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  1. Does anyone know if the Nickerson trade resulted in a pick? I know he was traded for a conditional pick, but he did make the original 53 for Seattle.
  2. That's Ed Oliver in that gif. Jackson said he was the hardest player he ever faced.
  3. I'm not getting the criticism on that player either. By all accounts he is having the best year of his career, fills a need, and is still young.
  4. He's not more powerful than Leo, he's faster and quicker which should equate to a better career. I'll take fast and quick over brute strength every day of the week.
  5. Or that Mac made yet another mistake by signing a RB that already had a ton of mileage on him for an astronomical amount.
  6. It's basically very simple. If Bell could gain yards and move chains he would get more carries. Problem is he can't because he fell off of that cliff just like every RB will at some point. You can't force extra carries on a RB that can't get the job done.....that is Bell. Powell has been better every single time they gave him carries throughout this entire season. Now we get the one game when we can compare what each brings as a starter and Powell rushed for more than Bell has in the past 12 games. It's not a coincidence. And I like Robby. You're just defending him because it's yet another PacCagnan bust of a free agent signing.
  7. He got more attempts because he was gaining yardage, unlike Bell who was consistently putting the offense in a hole with his two yard runs. You can't keep feeding a RB when he's gaining 2.3 a pop. I'm sure if Bell was getting 4 a pop like Powell he'd be seeing a lot more carries.
  8. In case you missed it he ran for more yards than Bell has in any game this season. Our Oline didn't magically get better overnight, which everyone uses an excuse for Bell stinking it up.
  9. Powell>>>Bell. Rb's seem to hit a certain point and fall off of that proverbial cliff. Bell is there right now. It's never a good idea too pay big money to FA RB that has a ton of touches and we are seeing that week in and week out. I'm sick of all the people giving him a pass "Because it's his running style". It's not because of his running style, it's because he is slow as sh*t with zero burst.
  10. It's a shame he got hurt today because he was finally showing some flashes. Even with his miscues (facemask and missing Fitz) he was having his best game of the season.
  11. He looks nothing like Robby.
  12. Boom. No way they let OSU lose tonight. They are also a better team even if they got behind early tonight.
  13. This is the year to draft two Olineman and two WR's with our first four picks. It's also very deep at RB.
  14. He's also the least athletic WR out of the four WRs Bama plays. If you're Bama and you want a big play you're not going to Jeudy.......you're going to the other three.
  15. Lamb all the way. I've been very critical of Jeudy here, especially recently.
  16. After watching a ton of LSU this year I think they will be head a and shoulders above any team that they have to face the rest of the way. I also thought that about Bama last year. We'll see how it plays out but I think LSU dominates their way to a NC.
  17. If we went defense with our first two picks I would finally walk away from this team. I've said this a million times but you draft to the strength of the draft, never wait for the deep positions to fall to the next round. Going into this draft with the mindset of waiting for the WR's and OT's is foolish because there will be huge runs on them. My philosophy is to draft to the strength of the draft early and often. If we go WR and OL with 4 of our 5 first picks I'll have a lot more faith in JD.
  18. Sucks we have Gus Johnson announcing tonight. This could be the most over the top performance this a$$hole ever gives.
  19. Beyond his drafts, re-signing Revis for a bazillion dollars should be up there in the Top 5.

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