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  1. I'll give you £73.4578 to pour a pint on the head of the guy in the Pats jersey.
  2. For breakfast I’m thinking either Jellied Eels in honour of the London trip or Spam and Eggs since it is apparently one of Zach’s favourite breakfast meals. Either way my arse will be in my green coulored pyjamas all day.
  3. Last week I made some nice cash betting multipliers on PointsBet using Davis and Crowder. Might do it again this week.
  4. Respect the effort. But that order you posted is wrong. Seahawks are 2-3 at the 13th spot….not 2-2 at the 14th spot!!!!
  5. Based on the social media feed I’m pretty sure they’re on their way across the pond. Do you think they’re all sitting on the plane watching and laughing their asses off?
  6. Ok, which one of you guys has a cousin in Seattle….
  7. Who is that...it looks like secret love child of Pete Davidson and Carrot Top.
  8. Are the sure the ceiling is high? Just last week, according to many, MANY people on this board, we needed to fire the entire FO and coaching staff. #staythecourse
  9. Good....I feel like we've gotten the short end of the injury stick for years now. It's about time we catch a few breaks with other teams playing us while missing some key pieces.
  10. To be honest, I didn't watch the video, but if it is true that these guys (Maye and his agent) hid his criminal problems from the team while at the same time trying to negotiate a new upper end deal, all the while slamming the organization in public, I can't comprehend how this FO is going to give him big money.
  11. So you’re saying we should “stay the course”?
  12. Chargers I think are a sleeper team. Contender and have more cap flexibility then Bucs, Chiefs etc. Chargers could make this guy a real nice offer over the next few years before they have to start shelling out big bucks to Herbert.
  13. The “more” is the fact that he wants lots more money. I don’t see the Jets moving on this. They’re not a $20 million CB away from competing.
  14. I kind of feel bad for Lawrence, but then I remember all those stories about him not wanting anything to do with the Jets....so he can just F-off.
  15. Imagine being a Dolphins fan watching Herbert.
  16. Uh oh Marcus. You shoulda grabbed the cash when you had the chance.
  17. If you’re in the NY area it should be broadcast on one of the local channels.
  18. So maybe 15 years ago I was out with a group of friends including a buddy of mine who was notorious for cheating on his wife. This was before social media really blew up and before smart phones became uber popular. Back then you could go out and not have to worry about a lot of people taking pictures and video etc with their phones. However, the local paper, the Indy Star, had this section online called "Party Crashers" where they would go out on the weekends and take pictures of everyone at the popular bars, restaurants, clubs etc. and post them to their website. So we are out th
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