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  1. Dude would have never had to work a post NFL job if he was in the league now. Think about that, could you imagine a pro-bowl NFL player taking on a regular 9-5 job for 20 years after retirement now?
  2. So you think that people watching him complete a pass or throw a touchdown will think the fans are "Booing" him? You think the TV and Raido announcers are gonna be like "Darnold throws an incredible TD to Anderson and the crowd is booing him!!!!" That's what you really think?
  3. BOOM....go buy one before NFL shop catches on and bans them.
  4. Michael Silver is to the Browns as Manish Mehta is to the Jets. Silver doesn't like the Browns organization, so any perceived or slight issue, Silver will channel his inner Mehta and try to make a huge deal about it. Now, I still think Baker's mouth is going to eventually get him in trouble, one way or the other....but I'm not sure this is the way it's going to happen.
  5. 5'10" 185? I wonder if they're thinking more kick and punt returns than CB. Per this article, it seems like the Bucs were looking strictly at him as a CB https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-marko-myers-blazing-a-trail-for-his-school-and-himself-20730214
  6. That play should have never been called (plus the pass was accurate)
  7. There's lots of ways an accurate pass can be intercepted...starting with a sh*t ass offensive coordinator calling sh*t ass plays....See, e.g., Darnold's first ever NFL pass.
  8. Clearly everyone needs to start a "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!" cheer everytime Sam completes a pass. This needs to continue on for the rest of his 20 year career as QB of the NYJ.
  9. GW - a lesson in how you deal with the NY media. That complete shutdown of Cimini was just epic.
  10. Apparently the mic for questions only comes out for the big JD.
  11. If I thought we were in contention for a Superbowl this year, then yes, having a solid back up QB who could come in for a three game stretch and keep us winning, would also be my choice. But having a true slot receiver in Crowder, allowing Robby and Quincy to work the edges, while Herndon and Crowder also work the middle, is going to be a huge for Darnold's development. Because that is what this year is ultimately about more than anything else....Darnold's development.
  12. By the way.....every time someone whines and complains about Woody and/or Chris....just remember. Charles Dolan was the other bidder for the Jets in 1999. In fact, I think he was the high bidder and favorite to get the team before Woody showed up. If Charles Dolan had upped his bid, it's almost certain that James Dolan would be running this team now. James ******* Dolan....just imagine how bad it would be under that imbecile. We should all kiss the feet of WJ for saving us from that disaster.
  13. If the team is more profitable and successful under CJ, than WJ, perhaps Momma J will insist that CJ run the team. I read somewhere that all three own an equal 1/3 of the team. Momma J is the tie breaker. Big Bad Mamma Jamma!
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