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  1. Here's the best thing Kerry Rhodes ever "did":
  2. Quick...someone send this to Adams. Would love to sit back and watch the twitter war.
  3. Interesting that he got such a detailed response from an opposing defensive player. I wonder who it was?
  4. You know, until this thread I never knew Schwarma was also Gyro. Same brown shaved meat.
  5. The fanbase would be a true reflection of the team.
  6. What is Allen doing there? He needs to take the snap and lean forward. Instead he skips to the side and loses his footing.
  7. It was some kind of shout out to an old viral video. Trabis Ward. Guy was killed about a year ago. Not sure why Adams would do it.
  8. They should be getting blown out. Dallas has done everything in their power to lose this game.
  9. The Cowboys have done everything they can to lose this game. Unreal
  10. Here for the onslaught of posters wanting JD's first born sacrificed for not making this trade.....
  11. Ok....thank god I'm not the only one who doesn't know who the hell JW is. I swear I was thinking my early onset dementia was kicking in again.
  12. I found JI back when it first started late 90s. I think I even got some sort of label on my account from Sooth years later about being an "original" member. Never came over here during the various exoduses mainly because I don't really follow the all of the various soap opera's that occur on these boards. That would probably have been different if I was still living in NY and going to games getting to know some of you shulbs personally. I'm also lazy and a creature of habit, so it was just easier to stay with JI instead of opening a new account and typing a different URL into my browser.
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