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  1. Lol...this coming from the guy who has spent the better part of the last year sh*t posting about the Jets.
  2. Jets social media scooped by his dad!
  3. Yep...mandatory mini camp is the last workout/practice until training camp. Everyone gets to go on vacation before the real work starts at the end of July.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/stories/nyjets If you follow the Jets on instragram they've got a number of posts up on their story with guys walking out for practice....probably will be the best, if not only, way to follow OTAs today.
  5. It's much more likely that you'll find him streaming Call of Duty on twitch then at practice today.
  6. Today is closed to everyone. Media access tomorrow. OTAs are never open to fans, only training camp practices. Today it's strictly reports from the Jets social media accounts.
  7. He's got OTAs the next three weeks, then mandatory minicamp starting June 14th and going through the 16th...TE University starts the following week June 22nd...so yeah...lots and lots of work for Zach.
  8. There are voluntary OTAs for the next three weeks. Mandatory minicamp is June 14th, 15th and 16th. At this point, I would be shocked if he shows up before mandatory minicamp.
  9. See fellas...this is how it's supposed to be done. Notice how Tom first outlines the points made in the podcast/video in case someone doesn't have the time to listen/watch to the whole thing AND, maybe even more importantly....directs you to the specific time in which the relevant discussion occurs.
  10. My understanding is that the stadium is owned by Metlife Stadium Company - but Metlife Stadium Company is jointly owned by the Jets and the Giants thus, in essence, the Jets and the Giants own the physical stadium. The land the stadium itself sits on is owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority and that land is leased. So...you're both right? Can we talk more about Bagels? I miss good bagels....
  11. Here's the attorney who filed the case: http://www.evanspenceresq.com/# His website is one page and there's a lot dedicated to movies this guy has produced. This is all about the lawyer promoting himself, nothing more, nothing less. No trip back to Brooklyn is complete without a stop here: https://www.yelp.com/biz/gerritsen-beach-bagels-brooklyn
  12. Thoughts??? First, this would be so much better if it was a youtube video made in a dingy basement with a cheap Jets flag hung behind you. Second, agree with all your points but I just don't see JD trading for Bates. He loves his early round draft picks and I sense FS isn't a huge concern of his.
  13. CBS got their info from a Rich Cimini tweet which is wrong. Spotrac and OTC pull their info from what is submitted into the league.
  14. Sauce's contract is $33.5 million, not $38.7. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/ahmad-gardner-76850/ https://overthecap.com/player/ahmad-gardner/10049/
  15. They're professional athletes, they like sports, they have plenty of money to buy good seats on the secondary market or they're getting them for free from corporate sponsors etc. They're from out of town but need to be in the area for the voluntary workouts and upcoming OTAs. It's not the season so once they leave the building they can focus on other things and have lives. Why not go to a game. No conspiracy here.
  16. I agree. Nothing wrong with these guys going out and jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying the atmosphere. I’m sure if either of them had grown up in Pittsburgh and were die hard Pens fans they wouldn’t have been there rooting for the rangers. If I remember correctly Van Rotten was the guy who organized the big group to the Isles playoff games. He’s from LI so I’m assuming Van Rotten grew up an Isles fan.
  17. Well. After 125 days…Wordle finnaly got me…. Feel ashamed and dirty. Wordle 330 X/6*
  18. Thank you! Plus I think it’s terribly disrespectful to you and others that have worked hard over all these years to make this site great. Absent your permission, people shouldn’t be using this board as a platform to promote their own personal websites, podcasts or delusional attempts to become some viral star. If you owned a restaurant you would let some schmuck off the street set up a food cart in your front lobby
  19. I would expect that we’ll see Watson in week 2. League won’t suspend Watson until 2023. Mostly to punish him for the way he and the Browns structured his contract. If he’s suspended in 2022 it will cost Watson $55K per week. ( $1 million base paid over 18 weeks) If he’s suspended in 2023 it will cost him $2.55 million per week. ($46 million base paid over 18 weeks)
  20. White jerseys for the home opener? Make the Ravens bake in the late summer sun in their dark purple or black unis?
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