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  1. "This is Reggie White at left tackle"
  2. I remember that game (it was early in 2018) specially because I bet an ungodly amount of money on the Jags in game. That's the one good thing about being a Jets fan. You can tell pretty early on when it is going to be "one of those games" (like this past Sunday) and make some good money live betting against the Jets.
  3. We'll get one of those picks back next year when we draft Lawrence and trade Sam to the Colts for a 3rd rounder.
  4. 33-13 Colts. Here's my bold prediction. Sam will be the Colts QB in 2021. Jets take Lawrence #1 overall and trade Sam to the Colts for a 3rd rounder.
  5. Per Tank-A-Thon we’ve only got the number 10 pick next year Yes, my fellow brothers and sisters (or what ever you identify as) in misery, it’s once again time to start thinking about draft position. www.tankathon.com/nfl
  6. I mean what the ****. Gore has been out only productive player all year and he takes him out on a critical 4th. fire this whole staff now
  7. Gore is getting yards because he hits the hole and doesn’t **** around. id like to see the rook get some carries this game.
  8. Run right Run right Run right Run right Run right Run right Run right im detecting a pattern.
  9. Remember that “scrimmage” a few weeks back when our 2nd team D took the 1st team O out behind the woodshed and beat them like a $20 hooker....expect more of the same.
  10. I hate to say it, but Sam has a lot of Ryan Fitzpatrick in him. When he's "on", he looks like he can be an elite QB but when he's "off" boy oh boy is it bad (and then he presses even more to compound his mistakes). Like Fitz - there's just enough of the "on" games to make you think there is hope, but when all is said and done, there are just way to many "off" games.

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