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  1. If he wants to be a Jet for life, he needs to learn the difference between Brooklyn and Queens.
  2. I'm not gonna sit here and defend beat writers. But if Judon got so pissed off about a story concerning whether or not an offer was actually made.....he would be a DISATEROUS signing for us. Dude would need a ten year supply of Chill Pills to get through one season with our beat writers talking about him.
  3. Taking Pitts wouldn't surprise me at all...especially with our new offense. But I would suspect they'd trade down into the 8-9 range to take him, even if it meant two separate trade downs. Unless the new coaching staff loves Herndon...for whatever reason that might be.
  4. There's something very consistent about these QB comparisons.
  5. Yeah....but is there a watering hole that we could watch some Lions tear something up?
  6. You do this yearly, right? So you already know it's painful, right? And since you do this yearly, I'm assuming you've known it been painful for years, right? So why bring it up in a brand new post? Do you think we, who've been on this board for years, don't know this already? ******* Jets fans man....never have I ever seen a group of people who just love to wallow in and simultaneously proclaim their misery.
  7. Lot's of market newbies learning some hot lessons the last few days.
  8. I like how, for longer posts, the poster's info scrolls............ .................down with the post.
  9. Does the little "star" mean you've responded to a topic? I guess I'm about to find out..... Edit....looks like it does.
  10. Didn't someone on JI, way back in the day, program in a filter that changed someone's name to some kind of expletive, so that anytime that users name was typed in threat it automatically changed? Or is that just some evil plot hiding deep in my subconscious?
  11. Fixed the offense and the secondary in the first 50 picks with a few trade backs, assumes we sign Robinson or JuJu at WR in Free agency..... 6. Zach Wilson QB BYU 18. Rashawn Slater OL Northwestern 23. Travis Etienne RB Clemson 34. Pat Freiermuth TE Penn State 37. Tyson Campbell CB Georgia 50. Asante Samuel Jr. CB Florida State 107. Marquez Stevenson WR Houston 147. Daelin Hayes EDGE Notre Dame 155. Marvin Wilson DT Florida State 188. Robert Jones OG Middle Tennessee 249. Jonathon Cooper EDGE Ohio State
  12. Actually...looking at the contract....it's not a terrible one for the Colts to take on. If Wentz can stay healthy and put up decent numbers. Cost to the Colts is: $25.4 milllion 2021 $22.0 million 2022 $25.0 million 2023 $26.0 million 2024 2022 salary is guaranteed on the 3rd day of the 2022 league year. Otherwise, no more guarantees going forward. If Wentz stays healthy and gets even back to 2019 form (4,000 yds, 64% 27 TDs 7 Ints) Colts will be Super Bowl contenders and $25 per year will seem like a bargain. It's a gamble because of injuries....but t
  13. Just announced. Salary Cap minimum increased from $175 million to $180 million. Looks like it will still go up from there. Bad news for the Jets.
  14. JD has definitely made some mistakes, but he's been working from such a deep hole that you're going stumble on the way up a few times. I still have hope that his draft class from last year, guys like Davis and Zuniga will pan out with a full season under their belts. If those guys turn into starters or regular contributors, then his 1st draft has to be seen as a very good one. You can't expect a team to draft 7 pro-bowlers, let alone starters every year. But the reality is, whether or not we trust JD doesn't matter. We don't have a choice, he's going to be here for a while.
  15. I just started re-watching The Wire for the first time in years. My plan was to watch one, maybe two episodes a day. Blew through the first season (13 episodes) in two days. Probably my favorite show of all time.
  16. What do you define as an "outlet" because I distinctly remember a couple of big plays against Clemson this year with Sermon as the outlet. But I do not watch nearly enough Ohio St. to draw any conclusions.
  17. The only contractual decision on Sam that they have to make is whether or not to exercise his 5th year option. And that doesn't have to be done until the first week in May, so after the draft. But that option is going to be close to $25 million for the 2022 season and it will be fully guaranteed. No negotiating the 5th year options. The value of those options are set by a formula in the CBA.
  18. Oh yeah...I agree. When I said wait them out, I meant we didn't need to do anything right away. But decisions will be made by draft night...that's when the Jets flexibility on the situation will end.
  19. According to Sportac, Watson's contract doesn't have a roster bonus payable this off season, so from a contract perspective, trading him before 3/17 or after 3/17 really doesn't have any affect on the money hit to the Texans. But otherwise, you are right, as other teams make moves and implement their plans as the new league year starts, the available pool of teams to trade him to will shrink likely decreasing the Texans' leverage if they do want to make a trade. With as much roster and cap flexibility as the Jets have, I don't see a pressing need for them to make this trade be
  20. Believe it or not, I have been a DirectTV, Sunday ticket subscriber since 1997. I moved out of Brooklyn, to Indiana, in 1996 and had my parents Fedex VHS copies of the games to me every Monday morning. I avoided the score (which wasn't that hard to do back in 1996) for a few days until I could watch the games. That lasted about 3 games into the 96 season, then I told my parents not to bother with it. When we brought in Parcells prior to the 97 season I used my dial-up internet service to look up this "Direct TV" thing I had heard about that allows you to get out of market games
  21. Take 2, 19, and 23 then trade back with 23 to get more picks even if it means getting out of the 1st and picking up more 2022 picks. 3 number 1 picks is a little scary because you take those picks assuming they’re going to hit. That means ~$75+ million in 5th year options all due at the same time.
  22. yeah....things were better in the olden days when we could blame the Irish for all our troubles!
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