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  1. At least you didn’t say “IF Zach could get a completion to him”.
  2. You're the guy who brings the fruit bread to the Christmas Party, aren't you?
  3. An up and often mostly down discussion of New York Jets and also the Gints (and a few other teams). https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-center-of-the-football-universe-is-new-york-is-that-right/
  4. Seems like Corey Davis was the intended target as he was open, but the rushing defender pulled Zach's left side which redirected the pass left between the two defenders.
  5. The Thing The Shining Ferris Buehler's Day Off Blade Runner Amadeus
  6. C'mon Tom, he's not in the pocket for 3.1 seconds which is the basis of your complaints. The long scrambles bloat the time, he was under duress quite a bit.
  7. It’s my belief that there are, at any one time, maybe two offensive lines that you’d consider “better than average” and that the vast majority of OLs are middling-to-poor. I think you're a smart guy, but to limit offensive line ratings to either a 1, 2, or 3 score bunches the jets into the bottom 15 teams who could have a rating from 0 to 33% on your scale, but probably more like 0 to 50% with the Chiefs above 95% and the 2's 50 to 95%. If you expanded the ratings criteria, say 1 to 10, Chiefs would be a 10 or 100%, on the curve, and the Jets maybe low 20's? Pat Mahomes plays behind what you’d consider the best left-to-right OL in football, scrambles a hell of a lot, and his time to throw is still a lot lower than Zach Wilson’s. Wilson’s problem is that he’s not seeing his first read, bailing on the pocket, and making life worse for everyone. Apples and Oranges. Mahomes sat a year with learning from an Offensive Genius and behind, I think, a very capable Quarterback in Alex Smith (he would be a 3 in your estimation. And I'm pretty sure they had a good offensive line back then too. Repetition breeds confidence, muscle memory, etc. Mahomes has played in 64 games including numerous playoffs and 2 Super Bowls to Zach's 14 behind an atrocious offensive line, a new coordinator installing a foreign offensive system to Zach, and a <who's who of receivers. Even on the play designs Warner is complaining about, it appears as though the receivers are pulling up because they know they’re not getting the ball. The INT where everyone is killing Moore, Garrett Wilson is running wide open twenty yards down the field but Zach—well-protected on the play— doesn’t even look at him. Missed open receivers happens EVERY game. Ask Russell Wilson, who has 160+ games, 16 playoff games and a Super Bowl ring, and apparently millions of viewers. I didn't notice the purported poor route running by Moore during the game but after watching video explanations, agree if Moore pulled the defender into the end zone as supposedly drawn up, they would have had the ball inside the 5. End result we won the game but that "catch" might have changed the outcome in a Multi-Verse sort of way. In the old "what have you done for me lately": 10/12, 130 yards, 2 TD drives works for me.
  8. So what you are agreeing to is Zach having a high time-rate to throw is not because of GOOD protection, but because of Bad (actually POOR) protection causing him to scramble and, per Kurt Warner, a bunch of the offensive game plan not getting receivers open, or bunching them together making defensive coverage easier is causing the higher incompletion/interception rate for a first year (14 starts) NFL quarterback?
  9. Jet Nut is a good, faithful NY Jet fan. Don't micro his posts like some. Somebody had a 10-0 lead in the early 2nd quarter. Curious, has Mike White ever caught a TD pass?
  10. You did say "stellar" (about Zach Wilson) and that is all the context I needed. Thanks for that.
  11. In his stellar fourth quarter against the Steelers, his time to throw was 2.49 seconds (well below his average in the game of 3.31). He just has to pull the trigger and stop ******* around And to think after your comment above I literally thought: “And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day." But you reverted back to the guy we know and sometimes love...
  12. Nice vid and call me crazy but I like those uniforms!
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