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  1. Gotta rewatch the game. It was clear as day off of last week's performance that White was most comfortable with the underneath passes to the backs and TEs yet is seemed like the Bengals were protecting against the long ball all day. Take what the defense gives you is a very effective strategy in the NFL.
  2. Perine, Coleman....would even consider sending them Ty Johnson for a good pick. Michael Carter time has arrived. Also.....see if you can find some decent odds for Cooper Cupp for offensive player of the year.
  3. Front 7 of the Colts is light years better then the front 7 of the Bengals. Those 5 yard passes are going to be a lot harder to complete. Let’s see what happens when White actually has to throw the ball downfield. My expectation, the Jets will win out until weeks 17 and 18 only to fall flat and miss the playoffs. Or….they’ll get crushed the next two weeks and have us begging for Zach back. Cause……Jets.
  4. Jets will not lose again until next year (1/2 vs TB) they’ll run the table but lose the last two games of the year, causing them to miss the playoffs at 10-7 Cause…..Jets 11/4 - @ Colts. Win 11/14 - Buff Win 11/21 - Mia Win 11/28 - @ Hou Win 12/5 - Philly Win 12/12 - NO Win 12/19 - @Mia Win 12/26 - Jax Win 1/2 - TB lose 1/9 - @ Buff Lose
  5. All this game did was eventually cost us cap space when Mike White commands $10+ million a year next year.
  6. Does anyone know what Zach’s mom thinks of the situation?
  7. What does it mean if we lose by 30 on Thursday night…because you know this is what the Jets do.
  8. Sorry. That might have been the worst call,I have ever seen. ‘That kind of tackle happens on every single play.
  9. Michael Carter again. This is what they were so excited about when they drafted him.
  10. Bengals gonna lose this game because they insist on going for the big splash plays.
  11. That might come back. That ball moved when it went went from hand to legs.
  12. Carter is gonna be a stud once the rest of this offense comes together.
  13. By the way. Tony Pauline can kiss my ******* ass. He’s blog post slamming the team saying everything was in disarray and claiming Saleh was close to losing the locker room was bull sh*t. They may not win this game but these dudes are playing HARD.
  14. Love the way the team looks today, but White is gonna have to throw down field a little bit if we want to win this game.
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