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  1. I was thinking along similar lines. If Joe lived in this social media/gotcha world, his exploits would be all over TMZ. Which would likely hurt his draft stock.
  2. IndianaJet

    Bucky Brooks on WFAN

    He can rate Haskins the #1 QB in the last two years all he wants, so long as the Giants, Redskins, Broncos, Bengals and any other team who wants to trade up is listening to him and buying it. Preach Bucky! Preach!
  3. IndianaJet

    Final Mock Draft

    Yeah...I saw the NFL.com projection. I usually don't trust their write ups.
  4. IndianaJet

    Final Mock Draft

    Jalen Hurd in the 3rd? Most mocks have him going in the 5th or later.
  5. IndianaJet

    Mini Camp Thread

    Look at Connor Hughes' twitter feed...he's got lots of info from mini camp and interviews afterwards. Too many to try to post here. https://twitter.com/Connor_J_Hughes
  6. IndianaJet

    Mini Camp Thread

    Didn't see one so I'll post a few tweets....can't follow up all day on this though. Biggest thing appears to be no Bell
  7. Why is he bringing up an issue from the 2018 off season in 2019. Get over it bro. You’re in KC now with a legit shot at a title. No reason at all to call out another player just out of the blue.
  8. I'll be watching EndGame on Thursday night with the phone turned off. I'm looking forward to not having to fret about what might happen....I'll just turn on my phone around 10:00 and have all the answers right there.
  9. IndianaJet

    Raiders love Oliver

    Raiders don't have a 3rd. They have 1-4 1-24 1-27 2-3 (35) 4-4 (106)
  10. IndianaJet


    Here's the official episode length for the final season. https://ew.com/tv/2019/03/15/game-of-thrones-final-season-episode-lengths/
  11. IndianaJet


    My guess too..... They've already revealed that Jason Mamoa has a cameo scene this year which to me plays out in one of two ways - 1) either a flashback through Bran; or 2) a vision by Dany on her deathbed.
  12. IndianaJet


    That might have been one of the best episodes ever. Just tremendous writing. Awesomely done. Wow.
  13. IndianaJet

    At least we're not the Raiders....

    I tried doing this in our mock draft to get to #1 and grab Murray. I think that's what the Raiders plan has been all along. Unfortunately, we can't trade future picks in our Jet Nation draft so I didn't have the capital to pull it off.
  14. IndianaJet

    Surprise! Jets to be traded on draft day?

    Best thing I did was buy Endgame tickets for Thursday night....I'll just catch up on the draft when I get out of the theater.

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