you another try.
  12. Define most. FTR most does not mean you, PF, and Mac.
  13. Don't forget most people questioned him about his fake hamstring injury during the combine. Point was proven during his proday......but did you see his F tape, whatever the hell that is.
  14. If the poor 4.84 combine time was due to his hamstring, how do you explain that he ran even slower at his proday 6 weeks later? You do realize almost every prospect improves their numbers during their proday. Simple question that doesn't require a paragraph answer.
  15. Edoga is going to be our opening day starter at RT and I could not be happier.
  16. Already announced he accepted a spot as our offensive quality control and asst. WR coach.
  17. More deflection. I've already posted in this thread that if he hit waivers he would be claimed. Multiple times.
  18. You do realize some teams have undraftable grades on players that get picked in the first round every year. Just look at how many teams had undraftable grades on Edoga this year and he went in the third. Doesn't make it right but it happens every single year and I could easily see Douglas and GW having an undraftable grade on Polite. I'll give you my grade when you answer my one simple question. FTR It hasn't changed.

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