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  1. Have you listened to the B-side?
  2. I live 20 minutes from Lucas Oil Stadium, have a free club level seat waiting for me....and probably won't go.
  3. Jets 27 Bengals 13 But only because I'm playing the Bengals in my $6 million survivor pool and the Jets hate me.
  4. Watched Dune on HBO Max last week...have tickets tomorrow afternoon for the true 1570 IMAX theater (screen size 62x84) here in Indy.
  5. That 2008 team might have been our best team in the last 20 years, until Favre got hurt and refused to sit.
  6. The look ahead line for next Thursday night here in Indy is Colts -14.5
  7. You literally linked a post where a majority of posters where more then happy to lose Davis due to his age, salary demands and the promise of a better player in Avery Williamson. Then there's this thread....(same sentiments) This thread....(same sentiments) Then of course you seemed to be ok with the swap of Davis for Williamson in this thread about the general state of free agency in 2018 (other than bringing back Uncle Josh)
  8. Lol. Clear false start by Fant not called which would have wiped out the sack. Somehow I feel like if that was a touchdown God would have made the ref see the false start because God clearly hates Jets fans.
  9. Apparently the league issued a point of emphasis to call holding on Jets d-lineman.
  10. @y2k8 Not to sound all snobby, but I have a pretty high end Samsung sound bar that's about 5 years old (It's actually Dolby Atmos 5.1.4). Using the remote, there is a way to adjust the sound level of each of the individual speakers, including the center channel, but I've never tried to completely mute any of the speakers. I will give it a go this weekend....but my guess is that the higher levels sound bars will all have this function buried somewhere in the controls. Sonos is a pretty damn good brand, I wouldn't be surprised if it has this function.
  11. That was some Rex Ryan era boring ass football.
  12. Here's the best thing Kerry Rhodes ever "did":
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