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  1. Well, as long as you aren't setting the bar too high
  2. See, it's the "you guys" part that probably has most people wondering...
  3. Damn, and I was saving up for Super Bowl tickets... oh well
  4. So you agree they played meaningful games after September? Hey, it’s just a discussion and I had less heartburn the second-half of the season than the first.
  5. I think all 3 teams mentioned were in the playoff “hunt” at the time we played them. I also thought we were talking meaningful games to the the Jets, not you.
  6. CB’s were horrible yes, but they had 2 good safeties (cue Shane), 3 surprisingly good LB’s, and 4 pretty stout DL. My 9 beats your 4 in this scenario.
  7. I would think beating 3 playoff lurking teams (Dal/Oak/Pgh) meaningful.
  8. Defense was well stocked and then replenished somewhat. Gase was still restricted by the Macagnan “effect” of little offensive upgrade. Williams coach-up job was little easier.
  9. Nothing against the man, but Ryan Tannehill is =/> OR =/< to Fitzpatrick, Testeverde, Carr (either) and on and on... just depends on the day.
  10. His ass is so small there isn't a chance it hits him on the way out...

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