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  1. IndianaJet

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    From a popular local Washington sports guy....
  2. Wow...talk about a piss poor effort by Peake...stopping on his route and letting the CB drive to the ball. That's how you get cut young buck....
  3. 3rd times the charm. Love it. Love it love it!!!!
  4. Todd Bowles looks like he lost about 50 Big Macs
  5. 5 Straight Superbowl Championships (I'll give him a break and say starting his second year). Must win each of those Superbowls by leading a come from behind drive in the last two minutes throwing the winning score with :00 on the clock. Anything less is unacceptable!
  6. I’m not sure that I’ve seen any other QB get so much praise for doing so little.
  7. Came to ask the same question ^^^^
  8. Wayne Chrebet would be in the Hall of Fame if he had Brady throwing to him. But still....F Brady
  9. IndianaJet

    Khalil Mack

    Rightfully so....but the leverage on the other side would be, if they can't and won't sign him, his value is substantially less to them.
  10. IndianaJet

    Jets "caved" in Darnold negotiations?

    So here is my take....they didn't cave, but they did do things they normally don't do. 1) They kept the offset language in which seemed to be the most important thing for the Jets 2) Yes, they paid the full $20 million signing bonus up front, due within the next 15 days, but that money is a guaranteed bonus that would have been paid out in full over the next year....so what did they lose there? A few months of interest? It's not like they're paying him more of a bonus, he's just getting the money sooner. 3) Voidables on fines vs. Voidables on suspensions - again, they did something they normally don't do but: a) The Jets were one of only 5 teams that had voidable language for fines (in other words, they're now doing what just about every other team does - voidables for suspensions only); and b) When have the Jets EVER voided someones bonus money for a league fine. With all the knuckleheads this team has had over the years...with voidable b/c of fine language in the contract....when have they EVER exercised that option? They have had plenty of chances to do it, and they never have....even with the scrubby knuckleheads getting in trouble they didn't do it...what makes you think they would all of a sudden void gurantees on their franchise caliber QB because he got fined for having the wrong color cleats? So in other words....yes....if you want to argue that they caved...but they did so by giving up some things that they normally do not, but in the long run, will have very little practical effect.
  11. Lee tweeted that the new unis were ‘fire’ I suspect that means they are going pretty damn gaudy and something most people over 40 will hate.
  12. He's looking a little chunky...what has he been doing the last few days, sitting in a hotel room eating pizza. I hope he passes the conditioning run...lolz
  13. It's not official until I see it on Instagram. The other looming question.....who's helmet and pads is the rook carrying today?
  14. It’s interesting that Mehta is leading the “its the agent’s fault” charge. Mehta usually goes out of his way to slam the organization. So that leads me to believe that Mehta is telling the truth. Of course there could be some other alternative motive for Mehta’s angle that I’m just not thinking of. I do think he’s going out of his way to blame Sexton and not Darnold because Mehta doesn’t want to start off on the wrong foot with a possible future elite franchise QB.
  15. With such a big announcement I suspect the uniforms will be new primaries and probably a lot different. From players tweets it sounds like some have already seen them.