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  1. If they draft a player based upon his political leanings....they all deserve to be fired.
  2. To answer your question I'll just post this tweet from Walterfootball on January 3rd: And then this Instagram post from Sam Darnold.....also on January 3rd...
  3. Is this guy a frenchie? @RaoulDuke please provide us a scouting report.
  4. whoever we draft at three is gonna be the guy we wanted all along. At least that’s the story we’re gonna be told.
  5. Never wanted Cousins. I would have preferred that we tanked correctly tho.
  6. Exactly. There’s been a lot of stupid sh*t posted on PFT over the years but this article might be the dumbest. Florio is a ******* POS troll.
  7. And. As a number of people on Twitter have pointed out. If the Bills want to trade up ahead of us to #2 it is going to cost them an absolute fortune. Because the giants will have them by they’re smelly disgusting balls.
  8. Lol. Everyone jokes all we do is collect safeties. Dont sign honey badger??? RAGE RAGE RAGE silly rabbits
  9. At this point, I don't care who they get from the "top 4" as long as they get one of them. I will get behind any of these young guys and root for them to become our franchise QB. If we wait until the 2nd or 3rd round to grab someone in the 2nd tier of prospects with the idea of grooming them for a year or two....I'll be buying Colts season tickets.
  10. You gotta give him credit. Para will stick by his “guys” no matter how sh*tty they turn out to be. He’ll go down in flames making up excuses. Paxton Lynch says hi.
  11. Remember all the guys on the Broncos lobbying for Cousins on twitter....I wonder how that will play with Case Keenum when he shows up. lol
  12. Well...you gotta give Jamal and "A" for effort......this is from just a few minutes ago:
  13. This article says don’t expect him to sign with the Jets or Giants but literally gives no reason why the author thinks that it true.
  14. Well the Badger himself is on record as saying he wants to go somewhere with a winning culture so.....yeah......ummmmm......
  15. Agree 100%. I’ve said the same thing. Check my posts. You don’t make the playoffs for the first time in 20 years then throw it all the way by betting on a rookie QB who you have to give multiple picks away to trade up and get. The bills went 9-7 with awful play from Taylor. They can do so much better with AJ and impact players at 12, 22 and 2 2nds. And I agree they’ll use one of those picks for Jackson or a quality rookie like Falk to sit behind AJ.
  16. The kid they had in training camp from Duke was better...they just had too much $$$ committed to CC to cut him. Bring that kid back....
  17. Sooooo....not to play attorney here....but....which one was it? Was it a joke? Or was it some awful auto-correct mistake? Because your two responses don't make sense. You either meant to say it, as a "joke" or you typed something else and it magically transformed to slitting someone's throat.
  18. Let's not forget Jordan Leggett. I think he can develop into a good (if not great) TE. Eric Ebron was released today and I wouldn't mind taking a short money flier on him.
  19. Actually no. He should be right where he is. The most important thing for him to be doing right now is evaluating the 4 QBs. That means, in person at their Pro Days. He should have his cell phone on mute and his out of office on. At this specific time, this should be his ONLY focus.
  20. If the Colts want to trade up now....you absolutely 1 billion percent do it. The loss of Cousins and the signing of McCown and Teddy both on cheap 1 year contracts means that Jets are looking for, and HAVE to get one of the top 4 guys. If they don't get one of those top 4 guys - Macc and Bowles are doomed. They would have essentially wasted 2, possibly 3 years, last year, this coming year and if you end up drafting a 1st round rookie next year...you waste 2019 as that rookie's "red shirt" year. If the Colts are willing to make a deal now....you do it. You're guaranteed at leas
  21. 1 yr 5 million. We are 1000% going after a rookie in the 1st.
  22. To answer your question....FWIW....but consider that PFT exists for the sole purpose of sh*tting on the Jets. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/13/jets-add-best-available-cornerback-trumaine-johnson/
  23. People always forget that: 1) that team was awful and no good free agents wanted to come here and 2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, Idzik was so ******* cheap over his tenure that the Jets were REQUIRED to spend a sh*t ton of money (on sh*tty left over FAs) to meet the league REQUIRED minimal spending average. Macc had no choice but to spend lots of cash on average players
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