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  1. If the pats think they are playing the same old butt fumbling Jets, they are in a rude awakening.
  2. Philip Rivers just passed for 500 yards the other day and Andy Dalton is on pace for 4,700 yards. This isn't 1980's football. The game is far more wide open and the WRs are bigger and faster. EVERY safety misses tackles and gets beat.
  3. Part of Pryor's problem was coaching, part was being a rookie and a LARGE part was the fact that he was playing alongside some really bad defensive backs. tough to be a decent safety when you have the league's worst DBs.
  4. Happy to see this as Jets fan, but this is a Mario issue, not a Rex issue. Rex is a good defensive coach. Mario is a head case and doing the one thing you NEVER do as a player.
  5. I hate it when people complain about passing up on a player that 31 other teams also passed on. There are plenty of teams with FAR worse OL issues and they also passed on him. Read between the lines.
  6. Coples isn't a linebacker. He will always struggle as a LBer, much like Mo Wilk would look slow and stiff if asked to play LBer.
  7. I'm happy with our bye week this year. We are 3-1, dealing with a few nagging injuries (Pryor, Williams, Cro, Revis, Colon, Ivory etc..), need to get Devin smith more time to learn the offense and need to get Sheldon into our Defense.
  8. LMAO at saying "facts are stubborn things" when you didn't even know that Victor Cruz put up zero catches 2010 (3 games, zero catches then got hurt). Cruz broke out the second year after his SECOND training camp/pre-season etc... Not to mention, a guy like Antonio brown only have 16 catches in 9 games in his rookie year and Demayrius Thomas had 22 catches his rookie year and 32 his second year.
  9. It took Martavis Bryant 6 weeks before he was even made active for the Steelers last year. Most WR's need some time to develop. Impossible to evaluate him at this point. I expect improvement from him after the bye.
  10. exactly. There isno doubt that Sheldon is brain dead but I'm not sure there is enough here for another suspension.
  11. We got lucky he was available to make the trip. Hopefully, Pryor isn't out a while but bailey looks like a keeper. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/jets/2015/10/04/dion-bailey-passport-london-new-york-seahawks/73342256/ However, Bailey would not have had a passport at all had it not been for a charitable visit to Haiti after his freshman year of college at the University of Southern California. “I never had a passport, but Matt Barkley took me and some others to Haiti to help out,” Bailed explained.
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