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  1. Now next week I can root against the Chiefs because Mahomes’ brother is a doucebag.
  2. Yes!!!!! Bills fans can go suck it!
  3. Let’s not pretend if we had drafted Allen, this would be us. Bowles would have been fired after Allens’s first season, we still would have gotten Gase, who would have ruined him and Allen would be struggling to find his way on another team right now.
  4. Unreal. Unreal unreal. Wide freaking open
  5. We are only halfway away. I’ve seen our defense give up great plays to the opposing offenses all season long.
  6. 1:54 and three time outs. This game isn’t close to being over.
  7. I’m rooting against Bills fans more then anything.
  8. I didn’t think I could be this nervous hoping for the Bills to lose.
  9. People love pizza king out here….I don’t have a clue why. Arnies terrible Noble Romans is hot garbage. There’s a place called Goodfellas with a location on Mass Ave and in Broadripple. It’s actually a regional “chain” with a few other locations in Cincy, Louisville and Bloomington. Best NY style pizza I’ve had outside of NY.
  10. There is only one place in Indy I will order pizza from. Otherwise it’s a hard pass.
  11. you let the Pats trade up to take a franchise WR to go along with Jones?
  12. How many coaches in the league would have called a draw on that 3rd and 20?
  13. Brady is looking off today. Way off.
  14. Wordle 218 4/6* I think the little asterisk means Bill Bellichick is now playing Wordle.
  15. Like I said in another thread. Draft some WRs and save all the monies for Deebo in 2023
  16. Is there a site other than Pro Football Network that will propose the trades to you? I'm too lazy to try to proposed trades myself, but I don't think the PFN rankings are following the current trends/projections very closely.
  17. 13. Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State 18. David Ojabo EDGE Michigan 35. David Bell WR Purdue 38. Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio State 44. Zion Johnson OG Boston College 49. Trey McBride TE Colorado State 69.
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