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  1. He's about five steps below Sam Ehlinger.
  2. From HS. He was the next heir apparent because of his lineage.
  3. He's awful and always has been despite the hype.
  4. Total BS. They need too change this rule.
  5. He's real good but unfortunately not eligible this year.
  6. Bigsby is legit @Paradis.......Bo Nix sucks ass.
  7. What a great atmosphere at the penn st game. 107,000 strong and vocal.
  8. Damn you're right. It's been so long and I still remember his videos. I knew it was Emory something, thanks for the update.
  9. I always have liked Danielson especially when he was paired with Verne Lundquist. He was one of the best.
  10. So the #1 team in the country beats the #11 team in the country on the road and you want to drop them out of the Top 10?
  11. After watching a few weeks the national championship is up for grabs for the first time in over a decade. Bama is not the Bama of last year and I'm not sold on Young, Clemson is a disaster on offense and almost got taken to OT today against GT and they were at home, OK isn't lighting it up either. It should be a fun season.
  12. Do you remember a poster called Em Diggy? Not sure if it was here or at JI but he used to post his own youtube videos in the draft forum. His name was Emory Jones I believe.....gotta think that's his dad.
  13. I used to hate Gus Johnson because he was so over the top in his calls and now I love listening to him. Either he's turned it down one notch or we're both just getting older.
  14. So he wasn't lighting it up in basic walk throughs with shells. Just like Moore was the best thing since sliced bread. Never read too much into these practice tweets we get, many of them are contradictory from the moment the user hits send.
  15. You're not wrong and even elite tackles give up sacks. Just look at how many Brick gave up his first few seasons in the league.
  16. The hot takes in this thread are getting hot. LOL
  17. He graded out as a top 7 LT in this league as a 21 year old rookie with no training camp last year. You're out of your league on this one.
  18. So why are we hearing what a terrible game he had? It's simply not true. For some odd reason Jets fans think that their LT should never give up a pressure or a sack, yet it happens to every team every single week unless you're named Joe Thomas. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that our LT gave up what was a questionable coverage sack and now all of the sudden he totally sucks and needs to be replaced next draft. It's lunacy.
  19. Yet Becton graded higher than Wirfs and was playing LT for a Gase led offense with Darnold at the helm, when Wirfs was playing RT for the goat. The biggest concern on Becton has been his health which wasn't an issue when he entered the league. Wirfs is a great player but Becton has sky is the limit potential. I'm glad you have written him off at the ripe old age of 22 when we have seen him as a dominant force in this league as a 21 year old rookie.
  20. Should he always hold his block for ten seconds? You do realize that elite tackles sometimes give up a sack, some are what are considered coverage sacks because the QB had no where to go with the ball or held it too long. Kinda like what the announcers pointed out. Now go back and look at Fant. I guess you could, or you could still be a dick.
  21. Love how you bring that up yet leave out how I hit on about 90% of these players. Especially coming from someone who never talks about prospects. That's some weak sauce right there, I expected better from you.....well not really.
  22. Was that before or after he blocked him for four seconds? Curious minds want to know.
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