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  1. I know some of you were hoping he’d follow LaFleur here, but the Niners moved fast.
  2. When does Kiper start mocking trades? I can't take this one seriously from him. Even he knows that if we don't go QB that pick is getting traded. I could see us trading down with ATL (they'll go QB), CIN (afraid MIA will take Sewel) and Carolina (they'll go QB). Of course all of this is way to early as so many QBs will change teams in FA this year.
  3. I mean clearly they're going to become allies by the end of the movie right? I haven't read any spoilers or anything like that, but the way the trailer is set up, it really seems like this is going to end with Kong and GZ fighting MechaGodzilla together.
  4. The only slightly plausible reason for going for the FG would be the thought that either way you have to stop Brady, and if he has the lead they’ll play conservative and run the ball? Making it easier to stop them? Maybe this? I mean it took me 20 minutes to come up with this as a possible reason....and I’m not even buying it.
  5. So looking at this trailer....they definitely do something to Kong, in the movie itself, to make him bigger. In the scenes with the little girl and when they’re transporting him in chains, he looks like he’s still the 100ft Kong from Kong Skull Island. In those scenes he fits neatly on a small part of the deck of a cargo ship. Later in the trailer...although they try to make you think it’s occurring during the same boat trip, Kong is standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, clearly bigger then the entire ship....let alone the fight in the city where he’s taller than skyscrapers. Somehow, they capture him, transport him in chains, likely use the little girl to “tame” him, then do something to triple his size cause Godzilla is 300+ feet tall.
  6. This will 1000% be my first time back in a movie theater.
  7. I've been saying this since all the Watson stuff started last week. What's funny is the people who say hiring Bieniemy alone won't be enough to keep Watson there....are the same people crowing that hiring Saleh alone has now made the Jets a preferred destination.
  8. I hear some people ‘cough cough @TomShane cough cough’ pay $$$$$ for big women in high heels to do that to them.
  9. If Watson was really concerned about State income tax, he wouldn't leave the Texans at all. The AFC South is the most tax friendly division in the league. He has 10 games a year that he pays no state income tax on. 8 home games in Texas (no state income tax), @ Jags (FL no state income tax) and @ Titans (TN no state income tax). In addition, Indiana has a flat 3.2% tax rate which of all the states that do have an income tax, is the third lowest (ND and PA are lower), when factoring in the high end of other states progressive tax structure. So if he was really concerned about taxes, he wouldn't leave at all.
  10. I'm not sure I like this mock after the trade. One of Watson's key gripes with Houston is losing all his playmakers...so we're going to convince Watson to waive his no trade clause because things will be different here....then we don't go offensive skill position until the 4th round in this mock?

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