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  1. Wow, an actual informative post in this thread.
  2. Now your just be argumentative. The slide would have started at 4 yards. Still shouldn’t have thrown the pass, but jeez.
  3. You are right, he never should have thrown the pass. I’ve had 4-22 year old kids and have shaken my head hundreds of times at the sh*te they do... Ask last weeks Tom Brady why he threw those two passes. He’s a little better than Sam but actually did more harm to his team.
  4. It looks like Sam needs to go 6 yards for a first down. The defender needs to go 4 yards to the first down marker. If they are the same speed, Sam is a yard short and probably out for the season.
  5. That’s what he’s making this year. So No need to be perfect for all 16 games...
  6. Y3k, Thanks for the detailed description and analyzation. I agree he just had a bad day. There was very little calm behind the offensive (descriptive) line.
  7. Huh? Peter King ripping on the Jets? Next you’ll tell me water is still wet...
  8. Well, as long as you aren't setting the bar too high
  9. See, it's the "you guys" part that probably has most people wondering...
  10. Damn, and I was saving up for Super Bowl tickets... oh well

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