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  1. It's kind of garbage when "writers" pick and choose facts to support their narrative. So in this article, the premise is that Gase is a terrible coach because he's forcing Darnold to be a pocket passer when he's clearly better rolling out. Of course this just completely ignores the fact that Gase was roundly criticized for his play calls on both 4th downs when - wait for it - he called plays that required Darnold to roll out.
  2. I thought Darnold held up well, especially considering after Crowder and Anderson his options were Brown, V. Smith and J. Smith. The interception in the 2nd qtr was bad, but never happens if J. Smith doesn't stop his route on the first play of the drive. If he runs, we're talking about a 21-14 game at the half. I'm also going to give Darnold the benefit of the doubt and say that our 3rd string TE ran the wrong route which led to the pick...although Darnold being the leader he is, would never say that and took all the blame when talking to the media after the game.
  3. Let's say the Jets are sitting somewhere between 8-10 and a team (Chargers, Bucs - maybe even Mia with the 2nd of their three first rounders) - offers up a trade to jump up and take Tua or Herbert - do you make that trade and how far back are you willing to go?
  4. And they all but have the division locked up. They'd need to lose 2 of the next 3 (Bengals, Bills, Phins) and the Bills to run the table for the Pats to lose the division.
  5. This...I felt like this movie was better thirty years ago when it was called Goodfellas.
  6. Tom Brady would be selling insurance right now and married to some heffer named Martha if he were drafted by the Jets.
  7. Don’t worry fellas. We’ll beat the Ravens in a few weeks to help the Pats lock up home field advantage in the playoffs.
  8. Berrios drop and now this hold by Compton two huge mistakes that will help kill us.
  9. Yep. Dalton is playing better than he has in years. Coverage is there on most plays, he’s just throwing darts and his receivers are making good plays.
  10. If you didn’t see this coming a mile away then you truly don’t understand what the same old Jets are all about.
  11. Bad news @Larz but at least it fits with the concept of the thread title... A Little Less Than One Year From Today! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/godzilla-kong-release-date-pushed-8-months-november-2020-1253500
  12. If you watch the replay, the defender our backup TE (Daniel Brown) ran into was assigned to cover DT, which is why DT was wide open for the TD. Brown ran into him about 5 yards downfield so the call was technically right. The bigger issue, as some have already said in this thread. It's just been so rare that they make those calls on review since the start of the season.
  13. Here are the stats for our D-linemen yesterday: Apparently, even though we held the Raiders running game in check and dealt a serious blow to Josh Jacobs chances for offensive rookie of the year.....it looks like NONE of our D-linemen were on the field yesterday. How'd that happen? 😏

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