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  1. Personally, I prefer the term "Whiney little bitches" but your version is just as effective.
  2. I wish there was a "post of the year" button.
  3. Wait a second here.....are you telling me Wilson has been getting sacked alot?!?!? Well I'll be darned. I hadn't noticed! Thanks for pointing this out!
  4. Go root for the Jags, they could use the fans AND they have cool suites with pools in their stadium too. Win win for you!
  5. I let the process play out. It's three games into a complete tear down, new coaches, new players, new systems. Expectations were zero this year. The one thing I don't do.....listen to whiney bitches on twitter and internet forums.
  6. How do you know that one, if not two of the receivers ran the wrong route and the play design was fine? You pull out static freeze frames and make all sorts of assumptions about the play design. But as soon as someone else makes an assumption you want to call them out on it.
  7. Titan have no pass rush and the defense is terrible. Jets win this one.
  8. We need a couple of QBs to start showing out in college football this year, so we can trade down a few picks from the top and get a wealth of additional picks.
  9. That short kickoff in the 3rd quarter that the Broncos recovered.....I remember as the ball was sailing through the air, it looked like the hand of God came out of the clouds to knock it down. It was like God wasn't paying attention to the game, finally saw what was going on and was like....nah bruh....can't have the Jets in the Superbowl.
  10. I'm starting to hope we go 0-17, just to spite all the whiny little bitches in this fanbase. Since at least the middle of last season, when it was clear that Gase was a goner and this whole team was going to be torn down and rebuilt, we were probably looking at a really really bad season this year. I can't comprehend why this is so shocking to people.
  11. Smarmy ass little entitled kid with a room full of participation trophies. Would fit right in here.
  12. Let’s see how Joe Brady plays this. Conservative or try to go for the kill?
  13. Good decision. Against a good team you go for it. Against a bad team you take the two score lead and make them come back against you.
  14. This game is terrible, but at least it’s moving fast. Might hit the sub 3 hour mark.
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