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  1. IndianaJet

    Sam Is Mic’d Up On Showtime Tonight

    Is it weird that I have a man-crush on a guy that sounds like a twelve year old boy? 😳😳😳
  2. IndianaJet

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    I just started playing Fallout 4 about a month and a half ago. This game seems endless, so many damn side quests that I can't help but complete. I've just finally wandered into Diamond City after about a week of actual playing time.
  3. Sir.... have you paid your posting fee yet in order to come onto this site? DM me for the payment details.
  4. IndianaJet

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    http://time.com/money/collection/2018-best-places-to-live/5361441/carmel-indiana-2/ Bruh....come be my neighbor. Housing is stupid cheap, best schools around and very little taxes. Of course, it is Indiana tho....
  5. IndianaJet

    Report: Marcus Maye to Miss 3-4 Weeks

    You wanna know the other reason why he's writing articles with a positive spin? He realizes that fans are not going to click on his articles if their constantly filled with him trashing the team and its players for no reason. He needs those clicks...things aren't well at the NYDN
  6. Hey..I was just wondering if anyone around here knew that Macc didn't draft Kareem Hunt....can you believe it?!?!?!?!
  7. Minn - W @ Chicago - W @ Phins - W Bills - W Pats - W @Tenn - W @ Bills - W Texans - W Packers - L @Pats (for the division) - W! 12-4 division title Too soon?!?!?!
  8. IndianaJet


    Wow. That might have been the best play design I’ve seen from this team in 20 years.
  9. Well call me shocked. We’re actually being aggressive.
  10. 2 TOs left. Let’s see if we try to get into FG position.
  11. IndianaJet


    Quincy hurt. I swear we have a bunch of guys who get “injured” all the time after a bad play.
  12. IndianaJet


    Quincy doing his best Robbie Anderson impression.
  13. IndianaJet

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    This looks sooooooo good.
  14. IndianaJet

    colts ruined luck

    People always site to the fact that Luck got hurt in week three of 2015 against the Titans. They fail to mention that the week prior, on Monday night vs. the Jets, Luck also took an absolute beating. I don't think we had any official sacks, but he took some big shots, multiple times, from our D. I think we had 10+ QB hits that game. It was a bloodbath.
  15. Fox paid more, so they put all the good games on Thursday nights this year, look at what we have once Fox started doing the broadcast after Jets/Browns Week 4: Vikings at Rams Week 5: Colts at Patriots Week 6: Eagles at Giants Week 7: Broncos at Cardinals Week 8: Dolphins at Texans Week 9: Raiders at 49ers Week 10: Panthers at Steelers Week 11: Packers at Seahawks Week 12: Falcons at Saints Week 13: Saints at Cowboys Week 14: Jaguars at Titans Week 15: Chargers at Chiefs There are some seriously good games scheduled for multiple weeks. Hell, even the Raiders/49ers has that battle for the bay area angle to it.

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