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  1. No need to rush him back. He's a key part of the future. Don't need him on the field too early, overcompensating and poppin an achilles or something like that.
  2. I knew this was gonna turn out great when I started typing his name in google and it auto filled "Nick Bawden girlfriend" https://www.instagram.com/thecaliforniagirll/?hl=en They did not make them like this in the early 90s when I was in my twenties.
  3. It's time to start praying that we stay at 2 and the Lions decide to go QB.
  4. If the Jets end up with two top 10 picks I can easily see them trading back with the latter of those picks to accumulate more picks. I would also be concerned that the FO would be hesitant to take two premium positions like CB, Edge early in the first round, thinking about future cap implications. I think this FO would want to avoid, 5 years down the line, having to pay a QB followed the next year by a CB and Edge. JD is always very focused on his cap space.
  5. Jamal always said he was a playmaker for the Jets.
  6. Hahaha. Adams pass interference on 3rd and goal incompletion. Cards have the ball 1st and goal from the one.
  7. Seahawks trying to ruin our draft position. Time for Colt McCoy to step up and make some plays at the end of the game.
  8. Ok...a couple of things that makes this "article" terrible: 1) How is someone who is currently on the roster considered "dead" cap money. To me "dead" cap money always meant money that counted towards the cap for players who are no longer on the team; 2) As someone pointed out....is this a Jets thing or a league wide thing? Where do the Jets fall compared to all other NFL teams; and 3) (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY) - when will these bigger numbers fall off our cap space column?
  9. Personally...for me....avoiding playing against the Jets in my big survivor pool in games like @Carolina, @Denver, @NE, when I KNEW they were going to lose, only to decide to play against them vs. Cincy with some unknown scrub back up QB. Let's not forget that they've surrounded that win against Cincy with three blowout losses. That's pretty Jetsy for me personally, stabbing me in the heart, even when they win. The other general very Jetsy moment was the Mike White hype heading into Indy, only to have him get hurt while throwing a TD in the 1st quarter and missing the rest of the game.
  10. Research and provide me a list of GMs who have drafted an All Pro player in their first two drafts as well as the list of GMs who have not, so I can determine if this is a valid criticism. Have it on my desk by 3 p.m. today.
  11. that's his insta....come on man...get with the times and delete that MySpace account.
  12. Where are these mythical phins fans? They never show up in Miami.
  13. I think they might be more afraid of White's 8 interceptions in what, 11 quarters of play?
  14. JN first 10 weeks of the season - JD is a fool, we should have had an experienced back up so that Zach could sit, watch and learn. Week 11 - Breaking News - Experienced Back Up to Start Week 11 vs. the Phins JN week 11 - THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! WHAT BAFFOONS!
  15. Our best chance to be good: (And I'm actually referring to the little guy in this pic)
  16. Deebo is everything Corey Davis should be, but isn’t and will never be.
  17. The last time SNL mocked the Jets, they proceeded to go out and upset the Rams and the Browns in back to back weeks.
  18. You should pay for a plane to fly over the stadium. That's been effective in the past.
  19. Lol... Rex Ryan took a team to two straight championship games with a roster of vets he largely inherited, riding on the back of one of the greatest CBs in the history of the game. It didn't take any defensive genius to tell Revis to go cover the best player on the other side of the ball. After that he was an utter failure as a head coach. I wonder how he would have done with this roster of rookies and castoffs.
  20. What the **** are they throwing deep for. I hope to god Allen breaks his ******* leg.
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