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  1. The 5th round for Kolar is nothing but a pipe dream. He'll never make it out of the 3rd.
  2. I think you and many others in this thread are missing the boat with Kolar. For some odd reason I've watched an abundance of Iowa State games over the past few years and he would take over games and was impossible to stop. They knew it was going to him and they couldn't stop him. I also think he'll test a lot better than most are giving him credit for. I'll concede that I didn't see a good blocker but he's a huge target, huge wingspan, with some soft ass hands. Would love to see us draft him. Comparing him to Daniel Brown is shortsighted at best. Prepare to be blown away.
  3. Appreciate the mention but I rarely post on here anymore. It's funny when I get notifications from some douche over posts from years ago and then said poster complains to the mods like a little bitch. JN is not the same beast it was years ago...time to go to alternative platforms. It's a platform where everyone gets a trophy and god forbid you voice a dissenting voice. Happy belated Bday Chris and I always appreciate your content and conviction. Maybe one day we can take in a Jets game together....you got my contact.
  4. Nothing like watching a full game of Spencer Petras at QB.
  5. We know players like Jaylon Smith had one but I'll claim ignorance on the specifics. Now that college players are getting paid that could easily change the landscape on how these policies are issued. I sure would hope someone like Williams would have a policy but Bama has been known to treat their players like assets.
  6. This is reminiscent of the SEC of a decade past. Feels like I'm watching Bama vs. LSU all over again.
  7. @Panzer Division Marduk and @Larz I completely forgot how great this band was...I believe they broke several decibel levels over the years. If you like guitar solos fast forward to 18:45, one of the best ever. @munchmemory
  8. It seems right after what transpired today. Cincy ended up losing in a bad fashion but they frustrated the Bama passing game.
  9. My biggest problem with him is that I knew he would not be able too manage a NFL roster. His coaching style obviously translated to the CFB level but he was behind the eight ball when it came to moving up into the NFL level. Most brilliant college coaches fail brilliantly when the have to manage millionaire 20 somethings instead of bright eyed 18 year olds.
  10. Thankfully, that even with the crap playoffs the two best teams in the country will battle it out for the championship.
  11. Are you laying face down in a gutter somewhere in Greenwich Village?
  12. I'm not a Hutch fan or detractor but posting something like this shows how out of context a still frame can be. I watched him the entire play.
  13. He looks gassed because they never take him out of the game.
  14. I don't think I've ever seen two brothers play the same game but mini Cook looks a lot like his older brother. They are both smooth with great vision.
  15. Sure would be nice if Woody actually reached out and started talking too him, he obviously has the resources.
  16. People always over react to one game when NFL personnel will be looking back at years of game tape, not too mention interviews and combine testing. Todays game is nothing but a small sliver of the bigger picture.
  17. Doing well my friend, business is booming. Hope all is well with you. I don't post as much anymore because of time constraints and general apathy of being a Jets fan.
  18. SEC showing yet again why it's the most premier conference in all of college football.
  19. You might be the only person here that knows why.
  20. Don't get it shut down, this has been a meaningful discussion.
  21. I have in the past, but I'm not sure they'll even want it anymore when I check a certain box.
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