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  1. Let’s see if we can get Lev Bell going now that the Cowgirls have to account for The ******* Dude.
  2. Just wait till Herndon gets back. This O is gonna be off the charts.
  3. We don't even get the benefit of the bye week in playing a team that played yesterday. Of course it's scheduled so that the team we play after the bye had the Thursday night game with extra rest to prepare for us.
  4. Have you watched Lev Bell play this year?
  5. And after getting blown out by a certain team in green and falling to 1-5, their schedule was a cake walk for the last 10 games of the season: Bills @ Raiders Jags Titans Dolphins @ Jags @ Texans Cowboys Giants @Titans
  6. No chance...a few things will happen over the next few weeks that will result in a marked improvement in this team. 1) Sam comes back 2) Harrison starts at center 3) Herndon comes back 4) Mosley comes back Herndon coming back should really help this offense, he is the only play maker not named Bell.
  7. 11. Brown calls out Krafty on twitter I see what you did here AB....🤣🤣🤣
  8. Lol at a mock draft after week two...and he doesn't have the Fins taking a QB at #1....although his write up says: So in other words, you believe the Fins will take a QB #1, #1 but you're just not going to put it in your mock right this second. That's just ******* asinine.
  9. Shhhhhh don't say anything.....I enjoy receiving those checks from him every year.
  10. Part of me wants the Jets to win on a last minute FG, but have Winovich go for 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and a pick 6 just to watch this board absolutely implode despite the win.
  11. They have to cut a player...but only because they are at the roster limit and adding a player on waivers would make them go over. Otherwise, waiver claims don't "cost" a team anything.
  12. Devin Smith was never a "bum" He was just a dude who was constantly injured and worked his ass off to get back into the league. Taco is a guy that doesn't really care if he's good a football player and his effort over these last few years with the Cowboys has shown that. That's a bum

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