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  1. Marrone runs the clock out going to half

    That doesn't mean Marrone had confidence in him to lead a long drive with 55 seconds on the clock, without giving the ball back up to the Patriots. And to clarify....I'm not saying it was a good decision, it was just a decision based primarily on the coaching staff's lack of confidence in their starting QB. Which is why finding a true franchise QB is so important.
  2. Championship Game Thoughts

    My thoughts: 1. Jags to win the AFC @8-1 placed on December 10th - loss 2. Pats -7 (to hedge #1) - loss 3. Jags +3.5 mid game - loss 4. Over 3.5 fgs Pats/NE - loss 5. Over 34 total yards running and recieve TJ Yeldon - loss 6. Under 46.5 Jags/Pats - win 7. Minny -3 - loss 8. Over 3.5 fgs Minn/Phil - loss To sum up my thoughts of the championship games:
  3. Marrone runs the clock out going to half

    Marrone running the clock out is a direct statement on his thoughts on Blake Bortles. If he had a competent starting QB he goes for more points. When you have a Blake Bortles, you play not to lose, take a knee and get the ball at the start of the 2nd half.
  4. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    If this were the Hampur, I'd post a pic of someone getting "nutted" in eye...but I'd probably get banned here for doing that....
  5. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Stay classy San Diego
  6. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    If this link is accurate it sounds more like the police tried to pull him over, he ran and then resisted arrest. http://slaterscoops.com/news/2018/1/19/exclusive-jets-wr-robby-anderson-arrested-again-in-south-florida
  7. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BeGy--mhKnS/?hl=en&taken-by=chosen1ra Oh Robby....if you only listened to your own words on Instaface....

    Meh. I think everyone is over reacting. If the FO and TB didn’t like Morton, now was the time to fire him. The development of our young WRs isn’t gonna suffer much with a new OC. What’s more important from a continuity standpoint is the QB and the Oline. Both of which are in for major overhauls this offseason. So firing a mediocre (at best) OC now, even though it’s been multiple OCs in a few short years doesn’t get my panties in a bunch. In fact, with our high draft picks and extra cap space we’re probably an attractive destination for a good OC who will see the opportunity to build and develop the offense he wants with his players.
  9. With Vikings' Pat Shurmur going to the Giants...

    Kiper's latest mock (not that it means anything at all) has: 1. Browns - Allen 2. Giants - Rosen 3. Colts - Chubb 4. Browns - Barkley 5. Broncos - Darnold 6. Jets - Fitzpatrick

    Plus didn't Morton readily admit to giving up at the start of the 2nd half in Denver? Or was the a TB directive?
  11. You can't sign Cousins for all that cash then use the #6 pick to draft a guy who might be BETTER then Cousins....then you have to wrestle with the problem of benching a guy making $25 million a year.
  12. Here's the thing, if the Jets REALLY want Cousins, they probably won't have too much competition for him other then the Browns and the Redskins themselves. Of all of the QB needy teams, only the Jets and the Browns have ridiculously excessive cap space. (Browns at $119 Million right now, Jets will be at $100 million after the expected cuts) In other words, if the Jets REALLY want Cousins, they can blow him out of the water with an offer that other teams would be hard pressed to match. The closest teams in cap space (besides the Jets, Browns and Skins) who arguably need a QB are: Minny $60 million in space Cincy $40 million in space Bills $32 million in space Broncos, Cards, Jags and Giants all around $28 million in space.
  13. Why isn’t it a bigger deal that

    This right here....if I remember correctly, we were well on our way to the west side stadium but Dolan and his cronies in Albany nixed it because Dolan didn't want the competition just down the street from MSG. I believe some form of approval had to go through a 3 man committee and Silver and Bruno voted no because Dolan was lining their pockets. It's one of the reasons why I'm no longer a Knicks fan....
  14. Please point me to a Baker Mayfield thread

    Not sure when this interview is from....but more Mayfield praise: http://www.nbcsports.com/video/oklahoma-universitys-baker-mayfield-should-be-first-qb-taken-nfl-draft
  15. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    The 4K HDR support on the "X" is stunning to say the least. I have it hooked up to my LG OLED C7P....just phenomenal. It also supports Dolby Atmos which gives me killer sound. Games like Fortnite Battle Royal I can literally hear when gun shots/footsteps are coming from behind me to my left or my right.