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  1. IndianaJet


    It’s up to -16 now. Last week it was only -3....I crushed it last week. Not touching -16 tonight. Thats SuperBowl III spread.
  2. IndianaJet

    Butt Fumble

    Hey....I'm a grower not a shower.
  3. IndianaJet

    Butt Fumble

    Are you trying to say that little white boys aren't hard working, industrious and ambitious? #thatsracist
  4. IndianaJet


    And technically, that wasn't his issue. Macc didn't hire Bowles. In fact, Bowles was hired the day before Macc. And as we all know, with the structure of the FO, Macc had no authority to fire Bowles. Don't get me wrong.....there's lots and lots to blame Macc for....but Bowles isn't one of them.
  5. IndianaJet

    Kap and NFL Settle

    In the normal world, I would agree. People, insurance companies, corporations...most will pay something to avoid the uncertainty of litigation. But the NFL? What we know from the recent past is that they won't hesitate to take things to the bitter end, no matter the cost, when they think they're right, i.e. Deflategate Regardless of what your position on Kap is, the NFL has always been about public relations. Settling this suit before it went to arbitration tells me, more likely than not, there was something there that they didn't want the public to see.
  6. IndianaJet

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Actually quite the opposite. 9 times out of 10 confidentiality agreements are required by the party who is paying damages, because they don't want others knowing how much they caved.
  7. Good news about this is that if things start to leak, they'll likely unveil the unis sooner than they originally planned.
  8. I would not hate this at all. In fact, of all the garbage I've seen posted in this thread, this is heads and shoulders above everything.
  9. Important dates have been fixed
  10. Ummm...you're not exactly going out on a limb here Mehta...... https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-jets-mailbag-leveon-bell-20190212-story.html
  11. Imagine the wrath on this board if Macc had traded a 3rd round pick for back up QB who was gone after one year. I get it....NO had Superbowl aspirations at the beginning of the year and wanted a good insurance policy for Brees, just in case, so it may still have been worth it to them.
  12. IndianaJet

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    Exactly, If there's two edicts NFL GMs should stick to its: 1) Don't sign Denver FA offensive lineman; and 2) Don't draft U.S.C QBs Everyone knows this. common
  13. IndianaJet

    Flacco to the Broncos

    No more guaranteed money in the Flacco contract (although as a vet I'm pretty sure the base salaries become guaranteed if he's on the roster on week 1): https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/denver-broncos/joe-flacco-4000/ 19 - base salary $18.5 20 - base salary $20.25 21 - base salary $24.25

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