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  1. Me thinks you're missing a few years there.....
  2. Wordle's hardest word caused 60% of players to break their streaks: https://www.pcgamer.com/wordles-hardest-word-caused-60-of-players-to-break-their-streaks/ “PARER” back in September It got me and everyone I play with on my Wordle group chat Havent lost since
  3. Last week, Wingo said Rodgers would be in NY "next week" and he expected the deal to be officially done. I wonder what Wingo's definition of "next week" is...cause time is running out on my definition....
  4. Let’s not forget that as a 2nd rounder, Moore only got a 4 year deal. Which means at this time next year Moore is gonna be extra salty looking for a new deal. JD getting rid of the headache before it becomes a full blown migraine.
  5. So the Jets have a deal in place with GB which gives them #43. Now, with #42 in hand, JD can send a final FU to GB by drafting the player they would be targeting at #43. JD is a savage beast.
  6. LOL...just a bunch of clowns, listening to a bunch of clowns, listening to the biggest clown of them all speculate.
  7. My draft Caleb Williams in 2024 - mock draft results for 2023: 2024 ARI 1st 2024 ARI 2nd 2024 LAC 2nd 2024 CLE 2nd 2024 KC 2nd 2024 WAS 2nd 2024 DEN 3rd 2024 NO 3rd 2024 SF 3rd 2024 DAL 3rd Hopefully that will give us enough ammo to move up to the #1 spot....no matter who holds it.
  8. I've got nothing to add, but saw that this was like 6 threads down on the front page, which is wholly unacceptable.
  9. Clearly...you've never seen The Girl Next Door (worth watching just because Elisha Cuthbert was some damn hot in the early 2000s)
  10. Luckily, it looks like the big hit on Rodgers' contract will come three years from now, while Wilson, Sauce and Hall are still on their rookie deals. Although Hall, as a second round pick, will be on the 4th and final year of his rookie deal, so it is likely we would need to extend him before then. Sauce and Wilson will have to wait until after year 4 for their new deals....but that's been the Jets MO for a while now with 2nd contracts for rookies. (Well...at least their stated MO...I think Q will be the first rookie we've given a 2nd deal to since Mo?)
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