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  1. Looking at your sig gifs, I just realized.....Gastineau gets so much crap for the late hit on Kosar...but #28...who ever the hell that was, was just as guilty. If fact, probably even more so since he went to the head. (Although I realize the "going to the head" thing wasn't as widely called back then).
  2. The L.A. Chargers select: Gernard Avery - LB - Memphis @T0mShane OTC @RobR on deck
  3. I forgot that I almost nailed the Trevor Sieman pick to Denver...they had 3 7th round comp picks in a row. I took Siemian with the third of the three, Denver took him with the first. 250 vs. 252 Is there a "pat yourself on the shoulder" emjoi?!?!?
  4. I would say it did not work out well for the Skins...but only because of how they grossly mismanaged the Cousins situation. So they picked 2 QBs, developed Cousins into a top 15 QB, paid him what? Close to $50 million? And all they got out of the deal was one playoff game (a loss) and a compensatory 3rd round pick next year. In the grand scheme of things....a massive massive fail by the Skins. It could have worked out so much better for them.
  5. Re: Rosen. It's not a comparison about who has worse concussion history or who is more likely to get a concussion in the future. The bigger question is what the response maybe when the next concussion occurs. My read on Mayfield: he's the type of guy who will do whatever it takes to get back on the field. My read on Rosen: he's the type of guy who will do whatever it takes to get back on the field....then in the off season he'll think more about whether the risk is worth the reward and he's the type of guy who just may decide that it's not. I don't want a guy w
  6. Actually, no. Because Baker Mayfield lives to play football. Josh Rosen doesn’t really care that much about football.
  7. Rosen will be out of the league in two years when he retires early due to another concussion. pass
  8. I've watch plenty of Chargers football over the last two years, and I would speculate it was much more then you. And while it might be true that Benjamin doesn't run slot WR routes...he's also not 6-4 230. The point was and still remains they don't have a WR that plays like a Brandon Marshall. A guy who can be a dominant force in the red zone and take down 50/50 balls. They relied on Antonio Gates to do this for years, they can't so much anymore. In my version of the Chargers...they can now.
  9. Tyrell Williams is a scrub. Mike Williams is a huge question mark with awful hands. Travis Benjamin is a slot receiver. If Cobbs had DeShawn Watson throwing to him in college, he would have been a top 10 pick too.
  10. I tried to throw you off the trail by writing that I wasn't looking at WRs for the Chargers. #smokescreen But I think he's a great fit for the Chargers opposite Keenan Allen - he doesn't have breakaway speed, but has Brandon Marshall potential...only with better hands.
  11. The Los Angles Chargers select: Simmie Cobbs Jr. WR - from your Indiana Hoooooooooooooooosiers!!!!!!!!! @Stark is on the clock!
  12. How close? We were two FGs away from not having to trade half of our draft to move up 3 spots. That's how close....
  13. I wasn't really paying attention since I'm really not looking at WRs for the Chargers...but I kept seeing him as one of the highest rated guys left on the spreadsheet but I didn't recognize his name from PSU at all. Then I started googling and was like WTF? Lol....it's too bad no one picked him. That would have been butfumble worthy.
  14. If Chris Johnson didn't think they were the right guys to raise a QB, he would have fired them. Not given them an extension. They'll be back.....
  15. I hate to burst your bubble, but barring a complete meltdown this year, Bowles and Macc will be back in 2019. You don't fire a HC and GM who just drafted a rookie QB in the first round....well...unless you're the Browns. (At least we have that going for us).
  16. Question for our fearlous leaders......who the hell is this supposed to be? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zO9_w4iPkH2fHOAkKsuOxAyVWFU747_SsTCfiQl_uvI/edit#gid=49333398&range=A12:P12
  17. I actually debated between Parker and Christian Sam who went right after Parker....but I figured Parker was only a semi sleeper who would be on some people's radar. I may have a few other tricks up my sleeve....it just depends on how late I think I can get some guys.
  18. With the 2nd pick in the 5th round (#139 overall) the Chargers select: Brandon Parker - OT - North Carolina A&T @King P and the Colts are on the clock.
  19. With Brugler and Rang gone....CBS's draft coverage is awful. One of you "niks" should apply for a job there. Clearly there's an opening for an NFL draft analyst/writer.
  20. Lol......riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhttttttt. From the media market that follows head coaches on vacation and takes pictures to exploit their tattoos. The only thing that's "fair" about the NY press is that everything is "fair game" to them.
  21. He's a poor man's David Harris. Run stopping thumper but will be a liability in coverage. Good pick in the 4th tho.
  22. The LA Chargers select: Armani Watts - S - Texas A&M @Stark is OTC
  23. So that's how you guys roll around here huh? Picking the IU guy right before the other IU guy gets to draft?
  24. Every year...there's always one....always one.....
  25. Now that the Chargers have Geno, can we restart the draft so I don't pick Josh Allen for them? Clearly, Geno is the answer.....
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